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Redefining the Consumer Experience with SmartLabels

MARKETING AND COMMS - With engagement levels still low, SmartLabels are something of a sleeping giant. So, where’s the tipping point to awaken their full potential? How do we really drive that desire to engage?

For Companies with Authentic Sustainability Pursuits, the Devil’s in the Details

MARKETING AND COMMS - Several discussions at [SB’23 San Diego]( highlighted the importance of achieving total visibility into company operations, relationships, impacts and messaging — to avoid surprises that could hamstring progress.

New Book Serves Up Case Studies for Cultivating Local Food Economies

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Centered around a rural region of lower Michigan, ‘Shared Abundance’ highlights the power of stakeholder collaboration in building more resilient communities.

Brands Betting the Farm on Decarbonized, Regenerative Supply Chains

SUPPLY CHAIN - At [SB’23 San Diego](, a variety of brands and innovators discussed on-the-ground improvements cleaning up global and regional supply chains — and how to drive them further.

Regenerating Local: How Brands Can Bring Tangible Benefits to Communities in Need

WALKING THE TALK - At [SB’23 San Diego](, several discussions and events explored the potential for social impact when we rethink business as usual.

The Secret Sauce of Storytelling: Bringing the Masses Along on the Road to Regeneration

MARKETING AND COMMS - Final-day keynotes at [SB’23 San Diego]( explored various approaches to turning consumers into collaborators in our efforts to create an ethical, equitable, climate-resilient future for all.

Planting Seeds: Changing and Shaping the Minds of Today’s Consumers and Tomorrow's Changemakers

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - At [SB’23 San Diego](, several rich discussions centered on the growing number of efforts successfully educating and engaging various audiences on more sustainable behaviors, lifestyles and careers.

When to Speak, When to Listen: A Brand Guide to Navigating a Divided Society

MARKETING AND COMMS - Another strong thread throughout [SB’23 San Diego]( addressed the tightrope that brands must often walk when working to stay true to their values — and not letting ‘purpose fragility’ rule in our politically polarized world.

A Rogue Startup Thinks It Has a Solution to Climate Change; The Scientific Community Disagrees

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Despite a lack of scientific consensus regarding the efficacy and safety of its approach, intrepid startup Make Sunsets is throwing caution to the wind (literally).

Can Our Current Food System Be Redeemed?

THE NEXT ECONOMY - At SB’23 San Diego, we got several looks at some of the holistic, new approaches to agriculture that may just mitigate the risks in how our food — even meat — is produced.

A Clean, Circular Materials Future Is No Longer a Fabrication

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - At [SB’23 San Diego](, three sets of innovators at the forefront of the materials and packaging space shared key insights into the biobased and circular solutions driving a sea change in the market.

2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back: LEGO Is Latest Company to Disclose Sustainability Setback

WALKING THE TALK - The world’s largest toymaker acknowledged the issues it encountered in pursuit of a more sustainable alternative to its oil-based plastic bricks, illustrating the still-circuitous path to sustainable solutions.

Microsoft, Twelve, Vertical Harvest Paint Powerful Picture of a Regenerative Near-Future

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Day 3 keynotes regaled [SB’23 San Diego]( attendees with a peek at regenerative, circular and win-win-win social-purpose business models.

New Frontiers in Sustainable Healthcare

WASTE NOT - Healthcare facilities are extremely complex physical environments. As such, sustainability initiatives will require more planning, research and pilots to ensure organizations are safely implementing initiatives without impacting the provision of patient care.

4 Keys to Accurately Accounting for Your Company’s Impacts on Nature

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - This week at [SB’23 San Diego](, Context Nature shared guiding principles with which business can bridge nature and finance strategies; and three companies shared lessons learned from enacting their own biodiversity commitments.

How Circularity, AI Are Mending Cracks in Our Fractured Food System

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Naturally, food and its many issues has been a major topic this week at [SB’23 San Diego]( Here, two panels of innovators share their approaches to filling in systemic gaps in our food system.

Cosmohub Opens Travelers’ Eyes to India's Skies While Supporting Local Communities

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Astrostays launched in 2019 to promote tourism while training local youth in astronomy to show off the Himalayas’ night sky. Now, Cosmohub is a more scalable, sustainable model — a connected community space that highlights local folklore and traditions along with stargazing.

Companies Designing out Waste Will Run Circles Around Those with Linear Business Models

WASTE NOT - This week at [**SB’23 San Diego**](, two illuminating panels featured experts from a variety of aspects of the emerging circular economy, who shared key insights and lessons learned in the pursuit of circularity.

Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Accelerator Backing Seaweed to Replace Oil-Based Films

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Convened by Lonely Whale, the program aims to accelerate scaling and market adoption of seaweed-based alternatives to thin-film plastics made from fossil fuels.

Brands Putting Rubber to Road to Create a Regenerative Near-Future

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Keynotes on day 2 of [**SB’23 San Diego**]( touched on everything from optimizing global companies’ resource use, building regenerative supply chains, and partnerships addressing the environmental and human impacts of plastic pollution to standing firm in the face of backlash.