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NM19-S008 / The Evolution of Quantifying Social Capital: Lessons from Impact2030

New Metrics '19 Keynote Slides / The Evolution of Quantifying Social Capital: Lessons from Impact2030

Evan Harvey, Nasdaq

Why do stock exchanges want to help listed companies become more sustainable, resilient, and attractive to long-term investors? For many reasons, but chief among them is the growing awareness and valuation of sustainable practices at public companies. Investors want more data, better data, and a substantive engagement with their investment prospects — and many of them are willing to walk away if they can’t get it. As part of that journey, the “S” part of ESG has always been the most difficult to both measure and manage.

This session will share lessons from Impact2030, a multi-stakeholder initiative looking to find new and more meaningful social impact metrics while integrating viewpoints from key constituencies.


This SB'19 Detroit keynote presentation video playback is sponsored by Target.

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