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EcoVadis Helping Pharma Giants to Improve Global Health Supply Chain

(1 month ago) - The Responsible Health Initiative aims to fortify responsible business practices throughout healthcare value chain

Trending: More Big Brands Get Behind Plant-Based Burger Bonanza

(1 month ago) - Two recent, industry-changing announcements from food giants Carl’s Jr. and Nestlé mean more dining options for health- and environment-conscious consumers that might not violate their New Year’s resolutions.

UK to Hold Companies Responsible for Packaging Recycling, Disposal

(1 month ago) - Businesses and manufacturers will pay the full cost of recycling or disposing of their packaging waste, under a major new government strategy unveiled late last month by the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). The move will overhaul the nation’s waste system and establish extended producer responsibility (EPR), putting a legal onus on those that continue to produce waste to take greater responsibility and foot the bill.

Top 5 Companies That Effectively Amplified Their Impact in 2018

(1 month ago) - As we wrap up work for the year and prepare for 2019, we reflected back on all that occurred this year within our niche realm of sustainability communications — and when looking back, it was apparent that 2018 was the year of brands taking stands.

Spreading a Message of Moderation for the Holidays

(1 month ago) - The overall number of drunk driving deaths has decreased by about 50 percent since 1980, according to Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. But while the number of drunk driving accidents has been cut in half, over 10,000 people still die every year from drunk driving–related accidents. We’re approaching one of the most dangerous times in the year: January 1st is the worst time for drunk driving and accidents caused by drunk drivers.

How WWF, Hilton Are Beating Hospitality Food Waste

(1 month ago) - If you’re visiting a hotel this holiday season for either work or pleasure, take a moment to observe the way food is prepared and served at the buffet or your holiday party dinner. Is it presented in abundance? Are people taking more than they can eat? Is the hotel staff replenishing the buffet even as the party is winding down? How much food is going back to the kitchen? Can you tell if the hotel is donating edible food or composting its scraps?

Trending: BASF, Coca-Cola, EC Break New Ground on Plastics Recycling

(1 month ago) - Continuing this year’s wave of near-constant innovations aimed at responsible management of post-consumer plastics are new advancements from both the private and public sector. BASF making products with chemically recycled plastics BASF announced it has broken new ground in plastic waste recycling with its ChemCycling project. Chemical recycling provides an innovative way to reutilize currently unrecyclable plastic waste, such as mixed or uncleaned plastics. Depending on the region, such waste is usually sent to landfill or burned with energy recovery.

2018 Millennial Manifesto Poses Provocative Challenge to Sustainable Brands

(2 months ago) - To bring companies closer to young people and to enable this proximity to drive enhanced brand innovation capacity — in essence, this is the ambition of the Millennials Lab, created in the Rio 2015 edition of Sustainable Brands, and which is now preparing to scale up, reaching other states in Brazil in 2019.

Give More This Season: The 2018 SB Holiday Gift Guide

(2 months ago) - What better way to commemorate the season of giving than with gifts that really give more - by improving ecosystems, business practices and financial security; and eliminating waste, pollution and carbon emissions around the world - while spreading holiday cheer? Here are just a few of our favorite discoveries this year of products we'd be proud to give. For sustainable urban active-ists

How Businesses Are Stepping Up to Reforest California

(2 months ago) - The bureaucracy and logistics involved for helping the state recover might be complicated, but the facts for business owners and sustainability directors are simple: If you want to help California, you can!

Trending: Fashion Giants Take Further Steps to Create Climate-Friendly Industry

(2 months ago) - The fashion industry has kicked December off with a bang, launching a number of game-changing initiatives and partnerships aimed at further improving its image by reducing its impacts.

Trending: Kellogg, UK Gov Waste No Time Repurposing 'Throw Away' Food

(2 months ago) - New initiatives from both the private and public sector aim to further chip away at the UK’s food waste issue, as the nation attempts to rebound from being designated Europe’s biggest food waster in 2015. Kellogg's Cornflakes adding sweet touch to Throw Away IPA

Utopies: Localizing the Sustainable Economy

(2 months ago) - This is one of a series of interviews by students and alumni from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) with practitioners from the Sustainable Brands community, on a variety of ways organizations can, and are, Redesigning the Good Life.

Lack of US Climate Policy Putting Companies at Risk; Investors Demand Action

(2 months ago) - As a record number of global investors calls on governments to accelerate action on climate change, a new CDP analysis shows that some of the largest U.S.-based corporations view climate change as an increasing risk to their bottom line and reputation among consumers and investors.

World's Largest Palm Oil Trader Gives Forest Destroyers Nowhere to Hide

(2 months ago) - After an intensive global campaign by Greenpeace, Wilmar International has published a detailed action plan to map and monitor its palm oil suppliers. This week, the world’s largest palm oil trader, Wilmar International, published a detailed action plan to map and monitor all of its suppliers. If implemented, this would put the palm oil giant — which supplies 40 percent of the world’s palm oil — one step closer to finally eliminating deforestation from its supply chain, and would have major implications for the rest of the industry.

Why Environmental Changes Are a Growing Public Health Crisis

(2 months ago) - Three years ago in Paris, Dignity Health was privileged to be among the delegations from around the world that came to consensus on how we needed to urgently curb our carbon emission rates or face irreparable harm. Now, as many of those same representatives meet at COP24 in Poland, disaster after disaster have claimed thousands of lives.

JUST Capital, Forbes Name America's Most JUST Companies for 2018

(2 months ago) - JUST Capital and Forbes today released the 2018 list of America’s Most JUST Companies, an annual ranking of the 1,000 largest publicly traded US corporations on the issues Americans care about most, including fair pay and good benefits, customer treatment and privacy, beneficial products, environmental impact, job creation, and community support in the US and abroad, as well as ethical leadership and long-term financial growth.

What the Black Friday Climate Report Means for Companies

(2 months ago) - The federal government hoped its Black-Friday release of a landmark report on the regional impacts of climate change might mitigate its media attention. It hasn't really worked: The report is still in the headlines over two weeks later. It’s not just consumers that care. A recent NAEM trends report found that in boardrooms across the country, companies are committing to addressing the climate challenges of our time by setting and meeting ambitious climate goals.

Future Shock: Is Higher Education Ready for the Impact?

(2 months ago) - Industries, companies and governments are retooling for the future, driven by the sustainability imperatives of climate change; resource, food and water scarcity; social polarization and rising income inequality. Universities and colleges are no exception. The future will be won by organizations that were proactive, not those that defended the status quo. As with other industries, the post-secondary sector is undergoing a transition as it explores its reason for existence. Does it equip students and professionals for future roles? Yes. Does it also equip its administrators to contribute their expertise, resources, assets and investments to contribute to societal outcomes? Slowly, but surely.

Trending: Regenerative Sourcing, Circular Models Revamping Fashion

(2 months ago) - This week, two fashion giants with extensive brand portfolios announced partnerships that show promise for cleaning up “dirty fashion.”

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