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Responsible Consumption

We're examining the ways organizations are working to ensure their sustainable production of goods, as well as their customers’ responsible consumption of them.

The Future of Brand Impact and How It’s Measured

NEW METRICS - The new wave of conscious consumption, driven largely by millennials and Gen Z, is pushing companies to innovate around social causes.

Trending: Closed-Loop Solutions Ramp Up Recycling Rates for Batteries, Contact Lenses

WASTE NOT - While coffee cup recycling is just beginning to gather steam, previously hard-to-recycle products such as lead batteries and contacts are demonstrating surprisingly high recycling rates.

#NewMetrics, Day 3: Digging Even Deeper Into Next-Generation Impact Metrics

NEW METRICS - Live Well San Diego: A visionary partnership to define and measure 10 quality-of-life metrics By Anna Shugoll

Evolution of Disclosure, CEO Engagement, Measuring What Matters Take Center Stage at #NewMetrics

NEW METRICS - As Sustainable Brands' New Metrics '17 conference kicked off in Philadelphia on Monday, speakers from SASB, CSRLab, WRI, the World Happiness Summit and more presented a range of topics revolving around a few common themes: Correctly measuring what matters, disclosing material data and knowing your audience when you do. From disclosure to performance: Building a virtuous loop By Jessica Bast

The Product and Organization Environmental Footprint Initiative: A gold standard in the making

PRESS RELEASE - Imagine you have landed in 2030. You walk into your usual grocery store. Only this time, every product sports a label to help you make your purchasing decision based not only on price, or calories, but also on environmental impact.

Giving business a leg up for effective water stewardship

PRESS RELEASE - “To sustain their business, companies need to better understand the costs and opportunities of effective water resource management”, stresses Quantis water expert Jean-Baptiste Bayart. Ahead of the AWS Global Water Stewardship Forum, Quantis shares its experience working with major industrial players over the last 10 years, laying out key hurdles and potential solutions for companies to adopt water stewardship.

#MeToo & The Importance of Parents Having Tough Conversations

PRESS RELEASE - #MeToo is exposing the scale of sexual assault and harassment for women worldwide, prompting parents to bring up tough subjects with their children. The Health Alliance on Alcohol (HAA) has been working with Dr.

FSC-Certified Products Nudging Consumers Into Walking Their Sustainability Talk

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Good for your health, good for the environment, good for the future. These common themes have consumers embracing trends toward products that are responsibly sourced and manufactured. As with many things, consumers hold the key. And for products derived from the forest, the reality is no different.

Why Halloween Is the Perfect Holiday to Consider Thrift

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - North Americans love to celebrate Halloween — from trick-or-treating to costume parties to haunted houses, there is no doubt a Halloween frenzy takes over even before October hits. In fact, 50 percent of Americans report Halloween is their favorite holiday. However, purchasing new costumes, candy and décorations for the whole family can quickly add up. The National Retail Federation reported that in 2017, Americans are predicted to spend an average $86.13 each on Halloween costumes, décor and candy, collectively spending $9.1 billion on Halloween-related purchases.

WRAP: Consumers Curious About What Happens to Recycling Beyond the Bin

MARKETING AND COMMS - New insights from WRAP’s annual recycling tracker have revealed that over half the UK population wants to know more about what happens to their recycling beyond the bin. The results of the organization’s survey have shaped the theme of this year’s Recycle Week; ‘Recycling — it’s worth it.’

Carlsberg promotes responsible drinking with 20 million people in 20 countries on Global Beer Responsibility Day

PRESS RELEASE - The Carlsberg Group, together with business partners and social organisations today celebrates the third annual Global Beer Responsibility Day (GBRD) - a worldwide effort to promote the responsible consumption of beer.

Wrangler Joins Field to Market to Accelerate US Sustainable Cotton

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Further establishing itself as a strong proponent of increasing the supply of sustainable cotton, denim brand Wrangler has joined Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture as an associate member. The multi-stakeholder initiative is working to unite the agricultural supply chain in defining, measuring and advancing the sustainability of food, fiber and fuel production in the United States.

