Just Brands '21

Advancing justice & equity in business

May 6-7, 2021 | Virtual Event


Join corporate leaders making authentic, long-term commitments to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice at Just Brands ‘21. During this virtual conference, you’ll meet leaders in the DEIJ movement who will help you:

  • Understand the role of business in the racial justice and equity movement
  • Identify key interventions and systemic changes where businesses can lead
  • Build the workforce of tomorrow and cultivate top management
  • Influence behavior through consumer, employee, and civic engagement
  • Use supply chain, product design, communications, and more as levers for change

Join from wherever, whenever.

Why Attend

At Just Brands ‘21, you’ll learn about the latest developments in diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice, gain inspiration from leading brands and acquire a playbook for navigating a changing landscape.

  • Examine existing policies and behaviors at your organization
  • Identify strategies to authentically address areas for improvement
  • Understand best practices for committing to DEIJ across business verticals
  • Hear case studies from exemplary brands
  • Walk away with tools and tips to elevate DEIJ efforts at your organization


Thursday, May 6

12:00 pm – 3:00 pm ET

Opening Remarks

Main Stage

Case Study

Networking Break

Main Stage 

Breakout Sessions

Closing Remarks

Friday, May 7

12:00 pm – 3:00 pm ET

Opening Remarks

Case Study


Main Stage

Closing Remarks

*Agenda is subject to change 

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Thursday, May 6

12:00 pm ET

12:10 pm ET

Kurt Merriweather, VP of Innovation, Certified Diversity Executive, The Diversity Movement

12:25 pm ET

Tina Bigalke, Chief Diversity Officer, PepsiCo
Garfield Bowen, Vice President, Social Justice Strategy and Initiatives, 3M
Chris Miller, Head of Global Activism Strategy, Ben & Jerry’s

12:55 pm ET

Networking Break

01:05 pm ET

Etienne White, VP of Brands for Good, Sustainable Brands

01:20 pm ET

Stephanie Ryan, Growth Catalyst, B Lab
Philip McKenzie, Cultural Anthropologist & Strategist, InfluencerCon

02:35 pm ET

Closing Remarks

Thursday, May 6

12:00 pm ET

Opening Remarks

Gwen Migita, Vice President Social Impact, Sustainability, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Caesars Entertainment

12:40 pm ET

Manpreet Kaur Kalra, Founder, Art of Citizenry / Decolonizing Storytelling

02:25 pm ET

Bonnie Nixon, Professor, Sustainable Supply Chains, Harvard University and UCLA

02:45 pm ET

Closing Remarks

Gwen Migita, Vice President Social Impact, Sustainability, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Caesars Entertainment

03:00 pm ET

GATHER: Networking and Discussion Lounges 



Tina Bigalke

 Global Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer


Tina is responsible for the continued advancement of PepsiCo’s aspirations to be Faster, Stronger, and Better, with a focus on increasing diverse representation, driving equity throughout PepsiCo’s supply chain and investing strategically to uplift communities. As part of this focus, Tina leads the development of programs and partnerships that promote diversity, equity and inclusion diversity, inclusion and engagement as part of the company’s business strategy, including PepsiCo’s commitment to racial equality and gender parity.

Tina assumed this role in June 2020, and is a 20-year PepsiCo veteran. Prior to her current role, Tina was Senior Vice President, Commercial Human Resources for PepsiCo Foods North America division, where she shaped strategy for customer sales, marketing and transformation. In this role, Tina and her team supported transformational initiatives, including developing and implementing future go-to-market systems and organizational models, new ways of working, and technologies. She was instrumental in accelerating PepsiCo Foods North America’s commercial talent agenda, while also advancing a pipeline of diverse talent.

Tina sits on the Dean’s Advisory Board of WVU’s College of Business & Economics and was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of the WVU Foundation.

