Climate Action

Along with Climate Week, we’ll examine the real work being done to help reduce our climate impacts — and even potentially reverse the effects of climate change.

Investors Lose Patience with Companies’ Lack of Environmental Disclosure

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Investors with nearly $10 trillion in assets are targeting over 700 companies that are not transparent enough about their environmental impact, and pushing them to disclose this information through CDP. This is the first time that CDP is reporting publicly on its Non-Disclosure Campaign.

Indigo to Remove 1 ‘Terraton’ CO2 from Atmosphere Through Regenerative Farming

THE NEXT ECONOMY - “The potential for agricultural soils to capture and store atmospheric carbon dioxide is the most hopeful potential solution that I know of to address climate change.” — Indigo CEO David Perry

Impossible Foods Celebrates Consumer Paradigm Shift to Plant-Based Meat

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - The report also offers a first look at soon-to-be-published research that helps quantify the ways that plant-based diets can literally turn back the clock on climate change.

SB’19 Detroit: Brands Influencing Better Behaviors, Legislation, Supply Chains

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - On the fourth and final day of SB’19 Detroit, a host of brands shared lessons learned from efforts to engage consumers on everything from more sustainable food choices and healthier masculinity to much-needed changes in policy.

CDP: World’s Biggest Companies Face US$1T in Climate Change Risks

BUSINESS CASE - Study finds that financial sector companies see the most potential revenue (US$1.2T) from sustainable products & services, while also being exposed to almost 80% of all financial risk value.

Adobe, Pantone Launch Custom Colors to Inspire Ocean Conservation, Climate Action

MARKETING AND COMMS - The “Glowing Glowing Gone” campaign advocates for action for coral reef conservation by highlighting the global danger signaled by fluorescing corals.

Coalition of CEOs Calls on Congress to Enact Market-Based Climate Strategy

THE NEXT ECONOMY - The CEOs of 13 US and Global Fortune 500 companies, in collaboration with four leading environmental groups, have issued a call for action on climate change — including an economy-wide carbon pricing policy to meet the climate challenge at the lowest possible cost.

6 Tactics for Optimizing Corporate Communications on Climate Action

MARKETING AND COMMS - Communications on climate action needs to be grounded in strategic, results-based initiatives — always. These six approaches will help ensure that your communications are impactful in reinforcing your company’s sustainability strategy.

Pond: Using Algae to Turn CO2 to Our Many Advantages

CLEANTECH - Pond Technologies is a Canadian cleantech company using nature’s filters to combat climate change, while also providing a model to help existing industries join the shift towards a low-carbon economy via value-added, recycled-carbon products.

Trending: With These Shoes, You Can Now Literally Walk Your Sustainability Talk

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - While SOLExUBB’s ‘world’s most eco-friendly shoe’ has been Kickstart-ed more than 150 times over, Sweden’s Icebug has reached climate-positivity — and is challenging the rest of the footwear industry to follow suit.

Net Zero in Practice: How Brands Can Turn Targets Into Action

WALKING THE TALK - The scope and scale of the challenge presented by climate change is dawning on consumers, putting mounting pressure on brands to act in their wider interests — and fast. Going net zero offers a real solution, but how do businesses get there?

Inaugural Grounded Summit Showcases Radical Climate Solutions, Need for More

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - The Summit aimed to highlight real and actionable solutions; and, ultimately, to bring awareness and investment to the Grounded Foundation, which will provide funding and resources to innovative climate change solutions.

Target Sets Its Sights on Scope 3 Emissions with New Climate Goals

CLEANTECH - The new goals will reduce the retail giant’s carbon footprint from source to shelf, as it works alongside its supply chain partners to lower emissions throughout its value chain.

B Corps Launch Collaborative Climate Change Action Strategy

LEADERSHIP - Some of the world's most climate-progressive businesses shaped short- and long-term plans at B Leadership Summit

Trust Barometer’s Pressure Points Reveal Huge Opportunity for Purpose-Driven Companies

BUSINESS CASE - The mass population is far more skeptical of institutions than the informed public, only one in five people believes the system is working for them, and large majorities express a sense of injustice and a desire for change.

Values-Based Investment Platform COIN Offers Portfolios Aligned with SDGs

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Backed by John Hancock, COIN offers customers eight Impact Areas to invest in with as little as $50.

Mastercard, Doconomy Launch the Future of Sustainable Payments

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - DO is a free, easy-to-use mobile banking service that lets users track, understand and reduce their CO2 footprints through carbon offsetting.

Grounded Summit: A Platform for Climate Solutions in California’s Wine Country

COLLABORATION - "Conversations around climate change are constantly looking at how we’re impacting the future, but there’s more we need to be doing now to preserve today for this generation.” — Julia Jackson, Grounded Foundation

'Value Change' Program to Help Companies Handle Tricky Scope 3 Emissions

SUPPLY CHAIN - The recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) sounds an alarm: “Limiting global warming to 1.5°C …requires rapid and far-reaching transitions in energy, land, urban infrastructure … and industrial systems.”

Nestlé, Coca-Cola Among 60 Orgs Stepping Up to Address Pressures on UK Water

COLLABORATION - Over 60 organizations including businesses such as Nestlé, Coca-Cola and M&S have signed a Catchment Management Declaration agreeing to step up action to address the increasing pressures to UK water through improved catchment management.

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