Responsible Consumption

As 2019 comes to a close, we're examining the ways organizations are working to ensure their sustainable production of goods, as well as their customers’ responsible consumption of them.

HEINEKEN USA Hosts Panel on the Influence of African-American Consumers

PRESS RELEASE - Black History Month serves as a good reminder for us to celebrate achievements in the African-American community, but we should also engage in open conversation on where shortcomings exist and progress remains to be made.

Garment Worker Diaries Reveal Working Conditions, Wages in Bangladesh, India, Cambodia

MARKETING AND COMMS - A first-of-its-kind research project led by Microfinance Opportunities (MFO) in partnership with Fashion Revolution and C&A Foundation gives the most comprehensive picture yet of the living and working conditions faced by female garment workers in Bangladesh, Cambodia and India.

Want Economic Equality? Change Your Shopping Habits

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - The more mature you get, the more you start to understand that the little, normal things you do and the routines you follow make a big impact over time. Leave the water running while you’re brushing your teeth, and you’re wasting up to 200 gallons of water each month. Bike to work every day, and you’re cutting down on household emissions by at least 6 percent while lessening vehicular pollution by about .97 pounds per mile.

The Role of Business in Driving Sustainable Consumption, Production

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - Business is increasingly aligning its activities with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A recent report shows that 43 percent of the world’s largest 250 companies are now linking their sustainability reporting to the SDGs.

Tesco, Nestlé Poised to Benefit Most from Impending Plant-Based Protein Surge

THE NEXT ECONOMY - A shift in consumer awareness around sustainability is causing a surge in demand for plant-based proteins — an emerging market opportunity that global food companies won’t want to miss.

Trending: Supermarkets, Government, the Queen Take Stand Against Single-Use Plastics

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Plastic packaging continues on its downward spiral as supermarkets, government and even the Queen begin to explore more sustainable alternatives. Kiwi supermarket chain New World is setting a new standard for the food industry by drastically reducing the amount of plastic packaging stocking its shelves.

Going Green May Be More Effective Than Swiping Right This Valentine’s Day

PRESS RELEASE - It’s well-known that practicing green behaviors is good for the environment, but new survey findings from Timberland reveal that it could also spark romance. With a longstanding love for the environment, the outdoor lifestyle brand today released its 2018 Eco-Love Survey results, revealing four-in-five Americans find it attractive when someone practices eco-conscious behaviors. This Valentine’s Day, put down the phone, pull on your boots and head outdoors (or hop in a ride share) – it just may increase your chances of finding your bae.

Slavery Risk Tool Allows Businesses to Identify Human Rights Violations in Seafood Supply Chains

SUPPLY CHAIN - The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® program, already the global standard for environmentally responsible seafood, has created a new tool that allows businesses to assess the potential risk of forced labor, human trafficking and child labor in fisheries.

Trending: Public, Private Sector Unveil Strategies to Eliminate To-Go Beverage Waste

WASTE NOT - Single-serve beverage waste is on the fast-track to obsolescence as startups, multinationals and local governments unveil strategies to keep cups, straws and plastic bottles out of landfill.

More Gifts That Keep on Giving: Sustainable Brands' 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Sustainable products geeks rejoice, for 'tis once again the season of giving! And what better way to celebrate and participate than with gifts whose buying and giving creates more cheer, health, beauty and financial stability while eliminating waste, pollution and carbon emissions around the world? Here are just a few of our favorite discoveries this year of products we'd be proud to give. Waste Not You know we’re big fans of upcycling, here at SB! Here are just a few of the waste-turned-products we loved this year:

Trending: Cocoa Giants Embrace Sustainability, But Consumers Remain Key to Lasting Progress

SUPPLY CHAIN - The cocoa industry is undoubtedly changing for the better, but the road to a sustainable sector is a long one. According to industry experts, long-term, sustainable change can’t be made without paying farmers a premium.

WRAP Reports Food Waste Progress Under Courtauld Commitment 2025

WASTE NOT - One year after the launch of the Courtauld Commitment 2025, WRAP has published its first Review of work underway in the food and beverage sector as a result of the voluntary agreement.

VF Corporation Joins the International Fur Free Retailer Program

PRESS RELEASE - VF Corporation, a global leader in branded lifestyle apparel, footwear and accessories, has joined the Fur Free Retailer program by partnering with the Fur Free Alliance, an international coalition of 43 animal protection organizations. As a Fur Free Retailer, VF is reinforcing its commitment to fur free products and communicating its no fur policy, which covers its more than 20 brands, including Vans®, The North Face®, Timberland®, Wrangler®, Lee® and Napapijri®. VF released its first-ever Animal Derived Materials Policy earlier this year and announced that its brands would no longer use fur, angora or exotic leather.

The Future of Brand Impact and How It’s Measured

NEW METRICS - The new wave of conscious consumption, driven largely by millennials and Gen Z, is pushing companies to innovate around social causes.

Trending: Closed-Loop Solutions Ramp Up Recycling Rates for Batteries, Contact Lenses

WASTE NOT - While coffee cup recycling is just beginning to gather steam, previously hard-to-recycle products such as lead batteries and contacts are demonstrating surprisingly high recycling rates.

#NewMetrics, Day 3: Digging Even Deeper Into Next-Generation Impact Metrics

NEW METRICS - Live Well San Diego: A visionary partnership to define and measure 10 quality-of-life metrics By Anna Shugoll

Evolution of Disclosure, CEO Engagement, Measuring What Matters Take Center Stage at #NewMetrics

NEW METRICS - As Sustainable Brands' New Metrics '17 conference kicked off in Philadelphia on Monday, speakers from SASB, CSRLab, WRI, the World Happiness Summit and more presented a range of topics revolving around a few common themes: Correctly measuring what matters, disclosing material data and knowing your audience when you do. From disclosure to performance: Building a virtuous loop By Jessica Bast

The Product and Organization Environmental Footprint Initiative: A gold standard in the making

PRESS RELEASE - Imagine you have landed in 2030. You walk into your usual grocery store. Only this time, every product sports a label to help you make your purchasing decision based not only on price, or calories, but also on environmental impact.

Giving business a leg up for effective water stewardship

PRESS RELEASE - “To sustain their business, companies need to better understand the costs and opportunities of effective water resource management”, stresses Quantis water expert Jean-Baptiste Bayart. Ahead of the AWS Global Water Stewardship Forum, Quantis shares its experience working with major industrial players over the last 10 years, laying out key hurdles and potential solutions for companies to adopt water stewardship.

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