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Experience a conference program that is designed to transform your organization from the inside out.

We believe the path to a regenerative future requires maturity in five key practice areas: purpose, brand influence, governance, operations & supply chain, and products & services. The SB’20 Long Beach program tracks are built around these five pillars, so you can drive change at scale across your entire organization.


Learn how to define, articulate, embed and activate purpose successfully, as well as how to avoid “purpose washing.”


Discover powerful cutting-edge tools you can use to inspire desirable consumer behavior change at scale.
Harness the power of effective storytelling to help influence culture, while driving stronger stakeholder relationships and brand value.


Create healthy and inclusive workplaces, turn employees into brand advocates and cultivate integral systems-thinking future leaders.
Measure risk and impact, set science-based goals, plan for circularity, regeneration and net positivity, and master integrated reporting.


Evolve operations, logistics, purchasing, procurement and supply chains toward shared value, restoration and resilience.
Meet top-notch regeneration-driven innovators from around the world, including case studies making headlines on six continents.


Explore the most impactful product and service innovation frameworks at the intersection of regeneration and business value.





Change doesn't happen in a silo. Find out how your job function can accelerate impact at your organization.

Marketing &


You’re a brand strategy, marketing, communications, or public relations guru.

Don't miss sessions on these topics:

  • Sparking collective imagination and shaping aspirational narratives about a flourishing future to pursue 
  • Collaborating for culture change and the power of the CMO-CSO connection
  • Engaging Gen Z, ‘sustainability natives’ and other emerging stakeholder groups key to breakthrough transformation

Explore these tracks:



Sustainability, corporate social responsibility, supply chain management or operations is your superpower.

Don't miss sessions on these topics

  • Principles of regenerative economics and the future of sustainability strategies
  • Quantifying total impact and setting science-based goals for carbon, water, forests, plastic and more 
  • New tools for engaging suppliers, local communities and other stakeholders for timely delivery of the SDGs

Explore these tracks:




SVP, Integrated Communications

KIND Snacks

On learning from unsuccessful sustainability-inspired innovation



Chief Marketing Officer


On the reawakening of positive brand activism and continued forward-looking practices.

Chipotle Mexican Grill



Chief Marketing & Digital Officer


On renewing and recharging an iconic American brand for today’s context



Global Marketing & Channel Development Director

DuPont Biomaterials

On the future of sustainably and regeneratively produced materials.




Co-Founder & CEO


On the power of fintech in enabling more sustainable lifestyles at scale.




Director of Trends & Insights


On connecting the dots on up-to-the-minute cultural and business trends around social and environmental issues.



Founder, CEO & Chairwoman

MetaWear Organic

On the evolution of regenerative agriculture and its relationship with a variety of industries.

MetaWear Organic



VP of CSR and Sustainability

L’Oreal USA

On investing in and supporting women along the whole value chain.

People &


Your strengths lie in governance, human resources, employee engagement or leadership development.

Don't miss sessions on these topics:

  • Developing the skills and attributes of inclusive, collaborative and regenerative business leadership
  • Connecting employees’ personal purpose with brand purpose for increased motivation and productivity
  • Rethinking lobbying efforts for better alignment with sustainability strategy and brand values

Explore these tracks:

Product & Service


You are a research and development, product and service innovation, or business model transformation maven.

Don't miss sessions on these topics:

  • Designing products and services for the three big R’s of regeneration: restoration, renewal, resilience
  • Breakthrough new business models turning waste to resource and enabling reduction of carbon footprints at scale
  • Stakeholder-centric innovation leading to radical inclusion and unprecedented shared value

Explore these tracks:



Dive deeper into the content that's most relevant to you.

This track will connect the dots on up-to-the-minute cultural and business trends surrounding social and environmental issues that will help set the context for brand leadership in the transition to a regenerative economy. Expect a thoughtfully curated collection of top research that speaks to changing market dynamics and opportunities, presented by analysts that can help business leaders make the case for and properly prioritize transformative action.

Purpose is the buzzword of the moment, but finding and activating a brand purpose successfully is not a straightforward proposition. This track will equip you to avoid the risk of “purpose washing” by helping you understand the risks and what NOT to do, as well as by showing you how to choose a brand appropriate purpose and ground your purpose into the DNA of your product and service, vs. just your marketing campaign. Wherever you are on the journey of choosing, defining, articulating, embedding, and activating your environmental and/or social purpose, we’ll equip you for success by walking you through the how-to’s with experts and brands who’ve done it and are experiencing the benefits.

