This month, we dig deeper into the growing number of innovations and initiatives aimed at eliminating pollution caused by the most ubiquitous material on earth.

Danone accelerates the transition towards a circular economy of packaging

PRESS RELEASE - Danone announces a series of new commitments and actions to ensure its packaging will become 100% circular, and to accelerate the global transition towards a circular economy of packaging. This includes (1) initiatives to improve product design and develop alternative delivery and reuse models, (2) investments to develop effective, efficient and inclusive systems for increased collection and recycling, to boost recycling and (3) actions to preserve natural resources by reintegrating recycled materials into our packaging and developing use of renewable materials.

Brands Starting to ‘Go Postal’ Around Packaging Waste

WASTE NOT - Consumers are increasingly told to recycle more, say ‘no’ to plastic straws, bring reusable bags and containers for shopping, and prevent food waste by buying local and composting scraps. With the new report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) saying that even if we were to make massive changes, we only have about twelve years to divert away from climate catastrophe, this narrative has only heightened.

World's First Search Engine for Clean Drinking Water Also Fights Plastic Bottle Pollution

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Consumers report that the prevailing reason why they buy bottled water is "convenience." Anyone can search online for the nearest gas station, coffee shop or nail salon, but when it comes to thirst, what options does one have? Open Google Maps and search “water fountain” — or ask Siri or Alexa, “Where can I fill up my water bottle?” No one has ever indexed the locations and prices of clean water around the world ... until now.

HP, IKEA Join Group Developing Global Supply Chain for Ocean-Bound Plastics

WASTE NOT - Today, NextWave Plastics — a collaborative, open-source initiative convening leading technology and consumer-focused companies to develop the first global network of ocean-bound plastics supply chains — announced that HP Inc. and IKEA are joining its global consortium. The addition of HP and IKEA marks 10 companies collaborating to “turn off the tap” of plastic entering the ocean.

Nat Geo, Wattpad Call for Stories About Global Plastic Crisis

COLLABORATION - The only positive side of the marine plastic problem is the growing tide of actions from the global business community to try and solve it — in the past year alone, the issue has spawned campaigns, documentaries, cross-industry collaborations, scientific breakthroughs,

New Partnership Aims to Make Payments More Sustainable

PRESS RELEASE - For many years, the idea of going green in payments has been limited to linking purchases and accounts with donations to environmental causes and carbon offsets. These programs have had an impact in terms of awareness and raising much-needed funds. Now, there’s an opportunity to put these efforts into action across a broader part of the payments industry. Today, Mastercard and card manufacturers Gemalto, Giesecke+Devrient and IDEMIA launched the Greener Payments Partnership to establish environmental best practices and reduce first-use PVC plastic in card manufacturing.

Addressing SDG 14: 3 Steps to a Sustainable Ocean Supply Chain

NEW METRICS - Oceans cover more than 70 percent of our planet’s surface and are home to 80 percent of life on earth. Fish, which provide 20 percent of daily protein intake to about 3.1 billion people, is among the most widely traded food commodities — at a value of US$145 billion annually.

Waste not, want not: P&G venture aims to squeeze new life out of Italy's dirty diapers

PRESS RELEASE - A joint venture between Procter & Gamble and Italian healthcare group Angelini is working to create a sustainable recycling loop that would allow dirty diapers to be turned into plastic bottle caps and viscose clothing. More than 20 million tonnes of disposable diapers are burned or dumped in landfills globally every year - a major environmental problem since their use became widespread in the 1960s and 1970s. Part of the problem is that collecting, cleaning and breaking diapers into their component parts - plastic, cellulose and super absorbent polymer - is tricky and expensive. The other issue is that no-one has been able to establish a market for the recycled output, dooming previous commercial efforts to failure.

Dow Launches #PullingOurWeight Cleanup Campaign at More Than 50 Locations Worldwide

PRESS RELEASE - Employees, families, friends and customers of The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) are collaborating with local organizations across the world and Ocean Conservancy to take part in beach and waterway cleanups at more than 50 locations across the globe to bring attention to the issue of ocean plastic pollution.

Closed Loop Fund Launches FlexPack Recovery Challenge, Gets $10M Infusion from Amazon

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Amazon today announced that it will invest $10 million in Closed Loop Fund to support recycling infrastructure in the United States. The investment will increase the availability of curbside recycling for 3 million homes in communities across the country, making it easier for customers to recycle and further develop end markets for recycled commodities. The investment will divert 1 million tons of recyclable material from landfill into the recycling stream and eliminate the equivalent of 2 million metric tons of CO2 by 2028 — equivalent to shutting down a coal-fired power plant for six months.

