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This Startup Shows That Tackling the Plastic Crisis May Not Be a Stretch

WASTE NOT - Great Wrap aims to be a plug-and-play replacement for film wraps for both home and business. It replaces petroleum-based films with a bio-based waste product that, unlike most other bio-based polymers, completely decomposes within three months.

ClimatePartner names Gregg Demers to head its operations in the United States

PRESS RELEASE - CEO shifts focus to global Boston – ClimatePartner, a leading solutions provider for corporate climate action, is expanding its senior management team in the United States

John Oliver’s Inconvenient Truth: The Voluntary Carbon Market’s Biggest Problem Is the Market Itself

THE NEXT ECONOMY - By failing to acknowledge our industry’s flaws, we could hinder meaningful progress on real issues going forward — namely, making sure carbon offsets actually contribute to reducing GHG emissions.

Brands Are Only as Strong as the Weakest Link in Their Supply Chain

SUPPLY CHAIN - Demand for low-cost goods has pushed manufacturing into the farthest regions of the world — many of which are increasingly vulnerable to climate change and harsh conditions. Eliminating the most vulnerable links only creates more problems; brands are only as strong as the weakest link in their supply chain.

US Public Agrees: Companies Cannot Adequately Address Climate Issues Without Including Racial Justice

WALKING THE TALK - New survey of US adults and C-suite about the role of business in addressing environmental justice shows disconnect for the latter on the link between the environment and racial equity.

Americans Agree Companies Cannot Address Climate Issues Without Including Racial Justice

PRESS RELEASE - Golin’s Social Impact + Inclusion practice launches new study that examines perceptions among Americans and C-Suite of environmental justice, and the responsibility of businesses to make a difference

So Long, Coffee Pods ... Hello, Coffee Balls?

WASTE NOT - The inventive, waste-free, single-serve coffee system means that portioned coffee no longer needs to be surrounded by an aluminum or plastic capsule.

FTC Cashmere Models New Approach to a Truly Sustainable Supply Chain

SUPPLY CHAIN - The dire social and environmental consequences of opaque fashion supply chains have been laid bare; and consumers now demand that brands have clear, verifiable visibility throughout their supply chains. FTC shows that it can be done — but it requires a vastly different way of thinking.

Diageo Innovation Fund to Help Smallholder Farms in Africa Withstand Climate Change

SUPPLY CHAIN - Diageo has committed to cultivating solutions to enable the farmers in its African supply chain — who are particularly vulnerable to the effects of increasing droughts and floods — to maintain steady farming cycles and income in a climate-changing world.

Green Sports Alliance Launches Playbook to Help Sports Venues Divert Food Waste from Landfills

WASTE NOT - Venues with proper composting infrastructure can utilize the playbook to prevent plastic and organic waste from accumulating in landfills. Future editions will further explore how to expand venue logistics to implement comprehensive zero-waste programs.

Over 90% of US Adults Think Climate Change Will Inevitably Impact the Real Estate Market

THE NEXT ECONOMY - 3 in 5 say climate risks have already impacted their decision on where to live; but housing prices and cost of living are still bigger factors.

Eastman joins Pact Collective

PRESS RELEASE - Eastman joins Pact Collective in support of beauty industry nonprofit efforts to advance circularity of beauty packaging.

Ethical Foods Fund to Support Early-Stage, Values-Based Canadian Companies Driving Future of Sustainable Food

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - The fund will support sustainable food production via early-stage, values-based food innovators — from the ethical treatment of employees on farms and in factories, to the end of the food production cycle with compostable packaging.

Vinyl Sustainability Council Collaborates with ecomedesto Showcase +Vantage Vinyl™ Verified Companies

PRESS RELEASE - +Vantage Vinyl verified companies to be showcased in ecomedes construction materials database.

Technological Ingenuity in African Nations: How They Are Solving the Plastic Waste Challenge

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - Enabling a circular economy is a complicated challenge that governments, communities and businesses globally are struggling to solve. But as Dow’s work in Africa proves, solutions exist — and success comes when organizations and communities collaborate to create change rooted in local context.

Aleph Farms Joins AIM for Climate with $40M Investment to Advance Cellular Agriculture

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Cellular ag technologies address two of the initiative’s four focal areas of innovation for 2022; they could be a key tool for reducing food’s environmental impact and enabling greater food security.

Majority of US Consumers Say They Will Pay More for Sustainable Products

MARKETING AND COMMS - A recent survey of over 1,000 US adults revealed striking evidence that two-thirds (66%) are willing to pay more for sustainable products, despite a growing gap in consumer trust of corporations.

Finnish Bio-Based Innovations Could Be a Game-Changer for Plastic Packaging

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Once ranked the ‘greenest’ country in the world, Finland’s strong R&D programs have kept the country at the forefront of innovation in bio-based and circular solutions for materials and packaging.

Northwestern Researchers Uncover Simple Method for Destroying ‘Forever Chemicals’

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - New study pinpoints Achilles’ heel for major PFAS classes — persistent chemicals linked to a host of adverse health effects — which causes the compounds to fall apart into benign products.

This Startup Is Enhancing the Ocean’s Ability to Store Carbon, Reversing Acidification

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Ebb Carbon’s pioneering carbon-removal technology combines with electrochemistry to accelerate the ocean's natural process of carbon removal, safely storing it for 10,000+ years, whilst simultaneously reducing ocean acidity — helping heal one of our strongest assets in the climate change fight.


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