Saving the World’s Forests: It’s Everybody’s Business

Linda Walker (Director of Forests; World Wildlife Fund)

This session looks at the evolution of World Wildlife Fund’s “Forest Positive” approach to forest restoration, protection and responsible management. At a time when many companies are seeking ways to better quantify the “co-benefits” of such actions, WWF is launching the world’s first-ever science-based targets for forests to help answer the question “What quantity and quality of forests need to be saved across different forest regions, in order to provide people, businesses and wildlife with the clean air, clean water and other ‘services’ we need?”


SB'19 Detroit Keynote / Linda Walker - Director of Forests, World Wildlife Fund
SB'19 Detroit Keynote / Linda Walker - Director of Forests, World Wildlife Fund
Video (17m 11s)

Linda Walker
Director of Forests
World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Linda Walker is Director of Forests at World Wildlife Fund, one of the world’s leading conservation organizations. Her focus is engaging with US companies, trade associations and other entities on responsible forest product sourcing and other actions to conserve the world’s forests.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

WWF is one of the world's leading conservation organizations, working in 100 countries for over half a century.

Detroit, MI USA Land & Forests Science Science-Based Goals
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