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6 Lessons Learned Over a Century of Advancing a Circular Economy

WASTE NOT - International Paper is 121 years old. If we want to be relevant for the next century, we must bring others along on our trajectory toward circularity. Whether you’re just starting out or are further down the path to circularity, take comfort in knowing you are not in this alone.

Quantifying Sustainability Impacts and Setting Meaningful Goals

NEW METRICS - No longer is sustainability synonymous with reducing GHGs — dozens of social, environmental and economic indicators must now be considered. The question remains: What is the best method for quantifying and reporting sustainability impacts?

5 Important New Frontiers of Social Impact Measurement

NEW METRICS - Within the evolution of risk and impact measurement, we are seeing growing demand for proven methodologies and best practices around quantifying social impact — here is a sample of five important frontiers of social impact measurement, each of which will have its own session at New Metrics ’19.

How Better Storytelling Can Get People to Vote: Lessons from the European Elections

MARKETING AND COMMS - I strongly believe in the power of emotional storytelling that cuts through. We need to make people *feel* something. More than ever, we have to stand up for the values that we believe in — and to do that well, we need to take more risks. 

Providing ‘Overdraft’ Protection for Groundwater in California's Pajaro Valley

BUSINESS CASE - While California’s recent drought is officially over, more intense rainfall means more rain is running off, rather than soaking into the ground. But what if some of this water could be collected to help recharge thirsty aquifers and mitigate the effects of overdraft?

Award-Winning Creative Driving Inclusion, Diversity, Civic Engagement

MARKETING AND COMMS - D&AD Impact is a global initiative and awards program that showcases how creative thinking can be a force for good. This year’s winners highlight solutions including adaptive gaming and furniture design to wildlife conservation to turning the tables on racist rhetoric.

Shaw Recognizes 10 Organizations Focused On The Wellbeing of People and the Planet

PRESS RELEASE - Shaw sustain[HUMAN]ability recognition program to highlight work of organizations driving change

The Biosphere’s Guide to Foolproofing Sustainability, Part 4: Power Autonomy

CLEANTECH - Nature has discovered that if you want to sustain your value cycles for billions of years, they need to run on free flows of solar energy. Our products and processes need to do the same.

Scandinavia, Australia Dominate 2019 Global Destination Sustainability Index

LEADERSHIP - The GDS-Index has released its 2019 sustainability ranking of 50 global business tourism and events destinations. Increasingly, the Index is being used on a political level to allow local governments to evaluate their progress in sustainability.

Practitioners Across Industries Embracing Their Role in Ensuring Health of Our Ocean

COLLABORATION - Looking ahead to Sustainable Brands Oceans (14-16 November 2019 in Porto, Portugal), we caught up with Katherine Bryar — Head of Global Branding and Communications at BioMar — to find out what’s in store.

Sustana: 3 Helpful Trends In The Food Packaging Industry You Should Know

CORPORATE MEMBER UPDATE - Ask companies working in the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) sector and they’ll tell you that gaining a competitive edge can be a challenge. Shoppers are inundated with choice and standing out, both in and out of the store, is tough.

Maersk Joins Forces with Industry Peers, Customers to Develop Next-Gen Shipping Fuel

CLEANTECH - A.P. Moller - Maersk has partnered with BMW, H&M, Levi Strauss and more to explore LEO — a blend of lignin and ethanol — that could be part of a solution for sustainable shipping.

The Secret Ingredient Behind High-Performing Companies

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - Great Place to Work® has studied high-trust workplace cultures for the past 30 years. Our data represents 100+ million employees’ perspectives. It unlocks the mystery of what makes a great employer, regardless of size, industry or region of the globe.

Trending: Partnerships Laying More Groundwork for Circular Plastics Economy

THE NEXT ECONOMY - The US’ biggest beverage companies have invested into ensuring they get ‘Every Bottle Back’ for recycling; Bluewater is helping Londoners ditch single-use bottles; and SC Johnson and Plastic Bank are broadening the Social Plastic ecosystem.

How Rebalancing Power Dynamics Can Create More Sustainable Value Chains

SUPPLY CHAIN - From growers to sellers and consumers, there’s no doubt coffee touches billions of people every single day. But as coffee prices continue to decline, how can we address the underlying power dynamics that are driving unsustainable practices?

New Report Calls on Food Giants to Use Vanishing Water Resources More Efficiently

SUPPLY CHAIN - Third edition of 'Feeding Ourselves Thirsty' reveals improved water-management scores from industry giants such as Mars, Coca-Cola and Unilever, but finds insufficient corporate action overall in an increasingly water-stressed world.

Harnessing Business Purpose to Safeguard Our Oceans

COLLABORATION - Our Ocean 2019 gathered leaders from government, business and civil society to discuss solutions and actions for a clean healthy and productive ocean. It set the stage for bold action to safeguard our oceans — and the sense of urgency is mounting.

Nestlé Pure Life Launches DC Collection Bottles

PRESS RELEASE - Kid-Friendly Super Hero Bottles Made From 100% rPET and Use Innovative Label Recycling Technology

Rolland: Three Sustainability Trends You Need to Know About Now

CORPORATE MEMBER UPDATE - Consumers across industries are demanding that the brands they buy make strides in sustainability. As 2020 nears, here are three valuable sustainability trends to watch.

Nielsen Continues its Sustainability Journey with its First Value-chain Greenhouse Gas Assessment

CORPORATE MEMBER UPDATE - Nielsen’s first value-chain greenhouse gas assessment

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