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PepsiCo Launches Second North America Greenhouse Program To Accelerate Purpose-Driven Solutions For The Food And Beverage Industry

PRESS RELEASE - Up to 10 start-ups will receive $20,000 in grant funding and mentorship

Q&A: Why Sustainability Professionals Need Chemists

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Chemistry may not be the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of sustainability, but it has a big role to play, particularly in a circular economy. We caught up with Christoph Jäkel, BASF’s Head of Sustainability Strategy, to learn more about how BASF is working to improve our everyday lives.

25 Years On: Lessons Learned from Interface’s Ongoing Sustainability Journey

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Why are lessons learned by a flooring company relevant? Many of the challenges we had to solve are the same that companies are struggling with as they pursue sustainability. Our accomplishments are significant because they show it is possible to transform a business and put sustainability at the core.

Sanitary Products, Soft Drinks and Safety Locks: An FMCG Approach to Fighting Period Poverty in Tanzania

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - 'Period poverty' — in which women and girls struggle to access and afford menstrual products — is particularly bad in sub-Saharan Africa. That’s why a new initiative in Tanzania is taking a 21st-century, FMCG approach to a centuries-old problem.

Diversey Gives New Life to Used Hotel Soap Bars

CORPORATE MEMBER UPDATE - Unused or barely used soap bars from hotels generate tons of solid waste on a yearly basis. SB corporate member Diversey saw this as an opportunity - not only to prevent waste from reaching landfills, but also to help communities in need.

285 Companies’ Science-Based Targets Signal Significant Progress Toward Paris Agreement Goals

COLLABORATION - New report reveals that by meeting their science-based targets, these companies — with more GHGs than France and Spain, combined — will eliminate 265 million metric tons of emissions from their operations, equivalent to closing 68 coal-fired power plants.

Brands Missing Opportunity to Highlight Health Benefits of Sustainable Products

MARKETING AND COMMS - Brands that are committed to sustainability could conduct efficient, cost-effective research to show that their products help reduce exposure to harmful substances, leveraging their commitment to sustainability and expanding it to a commitment to consumer health.

The Biosphere Rules: Sustainability Is a Destination, Not a Journey

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Envision a future where every material thing in our world is made out of a handful of materials, carefully selected to be safe, healthy and infinitely recyclable. Everything from coffee cup to countertop could be broken down and used as raw materials for a new shawl or lampshade.

As Government Pulls Out, US Private Sector Renews Support of Paris Agreement

BUSINESS CASE - US business leaders have long been vocal supporters of the Paris Agreement — especially since the President declared his intention to withdraw. In the past year, the private sector has renewed its clarion call for the US to step up its policies to protect the economy from climate change.

How Business Can Avoid Fuelling Conflict and Work to Build Peace

WALKING THE TALK - On the third and final day at the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights, it was clear all businesses are being asked to address a fourth ‘p’ — peace. As well as helping to prevent conflict, companies are increasingly taking responsibility for sustaining peace.

Bank of the West’s CMO, Ben Stuart, wants everyone to ask what their bank is financing

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT - We recently caught up with Ben Stuart, CMO at Bank of the West, to discuss what he’s excited about right now, including a new Instagram photo challenge.

Rwanda’s Akilah Institute: Where Women Mean Business

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Two US beverage companies are working to empower tea and coffee growers in Rwanda, many of whom are women. Both companies are working to engage Akilah Institute students in hands-on learning in the coffee and tea industries, to open their eyes to the possibilities in their country.

Anti-Corruption, Respect for Human Rights Are Part of One Holistic Business Challenge

WALKING THE TALK - What Legal Counsels and Chief Compliance Officers have to learn from sustainability and human rights experts is that this can never be a question of compliance alone.

Global Consumers Say ‘Save the Planet’; Some Economic Growth Can Wait

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - 60% of consumers surveyed agree protecting the environment should be given priority, even if it slows economic growth. But as we’ve seen for years, while consumers widely agree on the need for sustainability, behavior is slow to change.

How Can Sustainability Professionals Uphold Mandatory Rules on Human Rights?

SUPPLY CHAIN - While we’ve seen steady if uncertain progress on human rights — and more from business than from governments — there are dangers if the message heard by business is one of complacency.

New Retail Platforms Aim to Take Waste Out of Online Clothes Shopping

WASTE NOT - As we enter the season of giving — and the season of returns — two new, next-gen online retailers aim to address the rampant clothing waste inherent in e-commerce; and reward users for donating their used, unwanted clothing.

The Plastics Industry Is Changing — Because It Has to

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - The plastics industry has become acutely self-aware. Directive targets must be met; new processes researched, developed and launched; and consumer education delivered. And looming over all of this is the spectre of sustainability, and the demonisation of plastics.

The Biosphere’s Guide to Foolproofing Sustainability, Part 6: Function Over Form

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Sustainability experts for decades have been exhorting managers to focus more on the function their products deliver and less on the product itself. Biosphere Rule #5, Function Over Form, is focused on fulfilling customers’ functional needs in ways that sustain the value cycle.

Recognizing Organizations Taking a People-Centric Approach to Sustainability

CORPORATE MEMBER UPDATE - Shaw Recognizing Organizations Taking a People-Centric Approach to Sustainability

New Tool to Help Companies Zero in on Sources of Palm Oil Deforestation

SUPPLY CHAIN - WRI’s RADD (Radar Alerts for Detecting Deforestation) will be deployed initially in Malaysia and Indonesia, which together make up about 90% of palm oil production globally. According to WRI, it will detect deforestation weeks faster than existing optical-based systems.

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