Rob Cameron - Global Head of Public Affairs,
Breakout Panelist

Rob Cameron

Global Head of Public Affairs —

Rob Cameron is Nestlé’s Global Head of Public Affairs. He  brings 25 years’ experience in the fields of sustainability,  corporate responsibility, stakeholder dialogue as well as non 

financial reporting and communication. He has a strong  business acumen, having developed and led several  companies and organizations at international level. Rob also  has a true passion for people, for creating shared value and  for our company. 

Rob joined Nestlé in February 2021 from SustainAbility, a  respected think tank and consulting firm, where he was Chief Executive and  Managing Partner. Rob led senior-level consulting assignments in sustainability  strategy and stakeholder engagement in the food and beverage, finance,  healthcare and technology sectors, including many assignments with Nestlé. 

Prior to SustainAbility Rob was Chief Executive at Fairtrade International, the  global umbrella organization for the Fairtrade movement. He worked closely with  producer organizations, gaining unique insights into the realities for small-holder  farmers in the developing world, and the complexities of a multi-stakeholder  campaigning NGO. He brought producers into Fairtrade’s governance and led the  increase of Fairtrade’s relevance and impact. He worked closely with Nestlé during  this time on the Company’s Fairtrade certifications. 

Rob was previously owner and Executive Chairman of Flag, an international design  and communications agency. Under his leadership Flag became a trailblazer in  establishing the field of corporate sustainability reporting and CSR  communications. In 2006, Flag began working with Nestlé on producing the  Company’s CSV report thus beginning a working relationship that endures to this  day.