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6 Principles Driving Circular Innovation at Eastman

6 Principles Driving Circular Innovation at Eastman

Learn about how we're transforming recycling to create a circular economy in this six-part series.

FMCG Giants, Farmer Co-ops Commit to New Global Definition of 'Regenerative Agriculture'

SUPPLY CHAIN - In an industry first, SAI Platform’s framework offers a globally aligned definition of regenerative agriculture — to which 30 agriculture co-ops and the 170-strong SAI Platform member group have already committed.

Starbucks Developing Climate-Resistant Coffee Tree Varietals

SUPPLY CHAIN - The coffee giant has developed six new varieties of Arabica beans that can better withstand some of the worsening effects of climate change – particularly, diseases such as coffee rust.

New Report Urges Insurance Companies to Stop Underwriting Climate Change

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - ‘Underwriting Our Planet’ finds that rather than addressing climate change and biodiversity loss, many economic activities underwritten by insurance companies actually fuel the twin crises.

Tom's of Maine Begins 2nd Annual Search for Next Generation of Climate-Justice Changemakers

LEADERSHIP - The Tom's of Maine Incubator program was created to resource the next generation of leaders from underrepresented communities who are driving environmental solutions.

US Government Launches Climate Corps to Train Youth with Skills Needed to Tackle the Climate Crisis

THE NEXT ECONOMY - In its first year, the American Climate Corps aims to put more than 20,000 young people on career pathways in the growing fields of clean energy, conservation and climate resilience.

These 3 Plant-Based Serviceware Brands Are Deliciously Diverting Plastic Waste

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Loliware, Uuvipak and Twiice have created rapidly biodegradable (and even edible) bio-based products that completely upstage their petroleum-based, single-use plastic-polluting counterparts.

Teeing Up a Transformation: How Golf Is Driving Inclusivity, Sustainability

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - Dow is partnering to elevate both gender and sustainability in golf to show how the sport can be an inspiring source of progress for people and planet alike.

Intrepid Travelers Can Now Understand Their Adventures’ Carbon Impacts

MARKETING AND COMMS - Intrepid has launched one of tourism’s most comprehensive carbon-labeling initiatives, alongside new research that shows consumer demand for better transparency and understanding their personal impacts.

‘We Are All Wearing Oil:’ Campaign Calls for Fair Phase-Out of Fossil Fuels from Fashion

SUPPLY CHAIN - An impressive panel of activists, climate and human rights leaders launched a campaign at Climate Week NYC calling for prompt, radical, legislative action to break the fashion industry’s intrinsic links to fossil fuels.

WEF’s New Immersive Technology Hub to Address Climate Tipping Points

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Part of the Global Collaboration Village, leaders can now come together in the metaverse to experience and solve the deepening effects of the climate crisis.

IRA Will Get US Halfway to Paris Goals; But We Need Mandates to Reach the Finish Line

CLEANTECH - Keeping the planet below 1.5ºC will require rapid scaling of current technologies and deployment of emergent climate solutions — as well as innovative, binding policy interventions.

Discovery Education and Leading Corporate and Nonprofit Partners Launch First-of-Its-Kind Initiative Championing Sustainability

PRESS RELEASE - Discovery Education has partnered with Subaru of America, Inc., LyondellBasell, Nucor, Honeywell, and NEEF to launch the Sustainability Education Coalition.

Best Paw Forward: Turning Companywide Commitment into Purpose-Driven Performance

LEADERSHIP - While many companies now understand the value of dedicated ESG leadership, there remains no real playbook for how to get started. Here’s how ESG practitioners can standardize sustainability-forward operations and innovation across workstreams.

Beyond ‘Carbon Neutral:’ Refining Corporate Carbon-Credit Claims

THE NEXT ECONOMY - With the explosive growth of the voluntary carbon market came concerns around carbon-reduction claims lacking clarity or being misleading. Several refined claims frameworks have emerged to bridge these gaps.

L’Oréal Launches €15M Climate Emergency Fund

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - The new endowment fund will reach vulnerable communities facing greatest disaster risk through partnerships with both local disaster-relief organizations and international NGOs.

Content Creators Hold Back on Promoting Sustainability Amid Greenwashing Fears

MARKETING AND COMMS - Unilever study uncovers barriers influencers face around creating sustainability content. The company is partnering with climate-focused nonprofits and launching a Creator Council to help address these barriers.

AI Is Helping Brands Address Forced Labor in Supply Chains

SUPPLY CHAIN - As companies have faced reputational risk due to the uncovering of labor abuses from suppliers that many did not even realize were supplying them, there’s been a push to better manage and ensure supply-chain transparency — with technology playing a key role.

Study Shows Stronger ROI for Companies with High ESG Ratings

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Kroll analyzed data on over 13K companies across industries and found that those with better ESG ratings outperformed their peers with lower ratings; globally, ESG leaders had annual returns of 12.9% vs 8.6% for laggards.

Nestlé, Cargill, CCm Upcycling Cocoa Shells into Low-Carbon Fertilizer

WASTE NOT - As part of Nestlé’s bid to source 50% of its key ingredients from regenerative-ag methods by 2030, the three are turning the waste steam into a win-win, circular solution for food companies and farmers alike.


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