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4 Ways for Businesses to Consider the Planet in Every Product

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Sustainable product design is a business imperative. Here, we outline four ways for companies to bridge the intention-action gap and future-proof their business and supply chains through intentional design.

Study: Conflicting Motivations Prevent Us from Washing More Sustainably

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - A new study examines a critical, overlooked barrier to the sustainability of our laundry habits — the ingrained, psychological mechanisms behind how often we feel compelled to wash our clothes.

Why Is Corporate Cleantech Adoption Lagging, and What Can Be Done About It?

CLEANTECH - Here are smart tools and strategies organizations can use to overcome three major barriers to cleantech adoption, to drive broader climate action and achieve their sustainability goals.

Employee Survey Uncovers Crisis in Workplace Climate Engagement

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - 93% of workers don’t know how to apply their company’s sustainability strategy to their work, 77% are unhappy with employers’ lack of climate action, and 52 percent think their employer is likely to greenwash.

New Partnerships, Processes Aim to Slash Concrete’s Climate Impacts

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - UNIDO and the GCCA have partnered to decarbonize the cement and concrete industry, with a strong focus on the Global South; while Cambridge researchers have developed a potentially game-changing cement-recycling process.

Leading Academics Urge UN to Extend, Reframe SDGs

WALKING THE TALK - 10 distinguished climate researchers have called on the UN to give its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development a much-needed refresh — by extending the timeline to 2050 and providing greater clarity around specific goals, among other recommendations.

Free Guide Aims to Help Agencies Eliminate Greenwashing

MARKETING AND COMMS - Creatives for Climate’s ‘Anti-Greenwash Guide’ is designed to help ad and communications agencies comply with the latest greenwashing laws, and principles to guide them away from misleading and unsubstantiated sustainability-related claims.

From Funding to Action: Empowering Farmers Through RCPP

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - The USDA's $1.5B investment in the RCPP will advance climate-smart agriculture in the US while expanding the number, reach and variety of conservation programs. Realizing the full potential of this funding requires intentional action and collaboration across the agricultural ecosystem.

New Framework Enables Advertisers to Measure Media Carbon Emissions

MARKETING AND COMMS - Ad Net Zero has launched the first standardized, industry-wide measurement framework to help advertisers and their partners understand and act effectively to reduce the carbon impact of their media plans.

Pioneering Vermont Law Adds Momentum to Climate-Accountability Fight

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Vermont's Climate Superfund Act is the latest in a growing wave of climate-driven political and legal attempts to hold the fossil-fuel industry accountable for its role in accelerating climate change.

How Whirlpool, Washing Machine Project Are Bridging ‘the Global Washing Divide’

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - The Washing Machine Project and the Whirlpool Foundation are scaling distribution of a hand-cranked washing machine to help women and girls in remote areas reclaim time for education, work and personal growth — ushering in a new era of laundry that eliminates persistent social barriers.

Report: Global EPR Ecosystem Critical to Tackling Fashion Waste

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Without EPR policy, tens of millions of tons of textiles will continue to be landfilled, incinerated or leak into the environment every year. But as policy continues to develop, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation reminds businesses to keep innovating.

The Many Benefits of This Cacao-Fruit Chocolate Make It Even Sweeter

WASTE NOT - Researchers at ETH Zurich have teamed up with the food industry to produce a whole-fruit variety of chocolate that is not only more nutritious, it’s more beneficial for farmers and the environment.

Report: High Seas Treaty Offers Historic Opportunity for Climate Adaptation

THE NEXT ECONOMY - In a new paper, scientists detail how the soon-to-be-ratified Treaty can help protect marine species as climate change continues to warm the oceans.

Fashion Giants Join Forces to Share Cost of Supply Chain Decarbonization

COLLABORATION - The Future Supplier Initiative’s collective-financing model aims to address the main barriers preventing many textile factories from reducing resource consumption or implementing renewable-energy solutions.

‘Enrich Life-in-Motion for Those We Serve’: How Mazda’s Values Fuel Its Innovations

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Sustainable Brands Tokyo's Shigeki Aoki talks with Mazda President and CEO Masahiro Moro about how the 104-year-old auto manufacturer’s mission and strategies center around 'the joy of driving.'

Meet the Company Infusing Circularity, Inclusivity into PPE

WASTE NOT - AmorSui's new line of higher-quality, inclusive, washable and recyclable garments eliminate waste and better protect medical personnel. We spoke with founder Beau Wangtrakuldee about her vision for a circular commerce model for medical supplies.

Latest Ban on ‘High-Carbon’ Ads Shows Appetite for Clean-Energy Transition

WALKING THE TALK - Edinburgh’s recent ban on ads for fossil fuels and other high-carbon products exemplifies a desire to shift those ad spaces toward cleaner, more viable alternatives and ads that promote low-carbon behaviors.

WA Ballot Initiative Could Stymy National Efforts to Put a Price on Carbon

THE NEXT ECONOMY - I-2117 is already destabilizing the state’s landmark carbon market — confusing businesses and creating uncertainty about the future of climate policy.

US Plastics Pact Unveils Bold New Roadmap to Transform the Use of Plastics

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Update to 2025 Roadmap carries forward unfinished targets from the original plan and outlines new steps toward circular design, based on insights from 130+ US Plastic Pact Activators.