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Champions 12.3: Restaurants Realize 7:1 ROI by Reducing Food Waste

Champions 12.3: Restaurants Realize 7:1 ROI by Reducing Food Waste

(2 days ago) - New research finds rather compelling business case for restaurants to reduce the amount of food they throw away.
Conscious Consumers Flocking to Pinterest for Sustainable Lifestyle Ideas

(2 days ago) - Sustainable living is the most searched term around sustainability (+69% since last year), while searches for “sustainable living for beginners” are up 265%.

Trending: IBM, Subaru Announce Recycling Milestones

(3 days ago) - The tech giant and the automaker both announced progress in their respective attacks on plastic waste.

The World’s First Data Visualization of Product Carbon Footprints

(3 days ago) - By generating carbon-intensity data for each product, CoClear was able to identify industry trends, as well as track product performance improvements along value chains.

Trending: Better Furniture Options Enable a ‘Sustainable Life at Home’

(4 days ago) - New offerings by IKEA, Loll Designs add more options for consumers invested in living more sustainably.

Sustana Group’s New Sustainability Strategy Highlights Environmental Stewardship, Sets Measurable Goals

(4 days ago) - Company Makes New Commitments to Create a Sustainable, Closed-Loop Fiber Future

Clif Bar Ag Fund to Help Organic Farmers Weather Economic Challenges

(4 days ago) - The Clif Ag Fund will help increase the economic resilience of organic farmers in Clif’s supply chain — including lower energy costs from day one.

A Four-Step Cycle for Strengthening Your Company Culture

(5 days ago) - Strengthening a culture is not a one-off project; it is truly never-ending.

Grounded Summit: A Platform for Climate Solutions in California’s Wine Country

(5 days ago) - "Conversations around climate change are constantly looking at how we’re impacting the future, but there’s more we need to be doing now to preserve today for this generation.” — Julia Jackson, Grounded Foundation

Barron’s Names Best Buy Most Sustainable Company In U.S.

(6 days ago) - Barron’s has named Best Buy No. 1 on its list of the 100 Most Sustainable Companies for 2019.

BASF pioneers fashion revolution with Seven Crash and San Fang at New York Fashion Week

(6 days ago) - Fashion label Seven Crash unveiled its innovative ‘Quantus’ collection of unlimited possibilities with its futuristic urban streetwear outfits at the Autumn/Winter New York Fashion Week 2019.

New Nat Geo, P&G Media Platform to ‘ACTIVATE’ Solutions to Global Issues

(6 days ago) - Nat Geo, P&G, Global Citizen launch storytelling partnership, documentary series to drive action around global challenges connected to extreme poverty

Q&A: How to Know When Products Are Truly MADE SAFE®

(6 days ago) - The MADE SAFE® certification is on the verge of certifying its 1,000th product. Three years ago, this program didn’t even exist.

Cisco Announces New Goal to Reduce its Use of Virgin Plastic by 20%

(1 week ago) - At Cisco, we are focused on making sustainable thinking a business imperative. Using the lens of the circular economy, we are changing the way we do business, including being more deliberate about how and when to use plastic.

Novozymes, VTT Crafting Next-Gen Solutions to Plastic Waste (and More)

(1 week ago) - Promising technologies from Finland, France could bring waste-free future closer to reality.

Q&A: How Annie’s Is Working to Cultivate ‘Organic for Everybunny’

(1 week ago) - “I don’t see roadblocks … just lots of untapped opportunity!” — Shauna Sadowski, Annie’s Homegrown

Financial Services Lead Charge in Linking Financial Performance, Sustainability

(1 week ago) - Companies increasingly recognize the importance to their bottom line of a comprehensive sustainability strategy, which includes reporting.

11 Criteria for Defining, Refining Your Company’s Social Purpose Statement

(1 week ago) - When a statement is too generic, it can be challenging for employees to connect to it and for the entire organization to be galvanized by that social purpose.

Member Spotlight: Virginie Helias from Procter & Gamble on the power of brands as change agents and making sustainability irresistible

(1 week ago) - We recently spoke with Virginie Helias, Chief Sustainability Officer at Procter & Gamble (P&G), about why she’s optimistic about the future of sustainability and what drives her passion for her work.

Report: 66% of Consumers Want Influence in Product Creation Process

(1 week ago) - Findings underscore growing importance of technology and consumer feedback in product development process.

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