Climate Action

Along with Climate Week, we’ll examine the real work being done to help reduce our climate impacts — and even potentially reverse the effects of climate change.

Welcome to the Global Climate Strike: The Largest-Ever Mobilization to Fight Climate Change

Welcome to the Global Climate Strike: The Largest-Ever Mobilization to Fight Climate Change

COLLABORATION - What began as the Youth Climate Strike — organized by Greta Thunberg’s group, Fridays for Future — has rallied people of all ages who feel compelled to rail against sufficient climate action around the world.

Amazon Makes Surprise Climate Pledge to Meet Paris Agreement 10 Years Early

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - The tech giant — until now largely silent re climate goals — commits to net zero carbon by 2040, 100% renewable energy by 2030, $100 million in reforestation projects around the world.

Salesforce’s Sustainability Cloud Empowers Business to Drive Impactful Climate Action

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Salesforce reinforces sustainability commitments at UNGA and Climate Week NYC with stakeholder engagement, STEM investments, and a new carbon accounting product.

Blockchain and the Climate Crisis: Beyond the Hype

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Blockchain’s full potential cannot be forecast with certainty. Yet, in a messy world where various parties struggle to gain enough good faith to work together on solutions, systems that engender trust will lay the foundation for progress.

6 Exceptional Young, Female Activists Recognized for Environmental Leadership

LEADERSHIP - A signature element of Earth Island Institute’s year-round New Leaders Initiative, Brower Youth Award winners demonstrate passion and leadership, as well as a commitment to the communities their work serves.

50 Leading Mobile Operators Now Disclosing Climate Impacts Through CDP

CLEANTECH - The commitments are part of a GSMA-led climate initiative to develop a decarbonization pathway for mobile sector.

Trending: US, UK Farmers Take Closer Look at Their Role in Fighting Climate Change

SUPPLY CHAIN - USFRA’s new short film marks farmer movement to create sustainable food systems; and new reports from the UK’s National Farmers Union and General Mills’ Triple Bottom Line Operating Unit outline the way forward.

Sustainable Investors Representing $90T Rally to Fight Amazon Fires

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - The world’s largest responsible investor group is campaigning to end the manmade fires raging through the Amazon, as latest assessment reveals increased deforestation since the 2014 New York Declaration on Forests.

Nestlé accelerates action to tackle climate change and commits to zero net emissions by 2050

PRESS RELEASE - Nestlé today announced its ambition to achieve zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. It embraces the most ambitious aim of the Paris Agreement, to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C. Ahead of the U.N.

The ALDO Group’s bold next step to fight global warming and climate change

PRESS RELEASE - The ALDO Group extends its climate neutral commitment to include all eCommerce and product transportation carbon emissions from production to end customer.

Purpose at Work: How to Engage Consumers to Do Good at Scale

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Consumers want to help brands shape their culture and impact. To ignite impact-driven consumer engagement you must build awareness, create a foundation for action, and inspire consumers to join you.

Design Thinking, Systems Thinking & Pragmatic Optimism: Inspiring Change to Mitigate the Climate Crisis

BUSINESS CASE - We have climate crisis data and solutions — by implementing design thinking, systems thinking, and going about it with a little fun through pragmatic optimism.

Wanted: ‘Moonshot' Thinking for the Planet’s New Challenges

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - 'Moonshot' thinking means applying disruptive, innovative thinking to difficult problems. Today, we have access to means and resources that were unimaginable 50 years ago. Let’s make the impossible possible again.

In ‘Game Changers,’ Veggie Athletes Prove Everything We’ve Been Taught About Protein Was a Lie

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - New documentary follows world-class, high-performance athletes who’ve gone veggie and are beating their meat-eating counterparts at their own game — while also improving the health of the planet.

Ben & Jerry’s Throws Its Delicious Weight Behind Criminal Justice Reform

MARKETING AND COMMS - The activist brand has added a new cause to its docket: Its latest ice cream flavor, “Justice Remix’d,” aims to spotlight structural racism in the US’ broken criminal legal system.

Abbott’s Environmental Goals Build a More Sustainable Business

WASTE NOT - Abbott's purpose is to help people live their best through better health. Protecting the environment is an important part of that commitment — that's why we seek the most sustainable ways to deliver life-changing technologies to people around the world.

Amsterdam’s Creative Industry Rising to Challenge to Take on the Climate Crisis

MARKETING AND COMMS - Extinction Rebellion and The Humblebrag call upon Dutch creative industries to take a collective stand for the climate. Amsterdam’s first Creatives for Climate summit will take place on 18 September at Patagonia HQ.

7 Things to Know About the IPCC’s Special Report on Climate Change and Land

THE NEXT ECONOMY - The IPCC's new report highlights the critical importance of land — both as a source of greenhouse gas emissions and as a climate change solution.

The Most Critical Sustainability Metric of the Year, and the Decade

NEW METRICS - I hope that by now we are more than clear on what we can and need to do about our dwindling carbon budget. If you are not thinking ‘science-based targets’, you really need to catch up — keep reading.

Automakers, California Reach Landmark Agreement on Clean Emission Standards

CLEANTECH - Ford, VW, Honda and BMW — which together represent about a third of the US market — are using their collective heft to fight for cleaner air in the US.

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