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Climate Action Awareness Report 2022: Consumers are ready to take climate action and seek more transparency

PRESS RELEASE - Climate action continues to be very important to consumers, despite current economic and political uncertainties

Tourism Pledges Expand in Scope, Intention as Industry Reinvents Itself

MARKETING AND COMMS - The success of tourism pledges lies with destinations, not travelers; and for any pledge to be effective, it must be used as part of a destination’s wider sustainable tourism strategy, rather than an isolated destination-management intervention.

The Sum of Small Efforts: Engaging Suppliers to Ensure Brand Plastic Reduction

SUPPLY CHAIN - Whether the priority is to reduce the plastic in packaging, increase the recycled content or just figure out where to start, it all begins with opening up a dialogue with suppliers. That is exactly what one major US retailer did when it sought to re-energise its plastics and packaging pledge during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Caring in Action: Hallmark Unveils Latest Corporate Responsibility Results

PRESS RELEASE - Hallmark released its annual Caring in Action report, which focuses on the company’s impact in the areas of diversity and inclusion, community, and sustainability during 2021.

Fair Targets for ESG Performance: An Introduction

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - To transform ESG reporting from a feel-good marketing exercise into a forward-looking financial assessment of a corporation’s environmental, social and business risk and an ESG-risk-aware capital-budgeting strategy, ESG targets need to reflect non-market stakeholder needs at a local, regional and global level. We call these kinds of multi-tiered, multi-stakeholder targets ‘fair.’

Recession or Not, Brands Must Go Long on ESG

WALKING THE TALK - Rather than undoing years’ worth of progress, brands must double down on ESG strategies that can (and will) continue to bear fruit.

Mycelium Materials Poised to Leave Conventional Leather Industry Hanging by a Thread

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Biotech startups Bolt Threads, Ecovative and Zvnder have discovered how to make the most of mycelium — creating high-quality, sustainable versions of ubiquitous materials such as leather.

Empowering Waste Pickers, Building Communities and Closing the Loop

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - In Latin America, where recycling rates remain below 10%, grassroots circular solutions are slowly beginning to scale — thanks to growing legitimacy, education, organization and protections for informal waste workers, who remain the backbone of the region’s collection and recycling infrastructure.

Why Employees Are 12x More Likely to Recommend Purpose-Driven Brands

MARKETING AND COMMS - In a world where the mistreatment of employees, supply chain workers and/or the planet will quickly go public through a social post or a company review, ensure your organization’s internal beliefs and behaviors align with your external actions and communications.

The Country Music Association Partners with Discovery Education to Launch Impactful New STEAM Program for Students And Educators

PRESS RELEASE - The Country Music Association and Discovery Education launched a new program empowering students to explore STEAM careers in the Country Music industry.

‘WhatIF’ More Foods Were Made This Way? Meet the Company Feeding Both People and Soil

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - By creating supply chains around nutritionally dense, easy-to-grow but mostly overlooked ingredients that help restore soil health, WhatIF Foods envisions a more just, beneficial food system tailored to meet the needs of various regions.

Making the Dream Work: Equipping Suppliers for the Climate Action Journey

SUPPLY CHAIN - A collaborative, network approach is helping global companies meet their suppliers where they are and ensure they have the resources and know-how to rise to growing imperatives to reduce climate impacts.

Influencing the Influencers: How to Unlock Mass Adoption of Sustainable Products

MARKETING AND COMMS - We must not only create products that address environmental impact without compromising consumer experience, but also help consumers understand that they don’t compromise when they embrace more sustainable products. How? By influencing our industry’s influencers.

Cultivating Serendipity for Innovation, Impact and ‘Smart Luck’

LEADERSHIP - Serendipity is about potentiality — it’s about connecting the dots. Once we look at the world less in terms of limitations and more in terms of opportunity, perceived liabilities can become assets; and a situation is reframed from one of passivity and powerlessness to one of activity and opportunity.

3rd Annual Fairtrade Mural Campaign Reminds Us All to Prioritize a Fair Deal for Farmers

MARKETING AND COMMS - By celebrating the growers behind popular chocolate and tea brands, the murals remind the public to ‘Choose the world you want’ by supporting products and brands that help give farmers a sustainable livelihood.

Discovery Education and Social Impact Partners Present Educators and Students Engaging Resources to Support Cybersecurity Awareness Month Observances

PRESS RELEASE - Discovery Education and select social impact partners are offering engaging, high-quality digital learning resources to students and teachers to support observances of Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Connected Products Platform Illuminates ‘Soul’ of Garments by Improving Supply Chain Visibility

SUPPLY CHAIN - By enabling raw material traceability at scale, Avery Dennison’s helps brands account for varying environmental footprints through more granular supply chain data, and empowers consumers to hold brands accountable to their sustainability promises.

E-Waste No More: Fairphone and Framework Show a Better Way Forward for Personal Electronics

WASTE NOT - Recycling, circular industry partnerships and marketplaces for refurbished devices are growing in popularity, but they won’t be a match for the tech industry’s throwaway approach anytime soon. But some smaller, more intrepid brands are proving the validity and demand for longer-lasting, easy-to-repair electronics.

Point B expands ESG offerings with Sustainable Business Consulting acquisition

PRESS RELEASE - Point B acquired Sustainable Business Consulting, expanding our vision to make a positive impact by supporting humanity and the environment.

Innovation and Data Driving Sustainability in US Cotton Industry

SUPPLY CHAIN - As pressures mount to make fashion more sustainable, brands, retailers, policymakers and industry leaders are all seeking assistance and assurances that global supply chains are using verified data and technology to improve the industry's footprint.


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