Meaningful Connections

Meaningful Connections — to people, community and the environment — is what our research respondents consider one of the most important aspects of “The Good Life.” This month, we’ll highlight organizations that are using this idea to help customers and stakeholders take a different path toward happiness.

Conscious Consumers Flocking to Pinterest for Sustainable Lifestyle Ideas

Conscious Consumers Flocking to Pinterest for Sustainable Lifestyle Ideas

(2 days ago) - Sustainable living is the most searched term around sustainability (+69% since last year), while searches for “sustainable living for beginners” are up 265%.
Grounded Summit: A Platform for Climate Solutions in California’s Wine Country

(5 days ago) - "Conversations around climate change are constantly looking at how we’re impacting the future, but there’s more we need to be doing now to preserve today for this generation.” — Julia Jackson, Grounded Foundation

New Nat Geo, P&G Media Platform to ‘ACTIVATE’ Solutions to Global Issues

(6 days ago) - Nat Geo, P&G, Global Citizen launch storytelling partnership, documentary series to drive action around global challenges connected to extreme poverty

Report: 66% of Consumers Want Influence in Product Creation Process

(1 week ago) - Findings underscore growing importance of technology and consumer feedback in product development process.

The New Black: How New Breed of Consumers Will Spend Money, Energy This Friday

(2 months ago) - During this season of giving, many of today’s more discerning consumers won’t be joining the masses scrambling to answer the siren call to stock up on discounted “stuff” — they’ll be remembering the values meant to be at the heart of this season, by taking REI’s advice to #OptOutside to enjoy nature and giving back by cleaning up; and when they do shop, they’re increasingly basing their loyalty and purchasing decisions on companies’ reputations rather than just product features and price.

Iceland's Banned Ad Had the Potential to Democratise Sustainability

(3 months ago) - The news last week that the Christmas advert from Iceland — a UK supermarket chain specializing in frozen food — has been banned is a bad decision. Iceland’s advert — a repackaging of a short, animated film by Greenpeace released earlier this year with a powerful, consumer-friendly sustainability message — shows a brand that is trying to do good work by improving its impact on the world.

How MOD Pizza's People-First Culture Drives Growth and Impact

(3 months ago) - Corporate culture sets the groundwork for how your team interacts with each other and your customers.

REI Again Urging Americans to #OptOutside, Studying Link to Human Health

(3 months ago) - For the fourth year in a row, this Black Friday, REI will close all 153 stores, process no online payments and pay more than 12,000 employees to #OptOutside with friends and family.

SoulBuffalo Gets Execs Out from Behind Desks to See Their Impacts on the World

(9 months ago) - As we at Sustainable Brands — and anyone working to rectify the damage people have done to the planet — are well aware, it's all too easy to ignore pressing social and environmental issues if their effects can’t be seen or felt in our daily lives. After a life-altering excursion across three continents, SoulBuffalo CEO and founder Dave Ford was determined to find a way to change this, by taking those just as responsible for causing as solving many of these issues — global corporate decision-makers — out into the wild to experience the effects of their business decisions with their own senses.

Purpose-Driven Employees Are Your Strongest Brand Ambassadors

(11 months ago) - You’ve probably read the proliferation of literature about the benefits of hiring purpose-driven employees, which can result in increased productivity, higher retention rates, and more effective collaboration, just to name a few. But have you ever wondered how purpose-driven employees impact your organization’s branding and marketing?

KIND Launches Storytelling Campaign to Inspire Empathy, Kindness

(1 year ago) - Furthering its mission to create a kinder, healthier world — one snack at a time — KIND has launched a new video campaign that explores the courage it takes to be kind towards strangers in an effort to kindle a conversation about what it will take to overcome the issues currently dividing the US. The video release, in conjunction with a nationwide contest, is part of KIND’s effort to explore the differences between being “nice” and being “kind” — an oft overlooked distinction that has tangible implications on how we act towards one another.

Third Year of REI's #OptOutside Movement Gives the Power to the People

(1 year ago) - With the launch of its #OptOutside campaign in 2015, REI set a new precedent in retail, shuttering its stores on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, giving its employees a paid day off and – on a day that has come to represent consumerism at its most extreme – encouraging staff and consumers alike to forgo the shopping frenzy in favor of the great outdoors. The move epitomized the company’s ethos and kickstarted a movement to drive positive behavior change and impacts.

Trending: This Black Friday, 550+ Orgs to #OptOutside with REI, Patagonia to Donate Its Profits

(2 years ago) - This Friday will be one of the biggest days in the global retail calendar (just behind Alibaba’s Singles’ Day earlier in November). Black Friday sales have begun encroaching on Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., with some stores remaining open on the holiday, and sales beginning even earlier in the week.

This Black Friday, REI Is Inviting All Businesses to #OptOutside

(2 years ago) - Our theme this year at Sustainable Brands has been “Activating Purpose” – exploring and applauding the ways brands are authentically walking their talk when it comes to pursuing purpose beyond profit – and we are thrilled that the list continues to grow.

How a Partnership with Parley for the Oceans Is Driving Engagement at adidas

(2 years ago) - Leading up to her trip to the Parley Ocean School, adidas Group designer Jasmin Bynoe was unsure of what to expect. She was about to take to the seas for a 5-day adventure in the Maldives alongside 17 of her colleagues from adidas; they would be learning about plastic pollution and what they could do to help from Parley for the Oceans educators, and it was sure to be a unique experience.

Employee Engagement for Purpose-Driven Business 101 (or 5 Reasons Clif Bar Employees Are So Damn Happy)

(3 years ago) - While more and more companies are becoming focused on a triple bottom line — in which they prioritize the health of people and planet in addition to profit — Clif Bar founder Gary Erickson took the sentiment further back in 2000, when he decided to not take a $120 million payout and instead focus on sustaining the health of five bottom lines: Business, Brand, Community, Planet and People. As CEO Kevin Cleary said during a recent “Feed Your Adventure” tour of Clif’s Emeryville headquarters: “In any given year, we incent ourselves and say we have to deliver on all of them — if you deliver on Business, but you don’t deliver on the rest, that isn’t delivering shareholder value.”

Successful Stakeholder Engagement 101 (or How Prince Ea Is Rallying Millions to #StandForTrees)

(3 years ago) - What’s one way to engage a worldwide audience in a global ecological imperative in a matter of hours? Recruit someone like Prince Ea to deliver the message.

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