Gregory Constantine - Co-Founder & CEO, Air Company
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Gregory Constantine
Gregory Constantine

Co-Founder & CEO — Air Company

Gregory Constantine is an Australian entrepreneur and businessman and is Co-founder and CEO of Air Company, a New York-based technology, engineering and design company that has developed technologies that help the world by turning carbon dioxide into value-added products.

Having attended the University of Sydney (Australia), Constantine spent the early part of his career managing musicians and running music festivals in Australia. In 2014, Constantine moved to New York without a job, where he was recruited to a role at the world’s most prominent alcohol company (Diageo). At Diageo, Constantine helped lead Smirnoff cultural marketing, which aimed to integrate itself into music and popular culture as part of its brand efforts. The result was the highly successful Smirnoff Sound Collective.

Constantine quickly transitioned his music knowledge and network into the branding and entertainment marketing world and in 2017 was named one of Forbes Magazine’s world’s talents under 30 years (Marketing). In 2017 he also attended Harvard University’s business school.

It was overseas on a Forbes 30 under 30 trip where he met his future business partner, Dr. Stafford Sheehan. This trip was the birth of the Air Company as a concept. Gregory quit his day job and took on the challenge of creating the world’s first carbon-negative technology company.

As CEO of Air Company, Constantine has worked closely with his team of PhD chemists, developing several profitable applications for their technology, the first being the world’s first carbon-negative vodka. Constantine leads all business strategy and product design, utilizing Air Vodka as a beacon to demonstrate this first-ever technology. The company plans to apply its technology to many verticals, including fragrance, cleaning products, and eventually renewable fuels. Since launching Air Company, Constantine and his team have won awards from NASA, The United Nations and The XPRIZE. Air Company was named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Products (2019) and Most Innovative Companies (2020), and was named one of TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2020. Constantine’s patent product design has won the highest design awards from Dieline and the Pentawards, and in 2019, Constantine was personally named The Spirits Business’ Young Achiever of the Year.