Jacqueline Drumheller - Sustainability Consultant,
Breakout Panelist

Jacqueline Drumheller

Sustainability Consultant —

As the head of sustainability at Alaska Airlines, Jacqueline created and spearheaded the airline’s formal sustainability strategy and program. Under Jackie’s leadership, Alaska earned the reputation as the domestic aviation leader in environmental stewardship and received more than 25 environmental and sustainability awards, including being named the top North American airline on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index two years in a row (2017, 2018). Career highlights include: the launch and leadership of an industry-leading inflight recycling program, the first airline to fly multiple routes using sustainable aviation biofuels, the first airline to remove plastic straws and picks from service (“#StrawlessSkies”), and the publication of six Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) sustainability reports.

Jacqueline currently advises, teaches, inspires, and mentors others to achieve success in their sustainability and environmental compliance programs.