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Dignity through Identity: Applying Blockchain to Create Economic Identities for Underserved Communities

Ashish Gadnis (Co-Founder & CEO; BanQu, Inc.)

This talk explains how BanQu is applying blockchain technology to create economic identities for people in extreme poverty and other underserved communities. An award-winning blockchain-as-a-service company, BanQu brings transparency, traceability and sustainability to farmers and refugees across the globe by connecting them to global supply chains, brands and governments. With identity comes dignity, and a sustainable pathway out of poverty.


SB'19 Detroit Keynote / Ashish Gadnis - Co-Founder & CEO, BanQu, Inc.
SB'19 Detroit Keynote / Ashish Gadnis - Co-Founder & CEO, BanQu, Inc.
Video (13m 53s)

Ashish Gadnis

Ashish Gadnis is the co-founder of BanQu, the first ever blockchain supply chain and economic identity platform for refugees and people in extreme poverty. An award-winning financial tech company with a social cause, BanQu strives to eradicate poverty by connecting the “unbankable” to a secure, portable digital economic identity -- simply through a cellphone app. This revolutionary technology provides a pathway into the global economy, creating dignity through identity for people worldwide.


BanQu is a groundbreaking for-profit / for-purpose blockchain-as-a-service software company solving the toughest global problem – Extreme Poverty.

Detroit, MI USA Agriculture Government Technology
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