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8 Mental Models for Wise Leadership in a VUCA World

LEADERSHIP - Wise leaders build agile, inclusive and sustainable businesses. But how can you do that in times of crisis? Here are 8 mental models for building inner resilience to take responsible and sustainable actions in VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) situations.

Dow Unwraps Packaging Science, Sustainability Topics with New Podcast

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - "Plastics Unwrapped" provides savvy brands an insider’s look into some of the latest innovations in recyclable plastics, and tackles complex and fascinating science and sustainability questions.

Anheuser-Busch Revitalizes St. Louis Community, Spent Barley with New Production Facility

THE NEXT ECONOMY - As part of a recently announced $1B planned investment across the US, a new production facility that repurposes spent grain will create jobs and further the brewer’s commitments to sustainability and the St. Louis Community.

We Need a Vaccine for Business, as Well

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - The pandemic has taught us that everything is interdependent. Global thought leaders agree on the opportunity and need for several key shifts to materialize in business; and they agree on the ingredients necessary for the cure, as set out below.

Netflix Commits to Net Zero by 2022, Better Representation Onscreen and Off

MARKETING AND COMMS - Netflix’s new goals include achieving carbon neutrality by 2022. The company also revealed impressive stats behind viewer interest in sustainability-themed programming; and pledged to achieve more balanced representation of underrepresented communities, both on- and offscreen.

Ford’s New Science-Based, Interim Carbon-Neutral Targets Highlight First Integrated Sustainability, Financial Report

PRESS RELEASE - Ford today released its first-ever integrated sustainability and financial report of accomplishments and aspirations, at the same time announcing new science-based targets toward the company’s ambition to be carbon neutral by 2050, in line with terms of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Regenerative Agriculture: Soil Health, Herd Health, Human Health

SUPPLY CHAIN - Regenerative ag is a growing, dynamic movement that has potential for tremendous climate reversal and healthy food production. When even Neil Young says, “Put the carbon back in the soil," you know it’s time to get on board. 

CVS Health Announces Transform Health 2030 Goals, Releases 14th Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report

PRESS RELEASE - Bold, new CSR goals will help transform the health of people and communities served, employees and the planet

New Rewilding Europe Partnership Offers Regenerative Model for Travel Industry

THE NEXT ECONOMY - A new collaboration with Exodus Travels opens opportunities for tour operators and travelers to help regenerate biodiversity at degraded destinations — and a thoughtful model with which to reopen global travel.

The Estée Lauder Companies and Eastman sign global memorandum of understanding to further sustainable packaging

PRESS RELEASE - ELC to incorporate Eastman Renew products in packaging portfolio to enable achievement of 2025 sustainable packaging goals

Value-Engineered Packaging: Does Your Packaging Reflect Your Brand Values?

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Consider working with a packaging engineer the next time you release a new product or as you take steps to make your brand more sustainable. Customised packaging solutions create less waste, fewer emissions, and more savings to pass on to your customers. 

What Gets People to Act: Doom and Gloom or Rainbows and Sunshine?

MARKETING AND COMMS - The negative framing that accompanies “traditional” climate communications risks turning people off, but exclusively positive framing has its own issues. Long story short, we need both. Here are a few tips for choosing the right one.

‘Sustainability Is Not Enough:’ The Road to Regeneration in Malaysia and Beyond

THE NEXT ECONOMY - This week at SB’21 Kuala Lumpur, executives and practitioners across industries discussed the needed shift in power and focus — from extractive to regenerative business, and how we get there.

Keurig Dr Pepper Taps into a New Era of Water Stewardship

SUPPLY CHAIN - KDP has found the power of partnerships to be the best primer for innovation and has worked alongside various groups, including direct competitors, all of whom bring to the table a vested interest in shared water resources.

Trending: Virgin, Aspiration Incentivize Sustainable Spending

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Virgin Money’s sustainability-linked loans will reduce finance costs for businesses that proactively help the transition to a more sustainable economy; and Aspiration’s new credit card will enable consumers to work toward a ‘zero’ carbon footprint.

AT&T Provides Climate Data that Helps At-Risk Neighborhoods Prepare for Extreme Weather Events

PRESS RELEASE - New research from Climate Resiliency Community Challenge ties climate-change threats to communities also facing socio-economic risks

Not All Carbon Credits Are Created Equal

WALKING THE TALK - While the majority of projects that generate carbon credits focus solely on carbon abatement, an increasing number also achieve other environmental, economic, social and cultural co-benefits — which increase impact ROI for companies.

Food Rescuers Shouldn't Fight Over Limited Supply; Instead, Diversify

WASTE NOT - I’ve always been frustrated by infighting between food-rescue organizations working together to distribute scarce food donations — mostly from retailers. So, here’s my list of untapped sectors of the food system — where food is almost always genuinely going to waste.

Getting the Balance Right: 3M on Sustainability Goal-Setting

WALKING THE TALK - 3M's new climate goals culminate in climate neutrality by 2050. We talked with Gayle Schueller, 3M’s VP and Chief Sustainability Officer, to gain more insight into the company’s approach to the ‘balancing act’ of sustainability goal-setting.

Trending: Beverage Giants Ensuring Their Libations Are Sustainable, Down to the Roots

SUPPLY CHAIN - Bombay Sapphire and Starbucks are working with farmers to ensure complete supply chain sustainability for their gin and coffee, respectively.


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