Felipe Marcia Fernandez - Director of Sustainability, Crepes & Waffles
Breakout Panelist

Felipe Macia Fernandez
Felipe Marcia Fernandez

Director of Sustainability — Crepes & Waffles

Crepes & Waffles is a living example of how companies can use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. Since its beginnings in 1980, this restaurant chain based in Colombia has practiced a philosophy based on transparency, coherence, respect for nature and a strong compromise to transform lives. What started as a dream of two college students with no experience in gastronomy or business is now one of the most admired companies in Colombia.


Felipe Macia is the Sustainability Director of Crepes & Waffles and son of the founding couple. In his path to promote business models that regenerate ecosystems,  Felipe has developed a supply chain model that works with local communities of smallholder producers that use regenerative agriculture to produce food, restore ecosystems and promote local resilience.


A story that breaks conventional beliefs on how to become successful in business, showing the great potential companies have to regenerate social fabric and ecosystems when their business model is shaped by purpose.