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Tomorrow’s Leaders Demand Action on Climate Change

MARKETING AND COMMS - Young people, especially women and people of color, are prepared to work hard to create a more sustainable planet — and they expect brands to join them. A new study identifies the most effective ways for brands to enhance their communications with these important groups.

Ærli Aiming to Put Conscious, Regenerative Spin on Corporate Retreat Industry

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - The new Norwegian network of nine properties is on a mission to redefine business travel with experiences that embed and impart the very essence of sustainability and regenerative practices.

Empty Words: US' 47 Largest Carbon-Emitters Fail to Incentivize CEO Pay Based on Climate Performance

NEW METRICS - A new report analyzes the executive compensation packages of 47 of the US’s most carbon-emitting companies. Where climate-related compensation ties were claimed, most were negligible, non-quantitative and lacked specific, climate-related pay incentives.

Thermo Fisher Scientific to Source Half of its U.S. Electricity Needs from Wind Power Purchase with Enel North America

PRESS RELEASE - The agreement will deliver renewable energy equal to half of the company’s U.S. electricity consumption

Can Regenerative Agriculture Regenerate the US Food System?

THE NEXT ECONOMY - The conversation recently made its way to Washington, DC — where the Environment Subcommittee of the House Committee of Oversight and Reform discussed calls to reform federal policies that unjustly favor corporate agribusiness, often at the expense of family farmers.

How Caesars Entertainment Drastically Augmented its ESG Impact

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - ‘Job purposing’ is making meaningful contributions to others or societal causes as part of regular work. Caesars showed that helping its sales and conventions departments job purpose was a promising pathway to dramatically augmenting its ESG work — and, thus, its positive societal impact.

Seeking Better Progress Toward Sustainability? Consider a Business Collaboration

COLLABORATION - No matter where your company is in its sustainability journey, the sooner it joins or initiates a collaboration with industry peers, the better. This guide should be in every sustainability professional’s back pocket when defining an ESG strategy.

4 Ways the Commercial Real Estate Industry Can Help Address Water Scarcity

CLEANTECH - Commercial real estate is the second-largest consumer of publicly supplied water in the US. Imagine if we came together to tackle this problem head on! Here are four recommendations for how property managers and building owners can lead the way.

Why Partnerships with Nonprofits Are Key to a More Sustainable Future

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - Dow is leading the charge in materials science, but we can’t do that science in a box without thinking about communities and the people within them. Nonprofit partnerships help us dig to the root of the most pressing problems in sustainability, find the best solutions and gain public buy-in to create real impact.

Quantifying the Benefits of Women’s Empowerment: The Missing Metric for Game-Changing Climate Action

NEW METRICS - The W+ Standard is the first globally recognized framework that measures and monetizes women’s empowerment. Empower Co. is engaging with companies keen to cement their women’s-empowerment programs with robust data — and shift the mindset around climate action from mitigation to net positivity.

Vanguard Renewables Launches Farm Powered Sustainability Program

PRESS RELEASE - New England Natural Bakers, Fancypants Baking Co., and Sloop Brewing Co. Sign as Founding Members

EPA Names Clorox Safer Choice Partner of the Year for Promotion of Safer Chemistry, Products

PRESS RELEASE - Clorox receives honorary distinction for third time, strengthening its position as a leading provider of products that are safer for people and the environment

The Glad Products Company and Discovery Education Partner to Support Science Education for 100,000 First Grade Students Across the US Amid Supply Chain Shortages

PRESS RELEASE - The Glad Products Company partnered with Discovery Education to support science education for over 100,000 first grade students across the United States.

Strong Roots Continues Mission to ‘Fix the Freezer Aisle’ with Carbon-Labeled Foods

MARKETING AND COMMS - The Ireland-based B Corp joins a growing number of brands aiming to help consumers understand how its products fit into a more climate-conscious approach to eating.

Trending: Carbon-Capture Innovators Continue Paving Path to Climate-Beneficial Future

CLEANTECH - 2 startups at the forefront of the carbon-capture space, Air Company and LanzaTech, continue to expand their portfolio of carbon-negative products and groundbreaking brand partnerships that will ensure global proliferation of their technologies.

New IBM LinuxONE Servers Help Reduce Energy Consumption as Clients Increasingly Make Sustainability a Business Priority

PRESS RELEASE - IBM unveiled the next generation of its LinuxONE server, designed to deliver scalability to support thousands of workloads in the footprint of a single system

Achieving ‘Mainstream Green’ Is Key in Accelerating Transition to a More Sustainable Economy

PRESS RELEASE - New guide by CMO Sustainability Accelerator and BCG highlights ways to link sustainability to broader, related needs and remove barriers to growth for customers for whom sustainability is a concern, but not a primary driver.

Selfridges & Circularity: Signs of a Shift, But Still a Bit Short

THE NEXT ECONOMY - More brands seem to be taking a two-pronged approach to growth — continuing to sell new products while demonstrating their ‘care’ for the planet through circular initiatives and takeback schemes. When will companies truly commit to changing the products they sell and how they sell them?

‘The Way Out Is In:’ 7 Practices for Overcoming Hopelessness in Pursuit of a Just, Flourishing World

LEADERSHIP - During difficult times, we have a choice to either be daring or retreat into a hole. So, the invitation is open to all of us to move beyond busyness, overwhelm and burnout and come back to our centre — so that we can touch our grief, recognize who we are and find a pathway to renewal.


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