Garfield A. Bowen

Garfield Bowen

Vice President, Social Justice Strategy and Initiatives


Garfield Bowen is the Vice President of 3M Social Justice Strategy & Initiatives. Prior to his current appointment in August 2020, Garfield held positions as Global R&D Operations & PMO Director and Global Commercialization Director both in the Safety & Industrial Business Group. He was also Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Quality Manager and PMO Leader in the Transportation & Electronics Business Group. Garfield joined 3M 7 years ago with 18 years of experience in the Information Technology field. He’s held roles as Software Engineer, Project Manager, Head of IT, Director of PMO, IT Director and Associate Chief Information Officer. With a passion a service, Garfield serves on the 3M Foundation Board, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity Board, as well as the advisory board of the University of Minnesota’s College of Continuing and Professional Studies. He is a Jamaican native and is married to Mauvalyn. They have two boys and live in Plymouth, Minnesota.
christopher miller

Chris Miller

Head of Global Activism Strategy

Ben & Jerry’s


Gwen Migita

Vice President Social Impact, Sustainability, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Caesars Entertainment, Inc.

Katherine Jeffery

Katherine Jeffery

CMO and Co-Founder


Katherine Jeffery, PhD – is a generational expert and business consultant. Her firm KJ Consulting, specializes in developing business strategies that help organizations navigate generational complexities as five generations work side-by-side in the workforce—improving culture, inclusivity, and performance. Katherine has spent over 20 years studying human behavior and working with the Millennial generation, focusing her doctoral research on their view of leadership and teams. As a consultant, she has worked with leading global companies across a wide range of industries, helping them innovate and transform culture and develop strong, cohesive teams. An entrepreneur and agent of change at heart, she is also the CMO and Co-Founder of MADE FREE, a social enterprise that designs and manufactures products to help address extreme poverty, human trafficking and promote ethical jobs.

Lisa Kenney

Lisa Kenney


Reimagine Gender 

Lisa Kenney, CEO of Reimagine Gender, is a featured speaker at conferences and a consultant to organizations on changing understandings of gender and the implications this has for helping companies, communities and families thrive. Lisa also co-authored, with Stephanie Brill, The Transgender Teen: A Handbook for Parents and Professionals Supporting Transgender and Non-binary Teens. 

Stephanie Ryan

Growth Catalyst

B Lab

Stephanie joined B Lab in 2008 to help grow and serve the community of leading businesses using their brands as a force for good by earning B Corp certification. She believes until we change the rules of the business, specifically broadening the definition of fiduciary responsibility to include all stakeholders, i.e. Stakeholder Capitalism, we can’t expect different outcomes. Her first career began in 1986, working for the consulting firm co-founded by Peter Senge, best seller of The Fifth Discipline. Her clients were Fortune 100-500 firms that wanted to embed the disciplines of organizational learning into their culture and approach to leadership. Her passion is in systems thinking, understanding complexity, dynamic interdependencies and where leverage resides for addressing root cause. She holds a B.A. from Trinity College, she attended London School of Economics as part of education and holds a double major in Economic and International Relations.  She is currently a disciple of Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics Theory, it’s pure brilliance. As an introvert, Stephanie can happily be found sheltering in place in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, son and two dogs. 
Kurt Merriweather

Kurt Merriweather

VP of Innovation, Certified Diversity Executive

The Diversity Movement

Kurt Merriweather, VP of Innovation at The Diversity Movement and a Certified Diversity Executive (CDE), is an accomplished product strategist and marketing executive with a passion for helping leaders and organizations identify and implement growth strategies. Before co-founding The Diversity Movement, Kurt was VP of Strategy and Transformation at Walk West where he was responsible for leading the consulting and strategy practice and developing new business concepts and ventures. His approach to advising clients and developing strategy blends a unique combination of creative thinking and data analysis. With over 20 years of experience, Kurt has worked for global brands like Discovery, AOL, and Procter & Gamble, where he developed technology products and solutions, created go-to-market strategies, led multidisciplinary teams to spinout new ventures, and received a patent for developing a streaming media application
Manpreet Kalra - Headshot - 2019

