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EcoSet: Redirecting Film-Industry Waste for Creative Reuse

EcoSet: Redirecting Film-Industry Waste for Creative Reuse

The film industry is one of the largest producers of unnecessary waste in the world. Avoiding or repurposing that waste has become its own industry within entertainment, and circular service providers such as EcoSet are leading the charge.

Engineering the Future of Circular Packaging in the US Heartland

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - A collaboration between Dow and New Energy Blue aims to make a new biomass refinery in Mason City, Iowa a linchpin in a massive, circular shift for the plastics industry.

This DTC Marketplace Fosters Fairer Trade for Smallholder Food Producers

SUPPLY CHAIN - R-ainbow connects small food producers around the world with nearby buyers in real time — reducing logistical expenses and emissions, and boosting prices for farmers and transparency and trust within the food supply chain.

US’ Outdated Composting Infrastructure Offers Golden Investment Opportunity

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - New report from the Composting Consortium provides landscape analysis of existing compost infrastructure, markets and business models; and blended-finance opportunities to scale organics circularity.

Study Explores Marketing Tactics for Lower-Impact Menstrual Products

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Disposable menstrual products are a less-talked-about but major contributor to global plastic pollution. A recent study investigated consumer preferences and devised guidelines to bolster adoption of more sustainable options in different markets.

Report: 6 Strategies for Building Nature-Positive, Circular Economy for Europe

THE NEXT ECONOMY - The Ellen MacArthur Foundation outlines six circular strategies to transform Europe’s built environment that will boost economic activity, increase climate resilience, and make cities more vibrant places to live and work.

What Consumer Data Can Tell Us About the Future of Sustainability

MARKETING AND COMMS - While the values-action gap still exists, consumer research helps organizations understand their audience motivations and who is buying their product, or expand their audiences to growing numbers of sustainability-conscious shoppers.

Foodtech Innovators Spill the Beans on Climate-Proofing Coffee

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - These two startups are fundamentally changing how coffee is produced — by eliminating the need for beans altogether, and repurposing food waste along the way.

Ironic, Understated Campaign Attracts Viral Interest in Visiting Oslo

MARKETING AND COMMS - VisitOSLO’s new, viral campaign downplays its city’s appeal with dry humor and an understated production style — and highlights a growing trend in values-driven tourism marketing.

This Nepalese B Corp Illustrates a Holistic Model for Sustainable Development

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Shah Hemp Innoventures turns typically wasted ‘weeds’ into a resource for literally building a more sustainable, equitable economy.

‘Greenhushing’ Diminishing Returns for 58% of US’s 100 Biggest Companies

MARKETING AND COMMS - New report asserts that businesses that aren't transparent on their ESG progress, for fear of greenwashing, are missing opportunities for investment and gaining credibility with consumers.

Purdue Researchers Aim to Prevent Wildfires by ‘Studying Every Tree’

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Purdue University’s Institute for Digital Forestry is developing a variety of remote-sensing solutions that can enhance the ability to determine the probability and magnitude of wildfires at a given location.

Companies Mitigating Climate Change Reduce Their Cost of Capital

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - New research shows that when companies disclose their environmental impact — and take meaningful action to mitigate it — they earn investor trust.

Starbucks, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo Lead Brands Launching First City-Wide Reuse System

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - The collaboration, led by the NextGen Consortium, makes reusable cups the default option in over 30 national and local restaurants across the City of Petaluma, California.

When We Look at the Future of Our Industry, We All Lost in Cannes

MARKETING AND COMMS - If we are to safeguard advertising’s legitimacy, we must address our image problem. It’s time we apply our collective creativity to solve our (industry’s) biggest challenges.

Is the US Energy Sector Prepared for Increasingly Powerful Tropical Storms?

CLEANTECH - Not only do renewable-energy systems reduce air pollution and carbon emissions — their decentralized nature offers an additional, fail-safe advantage over our conventional power systems.

Indian Tourism Initiatives Removing Social Barriers to Women’s Employment

THE NEXT ECONOMY - India ranks among the lowest countries for even access to economic participation and opportunities for women. But a growing number of tourism-based initiatives are working to help leveling the playing field.

90% of World’s 2K Most Influential Companies Falling Short on Human Rights

SUPPLY CHAIN - The World Benchmarking Alliance calls on leaders — including policymakers and investors — to ensure companies are held accountable for meeting fundamental societal expectations through four priority areas, and outlines ways to help.

Olive Oil’s Packaging Puzzle: Glass or Plastic?

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Long shipping routes, rising fuel and transportation costs, and concerns about the carbon footprint of food supply chains have driven many companies to reconsider their packaging options for greater efficiency.

How Innovations in Materials Science Are Improving Office Spaces

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - Although some return-to-office policies might still be met with resistance, employees and employers can feel better about returning when buildings are safer and more sustainable — thanks to advancements in materials science.