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Nike Unveils Fully Circular Shoe Designed for Disassembly, Recyclability

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Nike’s ISPA (Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, Adapt) design philosophy challenges creators to experiment, break molds and reimagine products. The ISPA Link Axis uses interlocking components, as few materials as possible and zero glue.

bluesign Continues to Clean Up Fashion with Expansion into Denim, Footwear

SUPPLY CHAIN - Partnerships with brands including Madewell and Vibram will help adapt bluesign’s existing standards and guidelines for two untapped industries.

Reports Lay Out the True Cost of Frequent Flyer Programs, Private Jets

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Frequent flyer reward programs encourage flyers to emit up to 34x their lifetime carbon budget; while flying private can pollute up to 30x more than a standard flight.

How to Win Big with a Recycling Challenge

WASTE NOT - Last year, we set the record for World’s Largest College Recycling Event; but we didn’t want this to be a one-time win. So this year, we’ve recruited new partners to heighten the competition and increase the impact.

Collaborative Relationships Key to Overcoming Obstacles on the Path to a Circular Economy

COLLABORATION - Forging strategic partnerships can unlock immediate win-win solutions while also creating a roadmap for future success across the supply network.

The Tennessee River’s Biggest Fan Is a 14-Year-Old Boy Passionate About Conservation

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - In this conversation with ‘the Conservation Kid,’ Cash Daniels, we learn more about what drives his passion to clean up the Tennessee River and lead his generation toward a brighter future.

Danone North America Contributes to National Movement to Turn Food Waste into Renewable Energy 

PRESS RELEASE - Danone North America is the latest company to join the Farm Powered Strategic Alliance founded by Vanguard Renewables, Unilever, Starbucks, and Dairy Farmers of America

Consumers Want More Sustainable Packaging But Struggle to Identify It

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Retailers continue to refine what packaging they find acceptable to answer consumer demand for more sustainable solutions — and consumer goods companies must keep innovating to keep pace.

New Insulating Paints Reduce Energy, Costs, Emissions, Discomfort in Extreme Temperatures

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - The paints, developed by Stanford researchers, can reduce the need for both heating and air conditioning in buildings, as well as refrigerated cargo spaces such as trains and trucks.

In the Face of a Polycrisis, a Transformative Mindset Is Business’ Only Way Forward

BUSINESS CASE - Forum for the Future’s latest "Future of Sustainability" report sets out four plausible trajectories for how companies can respond to current threats and opportunities across markets.

We Can Eat Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Applied to food supply chains, ambient IoT allows farmers, distributors, grocers, regulators and consumers to know where food came from, how far it traveled, how it was transported and stored, and what condition it’s in — in real time.

Commons App Informing, Facilitating Mass Shifts in Climate-Influenced Consumer Living & Spending

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Highlighting the impact of individual purchases and their associated emissions output, the app — fresh off a large funding round — is evolving to meet the daily spending directives of its users.

No More Styrofoam: 2 Startups Creating Viable, Sustainable Alternatives with Ag Waste

WASTE NOT - By upcycling coconut husks and shrimp shells, Fortuna Cools and Cruz Foam are diverting agricultural waste from landfill and offering circular polystyrene alternatives that match its performance.

Discovery Education Supports Students and Educators with Free Financial Literacy Materials During College Savings Month and Beyond

PRESS RELEASE - Alongside select social impact partners, Discovery Education is offering educators & students free digital resources to promote financial literacy.

ISSB Urged to Prioritize Human and Worker Rights in Next Set of Reporting Standards

SUPPLY CHAIN - The investor letter asserts that the financial materiality of human rights-related topics – and the critical role of human rights due diligence in identifying business risks – has never been clearer, and that ‘investors are in dire need of a unified social disclosure framework.’

A Defiant Optimist: How One Woman Has Reshaped Finance to Fight Global Inequality

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - “By valuing and giving a voice to [women of color], and recognizing their potential as solutions and stabilizers, impact investing is a powerful way to build systemic resilience … and reduce the negative impact of climate change on everyone.” — Durreen Shahnaz

Could AI Root Out the Greenwash Marring Sustainability Communications?

MARKETING AND COMMS - It's about to get more costly for companies that exaggerate environmental and social claims in their communications. But what if artificial intelligence could eradicate greenwash forever?

Becoming a Regenerative Enterprise: Stories from the Field

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - At Biomimicry 3.8’s third annual Project Positive Summit, participants shared progress and groundbreaking new tools for raising the bar on ‘sustainability’ and demonstrating what regenerative design looks like in practice.

Introducing Resilience Science: A Visionary Shift for Corporate Strategy and Reporting

NEW METRICS - Climate resilience is the ‘resilience of a company’s strategy and business model to climate-related changes, developments and uncertainties.’ This language is worth reflecting on, as it brings the concept of resilience science into mainstream business thinking.

We Need to Choose Better Intensity Metrics; Here's How

NEW METRICS - The availability and measurability of data is critical in determining the right metric. Quantifying ‘social good,’ for example, is nebulous; if the metrics we select give us no ability to measurably improve them, then our work is for naught.


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