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Sustainability Targets: Acting on Climate, Plastics and Portfolio, All at Once

Dirk Voeste (Vice President of Sustainability Strategy; BASF)

How can a company accelerate superior sustainability performance and launch profitable social-impact businesses around the globe, while at the same time tackling complex technical problems around circularity of plastics and climate action? BASF is working on all that – tune in to get informed and inspired by their multi-pronged approach.


SB'19 Detroit Keynote / Dirk Voeste - Vice President of Sustainability Strategy, BASF
SB'19 Detroit Keynote / Dirk Voeste - Vice President of Sustainability Strategy, BASF
Video (15m 36s)

Dr. Dirk Voeste
VP, Sustainability Strategy

Being Vice President of Sustainability Strategy at BASF SE, Ludwigshafen since 2012, Dr. Dirk Voeste is responsible for BASFs sustainability strategy and the implementation into the business activities and decision-making processes. He is also heading the eco-efficiency analysis and sustainability evaluations.


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