Climate Action

Along with Climate Week, we’ll examine the real work being done to help reduce our climate impacts — and even potentially reverse the effects of climate change.

Islamic Leaders Join Call for World Governments to Phase Out Fossil Fuels

LEADERSHIP - After the Pope recently added a religious voice to the chorus of hundreds of business leaders, youth, subnational governments (and one boyband) calling on world leaders to take bold action on climate change, Islamic l

ClimateCare Named One of the UK’s First Certified B Corporations

LEADERSHIP - ClimateCare, which delivers corporate and government programs to protect the environment and improve people’s lives, today announced that it has received certification as one of the UK’s first Certified B Corporations.With an 18-year track record, ClimateCare claims it is living proof that commercial businesses can deliver positive impacts at scale. In the last seven years alone, the business has deployed $100 million to deliver measurable social and environmental outcomes for corporate and government clients.B Lab, the nonprofit that administers Certified B Corporation status, awarded ClimateCare a score of 141.4 points — well above the average of 97 points.

12 Projects That Could Save The World: ‘Innovation Camp’ Takes COP21 from Vision to Action

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Ahead of the COP21 meeting in December, diverse groups are taking action in support of action on global climate change. From business coalitions and CEO pledges to ambitious city-wide emissions reduction goals, pressure is mounting on national governments to deliver a substantive agreement.

Apple, Google, Walmart Among 13 U.S. Companies Pledging $140B for Climate Action

COLLABORATION - Yesterday marked the launch of the American Business Act on Climate Pledge, uniting 13 of the largest U.S. companies in pledging a collective $140 billion of low-carbon investments in the global economy and over 1,600 MW of new renewable energy. The high-profile pledge is the latest indicator that the White House is succeeding in its effort to garner private-sector support for a substantive climate agreement at COP21.

Dear SB Vanguard: Is Competition in Business Inherently Destructive?

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - This is the latest in a series of posts in which we will poll our global community of business leaders and practitioners — the “SB Vanguard” — on a variety of issues pertinent to the evolving sustainable business landscape.

US, Brazil Agree to Source 20% of Energy From Renewables by 2030

LEADERSHIP - At a bilateral meeting with President Barack Obama in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff committed Brazil to an agreement for both countries to obtain up to 20 percent of their electricity from renewable power by 2030, The Guardian reports.In an effort to reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change, Brazil also committed to restoring close to 30 million acres (12 million hectares) of forest — an area the size of Pennsylvania.

'Summit of Conscience' Presents Climate Change Action as Moral Imperative

COLLABORATION - The world’s first “summit of conscience” for the climate was held Tuesday in Paris, gathering UN officials, religious leaders and prominent global figures to urge action on climate change ahead of the COP21 meeting in December.Arnold Schwarzenegger was among those in attendance. The former California governor and actor spoke of the real threats posed by climate change.

Wildlife Works Becomes Africa’s First Carbon-Neutral, Fair Trade Factory

LEADERSHIP - Forest conservation firm Wildlife Works' factory in Kenya has become the first in Africa to be both carbon neutral and certified by Fair Trade USA.On the heels of this announcement, Wildlife Works is launching its first-ever carbon-neutral, Fair Trade-certified t-shirts, designed by fashion brand Threads 4 Thought (T4T). The clothing company will be contributing over $6,000 in Fair Trade premiums directly to Wildlife Works factory workers.

One Direction Enlisting Fans to Pressure World Leaders to Take Concrete Climate Action

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - British boyband One Direction are using their powers for good with a new campaign calling on their millions of fans around the world to push governments to address extreme quality, inequality and climate change at the upcoming climate talks later this year.

Dow Implementing Sustainable Ag in Brazil as Part of Carbon-Mitigation Program for Rio 2016 Olympics

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - The Dow Chemical Company, the “Official Chemistry Company” of the Olympic Games and Official Carbon Partner of the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee, announced Tuesday that Dow AgroSciences Brazil is working with Brazilian farmers from the state of Mato Grosso to implement more sustainable agricultural practices that will generate climate benefits for the mitigation of Rio 2016’s direct carbon footprint.

