Throughout May, we’ll take a look at the tidal wave of initiatives aimed at conserving and sustainably using our most precious resource worldwide.

How a Celebrity Chef Learned to Love Farmed and Frozen Fish

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Ned Bell has no shortage of opinions about seafood. He grew up fishing Pacific salmon off the west coast of Canada and now evangelizes for the future of fish as the founder of Chefs for Oceans and the executive chef at Ocean Wise, a nonprofit organization based at the Vancouver Aquarium that develops criteria for sustainable seafood and lends its logo to vendors and restaurants that meet its standards.

VTT's Plastic-Eating Microbes Could Help Solve Marine Plastic Problem

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - VTT — the Technical Research Centre of Finland — is helping to solve the global plastic waste problem with a project called PlastBug, a mobile container unit that removes plastic waste from ocean areas and converts it into material for other uses. "Our idea is to design a mobile container where microbes degrade plastic waste to valuable products like fuels or chemicals," says Kari Koivuranta, Principal Scientist at VTT.

Unilever's ‘Impact entrepreneurs’: making everyone’s right to safe water a reality

PRESS RELEASE - Access to safe drinking water and sanitation is everyone’s right. Just like the right to liberty or the right to a fair public hearing. There’s not a drop of difference. But in the real world, it doesn’t always work that way. This isn’t down to a lack of effort. Every year, billions of dollars are ploughed into projects to improve water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services – many of which are exemplary. Yet, progress remains stubbornly slow. Clearly, some fresh thinking and new ways of working are needed. But where to look? Enter the impact entrepreneurs

Tips from Dr. Bronner’s, Sun World, Wrangler on Advancing Regenerative Ag Supply Chains

SUPPLY CHAIN - The winds are changing. Companies that have operated many steps removed from the farms and people that produce their raw materials are building stronger connections to their agricultural supply chains. This shift stems from interest to replenish soil and water supplies, and boost overall resilience and output through regenerative and thriving agriculture. Pure Strategies’ latest report, Connecting to the Farm, points to the best practices companies are using to get closer to the farm while advancing these critical sustainability aims and gaining valuable business benefits.

Eastman Publishes 2018 Sustainability Report

PRESS RELEASE - Eastman today announces the release of its 2018 sustainability report, Changing the trajectory. Building on the company’s progress, the report provides a review of Eastman’s sustainability strategy and goals as well as highlights from the past year. The interactive report is available online at www.eastman.com/sustainability.

Can We 3D Print Our Way to Plastic-Free Oceans?

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - It’s estimated that nearly 8 million tons of plastic flow into our oceans every year; even more goes into landfills. While there are many great companies focused on recovering this plastic, there is one developing a plan for what to do with those millions of tons after the cleanup is done.

Rethinking Plastic Litter: Improve Your LCAs and Reduce Your Personal Impacts

WASTE NOT - Litter. It seems like such a ‘60s word, but it’s time to dust it off and rethink it — especially in the context of plastics and Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs). Start with the fact that more than 8 million tonnes of plastic enters the environment annually, much of it into our oceans. That’s almost 3 percent (and perhaps more) of all plastic produced annually.

UNICEF, LIXIL Partner to Provide 250M People Access to Basic Sanitation by 2021

COLLABORATION - Sanitation is one of the most pressing social and public health challenges today. 1 in 3 people worldwide do not have access to a safe toilet — and 892 million people have no choice but to defecate in the open. Every two minutes, a child dies from a preventable diarrhea-related disease — approximately 288,000 children each year. The issue also contributes to the number of girls who drop out of school, since they are especially affected by a lack of hygiene and sanitation during their period.

Swarovski, UCLA Shine Light on Water Protection, Education in New Documentary

MARKETING AND COMMS - A new film, WATERSCHOOL, takes viewers on a journey with several young female students who live along six of the world’s major rivers — the Amazon, Mississippi, Danube, Nile, Ganges and Yangtze — to shine a light on the importance of safeguarding the continued supply of fresh water and the work of the Swarovski Waterschool education and community investment progra

Inaugural Ocean Solutions Accelerator Cultivating Diverse Crop of Innovations

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Can market solutions and innovative technologies help the world solve its growing ocean crisis? That’s what the nonprofit Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA) hopes, as it recently launched a new startup incubator program in Silicon Valley, the Ocean Solutions Accelerator, with five companies in the initial cohort.

