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BillerudKornsäs Offers Unique Insights on Packaging Sustainability

(3 weeks ago) - As consumers look to brands to lead the way in packaging sustainability, brands can choose responsibly sourced, light and easy-to-recycle packaging solutions to get there.

2019: The Year of the Civic CEO

(3 weeks ago) - New mediums of communication, power and trust produced the Civic CEO, and she is here to stay.

Trending: Lush, M&S, Nestlé Accelerate Plastic-Free Strategies

(4 weeks ago) - The work to clean up our plastic mess continues with new initiatives from more major brands.

Is Employee Engagement One of Your New Year Resolutions?

(4 weeks ago) - An engaged workforce is critical to an organization’s success, no matter what products or services you’re selling.

Caesars Entertainment and ImpactNV Launch Fund to Support Victims of Human Trafficking

(4 weeks ago) - Caesars Entertainment today announced the creation of The Shared Future Fund, a new and innovative investment model that will be used to create long-term positive change for adult and child victims of human trafficking.

Keep America Beautiful and Nestlé Waters North America Partner to Clean Up National Parks During Government Shutdown

(4 weeks ago) - As national parks face issues with unmanaged waste during the government shutdown, Keep America Beautiful and Nestlé Waters North America are teaming up to help mobilize affiliate organizations and volunteers across the country to clean up these shared public spaces.

Gap, Salesforce Sign Landmark Deal for Renewable Energy Aggregation

(4 weeks ago) - Five global brands sign joint 42.5-MW energy deal, creating a new blueprint for renewable energy aggregation

‘We Believe’: Communicators Weigh In on P&G’s Controversial New Ad

(1 month ago) - We reached out to communication leaders in the SB community for their take on P&G’s spotlight on toxic masculinity.

Why Entrepreneurs, Not CPG Giants, Will Lead Us to ‘Earth-Functional Foods’

(1 month ago) - New report uses the term “Earth-Functional Foods” to describe food that provides environmental benefits beyond health.

Global Alliance Commits Over $1B to End Plastic Waste

(1 month ago) - The global plastics value chain has banded together to advance solutions to plastic waste in the environment.

New Guide Will Empower Banks to Quickly Assess Natural Capital Risk

(1 month ago) - New step-by-step guide from Natural Capital Finance Alliance builds on launch of web-based tool, ENCORE, in November.

Reducing Transport Emissions in Electronics Supply Chains, the 'SmartWay'

(1 month ago) - Electronics manufacturers are asking for more sustainability data from suppliers as the demand for CSR extends throughout the supply chain.

Tiffany & Co. Begins New Era of Diamond Transparency

(1 month ago) - Tiffany begins disclosing the provenance of its diamonds, commits to 100% geographic transparency.

Building the Next Generation of Sustainable Fashion Leaders

(1 month ago) - There is a clear opportunity to transition to a more conscious approach to fashion, and up-and-coming designers have great potential to help influence this shift.

BASF’s new active ingredients target skin conditions’ root causes

(1 month ago) - During Cosmet’Agora from January 15 to 16 in Paris, BASF’s Care Creations™ will present several new active ingredients that were derived from the research activities of the company’s innovation platforms on epigenetics, microbiome and extraction, addressing the dermatological roots of these skin conditions and helping manufacturers meet end-consumers’ needs.

CES Tech for a Better World: Insights on Innovation and Social Purpose

(1 month ago) - With the 2019 Tech for a Better World honorees, CES makes the statement that technology should positively impact humanity and the natural world.

Q&A: Savers on a Mission to Help Us All ‘Rethink Reuse’

(1 month ago) - Fashion and sustainability: Can they go together?

ERM Announces Acquisition of SustainAbility Ltd

(1 month ago) - The second in a series of acquisitions by ERM aimed at building the world’s leading sustainability advisory services

3 Top Sustainability Issues in 2019 and How to Address Them

(1 month ago) - Once seen as a ‘nice to have’ for businesses, sustainability has become a vital component of many global organisations’ social and economic strategies.

How Smart Tech Is Bringing Toilets to the Masses Across the Developing World

(1 month ago) - Did you hear the story of the little girl in India who called the police to report her dad over a toilet?

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