CSRware®, a cloud-based software solution, delivers a holistic approach to Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG), Sustainability Management and Ethical Sourcing. We solve the problem of pulling non-financial data together on one easy-to-use platform. CSRware takes the mystery out of ESG ratings and provides powerful analytics to meet sustainability goals.


CSRware is a certified: Women Business Enterprise (WBE) and B Corporation. Our core competencies include - Sustainability Reporting (SDGs, GRI, CDP, SASB), Ethical Sourcing (supplier ESG), Data Analytics (dashboards) and ESG Data Management and Insights (improve ratings).

CSRware offers three modules:

Module 1: Environmental Sustainability Management (ESM) - ESM combines data required for managing ESG and sustainability reporting. Easily track, measure and drive insights into: Environmental (energy, water, waste, transportation, freight, GHG emissions), Social (diversity, donations) and other key factors.

Module 2: Responsible Supply Chain (RSC) – RSC is an enterprise solution that integrates your own or CSRware defined assessments with custom scoring models (no mystery scores, we collaborate with you) within a secure ecosystem. Plus, benchmark, generate scorecards and implement corrective actions.

Module 3: Conflict Minerals Management (CMM) - CMM uses a standardized approach for collecting 3TG (& other metals) data and analyzing results. Upload CMRT Excel files, increase vendor responses, identify non-compliant smelters, prepare for audits and generate reports.

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