Sandra Pina - Partner, Innovation & Research Director, Quiero Salvar El Mundo Haciendo Marketing
Breakout Panelist

Sandra Pina
Sandra Pina

Partner, Innovation & Research Director — Quiero Salvar El Mundo Haciendo Marketing

Sandra Pina is Managing Director of Quiero, a sustainability marketing agency based in Madrid. She is also director of Sustainable Brand Madrid, and an Associate Professor at Instituto de Empresa.

Sandra comes from the world of marketing and innovation in FMCG multinationals. At Kellogg’s, she enjoyed creating marketing innovation for the subsequent years in the cereal industry in Europe. She also worked in Kellog’s as a director for household names such as Special K, All-Bran or Cornflakes. At Danone, she was based in London and Barcelona as manager of such renowned brands as Dan’up or Lea&Perris; while creating future generations of yoghurt, such as vegetable-based and anti-cholesterol products. While she enjoyed the work immensely, all her hard work remained within the four walls of the company and its investors. One day she realised she wanted her work to reach a wider audience, and she now works with us because she “wants” to take charge of the Innovation and Knowledge areas of our company. Sandra is also an associate professor of innovation, marketing and market research at the Instituto de Empresa and others recognized business schools.