Fashion Transparency Index Reveals Even Top Brands Lagging in Supply Chain Transparency

SUPPLY CHAIN - Four years after the collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory in which 1,134 people were killed, Fashion Revolution has released its 2017 Fashion Transparency Index, which ranks 100 of the biggest fashion companies on their social and environmental policies, practices and impacts.

Avery Dennison Teams Up with Fashion Revolution to Uncover New #Haulternatives

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Seventy-five million people work directly in the fashion and textiles industry. Many are subject to exploitation; verbal and physical abuse, unsafe working conditions and poor pay. While some progress has been made since the collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory in 2013, which killed 1,138 people, there is still a lot to be done.

Buckle Up, Baby! Target’s Car Seat Trade-in Event Starts April 17

PRESS RELEASE - It’s spring cleaning time—is your old car seat on the toss list? Maybe your little one’s outgrown it, or perhaps you want an upgrade. Whatever the case, we’ll trade ya! April 17–30, bring your used car seat to Target stores nationwide and trade it in for a coupon for 20% off any car seat in our stores or at, good through May 31. What happens to all those car seats we collect? We’re teaming up with our friends at TerraCycle to make sure they get recycled, or upcycled into new products. Through the partnership, we expect to keep more than 700,000 pounds of car seat materials out of landfills.

Timberland Celebrates Earth Week with Daily Challenges for Employees

PRESS RELEASE - While global outdoor lifestyle brand Timberland has an ongoing commitment to protect the outdoors, Earth Day season brings with it a range of initiatives to engage employees in the company’s environmental agenda. This year, beyond hosting Earth Day service events worldwide for employee volunteers, Timberland’s global headquarters in Stratham, New Hampshire will launch its second annual Earth Week, April 17-21. This five day effort encourages employees to reduce their individual and collective environmental footprints.

Heineken USA Puts a Spotlight on Responsible Consumption During Alcohol Awareness Month

PRESS RELEASE - In support of Alcohol Awareness Month, HEINEKEN USA (headquartered in White Plains, NY) announced April 4 various programs and initiatives that promote responsible drinking and moderate alcohol consumption. Every April since 1987, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. (NCADD) has sponsored Alcohol Awareness Month to increase public awareness and understanding, reduce stigma, and encourage local communities to focus on alcoholism and alcohol-related issues. Heineken® is an industry leader in this space and was the first brand to include responsibility messaging on its packaging. HEINEKEN USA is continuing this commitment with the following initiatives:

Unchecked Consumption Is the Elephant in the Boardroom

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Many businesses measure growth by selling more stuff to more people, and consumer markets are expected to expand in the decades ahead. The world is on pace to exceed 9.5 billion people by 2050, with far fewer living in poverty than today. Thanks to the rapid industrialization of developing countries including China, Brazil and India, 3 billion people are projected to join the global middle class in the next 15 years alone. These demographic shifts represent both a human development victory and an enormous business opportunity for those companies positioning to meet the needs of added consumers.

Avery Dennison Raises the Sustainability Bar

PRESS RELEASE - A long-time advocate of sustainability, Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials is stepping up its efforts to raise the sustainability bar. The company is inspiring converters, brands and thought leaders to work together to increase sustainability awareness, choices and collaboration to solve some of the industry's most difficult problems. Launching this month is a multifaceted initiative to engage, educate and motivate businesses and people alike, while building its sustainability leadership brand. The initiative embraces:

Millercoors Showcases Commitment to Alcohol Responsibility, Environmental Stewardship and Community Investment in 2016 Sustainability Report

PRESS RELEASE - CHICAGO (July 18, 2016) – MillerCoors released its 2016 Sustainability Report, which provides a comprehensive review of the company’s 2015 efforts in the areas of alcohol responsibility, environmental stewardship and community investment. The nation’s second largest brewer continues to help prevent drunk driving and underage consumption, reduce water use and brewery waste, and create equal opportunities for women in beer.

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