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Making Cities More Livable with Electric Vehicles

(1 week ago) - Last year Lyft became the first and only company of our kind to become carbon neutral. This year, we’re upping our commitment to the environment as the next step in our Green Cities Initiative.

Q&A: How a ‘Cuban’ Name Change Boosted Panera’s Soup Sales

(1 week ago) - WRI’s Better Buying Lab works with food companies to research and test science-based approaches that encourage consumers to choose more sustainable, plant-based foods.

Corporate Giants’ Suppliers Have Saved $19.3B by Reducing CO2

(1 week ago) - CDP says 10 years of corporates requesting supplier transparency has triggered a step-change in environmental action.

Over 170 Brand Partners, Innovators Hard at Work on Sustainable Viscose

(1 week ago) - Global fashion brands highlight new solutions to viscose made from ancient and endangered forests

Was I Asleep During This Year’s Super Bowl?

(1 week ago) - Quick laughs, bad jokes, celebrities — but very few with a message

Classroom-in-a-Backpack Bringing Education to the Masses in Off-Grid Bangladesh

(1 week ago) - Light of Hope had the rather ingenious idea of fitting a solar panel-powered classroom into a backpack.

SupplyShift-Ulula Partnership to Amplify Worker Voices in Supply Chains

(1 week ago) - Collaboration will allow companies to gain data-backed insight into worker treatment in their supply chains.

Chipotle, FoodBytes! Unveil Newest Classes of Food, Ag Innovators

(2 weeks ago) - Two startup accelerators highlight the latest startup solutions poised to disrupt our food system for good.

A Week of 'Globalization 4.0': Sustainability Lessons from the WEF 2019

(2 weeks ago) - The central theme of the World Economic Forum 2019 in Davos last week was “Globalization 4.0." But what is it, and what were the main sustainability lessons from the week?

That’s the Spirit: Optimizing the Inputs, and Outputs, of Alcohol

(2 weeks ago) - Players large and small are innovating to optimize what goes into — and comes out of — alcohol production.

Nestlé speeds up efforts towards full supply chain transparency

(2 weeks ago) - Nestlé today announced that it would disclose the list of suppliers alongside a variety of data of its 15 priority commodities, the first disclosure of its kind in the industry.

New Reporting Standard Aims to Drive Finance Towards SDGs

(2 weeks ago) - Now, projects seeking funding must demonstrate, to the satisfaction of a third-party assessor, that they advance the SDGs.

Giving Consumers a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Sustainable Forestry

(2 weeks ago) - With certified companies such as Procter & Gamble, the FSC is advancing a strategy to help consumers understand the impacts of their purchases.

Dow Receives National Institute of Building Sciences Award for Low-Carbon Legacy Collaboration with the Olympic Movement

(2 weeks ago) - The award-winning Carbon Partnership between Dow and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) utilizes sport and science to inspire adoption of low-carbon solutions for the built environment.

What Are the Fastest-Growing Social Issues Consumers Care About?

(2 weeks ago) - “If there is one take-away for brands after reviewing this study, we hope it’s this: What matters most to your stakeholders should matter the most to your company.”

Unifi Announces Recipients of 2nd Annual REPREVE® Champions of Sustainability Awards

(2 weeks ago) - Awards recognize brand leaders and textile partners committed to sustainable sourcing

Passion Fruit: Growing a Farm into a Climate-Beneficial Enterprise

(2 weeks ago) - Many farmers avoid wasting excess fruit by turning it into animal feed, but Sidehill Farm has found much more delicious solutions.

3 Big Questions Shaping the Future of Sustainable Business in 2019

(2 weeks ago) - This year, we are dissecting big, open questions that could either speed up or slow down our quest toward Delivering the Good Life.

Global Investors Challenge Fast Food Companies on Climate, Water Risks

(2 weeks ago) - Over 80 investors warn that “animal agriculture is the world’s highest-emitting sector without a low-carbon plan.”

SB Nordic: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

(2 weeks ago) - So, what do a slave-free chocolate brand, an activist bank and a blindfolded panel of diversity experts have in common?

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