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Regenerative Business, Part 5: The Nestedness of Living Systems

Regenerative Business, Part 5: The Nestedness of Living Systems

This is the fifth blog in a series on the seven First Principles of regeneration, drawing from living systems sciences. Read parts one, two, three and four.

Opening Up Thousands of New Forest Acres to Meet the Demands of Carbon Markets

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - The Family Forest Carbon Program is a path to reducing your carbon footprint, enhancing forest benefits and supporting rural livelihoods — all while meeting stakeholder expectations for corporate sustainability.

New Blockchain-Based System Aims to Supercharge $200B+ Climate Finance Markets

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Climate Futures’ 1PLANET Marketplace will launch during Earth Month as a blockchain-enabled, decentralized app (dapp) designed to help users do their part to mitigate the climate crisis — and keep it top of mind during COVID-19 hysteria.

Pandemic Sees Brand Leaders Putting Purpose Before Profit

WALKING THE TALK - While the government stalls under pressure to provide necessary aid to the millions affected by COVID-19, a silver lining to this pandemic is being revealed as more and more businesses exemplify efforts to put people before profit.

The Lizard, the Lion and the Lamb: The Tension Between Fear, Action and Just Being Present

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - As individuals, we’re experiencing multiple concurrent responses to the crisis, which confuse and further un-nerve us. We are oscillating between fear and uncertainty, the urgent prompt to act; the rise of compassion and love, and also a need to cocoon and wait it out. These responses are reflections of how we function as human beings.

Forestry Day and Every Day: Don’t Overlook the ‘Urban Forest’

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - While it is crucial to maintain sustainability managed forests, sourcing paper fiber from them is not the only option to consider. As we all move toward creating a more circular economy, it’s important to also consider sourcing materials from the “urban forest.”

With More CEOs at Home with Their Children, Could This Pandemic Be the Catalyst Sustainability Needs?

WALKING THE TALK - As CEOs spend time reconnecting with their children at home, investors open laptops at kitchen tables and policymakers have more time than ever to consider our future; is now the time when long-term, sustainable decision-making will finally trump all else?

Regenerative Business, Part 4: Singularity and Why It Matters

LEADERSHIP - This is the fourth blog in a series on the seven First Principles of regeneration, drawing from living systems sciences.

IBM’s 2020 Call for Code Challenge Takes on Both Climate Change and COVID-19

THE NEXT ECONOMY - The annual challenge aims to address society’s most pressing issues; which is why this year, IBM is asking developers, data scientists and problem solvers to address two urgent crises that have the power to compromise our health, our planet and our survival.

Forest for the Trees: Is the New Normal a Great Mistake?

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - I suggest we take a deep breath, pause and assess what our reactions to the Coronavirus will do for the climate crisis and sustainability movement. We may be doing more harm than good in taking these drastic actions to cancel events and meetings aimed to solve much bigger, long-term issues. 

Lenzing Group’s Sustainability Report for 2019 published

PRESS RELEASE - Just ahead of the “Day of Forests” on March 21, the Lenzing Group presents its Sustainability Report 2019.

Trending: Food Startups Find Creative Ways to Release Products Without Expo West

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Necessity is the mother of invention. That’s what led many entrepreneurs to create their product or service innovations in the first place — and that adage is definitely in play as businesses large and small are forced to pivot, almost daily, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold.

Convoy to Work With Feeding America to Give America's Food and Beverage Shippers a Food Donation Solution Nationwide

PRESS RELEASE - Rescuing food supports circular supply chain for America’s food and beverage shippers.

World Water Day: Three Things to Remember Regarding Your Supply Chain

SUPPLY CHAIN - This World Water Day, businesses worldwide are challenged with making a change — to not only monitor and aim to reduce water use; but on a greater scale, to impact their overall environmental footprint and reach larger goals toward sustainability and a circular economy.

Sustana - Rethinking Packaging: Three Steps to Shift to Paper and a Circular Economy

PRESS RELEASE - The circular economy is built on the principle that the life cycles of materials and resources can be preserved, extended and ultimately given back to the supply chain once their original intended purpose has ended.

WRAP’s New ‘Grower Guidance’ Helps Farms Fight Food Waste

WASTE NOT - WRAP has published new guidance expanding the reach of the UK’s Food Waste Reduction Roadmap, providing growers with advice on how best to identify the causes of food surplus and waste, and help inform where action is needed.

Win Inside to Win Outside: Why Company Culture Is Key to Accelerating Your Sustainability Goals

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - Only 35% of consumers say that working for a purpose-led company is one of the ways that they engage in behaviors to improve their impact on the world. But 81% believe it’s important for their organization’s values to align to their own. We call this gap between values and action the Brand Culture Action Gap™.

The Continued Evolution of Plant-Based Products — and the Ones We’re Not Hearing About

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - We must look at all categories where we can offer plant-based and sustainably sourced choices for intentional consumers. There has never been a time where we need to be more collectively conscious of the products we consume, and acknowledge their impacts on our long-term health.

New App Aims to Reconnect Youth with Wonders of the Natural World

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Mammalz is a mobile- and web-based, community-driven content platform giving youth around the globe a highly engaging and interactive way to connect with nature.

Regenerative Business, Part 3: Addressing Potential, Rather Than Existing, Problems

LEADERSHIP - This is the third blog in a series on the seven First Principles of regeneration by renowned author and regenerative business expert, Carol Sanford, drawing from living systems sciences.

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