£1.4M Prize Awaits UK Circular Plastics Flagship Projects

THE NEXT ECONOMY - A new £1.4 million flagship projects competition was launched at the inaugural annual meeting for members of The UK Plastics Pact, held in London yesterday.

Small Dose, Big Clean: Seventh Generation Reinvents the Liquid Laundry Bottle Using 60% Less Plastic, 50% Less Water and a Super Convenient Dosing Technology

PRESS RELEASE - Seventh Generation, a leading household and personal care products company and pioneer in the eco-friendly products space, has announced the launch of a new laundry detergent in an effort to modernize the liquid laundry category and drive unnecessary plastic and water waste out of the industry.

PepsiCo and Loop Industries Sign Multi-Year Supply Agreement for Loop Branded 100% Sustainable Plastic

PRESS RELEASE - Loop Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq:LOOP), a leading technology innovator in sustainable plastic and PepsiCo, Inc. (NASDAQ:PEP) today announced that they have entered into a multi-year supply agreement that will enable PepsiCo to purchase production capacity from Loop’s joint venture facility in the United States and incorporate Loop™ PET plastic, which is 100% recycled material, into its product packaging by early 2020.

PepsiCo, Seventh Gen, CLF Bring Sustainable Plastics Closer to Reality

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - There’s a flurry of activity this week, as several heavy-hitters announce moves that promise big ripple effects in the plastics and packaging space. PepsiCo, Inc. today announced a multi-year supply agreement with Loop Industries, Inc., a leading technology innovator in sustainable plastic, that will enable PepsiCo to purchase production capacity from Loop’s joint venture facility in the US and incorporate Loop™ PET plastic, which is 100 percent recycled material, into its product packaging by early 2020.

Trending: Scottish Ale, 3D Printing Filament Among Latest Food Waste Innovations

WASTE NOT - A Canadian startup called Genecis, formed by a group of graduates from the University of Toronto Scarborough, is upcycling food waste into biodegradable plastics, which can then be used in everything from 3D printing filament to packaging.

Dow Names Commercial Leaders to Address Global Recycling Challenges

PRESS RELEASE - Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, today announced the creation of two new senior leadership roles charged with addressing global plastics recycling and waste management challenges. Tim Boven, previously Dow’s global integrated supply chain director for Hydrocarbons, is the new recycling commercial director for Latin America and North America. Carsten Larsen, formerly Dow Industrial Solutions’ commercial director for Europe, Middle East, Africa and India, will serve as recycling commercial director for EMEA & APAC.

Carbon Trust Endorses Braskem’s Carbon-Negative Claims for Bio-based Plastic

PRESS RELEASE - Brazilian chemicals company Braskem, producers of I’m green™ – a bio-based polyethylene made from sugarcane – has had its negative carbon footprint credentials strengthened thanks to an independent review by the Carbon Trust. In a new report comparing I’m green™ with fossil-based equivalents, the Carbon Trust has endorsed the methodology used by Braskem to support claims that for every tonne of I’m green™ produced, the equivalent of around 3 tonnes of CO2 are locked away by the sugarcane, which provides the main raw material for its manufacture. This means Braskem’s bio-based plastic is effectively carbon-negative.

S’well Partners with the NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability to Equip and Empower Youth to Lead a Movement Toward Positive Change

PRESS RELEASE - To kick off a one year partnership with the New York City Mayor’s Office of Sustainability (MOS), S’well CEO and Founder Sarah Kauss hopes to lessen New York City’s plastic problem with the launch of S’well’s latest campaign: BRING IT - a city-led campaign in which 320,000 reusable S’well bottles, one for each High School student in every public and charter school in the city, will be donated and distributed so that students can “bring it” every day. The goal of this initiative is to displace 54 million single-use plastic bottles over a span of 12 months by limiting the consumption of single-use plastic.

Caesars Begins Straw Phase-Out Plan; Sandals Resorts to Eliminate 21.5M by November

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - Hospitality giants Sandals Resorts International (SRI) and Caesars Entertainment have joined the growing, cross-sector fight against single-use plastics with ambitious phase-out plans for plastic straws and stirrers.

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