Manpreet Kaur Kalra


Art of Citizenry / Decolonizing Storytelling

Manpreet Kaur Kalra (she/her) is a social impact advisor, anti-racism educator, and brand marketer working to decolonize storytelling. She navigates the intersection of impact communication and sustainable global development. Having worked as a marketing advisor in venture capital and startups, Manpreet founded Art of Citizenry to support impact-driven brands prioritizing people and the planet. Furthering her vision to address power structures across the social impact ecosystem, she co-founded her second business, Reclaim Collaborative, a community of brands and content creators dedicated to dismantling systems of oppression. Her activism focuses on the interconnectivity of economic, social, and climate justice. She educates using a variety of mediums, including the Art of Citizenry Podcast, where she shares her nuanced and unfiltered insights on building a more just and equitable future. She serves on the board of the NYC Fair Trade Coalition and helped co-establish the Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the Fair Trade Federation.

phil mckenzie

Philip L. McKenzie

Cultural Anthropologist & Strategist


Philip L. McKenzie is an anthropologist who uses his expertise in culture to advise organizations on how best to thrive in an increasingly challenging and uncertain environment. Philip uses his quantitative background and Wall Street experience in combination with a qualitative understanding of social, economic and cultural movements to unmask complex opportunities and identify significant trends that impact and uncover viable futures. 

Philip’s work has placed him at the center of understanding the significance of culture as a reflection of shared values. As a result he is a sought after strategist working with a myriad of global organizations. He is a content creator and writer. He is the current Executive Director of Advancing Diversity and a columnist for MediaVillage. He is the creator and host of The Deep Dive, a leading culture and insights podcast. 

Mo Fall Just brands

Mohamed Fall

Sales Manager


Mo is from Dakar, Senegal and holds an MBA and BA in Agribusiness & Food Industry Management. Having worked in many countries across West Africa, North America, and South America. Mo leverages his exposure to different cultures and linguistic skills to help identify unique experiences, concerns and challenges faced by our Untapped and Underrepresented Talent. Mo contributes to creating a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive. As a former student and professional athlete, Mo mostly focuses on learning and coaching on how to build chemistry across team members of all backgrounds. He is also the Founder of Meissa Foundation dedicated to introducing STEM and sustainable agricultural practices such vertical farming to children in Senegal. Mo speaks English, French, Spanish and Wolof (Afrikaans- N.West)

Etienne White

Etienne White

VP, Brands for Good

Sustainable Brands 

Etienne is a marketing strategist, writer and coach, and the Vice President of Brands for Good at Sustainable Brands.

With more than 20 years of global brand management and marketing experience, Etienne has extensive knowledge in building both mainstream consumer brands and eco labels.

Prior to heading up Brands for Good, Etienne founded and ran a company called ‘Possible’ for four years. Through ‘Possible’, she worked at the nexus of sustainability and marketing to help make the impossible, possible, with a diverse array of brands in the US, Europe and Latin America. Previously, Etienne was Chief Marketing Officer at the Forest Stewardship Council, where she led the research, strategic and creative development of the global ‘Forests for all Forever’ rebranding. Before this Etienne held positions as VP Marketing for two US specialty retailers.

Etienne began her career with over a decade in advertising (working at agencies such as Fallon and Leo Burnett) leading award-winning, business-building marketing for a variety of global brands including Citibank, Nintendo, and Procter & Gamble.

Etienne is a native of London, England but now resides with her family in the US.

Bonnie Nixon Headshot

Bonnie Nixon

Professor, Sustainable Supply Chain

Harvard University and UCLA 

Professor Bonnie Nixon is an educator and funded researcher specializing in complex global challenges and helps lifelong learners understand how consumer goods are made and what can be done to protect the environment and eradicate modern slavery in complex multi-tiered supply chains. Ms. Nixon’s commitment to using innovative and scalable technologies to promote regenerative supply chains for large corporations, diverse and indigenous communities. Bonnie received a BA in Sociology from Pennsylvania State University, a Masters’ Degree in how Learning Technologies can accelerate sustainability and advance human rights from Pepperdine and is completing a Ph.D. in Global Leadership and Change at Pepperdine’s School of Education. 

