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12 Projects That Could Save The World:
‘Innovation Camp’ Takes COP21 from Vision to Action

Ahead of the COP21 meeting in December, diverse groups are taking action in support of action on global climate change. From business coalitions and CEO pledges to ambitious city-wide emissions reduction goals, pressure is mounting on national governments to deliver a substantive agreement.

The latest effort comes from a group lamenting the history of inaction and impractical solutions offered by previous climate summits.

“20 years of UN climate summits and talking hasn’t stopped CO2 levels from rising,” the video continues. “Instead, global emissions have doubled since the first UN climate meeting in 1995.”

POC21, powered by the French group OuiShare and the German group OpenState, is a five-week immersive camp gathering over 100 designers, engineers scientists and “geeks” with the goal of advancing practical solutions to climate change.

The Evolution of Nature-Based Carbon Offsets

Learn more from South Pole, the Arbor Day Foundation, Justdiggit and Sustainable Surf about the exploding voluntary carbon market and the wide variety of nature-based carbon-offset schemes available — at SB'21 San Diego, October 18-21.

“The future we need can be built with our own hands,” the video asserts. From printable urban farm tools to low-cost renewable energy systems, POC21 will focus on developing the fossil-free and resource-efficient solutions that are likely required to implement the vision developed at COP21.

POC21 identified the 12 most promising projects to ‘co-live’ and ‘co-make’ in the Chateau de Millemont castles from April 15th through September 20th:

1. The Aker Project, a US group aiming to “re-localize” food production in cities with downloadable design tools

2. French solar company Solar Rose, which uses small-scale solar concentrators to harvest thermal energy

3. Nautile from Belgium, a manufacturer of a kettle that heats water with less energy

4. $30 Wind Turbine, a UK group producing low-cost DIY wind turbines made from recycled materials

5. Own Food, a French group creating an open-source automated greenhouse combining aquaponics, permaculture and open-source solutions for efficiency

6. ShowerLoop, a Finland-based group that developed “the most efficient shower in the world” with a real-time filtration system

7. BICEPS Cultivatus, a French group designing a household system to preserve food while saving energy

8. Spanish group Bicitrator, maker of a small pedal-powered tractor for small and midsized farmers to eliminate pollution

9. Faircap, a Spanish group manufacturing a portable, 3D-printed antibacterial water filter

10. Open Energy Monitor, a UK group developing an open-source monitoring system to measure and visualize electricity consumption and generation

11. Sunzilla, a German group making easily installable, solar-powered generators

12. Velo M2, a Belgian group making exchangeable plug-and-play modules for an open-source bike that enables people to power any appliance from outdoors.

During the five weeks of camp, a working prototype for each project will be made. POC21 will then produce a blueprint for each prototype to distribute among the general public. The aim is to encourage collaborative revision and innovation.

“We want to make our experiences and working solutions available for anyone to copy and reproduce so as to spread our Proof of Concept throughout the world,” says the group’s website.


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