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What Happens When an Environmental Leader Finally Claims the Mantle? NRS Asked Triple Gap & Valutus to Find Out

MARKETING AND COMMS - A leader in the water sports industry, NRS was shy about tooting its sustainability horn. So, it asked us: How much value does the market place on brand-level commitment to sustainability vs. product-level initiatives? Turns out, touting any of the brand’s many attributes generated a significant increase in consumer preference.

Tetra Pak Expands Production of Plant-Based Coatings for Aseptic Cartons to North America

PRESS RELEASE - Tetra Pak Expands Production of Plant-Based Coatings for Aseptic Cartons to North America

New Design Challenge Seeks Sustainable Solutions for Unit-Dose Medicine Packaging

OUR HEALTHY LIVES MISSION - Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health developed its QuickFire Challenge platform to enlist students, entrepreneurs, researchers and startup companies to help tackle some of the most challenging problems in healthcare.

Mighty Buildings Now Further Reduce Carbon Footprint of Homes with CO2-Based Cement

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - New partner Fortera’s material converts carbon dioxide into cement, reducing CO₂ emissions by more than 60% — and costs 10% less than conventional cement.

Scope 3: The Holy Grail of Walking Our Climate Talk

SUPPLY CHAIN - Managing these external emissions is hard, as they often lie outside of a company’s direct control. How do you get a supplier to change its practices? How do we capture these emissions data points? How do we assess the data quality?

Decolonizing Wealth: What If Money Could Heal Us?

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - In this excerpt from his bestselling book, "Decolonizing Wealth," award-winning author and philanthropic advisor Edgar Villanueva provides a glimpse into how money can help to disrupt some of the deep, systemic inequities in this country, instead of continuing to feed them.

Cartier, Kering Lead Initiative to Future-Fit Watch and Jewelry Production

COLLABORATION - The two luxury giants and the Responsible Jewellery Council have partnered on an industry-first initiative to broaden and strengthen efforts to transform the jewelry industry for climate resilience, with the SDGs at their core.

OPLN: Experiential Learning for the Win (or, How to Really Turn the Tide on Global Plastic Pollution)

COLLABORATION - 2019’s Ocean Plastics Leadership Summit transformed not only its host organization and its 165 participants — it catalyzed action around plastic waste at an unprecedented scale. We caught up with Ocean Plastic Leadership Network founder Dave Ford to learn more.

1.8M Fairtrade Farmers to World Leaders: 'Keep Your Climate Promises'

MARKETING AND COMMS - Signed by Fairtrade producers in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, the letter warns governments of developed nations that their lack of climate action is threatening farmers' livelihoods and global food supplies.

Clorox 2021 Integrated Annual Report Highlights Financial and ESG Performance for Purpose-Driven Growth

PRESS RELEASE - Clorox 2021 Integrated Annual Report Highlights Financial and ESG Performance for Purpose-Driven Growth

The Purpose Advantage: How to Activate Purpose to Build New Brand Value

WALKING THE TALK - Join us at SB’21 San Diego on Monday, October 18th — for a 2-hour workshop designed to arm every participant with the ideas and tools necessary to create a more powerful and purposeful brand.

Unpacking Carbon Neutrality and What it Really Means for the Environment

PRESS RELEASE - Increasingly, businesses are becoming aware of the greenhouse gases (CO2) they emit, and most look for ways to reduce or offset these emissions.

Large-Scale Study from H&M, IKEA Shows Safer Path Forward for Recycled Textiles

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - On completion of a two-year, collaborative industry study, the two companies will share the findings to understand potentials and challenges with recycled textiles from a chemical-contamination perspective and to impact circular economy legislation.

Project Drawdown Offers Guide for Employees to Enact Climate Solutions at Work

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - "Climate Solutions at Work" creates a new standard of business climate leadership, driven by employees equipped to take bolder action at work. By moving step-by-step through topics primed for transformation, the guide is a new north star for employees looking to push beyond net zero.

PureCycle opens plastic waste prep facility in Central Florida, invests in tackling plastic waste crisis at home

PRESS RELEASE - PureCycle opens plastic waste prep facility in Central Florida, invests in tackling plastic waste crisis at home

Reimagining Finance for Forests in a Climate-Changing World

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Carbon credits, which promise an impact measured to a specific quantity of CO2, may not be the most efficient instrument in constantly climate-changing world. But a new approach can make carbon markets fit-for-purpose moving forward. Here are some key premises for business to finance forests and broader climate action in a new era.

Circular Solutions Still Promising, But Researchers Say Framework Lacks ‘Substance’

THE NEXT ECONOMY - A recent Ellen MacArthur Foundation study examines the myriad ways that scaled circular models can help restore critical biodiversity; but Swedish researchers warn that without more clarity and substance, efforts to scale a circular economy risk becoming counterproductive.

Shaw Industries Recognized for Sustainability Efforts

PRESS RELEASE - Shaw Industries' sustain[HUMAN]ability® strategy earns five industry awards.

'Bringing Humanity Back to Business': 10 Insights from Paul Polman

LEADERSHIP - Carol Cone — internationally recognized Purpose pioneer and host of the Purpose 360 podcast — spoke with the former Unilever CEO and fellow Purpose pioneer on the eve of the release of his new book, "Net Positive."

Welspun India, Dupont Biomaterials collaborate to launch new sustainable functional home textile collection

PRESS RELEASE - Today, DuPont Biomaterials and Welspun India announced a new home textile collection, including bath towels and bedsheets, made with bio-based materials


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