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Convoy Joins Sustainable Brands to Lead the Innovation Push for a Sustainable Economy

CORPORATE MEMBER UPDATE - Convoy Joins Sustainable Brands to Lead the Innovation Push for a Sustainable Economy

2020 Begins the Decade of Benefit Corporations

BUSINESS CASE - What are the benefits of benefit corporations and certified B Corporations? Can they really help to lead toward meaningful change for society and the environment? We explored these questions with corporate sustainability expert Tim Greiner, Pure Strategies’ co-founder and Managing Director.

250+ Craft Brewers Join Brewgooder’s #DrinkBeerGiveWater Movement for World Water Day

COLLABORATION - This World Water Day (March 22), over 250 craft brewers from around the world will launch unique brews, proceeds benefitting The Brewgooder Foundation and its sustainable development projects across Malawi.

BNP Paribas, JetBlue to Close Aviation Industry’s First ESG-Linked RCF

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - JetBlue’s amended $550 million RCF includes a “sustainability-linked” provision, to align its strategic initiatives with its environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance goals — which the airline has been doing for years, in various ways.

How People Analytics Can Help Employee Retention

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - Organizational cultures are like snowflakes: No two are alike. Before you implement an employee engagement program or culture initiative, you must understand your workforce demographics and experiences to ensure the practices will solve a real need.

SB'20 Yokohama Delivers on the Good Life

PRESS RELEASE - Over 3,300 were in attendance at SB'20 Yokohama to learn about and experience the latest trends in the sustainability.

How Partnerships Can Extend Sustainable Solutions

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Partnerships and closer collaboration between organisations are critical if we are to build new, more sustainable ecosystems. One key to the success of any collaboration is that the partners have complementary strengths to exploit.

Igniting the Healthy Building Materials Movement: A Conversation with Perkins and Will

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Here, Mary Dickinson, co-director of Perkins and Will’s Material Performance Lab, sheds light on the firm’s efforts related to the environments in which we live, work and play; the market drivers for those initiatives; and the challenges and keys to success along the way.

Report: Predatory Marketing Tactics a Top Threat to Children’s Wellbeing

MARKETING AND COMMS - While climate change and intensifying carbon emissions still top the list of factors endangering a healthy future for the world’s children, a new report finds that marketing of harmful products aimed at children is another major threat to their wellbeing.

Microsoft, Danone Partner to Advance AI-Based Sustainable Food Solutions

COLLABORATION - The companies will jointly support funded European startups with artificial intelligence-based solutions for sustainable food and regenerative agricluture in a three-month accelerator.

MSC on Mission to Ensure Sustainable Seafood for All

MARKETING AND COMMS - MSC has researched what matters most to seafood lovers, and how to engage consumers and producers on the benefits of sustainable seafood. We caught up with Senior PR Manager Jackie Marks to find out how MSC is getting that message out.

Trending: Fresh Approaches to Managing Fashion’s Footprint

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - While Burberry delivers another carbon-neutral runway show and works to “inset” its emissions, a new report quantifies the staggering amount of travel emissions generated during a season’s worth of major fashion weeks.

Rolland: Missouri Botanical Garden is a Sustainable Oasis in St. Louis

CORPORATE MEMBER UPDATE - In this edition of our “Conversations with Green Champions,” Rolland President Philip Rundle speaks with Missouri Botanical Garden.

Jeff Bezos Launches $10B Earth Fund to ‘Preserve and Protect the Natural World’

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - The Amazon CEO, historically silent on the climate change issue and his company’s role within it, announces his personal vested interest — but critics and Amazon employees want more.

Trending: Visions of a New Energy Future from Vattenfall, BP?

CLEANTECH - Two strikingly different displays emerged this week, as the energy companies shared their visions of how we might achieve a global clean energy future.

How to Find Your Authentic Corporate Purpose

BUSINESS CASE - Your company’s purpose will not be found by commissioning a white paper or creating a complicated strategy document. It will emerge organically from an honest interrogation of what you’re truly about, what your people are about, and what feels easy to stand behind.

Rolland: Messiah College Teaches and Practices Environmental Stewardship

CORPORATE MEMBER UPDATE - For the 17th of our “Conversations with Green Champions” Rolland President Philip Rundle speaks with Messiah College, in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, about sustainability across campus and beyond.

FSC: The Most Trusted Mark in Responsible Forest Management

COMMUNITY UPDATE - Forests provide the air we breathe and water we drink, they are home to 80 percent of terrestrial biodiversity and they serve as vast stores of carbon, mitigating the worst impacts of climate change.

What the Coronavirus Outbreak Reveals About the Current Corporate Response to Human Rights

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - While the epidemic has shined a light on examples of a positive, collective response; it has also exposed an ongoing failure by corporations to put people first, and profit second.

WWF Reveals Biggest Losers in Unchecked Nature and Climate Crisis

THE NEXT ECONOMY - New report projects a US$10T hit to the global economy by 2050, as well as the countries set to be worst affected by continued biodiversity loss.

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