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NRG's 'Power Behind the Plug' Campaign Challenges Americans to Think About Where Their Energy Comes From

NRG Energy has launched Power Behind the Plug, an evocative 90-second film and campaign that seeks to illustrate how people react when they actually take a moment to think about where their power comes from. The goal of the film and campaign is to encourage every American to actively and consciously think about energy, how electricity is generated and their energy choices. The film, created with partner Droga5, is one of several ways that NRG aims to help educate businesses and consumers in making smarter choices along the path to a clean energy future.

Filmed at one of the country’s busiest airports, Power Behind the Plug captures the footage from a unique charging station installation and an elaborate hidden camera network. The film crew set about capturing what happens when you give people a choice of where their power was coming from, just by putting a few words on the wall above the power supply: “Wind,” “Solar” and “Fossil Fuels.” Power Behind the Plug is intended as a thought starter to get people actively thinking about where their energy comes from.

The second-largest conventional power generation company in the U.S., NRG is continuing to create cleaner, renewable and more sustainable energy so that businesses and consumers have choices when it comes to their energy sources. While fossil fuels are still a large part of the energy mix in the U.S., NRG is pursuing long-term sustainability goals of its own, which include reducing carbon emissions by 50 percent by 2030 and by 90 percent by 2050.

Learn more about the energy options by following #SmartEnergyRevolution on social media channels and through the website, which has more on how NRG is making better use of renewable and sustainable energy.

Power Behind the Plug emerges the same week as intense business momentum continues to build behind the EPA’s Clean Power Plan — earlier today, 365 U.S. businesses and investor groups sent letters to 29 governors across the country expressing support for the plan, which aims to increase renewable energy use and reduce U.S. power plant carbon pollution by 30 percent by 2030, and is set to be finalized early next week.


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