Throughout May, we’ll take a look at the tidal wave of initiatives aimed at conserving and sustainably using our most precious resource worldwide.

The Body Shop’s Fairly Traded Recycled Plastic Highlights Human Side of Plastic Crisis

The Body Shop’s Fairly Traded Recycled Plastic Highlights Human Side of Plastic Crisis

THE NEXT ECONOMY - The Body Shop is launching its first Community Trade Recycled Plastic from Bengaluru, India. Along with fighting plastic pollution, the initiative aims to drive social change and help empower people.

In Rhode Island, Mission to Improve Ocean Health Is Starting on Land

WASTE NOT - “If we’re going to solve for beach and ocean cleanliness, as well as climate change and ocean acidification — and we certainly have to do it all — then we have to acknowledge that the health of our soil is crucial.”

Scientists, NGOs Call for ‘Global Deal for Nature’ to Protect Half the World’s Lands and Seas

MARKETING AND COMMS - Conservation scientists, NGOs and indigenous leaders urge governments to adopt a “Global Deal for Nature” as a companion to the Paris Agreement. A corresponding study establishes science-based conservation targets for the entire planet.

Inspiring Travelers to Help Preserve Beloved Destinations — While We Still Can

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Travel and tourism can bring us a billion opportunities to make the world a better and more sustainable place — or a billion disasters, if we do not manage it properly.

JetBlue, Nature Conservancy Using AI to Evaluate Impact of Ecosystems on Tourism

NEW METRICS - With 65% of the Caribbean’s reefs generating tourism dollars, the study reveals an opportunity for tourism-associated businesses to work together to protect the region’s environmental health.

Behavior Change Pilot Makes UK Consumers ‘Smarter’ About Water Use

MARKETING AND COMMS - Not only did Anglian Water’s ‘Smarter Drop’ project deliver impressive reduction in water consumption amongst consumers, it created impressive gains in brand loyalty and trust for the UK utility.

Trending: World Water Day Illustrates Flow, Ebb of Corporate Progress

WALKING THE TALK - This year, WWD is typically awash in announcements of commitments and advancements in preserving our most precious resource, but new CDP data on the subject feels like a wet blanket.

The Circular Economy: Reducing Ocean Plastics at the Source

CORPORATE MEMBER UPDATE - While recycling is one way to ensure that plastics are saved from finding their way into the ocean, reducing our need for these plastics in the first place is the number one thing we can do to dramatically decrease the number of plastic products harming our oceans and marine wildlife.

In Face of Rampant Seafood Fraud, Study Reveals Efficacy of MSC Label

MARKETING AND COMMS - Reports over the last decade have revealed an average global seafood mislabeling rate of 30%, but a study released today shows species mislabeling rate for MSC-certified seafood is less than 1%.

Values-Based Investment Platform COIN Offers Portfolios Aligned with SDGs

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Backed by John Hancock, COIN offers customers eight Impact Areas to invest in with as little as $50.

Study: Consumers Want to Trust the Fish They Are Eating

MARKETING AND COMMS - The vast majority of consumers across 22 countries would like to see sustainability information for seafood products in stores and on packaging.

No More Band-Aids: We Need a Radical New Plan, Report Warns

WALKING THE TALK - Rising nationalism and global migration among seven trends impacting future of sustainability, according to a new report from Forum for the Future.

China Lags on Sustainable Viscose, Australia Unveils Tree-Free Alternative

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Report: Chinese viscose sector’s sustainability roadmap fails to deliver

The New Black: How New Breed of Consumers Will Spend Money, Energy This Friday

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - During this season of giving, many of today’s more discerning consumers won’t be joining the masses scrambling to answer the siren call to stock up on discounted “stuff” — they’ll be remembering the values meant to be at the heart of this season, by taking REI’s advice to #OptOutside to enjoy nature and giving back by cleaning up; and when they do shop, they’re increasingly basing their loyalty and purchasing decisions on companies’ reputations rather than just product features and price.

Sharing Is the Key to Scaling Sustainability

COLLABORATION - A solid argument can be made that corporate America has made significant progress in the sustainability arena.

Tesco, WWF Partner to Improve Sustainability of UK Food, Diets

COLLABORATION - UK grocery giant Tesco and WWF have announced a groundbreaking, four-year partnership aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the average UK shopping cart by 50 percent, improving the sustainability of food while ensuring it remains affordable for all.

New World Scout Ambassador Bear Grylls Launches the Largest Global Youth Mobilisation for the SDGs

PRESS RELEASE - Millions of young people around the world know Bear Grylls as a Global adventurer, TV host and best-selling author with a passion for Scouting. Now, as the new Chief Ambassador for the entire global Scout Movement, Bear is getting behind an unprecedented mobilisation of 50 million Scouts to improve the sustainability of our planet.

Wildlife Habitat Council Recognizes General Motors’ Ongoing Commitment to Biodiversity and Conservation

PRESS RELEASE - General Motors’ CAMI Assembly Plant in Canada has received the Wildlife Habitat Council’s highest recognition for overall excellence in corporate conservation, the Gold Program Award. General Motors continues to lead the industry with the most WHC Conservation Certification sites — 75 — and is at nearly 85 percent of its goal to achieve certification at all its manufacturing sites by 2020.

P&G Tackles Clean Water, Gender Equality and Plastic Waste in 2018 CSR Report

PRESS RELEASE - The Procter & Gamble Company extends its long history of doing good in the world by bringing the comforts of home to those impacted by disasters, continuing to spark conversations about diversity, inclusion and gender equality with its advertising and making meaningful impact on the environment with new 2030 goals including a vision to ensure that none of the Company’s packaging ends up in the world’s oceans.

The Biggest Threat to Life Below Water? Apathy

COLLABORATION - Our oceans have never been more threatened. The great challenges of overfishing, climate change, pollution and habitat loss have taken a terrible toll, jeopardising vital fish stocks and the lives and livelihoods of the hundreds of millions who depend on them. But there’s another problem that’s seldom mentioned: Apathy. Unlike many of the issues facing the ocean, it’s one that should be easy to put right. And ironically, it’s one that nobody is really talking about.

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