Throughout May, we’ll take a look at the tidal wave of initiatives aimed at conserving and sustainably using our most precious resource worldwide.

Global Opportunity Explorer Platform Brings Together Investors, Entrepreneurs to Deliver on SDGs

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - What if there was an easier way to connect revolutionary solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges with the capital needed to initiate real change? That’s exactly what the Global Opportunity Explorer sets out to do.

Nat Geo, Water Aid India Launch Campaign to Tackle Water Scarcity in India

MARKETING AND COMMS - Lack of access to clean drinking water is the reality for millions of Indian citizens, an issue that National Geographic and Water Aid India are hoping to tackle through the launch of Mission Blue. With support from top Bollywood talent, the initiative aims to raise awareness about water scarcity and demonstrate how small acts of conservation every day can help secure a safe, clean water supply for future generations.

Celebrating Sustainability at Kimberly-Clark

PRESS RELEASE - On Saturday, April 22, millions of people across the globe celebrated Earth Day to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. At Kimberly-Clark, it’s also a day to reflect on Kimberly-Clark’s sustainability achievements and where we’re going in the future. Of course, sustainability has come a long way since Kimberly-Clark was formed in 1872! Throughout our history, we’ve continuously improved how we operate and embed sustainable practices into our business.

Plug and Play Accelerator Reveals 12 New Startups Changing the Face of Fashion

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Just weeks after the launch of McDonough Innovation’s Fashion for Good innovation and practical action lab in Amsterdam, the 12 startups selected to participate in the Plug and Play — Fashion for Good accelerator have been announced.

10 Million Bottles of Life-Saving Water Delivered to Communities in Need by Nestlé Waters North America and Americares

PRESS RELEASE - The cost of natural disasters worldwide could reach $314 billion annually by 2030, up from around $250 billion now, according to a 2016 report by the World Bank, which cites rising climate change as a key threat to cities around the globe. Natural disasters, such as floods, tornadoes, and wildfires can quickly cut off access to basic, everyday needs. The biggest of these, and the most urgent, is access to clean, safe drinking water. Damage to infrastructure, as well as flooding, can contaminate drinking water supplies, not only inhibiting people’s ability to hydrate, but can also lead to sanitation issues and the spread of waterborne diseases.

Colgate Taps Michael Phelps to Inspire Consumers to Turn Off the Faucet

MARKETING AND COMMS - Water scarcity and shortage is a growing problem that affects around three billion people across the globe and climate change is only serving to aggravate the already acute issue. While businesses will play an important role in reducing environmental impacts for water resource depletion, changing consumer attitudes is critical in order to truly address and find solutions for the issue. Yet the many people are unaware of water scarcity issues, as well as their own consumption habits.

World Series of Innovation Challenges Youth to Find Solutions That Help Achieve SDGs

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - With sustainability named as a top priority for millennials and Generation Z, companies and organizations are increasingly tapping youth to help find solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Target Agrees to Engage Corporate Peers on Phase out of Polystyrene Foam Packaging in E-Commerce

PRESS RELEASE - As You Sow has withdrawn a shareholder proposal with Target Corp. that asks the company to phase out use of polystyrene foam packaging in its e-commerce operations, as a result of the company’s willingness to work with its value chain and industry peers to discuss replacing foam with less harmful alternatives.

England’s New Open Water Market Slated to Add £200M to UK Economy

THE NEXT ECONOMY - England’s Open Water market officially launched on Saturday, April 1st, opening up new economic opportunities worth around £200 million for a wide range of players.

Bechtel Innovation and Sustainability: Two Sides of the Same Coin

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Global stressors — from water scarcity to modern-day slavery — are reinventing traditional business models across heavy industries that support a more secure, sustainable future. As one of the largest engineering, procurement and construction companies in the world, Bechtel is uniquely positioned to be part of this transformation. We’ve completed more than 25,000 extraordinary projects across 160 countries on all seven continents.

