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Brands Speak Out to Support Black Lives Matter, But Actions Speak Louder

Brands Speak Out to Support Black Lives Matter, But Actions Speak Louder

Brands are more willing than ever to take public stands in support of important issues. But while many aren’t much more than social media sound bytes, others go beyond lip service to action.

Financial Future for Factory Farms Looks Grim, Post-COVID

SUPPLY CHAIN - New ‘Pandemic Ranking’ from $20T investor network warns that, with over 70% of animal agriculture firms at ‘high risk’ of creating future pandemics, COVID-19 could be the “straw that breaks the meat industry’s back.”

Pandora Commits to 100% Circular Silver, Gold by 2025

WASTE NOT - The company says it will also work with suppliers to increase the availability of recycled silver — its most used material — and improve production standards.

‘Quality of Life’ Economists Reveal Planning Tool for Values-Driven Entrepreneurs

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Happonomy’s Leap Model is a step-by-step plan that helps startups, businesses and organizations strengthen their foundations, evaluate resources and move ideas forward while staying true to their sustainability principles.

Learning from Leadership: How to Create a Climate-Positive, Post-Pandemic Future

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Embracing serendipity, climate positivity and wisdom from the natural world are just a few pertinent principles from the host of inspiring discussions on day 1 of the SB Leadership Summit — along with a shift in focus to being “known for what we allocate, not what we accumulate.”

What Role Will Shaming Play in a Post-Pandemic World?

MARKETING AND COMMS - Myriad opportunities exist to create a new “business as usual,” post-pandemic: People won’t need to be shamed into being more thoughtful or responsible if sustainable practices become the default in society and in business.

Carbon-Negative Avocado Green Mattress Supports Dreams of Regeneration

SUPPLY CHAIN - As co-founder Mark Abrials explains, the company went from idealistic startup to carbon-negativity thanks to strategic partnerships, supplier co-ownership, and setting small but ambitious goals.

UPS To Mark World Environment Day By Matching Offsets Of Carbon Neutral Shipments In June

PRESS RELEASE - UPS today announced the company will commemorate World Environment Day on June 5 by matching the carbon offsets of all packages shipped via its carbon neutral program during the month of June.

Indigo Ag, Anheuser-Busch Rice-Growing Partnership a Major Win for Growers, Environment

SUPPLY CHAIN - After a successful pilot year, the two companies report GHG emissions and water savings well beyond their original targets — growers saved over 2 billion gallons of water and reduced emissions over 26%.

Lest We Forget: We Already Have a Blueprint for Safe, Healthy, Post-COVID Future

BUSINESS CASE - This pandemic throws a spotlight on the interdependences between business, nature and society. It may be tempting right now, when it is hard to see beyond the next few weeks, to dismiss the SDGs as a distraction. But they have been described as a “crowd-sourced purchase order from the future” *precisely because* they offer a tremendous business opportunity.

Trending: Brands Continue Work to Build Traceable, Regenerative Ag Supply Chains

SUPPLY CHAIN - In the name of continued improvement for the benefit and sustainability of their respective industries and the agricultural communities that supply them, Timberland and Hershey unveil new measures to ensure ethical supply chains for leather and cocoa, respectively.

Biomimetic Cooling, Housing Solutions Take Top Honors in Youth Design Challenge

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - The Biomimicry Institute’s third annual Youth Design Challenge engaged 6,000 students across the US; and yielded ingenious designs for solutions to problems in cities and nature alike.

BASF highlights simplified and personalized beauty with its North American spring 2020 launches

PRESS RELEASE - BASF has launched new personal care ingredients and concepts under the theme “YOUR BEAUTY: Simplified, Inclusive, Personalized.”

Canada, EU Attach Sustainable Strings to Their COVID-Recovery Plans

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Both Canada and the European Union have unveiled plans to rebuild their post-pandemic recovery plans that put sustainability front and center. Will other governments follow suit?

New Report Reveals Roadmap to Transform US Ag System from Extractive to Regenerative

SUPPLY CHAIN - Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 crisis, a new report from Forum for the Future highlights the critical role of regenerative agricultural practices in delivering future food system resilience.

$50M Venture Fund Aims to Bolster Sustainability Innovations by Women, Minorities

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - US-based CapStone Holdings has launched GameAbove Capital — a $50 million private venture fund focused on minority- and women-operated businesses offering sustainability-related products and services.

Benyus: COVID-19 Offers ‘Utopian Glimmer’ of New World, But We Must Give Back to Nature

THE NEXT ECONOMY - “We’re seeing a bit of utopian glimmer coming through, and natural selection chooses what works over and over. So, when we get back to normal, we get this glorious choice to put back in our lives only what is best, only what we found made life worth living.”

What Would Carbon Neutrality Mean for Small Businesses?

BUSINESS CASE - No matter the size of your company, there are certainly steps you could be taking to move closer to the elusive dream of net zero. In no way is the path to carbon neutrality easy, but bearing any costs and challenges now could secure the future success of your business.

The World Has Changed, But Investor Interest in ESG Remains. What’s Expected of Your Company?

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - As the crisis continues to unfold, ESG topics will continue to grow in importance. Companies will be judged by their ability to withstand financial shocks, but also by how they’ve treated their employees, clients and communities.

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