2015 Green Chemistry Challenge Award Winners Tackle Climate Change, Water, Biobased Materials

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - For the 20th year in a row, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is recognizing landmark sustainable chemistry technologies developed by industrial pioneers and leading scientists that turn climate risk and other environmental problems into business opportunities, spurring innovation and economic development.

Report: Fossil Fuel Industry Long Deceiving the Public on Climate Change

MARKETING AND COMMS - The Union of Concerned Scientists released a report this week documenting the deception tactics used by fossil fuel companies in spreading misinformation about climate change. The Climate Deception Dossiers contains 85 internal memos showing a variety of efforts to manufacture uncertainty about climate science.Fossil fuel companies have long been aware of the harmful impacts of their products and have intentionally deceived the public to deny this harm, the report argues. The authors present a small history lesson evidencing the extent of companies’ dishonesty.

Trending: Island Nations Poised to Reap Billions in Benefits Through Renewables

CLEANTECH - Perhaps one of the silver linings of the climate crisis is the continued emergence of innovations from both the private and public sectors to avert impending disaster while creating new growth and development opportunities.

Report: Collaboration Needed to Drive Economic Growth in Emerging Low-Carbon Economy

THE NEXT ECONOMY - A new report released by the Global Commission on the Economy and the Climate identifies 10 key economic opportunities that could close up to 96 percent of the gap between business-as-usual emissions and the level needed to limit dangerous climate change. The report calls for stronger cooperation between governments, businesses, investors, cities and communities to drive economic growth in the emerging low-carbon economy.

The Business Case for Zero Deforestation

SUPPLY CHAIN - The recent announcement by McDonald's, which outlines its approach to combatting deforestation across its main commodity supply chains, is perhaps the most comprehensive environmental commitment of any major restaurant group. It sets an example for all global organisations in how they should be ensuring sustainability throughout their supply chains, and reflects how a Zero Deforestation agenda is becoming the new normal for international business.

20 Subnational Governments Lead Emissions-Reduction Commitments Ahead of COP21

COLLABORATION - Regional and state governments around the world are committing to ambitious emissions-reduction targets in the lead-up to December’s COP 21 meeting.Today, the Climate Group’s Compact of States and Regions announced record commitments to reducing GHG emissions from 20 governments representing 220 million people and $8.3 trillion in GDP. All reporting governments have a series of reduction targets across their operations, with some as ambitious as 90 percent reduction by 2050 and 100 percent reduction by 2060. 18 governments have also reported renewable energy targets.

Greenpeace: Still Mind-Bombing After All These Years

MARKETING AND COMMS - Greenpeace is arguably the founder of modern environmental activism.

How to Rewire Business: SustainAbility Releases Second 'Model Behavior' Report

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Despite bold efforts to make companies’ processes and products more sustainable, many businesses that flourish today are inherently unsustainable. Companies must fundamentally change their modus operandi to survive in a future of resource scarcity and climate change — no amount of renewable energy sourcing or green product engineering, for example, can accommodate these conditions.

With 'Too Hot To Handle,' Guardian and Ben & Jerry's Banking on Humor to Drive Climate Action

MARKETING AND COMMS - Can humor save us? Today, the Guardian launched a new multimedia series on climate change that aims to drive the public conversation, debate and action on climate change by making its readers laugh. “Too Hot to Handle,” which encourages readers to take “a lighter look at the dark problem of climate change,” was created in partnership with Ben and Jerry’s and will run through December 2015.

Conflict Palm Oil Progress Report Calls Out Major Snack Food Brands for Lagging on Commitments

SUPPLY CHAIN - Today, Rainforest Action Network (RAN) released a new progress report, titled Testing Commitments to Cut Conflict Palm Oil, ranking the relative strength of palm oil commitments made since the launch of its Snack Food 20 campaign two years ago. The 2015 progress report shines a spotlight on the laggards in the Snack Food 20 and outlines the actions that these companies — as well as the frontrunners who are pushing ahead on their commitments — can and must take to rapidly cut Conflict Palm Oil from our food system.

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