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Responsible Consumption

We're examining the ways organizations are working to ensure their sustainable production of goods, as well as their customers’ responsible consumption of them.

Trending: Taking the Carbon, Waste Out of eCommerce

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Between Amazon and Etsy’s carbon-neutral ambitions, and more and more options for circular shipping containers, the millions of tons of emissions and waste generated by e-commerce could soon be a thing of the past.

Values-Based Investment Platform COIN Offers Portfolios Aligned with SDGs

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Backed by John Hancock, COIN offers customers eight Impact Areas to invest in with as little as $50.

#WearNext: Make Fashion Circular, NYC Partner to Tackle Clothing Waste

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - As well as being able to drop off clothing at stores and other collection points, New Yorkers will be encouraged to get involved by donating, repairing, reselling or swapping their old clothes to give them a new life.

How Imaging Technology Could Solve the Global Food Waste Problem

WASTE NOT - One of the biggest food retailers in the US has used the software to better understand the shelf life of its beef, cutting potential waste by 25 percent.

Study: Consumers Want to Trust the Fish They Are Eating

MARKETING AND COMMS - The vast majority of consumers across 22 countries would like to see sustainability information for seafood products in stores and on packaging.

Mastercard, Doconomy Launch the Future of Sustainable Payments

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - DO is a free, easy-to-use mobile banking service that lets users track, understand and reduce their CO2 footprints through carbon offsetting.

Living Incomes for Farmers Key to Ensuring Sustainability of Cocoa

SUPPLY CHAIN - New Fairtrade Foundation campaign calls on the UK government and companies to end ‘shameful’ exploitation of cocoa farmers by 2030, in line with the SDGs.

CDP: Top FMCGs in Race to Keep Up with 'Fast-Moving Consumers'

LEADERSHIP - FMCGs need to accelerate innovation to keep up with changing consumer preferences for plant-based products and less packaging.

New Alliance to Bring Circular IT Life Cycle Management Across Europe

THE NEXT ECONOMY - European leaders in financing professional equipment and IT life cycle management join forces to offer circular, product-as-a-service solutions.

CPG Transparency Platform Now Incentivizes Consumers to Choose Sustainable Products

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Almond, a groundbreaking economic framework that aims to tackle the world of sustainable consumer goods, rewards those who make an effort to purchase sustainable products and help to combat cheap consumer goods.

Knorr, WWF Suggest 50 Future Foods to Fix Our Food System

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - From naturally pest-resistant grains to vitamin-rich flowers and drought-defying roots, they outline 50 nutritious foods that are better for our health and environment.

UK Gov Proposes Tax, Other Incentives to Help End Throwaway Fashion

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - The Environmental Audit Committee is calling on the UK government to make fashion retailers take responsibility for the waste they create.

Tide and TerraCycle Announce the Tide Eco-Box Recycling Program

PRESS RELEASE - Building on its commitment to developing sustainable laundry solutions, Tide is proud to announce its strategic partnership with international recycling leader TerraCycle. This will allow the new Tide Eco-Box packaging to be 100% recyclable from bag to box.

BP’s Energy Outlook, 2019 Clean200 Show Undeniable Power of Renewables

CLEANTECH - The Carbon Clean 200 are already capitalizing on the transition to a low-carbon future; BP’s latest scenarios support that strategy

Champions 12.3: Restaurants Realize 7:1 ROI by Reducing Food Waste

BUSINESS CASE - New research finds rather compelling business case for restaurants to reduce the amount of food they throw away.

Conscious Consumers Flocking to Pinterest for Sustainable Lifestyle Ideas

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Sustainable living is the most searched term around sustainability (+69% since last year), while searches for “sustainable living for beginners” are up 265%.

The World’s First Data Visualization of Product Carbon Footprints

NEW METRICS - By generating carbon-intensity data for each product, CoClear was able to identify industry trends, as well as track product performance improvements along value chains.

Trending: Better Furniture Options Enable a ‘Sustainable Life at Home’

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - New offerings by IKEA, Loll Designs add more options for consumers invested in living more sustainably.

Q&A: How a ‘Cuban’ Name Change Boosted Panera’s Soup Sales

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - WRI’s Better Buying Lab works with food companies to research and test science-based approaches that encourage consumers to choose more sustainable, plant-based foods.

Was I Asleep During This Year’s Super Bowl?

MARKETING AND COMMS - Quick laughs, bad jokes, celebrities — but very few with a message

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