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FGX chooses Eastman to create eyewear from molecularly recycled material

PRESS RELEASE - FGX chooses Eastman to create eyewear from molecularly recycled material. Companies join forces to reduce plastic waste as FGX adopts Tritan™ Renew.

Waste Management for a Circular World: How Composting and Recycling Stack up for Sustainability

PRESS RELEASE - Americans dispose of more than 700,000 tons of waste every day – but where does it go? Does it get composted or recycled? What’s ultimately more sustainable?

Target Tests First Net-Zero-Energy Store

PRESS RELEASE - Retailer announces most sustainable store yet, which will test innovations that generate renewable energy and reduce emissions.

PepsiCo and N-Drip Partner to Provide Water-saving, Crop-enhancing Benefits to Farmers Around the World

PRESS RELEASE - The two companies collaborate to create sustainable change through unique drip irrigation technology

Going Green for St. Patrick’s Day - Brewing Up Sustainability: How Two Vermont Craft Beverage Makers are Leading the Sustainability Charge in Vermont

PRESS RELEASE - Vermont has always been at the forefront of sustainability initiatives, and the craft beverage movement is no exception.

CPI Card Group® Crosses 50 Million Mark for Eco-Focused Payment Cards Sold

PRESS RELEASE - CPI®’s Suite of Upcycled Plastic and Recovered Ocean-Bound Plastic Cards Helps Support the Sustainability Goals of Financial Institutions and FinTechs

Avient Launches Long Fiber Composites Based on Nylon Reclaimed from End-of-Life Fishing Nets

PRESS RELEASE - Reclaimed end-of-life fishing nets avoid plastic ocean waste, and are the basis of Complēt R nylon 6 long fiber composites.

Rails and print catalogs are a perfectly sustainable fit

PRESS RELEASE - Rails, a Los Angeles-based lifestyle fashion brand, is Sustana’s latest Green Champion. Learn more about their sustainability efforts and partnership with Rolland Paper.

Food Tank Joins the Farm Powered Strategic Alliance

PRESS RELEASE - Food Tank Joins the Farm Powered Strategic Alliance

AT&T Expands Commitment to Sourcing Renewable Energy with New Solar Power Purchases from Vitol

PRESS RELEASE - AT&T has purchased 155 megawatts (MW) of solar power from Vitol, a leader in the energy sector.

Sustana Welcomes Jeffrey Crawford as Vice President of Sustainability

PRESS RELEASE - Sustana recently announced the hiring of Jeffrey Crawford as their new Vice President of Sustainability. Jeffrey’s experience in the areas of climate change, circularity, supply chain sustainability,

Breweries are Working to Make Super Bowl Sunday Greener in Massachusetts

PRESS RELEASE - Vanguard Renewables believes that Super Bowl Sunday beer waste is only waste if you waste it - and is working with breweries to recycle that waste and harness it to make renewable energy.

What Does It Take to Build a Circular Economy?

PRESS RELEASE - As the climate crisis continues to come to a head, creating a circular economy built on extending the lifecycle of materials and resources that have already served their original intended purpose is

DSD Partners with T-Mobile on 17 MWs of Community Solar Project

PRESS RELEASE - DSD Renewables (DSD) has partnered with T-Mobile to develop three community solar projects, further supporting the Un-carrier’s efforts to combat climate change and make its business even more sustainable.

David Darr Joins Vanguard Renewables as Chief Sustainability Officer

PRESS RELEASE - David Darr Joins Vanguard Renewables as Chief Sustainability Officer

Sorona® Introduces Global Preferred Mill Network

PRESS RELEASE - The Sorona® Preferred Mill Network is a global catalogue of mills offering sustainable Sorona® subbranded fabrics—Agile, Aura, Luxe, Profile, and Revive

Sorona® & LIVE! Launch Sustainable Activewear Capsule

PRESS RELEASE - Sorona® & LIVE! Launch Sustainable, Plant-based Activewear Capsule Collection as Leaders in the Industry's Quest Toward a Greener Future

The Fight Against Climate Change and the Role of Recycled Products

PRESS RELEASE - Every business emits CO2 to some extent, but carbon emissions are not exactly neutral. In addition to thinking about how to offset emissions, it’s important to focus on new and innovative ways to red

The Fur is Faux (and Bio-Based) on Bravo's Project Runway

PRESS RELEASE - Bio-based Sorona® faux fur adds a soft touch to this fiery competition on Bravo's Project Runway Episode 1907: "Are You Fur Real”

Periodic Audio selects Eastman Tritan™ copolyester for in-ear monitors

PRESS RELEASE - Periodic Audio selects Eastman Tritan™ copolyester for in-ear monitors. Co-founder praises Tritan’s acoustic performance, ease of use and durability.


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