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Press Release
Johnson's® Baby Unveils a Groundbreaking 100% Ingredient Transparency Disclosure For Its Products

Johnson's® has been known for its long-standing commitment to safely care for generations upon generations of little ones since 1894.

The iconic and beloved brand, trusted by pediatricians worldwide, just stepped up that commitment even more by disclosing 100% of the ingredients in its baby products—including those found in fragrances. Fragrance has long been considered a trade secret, but Johnson's recognizes that today’s parents will feel even more confident in a product if they know 100% of the ingredients.

It's such a noteworthy and industry-leading pledge that the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has taken note: “We applaud Johnson & Johnson’s move to greater transparency in the personal care product market,” said EWG President Ken Cook.

Indeed, Johnson's has always gone the extra mile to ensure that all of the fragrances and ingredients used in its products have gone through rigorous testing to ensure the highest level of safety—fragrance ingredients follow International Fragrance Association global standards, as well as the company's own five-step safety assurance process.

Curious to learn more about the brand's recently relaunched and new products? Read on for five reasons parents can feel good about reaching for the brand's iconic baby shampoos, washes and more.

1. They Contain More Naturally Derived Ingredients

Now 96% of the ingredients used in Johnson's leading baby products are naturally derived.

Putting parents and their little ones first comes naturally to Johnson's. That's why the brand listened when moms and dads asked for shampoos, lotions and other baby products containing more naturally derived ingredients.

In response to those moms and dads, Johnson's has added ingredients like soybean and coconut oil to both its relaunched line of baby products.

As a result, 96% of the ingredients used in the brand's leading baby products are naturally derived.

2. They Also Contain Fewer Ingredients

Another request from parents that Johnson's honored: fewer ingredients overall in the brand's baby products.

Now all products—from the classic Bedtime® Baby Lotion to the new CottonTouch™ Newborn Wash & Shampoo—are free of sulfates and dyes.

Fun fact: While the classic baby shampoo will look as recognizable as ever, the formula is actually now clear and packaged in a translucent yellow bottle because it contains zero dyes.

Overall, the roster of ingredients used in the brand's baby products was reduced by more than 50%.

3. Parents Will Know Exactly What's In Each Product

Not only are all fragrance ingredients disclosed, but company scientists have purposefully steered away from including known and even potential fragrance allergens.

“Johnson’s fragrances are designed specifically for delicate and sensitive skin, so we avoid harsh ingredients and fragrance allergens," says Homer Swei, Director of Product Stewardship, Johnson & Johnson. "Our baby fragrances have been reviewed by both independent groups and safety experts—and for the first time are all listed on the Johnson’s website.”

4.Packaging Is More Parent-Friendly

Spending special one-on-one time with your little one as part of your nightly bath routine just got better, thanks to some key design tweaks that the brand has made to its baby product packaging.

Bottles now have pumps, and a more ergonomic design—so you'll spend less time fumbling with bottles and more time interacting with your baby.

Plus, the new CottonTouch™ line of products, including a baby wash, are blended with real cotton, which helps enhance and encourage the touching and bonding experience.

5. Products Are Gentle for Babies—and the Environment

This is a priority for Johnson's, which used a patented system to create products that are biodegradable, nontoxic and don’t bioaccumulate in the environment.

All of this product evolution helps make one thing transparently clear: Johnson's commitment to babies around the world is stronger than ever.