Many companies today are doing great work to improve their environmental and social impact, but failing to capture the value of the work by not talking about it, out of fear of imperfection or being seen as tooting their own horn. Most are not using the power of their brand marketing to help enable customers to become the heroes of our future and partners in driving the shift to a better world. This track will cover successful storytelling techniques and case studies of companies and brands that are using effective storytelling across various forms of content to drive increased brand value, loyalty and sales, while also contributing to positive cultural change necessary a regenerative society. 

This track will focus on exemplary products, services, campaigns and partnerships that are inspiring, or have the potential to inspire, desirable consumer behavior change for good, at scale. Discover the cutting edge of a range of powerful tools — from effective nudging techniques, to paradigm shifts in design innovation, to new cross-industry collaboration projects with amazing potential. Analyzed behaviors will include buying less and better, eating more plants, reducing waste, participating in circular material flows, replacing material excess with experiences, supporting underprivileged populations, and more.

This track will assist business and brand leaders in building the kind of corporate culture, leadership styles and governance structures necessary to deliver a healthy and sustainable future. Learn how to create and empower a more diverse workforce, turn your employees into brand advocates, cultivate multidisciplinary future leaders, connect employees’ personal purpose with your brand purpose for increased motivation and productivity, and rethink your lobbying efforts to better align with your brand purpose and ensure confidence and trust in your company’s brand.

This track will focus on improving assessments of risk and impact, quantifying the most material social and environmental issues, adopting science-based targets, setting goals for circularity, regeneration and net positivity, as well as upgrading disclosure practices toward integrated reporting. Attendees will walk away with the latest thought leadership on metrics-centric questions, as well as a rich set of practical tools and process recommendations that help drive sustainability, finance and accounting teams to success.

This track will provide thought leadership and a range of existing examples of how to evolve business operations and supply chain management for regeneration. Discover new ways of setting up factories, offices, logistics, purchasing, procurement and supplier relationships with explicit intentions to have them be regenerative with respect to bioregions, local communities, life cycle footprints and overall industry impacts.

Global solutions educational track at sustainability conference.

This track will present a series of case studies of regeneration-driven innovation from around the world, featuring some of the most impressive business leadership making headlines within each of the six continents the Sustainable Brands community is active in. Tune in for a thought-provoking, fun and deeply inspiring series of international innovators whose work you shouldn’t miss!  

This track will cover the most impactful design and business model innovation tools and frameworks that are gaining traction at the intersection of business value and positive social impact. Explore the latest tangible examples and tactics for designing products and services that deliver shared value, social and environmental restoration, circularity, biomimicry, radical inclusion, and more.  


Shoreline close to the Long Beach Convention Center


6:00 pm

Welcome Party

A poet giving the opening performance at the conference.


9:00 am

Opening Keynote

10:30 am

Networking Break

11:00 am

Collaboration & Breakout Sessions

12:00 pm

Networking Lunch

12:00 pm

Member Lunch
(Corporate & Affiliate Members Only)

1:00 pm

Activating Regeneration & Expo Open

2:30 pm

Networking Break

3:00 pm

Collaboration & Breakout Sessions

4:30 pm

Evening Plenary

6:00 pm

Happy Hour

8:00 pm

Suites Pool Party

A panelist of speakers at the top sustainability conference.


9:00 am

Morning Plenary

10:30 am

Networking Break

11:00 am

Collaboration & Breakout Sessions

12:00 pm

Networking Lunch

1:00 pm

Activating Regeneration & Expo Open

2:30 pm

Networking Break

3:00 pm

Collaboration & Breakout Sessions

4:30 pm

Evening Plenary

6:00 pm

Happy Hour

7:00 pm

SB Gather Party

Attendees salsa dancing at the Sustainable Brands conference.


8:30 am

After Gather Breakfast

9:30 am

Collaboration & Breakout Sessions

10:30 am

Networking Break

11:00 am

Closing Keynote

2:00 pm

Afternoon Masterclasses & Skills Training

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