Danielle Azoulay - Vice President, CSR and Sustainability, L'Oreal
Breakout Panelist

Danielle Azoulay
Danielle Azoulay

Vice President, CSR and Sustainability — L'Oreal

Danielle Azoulay is the Vice President of Corporate Social  Responsibility and Sustainability for L’Oréal USA. As part of her  role, she oversees the implementation of L’Oréal’s global  sustainability program, L’Oréal for the Future, which addresses  environmental and social impacts across L’Oréal’s value  chain. Prior to joining L’Oréal USA, Danielle established the  environmental sustainability program at Marc Jacobs  International and worked on supply chain sustainability issues at  PVH.  

Throughout her career, Danielle has developed and executed  sustainability strategies to reduce supply chain impacts, drive  positive change upstream, create business value, and increase  stakeholder engagement. Specifically, Danielle has designed  and implemented goal-oriented programs for impact areas such  as responsible chemicals management, waste management,  carbon emissions, water quality, and more.  

Danielle has a M.A. in Environmental Conservation and  Education from New York University where she focused her  studies on climate change impacts to consumer products  companies.