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How Business Can Avoid Fuelling Conflict and Work to Build Peace

WALKING THE TALK - On the third and final day at the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights, it was clear all businesses are being asked to address a fourth ‘p’ — peace. As well as helping to prevent conflict, companies are increasingly taking responsibility for sustaining peace.

Bank of the West’s CMO, Ben Stuart, wants everyone to ask what their bank is financing

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT - We recently caught up with Ben Stuart, CMO at Bank of the West, to discuss what he’s excited about right now, including a new Instagram photo challenge.

Rwanda’s Akilah Institute: Where Women Mean Business

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Two US beverage companies are working to empower tea and coffee growers in Rwanda, many of whom are women. Both companies are working to engage Akilah Institute students in hands-on learning in the coffee and tea industries, to open their eyes to the possibilities in their country.

Anti-Corruption, Respect for Human Rights Are Part of One Holistic Business Challenge

WALKING THE TALK - What Legal Counsels and Chief Compliance Officers have to learn from sustainability and human rights experts is that this can never be a question of compliance alone.

Global Consumers Say ‘Save the Planet’; Some Economic Growth Can Wait

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - 60% of consumers surveyed agree protecting the environment should be given priority, even if it slows economic growth. But as we’ve seen for years, while consumers widely agree on the need for sustainability, behavior is slow to change.

How Can Sustainability Professionals Uphold Mandatory Rules on Human Rights?

SUPPLY CHAIN - While we’ve seen steady if uncertain progress on human rights — and more from business than from governments — there are dangers if the message heard by business is one of complacency.

New Retail Platforms Aim to Take Waste Out of Online Clothes Shopping

WASTE NOT - As we enter the season of giving — and the season of returns — two new, next-gen online retailers aim to address the rampant clothing waste inherent in e-commerce; and reward users for donating their used, unwanted clothing.

The Plastics Industry Is Changing — Because It Has to

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - The plastics industry has become acutely self-aware. Directive targets must be met; new processes researched, developed and launched; and consumer education delivered. And looming over all of this is the spectre of sustainability, and the demonisation of plastics.

The Biosphere’s Guide to Foolproofing Sustainability, Part 6: Function Over Form

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Sustainability experts for decades have been exhorting managers to focus more on the function their products deliver and less on the product itself. Biosphere Rule #5, Function Over Form, is focused on fulfilling customers’ functional needs in ways that sustain the value cycle.

Recognizing Organizations Taking a People-Centric Approach to Sustainability

CORPORATE MEMBER UPDATE - Shaw Recognizing Organizations Taking a People-Centric Approach to Sustainability

New Tool to Help Companies Zero in on Sources of Palm Oil Deforestation

SUPPLY CHAIN - WRI’s RADD (Radar Alerts for Detecting Deforestation) will be deployed initially in Malaysia and Indonesia, which together make up about 90% of palm oil production globally. According to WRI, it will detect deforestation weeks faster than existing optical-based systems.

Next-Gen Impact Measurement Tools a Needed Boost for Companies to Achieve BHAGs

NEW METRICS - “Sustainability” is so last year. This week at New Metrics ’19, we explored the growing range of tools and tricks needed to keep up with demand for next-level goals such as plastic-neutrality, 100% circularity and properly quantified social and product impacts.

xSDG Laboratory and Consortium: Sharing Visions and Accelerating Action on SDGs

COLLABORATION - The xSDG Laboratory seeks to amass SDGs-related best practice by using the SDGs to design solutions to a range of complex social problems. The “x” represents the crossing of various social activities with SDGs to create cutting-edge, superior examples of action for achieving specific targets.

Shaw Introduces Innovative Soft Floor Covering Designed for the Expo/Trade Show Market

PRESS RELEASE - Shaw Introduces Innovative Soft Floor Covering Designed for the Expo/Trade Show Market

Leading-Edge Stakeholder-Engagement Metrics Reshaping Companies’ Definitions, Benchmarks for Success

NEW METRICS - On day 1 of New Metrics ’19, representatives from corporates, nonprofits and more explored new ways to quantify the impacts of various forms of stakeholder engagement — from communities to consumers to employees.

Report: We Must Move Beyond Plant-Based Products to Ensure Sustainable Food Future

THE NEXT ECONOMY - New analysis from Forum for the Future explores the public commitments of 132 leading food companies and outlines a five-point plan to get businesses on track towards a more sustainable global food system.

Serious About Scope 3: Pioneering Companies Embracing Complexity, Reaping the Benefits

SUPPLY CHAIN - There’s no doubt Scope 3 emissions reductions are challenging. How do you get supplier data? Without recognition toward climate performance targets, is it even worth it? Good news: Answers to these questions are becoming clear.

Shaw Showcases Sustainability Efforts at Greenbuild

PRESS RELEASE - Shaw collaborates with customers and partners at world’s largest green building conference, Greenbuild, to share fresh thinking and continuing education opportunities.

Global Cohort Joins Sustainable Brands’ New Network for Brand Transformation

PRESS RELEASE - Sustainable Brands® announces today that it is adding a new dimension to its community. The SB Affiliate Member Network launches with 12 founding members.

Life Cycle Analysis: Revealing the Unexpected Truth About Product Impacts

NEW METRICS - Typically, the stages in a product’s life cycle that have the greatest environmental effects also are the ones that present the best opportunity for sustainable innovation. If sustainability is part of the innovation process, then LCA should be conducted to ensure the avoidance of unintended consequences.

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