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Rhum J.M Offers How-to for Fellow Distillers Seeking Sustainability

WALKING THE TALK - The EDDEN Project highlights the Martinique distillery’s circular and sustainable efforts to date and its roadmap for improvement, as well as advocating for similar commitments from distilleries around the world.

Why Pushing Doesn’t Work … and a Better Way to Change Minds

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Sometimes change doesn’t require more horsepower. Sometimes we just need to unlock the parking brake. This book is about finding the parking brakes — discovering the hidden barriers preventing change that are thwarting action and learning how to mitigate them.

eBay Releases Methodology for Calculating Environmental, Financial Benefits of Recommerce

THE NEXT ECONOMY - The resale giant says the information allows consumers to make meaningful decisions about what used or refurbished products to purchase, by understanding how the positive environmental impact from purchases are calculated.

What Are Plastic Credits? A 4-Minute Explainer

THE NEXT ECONOMY - As the global plastic-pollution crisis continues to deepen, key stakeholders must come together to find and fund solutions. The introduction of plastic credits has brought with it a renewed cause for optimism.

AT&T Releases Projections on Climate-Fueled Natural Disasters to Help US Build Resilience

MARKETING AND COMMS - The telecommunications giant hopes the publicly available data can help guide the climate-adaptation efforts of the people and communities it serves.

Tattersall Distilling Offers Proof of Concept for Locally Produced, Circular Spirits at Scale

WASTE NOT - The microdistiller not only sources grains, fruit and materials from local suppliers — it repurposes as many byproducts of the distilling process as possible, in what’s likely one of the most scalable examples of circularity so far in the spirits business.

We All Have An Important Role to Play in Putting People at the Heart of Sustainability

WALKING THE TALK - Each of the 10 organizations being showcased in this year’s sustain[HUMAN]ability® Leadership Recognition Program is a leader in its own right and offers something from which we can all learn.

Trane Technologies and Discovery Education Launch STEM Education Initiative

PRESS RELEASE - In partnership with Discovery Education, Trane Technologies launches new STEM education initiative focused on sustainability.

BioLite Reflects on 10 Years of Facilitating Clean Energy in the Developing World

CLEANTECH - CEO & co-founder Jonathan Cedar says the mobile power and lighting company has directed its growth away from outdoor recreation, towards much larger impact.

Ice Cream Giants Innovate to Help Avoid Climate Meltdown

WALKING THE TALK - Ben & Jerry’s and its parent company, Unilever, have both launched pilots aimed at drastically cutting their GHG emissions — if successful, both are hoping to drive industry-wide change for truly game-changing impacts.

Meet StoreDot: The Startup That Used Neuroscience to Revolutionize EV Batteries

CLEANTECH - Thanks to a unique, interdisciplinary approach to addressing ‘range anxiety’ due to limited battery life, the Israeli startup has reinvented the EV battery with a breakthrough that could finally leapfrog EVs into the mainstream.

ELC Expands Renewable Energy Portfolio with Canadian Solar Array

PRESS RELEASE - The Estée Lauder Companies (ELC) has expanded its global renewable energy portfolio with an on-site solar installation at its new, state-of-the-art fill and assembly manufacturing facility, Hillmount, in Markham, Ontario.

How Stayfree and UNICEF Have Helped 1.7M Indian Girls Break Taboos Around Feminine Health

OUR HEALTHY LIVES MISSION - Cultural taboos, and lack of information and access to sanitary napkins, mean that menstruation still limits the lives of women and girls in many places. Stayfree and UNICEF developed a series of social and behavior-change initiatives to improve resources and understanding among girls, families and society.

Shaw to Honor 10 Organizations in its 2022 sustain[HUMAN]ability® Leadership Recognition Program

PRESS RELEASE - Shaw to Honor 10 Organizations in its 2022 sustain[HUMAN]ability® Leadership Recognition Program - representing sustainability leaders with a people-centric approach to sustainability.

Tesco, WWF Tapping Sustainable Food Startups to Fast-Track Supply Chain Innovations

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - The Innovation Connections accelerator program aims to fast-track vital food system innovations; Tesco is also calling on the UK government to help accelerate scale-up of late-stage innovations in food supply chains.

Country Crock’s Cover Crop Whiskey Shows Benefits of Regenerative Farming Practices

MARKETING AND COMMS - Kansas City distiller J. Rieger & Co. has crafted a one-time edition of Cover Crop Whiskey, made with cereal rye from local farms, to raise awareness of more sustainable farming practices.

Ørsted Trials Turning Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations Into Safe Havens For Corals

CLEANTECH - The first-of-its-kind ReCoral by Ørsted project aims to implement a non-invasive approach for restoring the health of coral reef ecosystems by growing healthy coral colonies on the foundations of offshore wind turbines.

How Brands Can Help Solve the Macro Problem of Microplastics

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - The impact of microplastics on our world is daunting; but every step we take to curb the creation of more microplastics, while also reducing how much of them continue lurking in the environment, makes a difference.

Report Highlights ‘Wild Dozen’ Plant Ingredients Consumers, Companies Should Consume with Care

SUPPLY CHAIN - A new report by TRAFFIC, the FAO and the IUCN Species Survival Commission Medicinal Plant Specialist Group looks at 12 common, wild-harvested plant ingredients and their effects on local sourcing communities and ecosystems.

Benefits for Local Communities Shape Offerings for Regionally Focused Travel Companies

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Focusing resources beyond popular attractions, and a personal sense of pride and care for a place and its people, creates the conditions for well-supported communities. Because of this, regionally focused travel companies are uniquely situated to ensure tourism creates positive ripple effects where they operate.


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