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The Zero-Waste Movement Is Taking Hold in the Restaurant Sector

The Zero-Waste Movement Is Taking Hold in the Restaurant Sector

For a growing number of restaurant operators and diners, our throwaway culture is no longer acceptable. The growing landscape of zero-waste dining and zero-waste restaurant logistics is cause for optimism that a low-waste restaurant industry is achievable. 

Coalition Aims to Get US Back on Track with Paris Goals, Prove That ‘America Is All In’

COLLABORATION - As the US formally rejoins the Paris Agreement, a coalition of communities, businesses and institutions will play critical role in supporting an ambitious new US climate target and mobilizing whole-of-society climate action.

Dentsu International partners with Malaria No More UK to ‘Draw the Line Against Malaria’

PRESS RELEASE - Dentsu International partners with Malaria No More UK to ‘Draw the Line Against Malaria’ with star-studded campaign inviting Africa's youth to help end malaria.

Sorona® Unveils New Brand Website and Customer Portal

PRESS RELEASE - The new website also includes a dedicated Customer Portal where partners can access brand assets showcasing their commitment to using the sustainably-made fiber.

Bad Sustainability Writing Is Everywhere, and It’s a Problem

MARKETING AND COMMS - The proliferation of ineffective communications is holding sustainability back in its most critical decade. There is no more time for boring, beige writing. We need language that teaches, convinces and inspires — before it’s too late.

What Will Be Your Organization’s Authentic Purpose in 2021?

WALKING THE TALK - The power of authentic purpose comes from integrating it into an organization such that it generates shared value for all stakeholders. Here are my suggestions for organizations to define and integrate a truly authentic, activated purpose.

Trending: Major Brands Partner to Cultivate Regenerative Ag Supply Chains

SUPPLY CHAIN - Allbirds, icebreaker and Smartwool throw their weight behind the industry’s first regenerative wool platform; and The North Face and three other companies join Indigo Ag’s program to incentivize farmers to shift to regenerative practices.

To Be an Anti-Racist Brand: Start by Being Aware, Additive and Alive

WALKING THE TALK - The next frontier of sustainability is regeneration — building brands that actively restore and renew a system. And that’s as true for our systems that continue to allow racial injustice as for our environmental ecosystems.

Dole’s ‘Sunshine for All’ Fund Strives to Close Gaps on Good Nutrition

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - The $2M annual fund will aim to address gaps of food affordability and waste, as well as accessibility and acceptability, around the world. Dole is seeking strategic partners to help develop solutions.

Where Dow and the Packaging Industry Are Headed in 2021 and Beyond

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - At Dow, our goal is to be a sustainability leader by providing products that support people and our planet’s wellbeing — whether by combatting climate change or working to eliminate waste. But we can’t do this alone.

Corporations Can Support BIPOC Communities by Putting Their Money to Work

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - It is critical to understand and address the intersectional links between access to affordable housing, education, job creation and improved public health; and we look forward to continuing our work with organizations that target their dollars towards these needs within the communities they seek to serve.

How Amazon Is Scaling Conscious Consumerism by Partnering with Brands, Certifications

MARKETING AND COMMS - The e-commerce giant is working with over 20 product-certification partners to deliver product-specific sustainability information to shoppers through its Climate Pledge Friendly program.

TAZO, SZA Partner to Bring Climate Justice to Most Impacted US Communities

COLLABORATION - The TAZO Tree Corps will work with American Forests to help bring cleaner air and combat climate change in communities of color across the US, by increasing ‘tree equity.’

Trending: Scalable, Circular Solutions Promise to Revolutionize Plastic Packaging

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - New innovations from Nature Valley and the winners of Closed Loop Partners’ Beyond the Bag challenge continue to chip away at consumer packaging waste.

Corporate Political Responsibility: The Missing Link in Companies’ ESG Strategies

WALKING THE TALK - The disconnect between many companies’ public sustainability ambitions and their non-public lobbying efforts can no longer be excused. The Erb Institute’s Corporate Political Responsibility Taskforce is helping companies connect the dots.

3M to Invest $1 Billion to Achieve Carbon Neutrality, Reduce Water Use, and Improve Water Quality

PRESS RELEASE - 3M today announced it expects to invest approximately $1 billion over the next 20 years to accelerate new environmental goals: achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, reduce water use by 25% at its facilities, and return higher quality water to the environment after use in manufacturing operations.

Target Announces Updates to Executive Leadership Team

PRESS RELEASE - Target Corporation today announced a number of changes across its executive leadership team, further positioning the company for growth.

Destinations Limit Visitors, Define Ideal Travelers to Mitigate Overtourism

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Popular destinations are increasingly prioritizing quality over quantity, dispersing travelers across larger geographic areas, and clearly defining the kind of travelers they want to attract. By addressing overtourism in this way, they also place locals’ wellbeing at the forefront.

30+ Fashion Brands, Manufacturers Collaborating to Recycle Textile Waste in Bangladesh

WASTE NOT - The Global Fashion Agenda's Circular Fashion Partnership (CFP) aims to achieve a long-term, scalable transition to a circular fashion system; beginning in the heart of fast-fashion production, Bangladesh.

Grab a Beer, Recycle Your Mask: Brewers Collective, TerraCycle Partner on PPE Recycling

WASTE NOT - Anheuser-Busch is equipping its craft facilities across the US with Zero Waste Boxes and promoting safe recycling through local ‘Pints for PPE’ efforts.


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