Living Within Our Means

Will we mark the earliest yet Earth Overshoot Day in 2019? This month, we look at ways organizations are doing their part to help us better live within our means.

10 Breakthrough Technologies That Can Help Feed the World Without Destroying It

10 Breakthrough Technologies That Can Help Feed the World Without Destroying It

THE NEXT ECONOMY - How can the world feed nearly 10 billion people by 2050 while also advancing economic development, protecting and restoring forests, and stabilizing the climate?

Treasure8: The Systemic, Tech-Driven Solution to Food Waste

WASTE NOT - The regenerative food tech company is on a mission to revolutionize how food is managed along supply chains, while also addressing the global challenges of food waste, nutrition and climate change.

Business for Nature: Our Economy, Wellbeing Depend on Restoring Biodiversity

LEADERSHIP - A diverse group of influential international organizations has launched a global coalition to elevate a business call for comprehensive action to reverse nature loss and restore the planet’s vital natural systems.

KLM Issues Global Call to Industry, Travelers to 'Fly Responsibly'

COLLABORATION - Just ahead of its 100th birthday, the Dutch airline calls on global aviation industry, individual travelers to join forces for sustainable air travel — or take the train, instead.

Why B Corp Certification Was Non-Negotiable for Our Brand

WALKING THE TALK - Our company’s story is still a young one, and it is ever changing as we continue to grow, but we knew early on that our startup would need to become a Certified B Corp along the way.

Lessons from a Decade of Scaling Energy-Efficiency Projects Across Global Portfolios

CLEANTECH - How can organizations maximize energy efficiency across entire portfolios in a way that is, well, efficient?

Indigo to Remove 1 ‘Terraton’ CO2 from Atmosphere Through Regenerative Farming

THE NEXT ECONOMY - “The potential for agricultural soils to capture and store atmospheric carbon dioxide is the most hopeful potential solution that I know of to address climate change.” — Indigo CEO David Perry

Impossible Foods Celebrates Consumer Paradigm Shift to Plant-Based Meat

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - The report also offers a first look at soon-to-be-published research that helps quantify the ways that plant-based diets can literally turn back the clock on climate change.

#BrandsforGood on Mission to Bring ‘Good Life’ to Life for Consumers

LEADERSHIP - When SB’s Corporate Member group agreed they hadn’t cracked the nut as to how to create that elusive “pull factor” toward more conscious consumer habits and purchasing behaviors, the Brands for Good collaboratory was born.

See Change: Real-Time Visibility Into Land Changes Key to Ending Deforestation

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - With technological advances in Earth observation, we may be only a few years away from screening commodity index funds for environmental risks the same way we account for other financially material risks in public equities today.

In Face of Rampant Seafood Fraud, Study Reveals Efficacy of MSC Label

MARKETING AND COMMS - Reports over the last decade have revealed an average global seafood mislabeling rate of 30%, but a study released today shows species mislabeling rate for MSC-certified seafood is less than 1%.

How Imaging Technology Could Solve the Global Food Waste Problem

WASTE NOT - One of the biggest food retailers in the US has used the software to better understand the shelf life of its beef, cutting potential waste by 25 percent.

No More Band-Aids: We Need a Radical New Plan, Report Warns

WALKING THE TALK - Rising nationalism and global migration among seven trends impacting future of sustainability, according to a new report from Forum for the Future.

Visa Outlines Ways to Improve Daily Travel for Smarter, More Efficient Cities

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Global transportation study assesses trends and challenges in public transportation and parking, in the face of population growth and urban migration patterns.

New Alliance to Bring Circular IT Life Cycle Management Across Europe

THE NEXT ECONOMY - European leaders in financing professional equipment and IT life cycle management join forces to offer circular, product-as-a-service solutions.

UK Gov Proposes Tax, Other Incentives to Help End Throwaway Fashion

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - The Environmental Audit Committee is calling on the UK government to make fashion retailers take responsibility for the waste they create.

BP’s Energy Outlook, 2019 Clean200 Show Undeniable Power of Renewables

CLEANTECH - The Carbon Clean 200 are already capitalizing on the transition to a low-carbon future; BP’s latest scenarios support that strategy

Tips from Dr. Bronner’s, Sun World, Wrangler on Advancing Regenerative Ag Supply Chains

SUPPLY CHAIN - The winds are changing. Companies that have operated many steps removed from the farms and people that produce their raw materials are building stronger connections to their agricultural supply chains. This shift stems from interest to replenish soil and water supplies, and boost overall resilience and output through regenerative and thriving agriculture. Pure Strategies’ latest report, Connecting to the Farm, points to the best practices companies are using to get closer to the farm while advancing these critical sustainability aims and gaining valuable business benefits.

Do We Lose Moral Self-Determination When We Work?

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - The co-working startup WeWork made headlines recently with a new policy banning meat from company functions and barring employees from expensing any meat dishes. The move is intended to reduce the company’s environmental impact, with the company predicting a reduction in carbon emissions by 445.1 million pounds and saving over 15 million animals. Miguel McKelvey, WeWork’s co-founder and Chief Culture Officer, speaks of the policy as not just creating an environmental benefit, but also changing the minds of his employees and creating a culture of personal accountability at the company.

New Research Calls for Less Talk, More Action to #MoveTheDate

WALKING THE TALK - Today, August 1, marks our earliest yet Earth Overshoot Day — the day humanity has used nature’s resource budget for the year — since its establishment in 1987. Despite increasing awareness of our planetary boundaries and social thresholds, we’ve not only not managed to reverse it, we’re making it worse.

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