The Last Straws? Starbucks Eliminating Them Globally, More Regional Bans

WASTE NOT - Following Vancouver’s approval of a strategic plan to achieve zero waste and phase out plastic straws and other select packaging, its neighbor to the south is also taking action. Seattle recently became the first major U.S.

Keurig Moves Toward a Sustainable Future

WALKING THE TALK - In the business world, we frequently hear executives asking what value a program brings to an organization, placing emphasis on immediate profit rather than long-term impact. At Keurig Green Mountain, we have designed our business on a model that creates value for all that are touched by our work, including employees, manufacturers, coffee farmers and our local communities. Our business model reflects our roots as a socially minded coffee roaster, and it’s our belief that we can best grow our business and make progress toward our commitment to Brew A Better World™ by authentically aligning our company goals with our values.

Over 90 Startups to Compete in Urban Drinking Water Scarcity Challenge

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 calls for universal access to safe and affordable drinking water for all by 2030, but the planet’s growing population is a major challenge in the way of achieving it. The UN predicts a 40 percent shortfall in global water supply by 2030. Meanwhile, about 54 percent of the world population currently lives in urban areas and the UN forecasts that percentage will grow to 66 percent by 2050.

Trending: Single-Use Plastics Continue to be Tossed – By Brands, Nations Imposing Bans

WASTE NOT - It’s a tough time to be a plastic straw producer. Over the past few months, it seems the message has broken through that plastic straws are harmful to the environment – and marine life in particular – that phase outs and bans are warranted.

BillerudKorsnäs joins fight against ocean litter, announces U.S. events

PRESS RELEASE - BillerudKorsnäs, a sustainability leader in the global packaging industry and provider of packaging solutions, is encouraging action against ocean litter in a series of just-announced U.S. events, in theme with this year's World Oceans Day. The Swedish company has outlined an ambitious mission to challenge conventional packaging and bring more sustainable practices to the industry. "Between the growing chorus from consumers to address single-use packaging waste to reports from ocean researchers on declining ocean health, the problem of ocean litter has reached critical awareness," said Peter Malmqvist, BillerudKorsnäs Marketing Director, Americas. "What we need now is collaboration for sustainable development."

Nestlé Waters to certify all its sites to Alliance for Water Stewardship Standard by 2025

PRESS RELEASE - Nestlé Waters has today announced that it will extend its commitment to water stewardship by certifying all of its sites to the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Standard by 2025.

Campaign Tackling Plastic Microfibres Prompts Consumers to Ask #WhatsInMyWash

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - New research released by environmental charity Hubbub reveals that 44 percent of people in the UK don’t realize that synthetic fibres such as polyester, acrylic or nylon are actually plastic. Despite that synthetic clothing is on the rise – it now accounts for an estimated 60 percent of all clothing produced – many are unaware of what the microfibres they release and the resulting threats to the environment.

Kohler Expands Environmental, Health Disclosures for Kitchen & Bath Products

PRESS RELEASE - Today, in recognition of World Environmental Day, Kohler Co. announces expansion of its environmental and human health product disclosures for its kitchen and bath products.

SAP Partner Itron Strives to Save Every Drop of Water

PRESS RELEASE - Water is the most precious resource on earth — just ask the 844 million people globally that do not have regular access to a safe water supply. Knowing this shortage, it’s almost inconceivable that 25 to 50 percent of the water that gets treated is wasted. And yet that’s the painful truth according to the International Water Association. And it’s not just water. We’re also incredibly inefficient in how we produce and use gas and electricity; too much is wasted. It’s a situation that SAP partner Itron, a Liberty Lake, Washington-based company, is looking to change.

Nestlé, Coca-Cola Among 60 Orgs Stepping Up to Address Pressures on UK Water

COLLABORATION - Over 60 organizations including businesses such as Nestlé, Coca-Cola and M&S have signed a Catchment Management Declaration agreeing to step up action to address the increasing pressures to UK water through improved catchment management.

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