Closing the Water Infrastructure Gap Could Save the U.S. Economy $94 Billion

THE NEXT ECONOMY - A new study by the International Renewable Energy Agency has made a convincing case for transitioning to a low-carbon economy, demonstrating how embracing renewable energy could result in economic gains of $19 trillion and the creation of six million new jobs. Now, a report by the U.S. Water Alliance has revealed how closing the water infrastructure funding gap could give the US economy a major boost.

Good News, Bad News: The Current State of Global Water

WASTE NOT - World Water Day typically sees brands unveil new initiatives designed to reduce impact in their supply chains, report successes and team up with charities to raise awareness about water security in vulnerable regions across the globe. While there is certainly progress to celebrate, the reality of the matter is that much more must be done to address the growing global water crisis. First, the good news.

Feel the Rising Water Pressure: How Business Must Lead in Conservation

COLLABORATION - We’re inundated with signals of the severity of the water crisis on a daily basis. Reports detail the extent: a staggering 2.8 billion people already affected by water scarcity. Authorities ban water-intensive activities at home, and stories describe the profound implications of severe water stress for people around the world: waterborne diseases, famine, migration, violence.

ING: Circular Solutions to Water Stress Could Save 11% of Global Water Demand

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Global fresh water demand is expected to grow by 2 percent yearly over the next several decades. Based on the assumption that water supply will remain relatively stable, demand growth is expected to lead to serious water stress. This is largely the result of a linear model of water usage, in which the resource becomes more polluted and increasingly wasted as it travels through the system, shortening the water cycle.

Nestle's Arrowhead® Mountain Spring Water Saves Tens of Thousands of Tons of Carbon Dioxide through Plastic Recycling Efforts

PRESS RELEASE - Arrowhead® Mountain Spring Water announced today that it has dramatically increased the amount of recycled plastic used in its bottle production. Thanks to the high recycling rate of California residents, and with help from its strategic partner CarbonLITE, Arrowhead now ensures that 9 out of 10 of its Arrowhead bottles made in California incorporate 50% post-consumer recycled plastic content.

UPS Joins the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge

PRESS RELEASE - Mayor Kasim Reed announced recently that the city of Atlanta continues to lead the country with 111 million square feet of building space committed to reducing energy and water usage through the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge. UPS is the latest partner to join the challenge and has committed to reducing energy and water usage in more than one million square feet of commercial building space. The Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge has a goal to reduce energy and water consumption by at least 20 percent in participating buildings across Atlanta by the year 2020. To date, the City of Atlanta has already achieved its 20 percent water reduction goal, and has reduced its energy consumption portfolio by 17 percent.

Doc from Stella Artois, Nat Geo Shines Light on Global Water Crisis

MARKETING AND COMMS - In celebration of World Water Day, brewer Stella Artois and National Geographic have joined forces to create Our Dream of Water, a documentary by Crystal Moselle spotlighting the effects of the global water crisis. The film, which was commissioned by Stella Artois, will premiere on National Geographic on March 22nd at 6:00 p.m. EST/PST. Our Dream of Water is an extension of the brewer’s Buy a Lady a Drink campaign, an ongoing partnership with Water.org.

Publication of the 2016 Nestlé in Society Creating Shared Value and Meeting Our Commitments Report

PRESS RELEASE - Nestlé S.A., today released its annual Nestlé in society: Creating Shared Value and meeting our commitments report for 2016. The report demonstrates how the company purpose, ambitions and 42 specific public commitments contribute to society. Guided by its purpose of enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future, Nestlé works alongside partners to create shared value, thus contributing to society while ensuring the long‑term success of the business.

GE, UC Davis, Winesecrets Are Turning Recycled Rainwater into Wine

CLEANTECH - Water is an increasingly precious resource and no one knows this better than California. Last year marked the state’s sixth consecutive year of drought, an issue that is putting serious strain on its agriculture and viticulture industries. Achieving a sustainable water future is critical to meet the needs of people, businesses and the environment, a prospect that local and national businesses alike aren’t taking lying down.

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