Bonnie Nixon has held many high-profile positions at the global forefront of a new low carbon, resource protected and just economy including: 

• Senior Partner with Environmental Resources Management (ERM)
• Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Sustainability for Mattel Toys
• Executive Director of Walmart led The Sustainability Consortium (TSC)
• Director of Global Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing for Hewlett-Packard (HP)
• Vice President of Environmental Communications Consultancy, Circlepoint, Inc.  
• Director of Public Relations for $6B Boston Harbor Cleanup Project
• Board of Directors for Sustainable Works, Responsible Sourcing Network, Sustainable Brands, Sustainable Siliicon Valley, Responsible Business Alliance and the Sustainability Roundtable.

amal berry

Amal Berry

Senior Manager of Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Ford Motor Company 

Amal Berry is the Senior Manager of Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Ford Motor Company. With over 20 years of experience in diversity, equity and inclusion strategy, her thorough understanding of DEI in the workplace, the region, and globally, are an avenue to lead the way and reinforce strong connections to drive strategies in support of Ford’s DEI North Star: We are family; We celebrate our difference; and We all belong. As the leading subject matter expert at Ford, Ms. Berry is responsible for fostering an environment where all members of the Ford enterprise feel a sense of belonging grounded in respect, value, and our Ford Truths.

Prior to her role at Ford, Ms. Berry led diversity and inclusion efforts at DTE Energy, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Comerica Bank. Her experience in a multitude of industries has been the driving force in develop0ing employee resources groups, implementation of cultural competency training, leader engagement, and overall success in the diversity, equity, and inclusion space.

Throughout her career, Ms. Berry has received numerous accolades, gubernatorial appointments, and recognitions for her contributions in the community and DEI space. Most notably, she was recognized by the Diversity Journal as 2015s Women Worth Watching, Crain’s 2019 Women in Leadership, featured in the 2019 University of Michigan – Dearborn Legacy Magazine and 2020 Automotive News for her successful career in driving cultural change through diverse and inclusive strategies embedded in cultivating a culture of belonging.

Ms. Berry holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Michigan. She is a Licensed Qualified Administrator in delivering the Intercultural Development Inventory, IDI©®, a diversity and inclusion assessment tool used to identify and build intercultural competency as a key capability in the workplace and is a certified Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leader through Northwestern University. As a naturalized US citizen born in the Middle East and North African region, Ms. Berry personifies the American dream. Ms. Berry resides in Dearborn, Michigan with her two children and husband.

Craig Lorne

Lorne Craig

Creative Director, Cartoonist

Unicycle Creative

Lorne Craig is a Creative Director, cartoonist and content creator who has been a Sustainable Brands alumnus since 2008. He is the creator of Unitoons, and owner of Unicycle Creative, a brand studio committed to moving environmental and socially-sustainable businesses forward.

And yes, he does ride a unicycle – though not as well as he does all that other stuff.

Who Attends

These professionals (and many more) attended Just Brands in 2020.

Director, Social Justice Strategy & Initiatives at 3M
Director, Organizational Development at A&W
Manager, Sustainability & Responsible Business at Caesars
Sustainable Brand Development at Campbell’s
Global Sustainability Director at Dow
Senior Manager, Social Innovation at Etsy
Head of Diversity Insights & Reporting at Google
Product Integrity Director at Hallmark Cards Inc
Brand Voice Lead at Happy Family Organics
Director of Sustainability at HelloFresh
Vice President, Communications at Impossible Foods
Global Supply Chain Manager at Lime
Global Brand Director at Mars Inc.
Strategic & Brand Marketing at NRG Energy
Manager, Corporate Communications at Ralph Lauren
VP, Sustainability Partnerships at The Guardian
Sustainability Communications at UPS
Senior ESG Analyst at Wells Fargo

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