Khalilah Olokunola - Vice President of Human Resources, TRU Colors Brewing
Breakout Panelist

Khalilah Olokunola
Khalilah Olokunola

Vice President of Human Resources — TRU Colors Brewing

Khalilah Olokunola “KO” was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. She he spent much of her teens active on the streets of Brooklyn and Troy NY with what many view as the cities’ most notorious street gangs—Bloods, Crips and Folks. She eventually faced the consequences of her activities and lost her name for 4-years to a Department of Corrections number.

Throughout it all, KO remained adamant about the importance of education in her life, and spent nights imagining the American dream she saw on TV. It didn’t include a picket fence, but instead her dream was an opportunity to impact the lives of others.

Today KO is VP of Human Resources for TRU Colors Brewing, where she is the force behind defining a company culture that drives both personal and professional growth. She is also responsible for training & development | hiring & firing . In her “free time”, KO is also an accomplished author, speaker and personal core coach to women intra & entrepreneurs.