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Regeneration and Business: The Challenges of Implementation

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Becoming a truly regenerative business might mean changing the shape of your portfolio — but this is not something to fear! Consumers want products and services that reflect their values and demands for greater sustainability, positive environmental impact, and both social and individual well-being. A portfolio that reflects this will be successful in the long run.

With Aggressive Expansion, Too Good to Go Doubles Down on Commitment to Address Food Waste

WASTE NOT - Beyond being the world’s largest business-to-consumer marketplace for surplus food, Too Good to Go is a movement. Not only does it offer a win-win-win solution for food, people and the planet — the company seeks to inspire and empower individuals around the world to take action against food waste.

Best Intentions: Surviving a Sustainability Story Setback with Transparency and Truth

WALKING THE TALK - When Kevin Murphy announced that all of its packaging would be made from “plastic pulled from the ocean,” it had every intention of delivering that. While the claim was doomed from the start, the company quickly communicated its mistake with tact, transparency and a plan to make it right.

Clorox Helps Launch US Plastics Pact Roadmap to 2025, Driving National Strategy to Achieve Circular Economy Goals

PRESS RELEASE - Clorox Helps Launch U.S. Plastics Pact Roadmap To 2025, Driving A National Strategy To Achieve Circular Economy Goals

US Plastics Pact Unveils Plan to Achieve Circular Economy in US by 2025

WASTE NOT - Holding accountable over 95 organizations, The US Plastics Pact Roadmap outlines specific actions and responsibilities to propel the US closer to other developed nations in its management of plastic waste.

Ello launches new line of sustainable water bottles at Target

PRESS RELEASE - Ello launches new line of sustainable water bottles. The Eco Ello Bottle made with Tritan™ Renew from Eastman is now available at Target stores.

Fix the Economy, Fix the Climate: A Deeper Dive Into the Win-Win of a Circular Economy

THE NEXT ECONOMY - At a recent virtual event, Dame Ellen MacArthur and an esteemed lineup of business and policy leaders discussed how to push siloed circular efforts to scale. And while the unknown and upfront costs are delaying progress, MacArthur asserted: “Everybody loses if we continue with business as usual.”

Brands for Good Marks Its Second Anniversary With New Research, Tools and Members, Including Mastercard, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health, and Mccormick & Company

PRESS RELEASE - New research from Brands for Good reveals that making sustainable living easier for consumers isn’t just good for the environment, but good for business, with 2-in-3 consumers reporting they’d be more loyal to brands that help them be more sustainable.

Tree Water and … Goose Droppings? Cheers to New, Creative Uses of Waste Streams

WASTE NOT - Asarasi has turned sap water — a waste byproduct of maple syrup production — into a delicious, carbonated beverage; and for intrepid beer lovers, the city of Lahti, Finland has turned the blight of local parks into a line of ‘Wasted Potential’ brews.

4 Ways to Attract Top Sustainability Talent

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - It’s brilliant news that sustainability and ESG professionals look set to become as critical to any business as operations, sales and marketing; but for brands that rely on a steady stream of candidates in these roles, it will require a rethink of hiring strategies.

Welcome to the Era of Regenerative Finance

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - While few funders have fully realized the regenerative finance vision, a growing community of financial activists is applying its core practices in initiatives that show how we can use capital as a flexible, purpose-driven tool to create healthy and equitable social and environmental systems.

Perspectives from the Food Waste Trenches

WASTE NOT - Food waste is catalyzing everyone in the food, waste and recycling industries to create new solutions and best practices to convert a negative into value for the environment and for business. Here are insights from some food industry leaders about efforts to reduce waste first, then recycle what cannot be eliminated.

Incipio® Group Announces Strategic Sustainability Partnership with Eastman

PRESS RELEASE - Incipio® Group Announces Strategic Sustainability Partnership with Eastman. Select Products to Incorporate Tritan™ Renew with 50% Certified Recycled Content.

Mattel Launches Barbie Loves the Ocean; Its First Fashion Doll Collection Made from Recycled Ocean-Bound* Plastic

PRESS RELEASE - New Campaign ‘The Future of Pink is Green™’ Engages Kids in Supporting a Greener Future

WWF’s ‘Forests Forward’ Helps Companies Deliver on Science-Driven Strategies to Benefit Nature, Climate, People

COLLABORATION - Companies including HP, IKEA, Kimberly-Clark, Lowe’s and Williams-Sonoma are working with WWF to create lasting change that makes tangible differences in people’s lives and the health of our natural world.

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health Advances Field of Skincare for Cancer Patients

OUR HEALTHY LIVES MISSION - During oncology treatment, patients’ skin requires special care. Products such as Aveeno® Restorative Skin Therapy can help patients of all skin types avoid severe cutaneous adverse reactions, so they can focus on life-saving therapies.

For Peat’s Sake: Back to the Roots Equips Home Gardeners with Climate-Friendly Soil

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - While peatlands cover only 3% of our land, they store 30% of the world’s soil carbon. And the popularity of peat in commercial potting soils means that peatlands, or bogs, are rapidly disappearing. Back to the Roots aimed to give conscientious home gardeners a solution.

Aleph Farms’ 3D-Bioprinted, Cultivated Steak: A Sustainable Future for Meat Production?

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Innovators such as Aleph Farms could change the meat industry for good: Your steak can now be grown in a lab — offering the same texture and taste of a conventional steak, without the environmental and ethical consequences.

Bumble Bee Plants ‘SeaTrees’ to Kick Off Ocean-Regeneration Initiative

REDEFINING SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD FOR THE FUTURE - Solving the oceans’ critical challenges will require more brands to directly invest in — and get involved with — restoration, regeneration and rehabilitation efforts. Bumble Bee’s partnership with SeaTrees provides a replicable model for what that can look like.

Canopy Welcomes LVMH, 29 More Brands to Coalitions Working to Preserve the World’s Forests

SUPPLY CHAIN - Corporate participation in Canopy’s CanopyStyle and Pack4Good initiatives — which work with the world’s biggest brands to protect forests and transform destructive supply chains in the fashion and packaging industries, respectively — is at an all-time high.


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