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Attention, Business Leaders: Environmental Rights, Human Rights Inextricably Linked

WALKING THE TALK - Perhaps the takeaway of the week is that the ‘next 10 years’ of business and human rights coincide with the 2030 deadline for us to halve carbon emissions — and that environmental rights are now very clearly seen as human rights. Companies pursuing a net-zero strategy must make human rights central, too.

Periodic Audio selects Eastman Tritan™ copolyester for in-ear monitors

PRESS RELEASE - Periodic Audio selects Eastman Tritan™ copolyester for in-ear monitors. Co-founder praises Tritan’s acoustic performance, ease of use and durability.

$1M Innovation Challenge to Fuel Upcycled Solutions to Pomegranate Waste

WASTE NOT - The Wonderful Company has chosen two winners to create value-added solutions from 50,000 annual tons of pomegranate husks, to reduce food waste and create a more circular supply chain.

5 Lessons Learned from Employing a Second-Chance Workforce

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - About half of our employees have a criminal record, and I’ve learned valuable lessons from working with them. If your business is considering hiring formerly incarcerated people, the following lessons may help you avoid common obstacles to building a positive environment, so both your new employees and your business can thrive.

2021 a ‘Landmark’ for Corporate Human Rights Litigation

WALKING THE TALK - On day two of the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights, delegates discussed how environmental damage is being viewed as a human rights violation in a growing number of court cases around the world — and that the UN Guiding Principles may increasingly be criteria in court judgements.

Racing to Zero, Part 1: On Track, or Playing with Numbers?

WALKING THE TALK - Many companies say they’ve reached their net-zero goals, but is it really that easy? We can make the numbers look good, at least in the short-term; or we can strive for greater impacts — towards real zero and beyond. If we don’t take this challenge seriously today, we won’t be in business in ten years’ time.

Amorepacific and Eastman partner to make meaningful advances in sustainable packaging, reducing plastic waste

PRESS RELEASE - Amorepacific and Eastman partner to make meaningful advances in sustainable packaging, reducing plastic waste.

A Deconstructive Tool for a Constructive Future

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - An awareness of these circular strategies will identify opportunities for any project team to consider the potential of a more 'constructive' future for the built environment.

Where Is the New Roadmap for Business and Human Rights Taking Us?

SUPPLY CHAIN - As delegates from the UN launched the roadmap at day one of this year's Business and Human Rights Forum, full respect for human rights by business was described as a strategic — not just an operational — issue, requiring a change of corporate culture and of business models.

While Travel Was Quiet, JetBlue Was Busy with Sustainability

CLEANTECH - During COVID, JetBlue announced several sustainability targets — including a net-zero target by 2040, as well as a set of short-and medium-term targets to help them get there. We asked Carl Otto, JetBlue’s Senior Analyst for Sustainability and ESG, how they'll do it.

Natural Resources: Brands Partnering with Indigenous Communities on Forest Conservation

COLLABORATION - Consumer goods brands and retailers aiming to diminish their climate impacts or even become forest positive can find cost-effective solutions to protect forests when they partner with indigenous communities on the ground.

This Industry-First Online Marketplace Is Helping Companies ‘SourceGreenPackaging’

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - The newly launched B2B marketplace helps connect companies with vetted, sustainable, plastic-free packaging options, as well as education on materials and the evolving regulatory landscape.

The Most Successful, Sustainable Organizations Will Be Driven by Feminine Leadership

LEADERSHIP - An insightful panel discussion on women in leadership unearthed several critical traits for the type of leadership we need in a healthy, sustainable, equitable future — and signs that they’re beginning to transcend gender.

Growing Anti-Black Friday Movement Spurns Overconsumption, Unsustainable Holiday Shopping

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Consumers are more and more inclined to buy from brands that align with their beliefs and values; and anti-Black Friday is an important indicator of the growing chasm between purpose-driven brands and those still banking on business-as-usual approaches.

Calling On All ‘Bad Actors’ to Join the Climate Change Fight

COLLABORATION - Those of us committed to combatting climate change have no patience for companies that are ‘part of the problem’; but we should embrace anyone that is truly committed to being part of the solution. We’re all on the same team — and we will stand or fall together.

Think Recycled Fiber First

PRESS RELEASE - Consumers are becoming more eco-conscious as the climate crisis demands urgency. It is critical to choose sustainable paper-based packing. Sustana’s EnviroLife® meets these demands.

Shimokawa Town: A Collaborative Approach to Building an SDGs Future City

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Shimokawa Town in Hokkaido is a designated SDGs Future City and the winner of the first Prime Minister’s Japan SDGs Award in 2017. Four years on, Shimokawa is still working earnestly to achieve the goals and is keen to share its progress, new initiatives, and challenges along the way.

Beyond Data: How Financial Firms Can Build a Sustainable Future

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Disclosure and data certainly are important, but they are not sufficient to create a more equitable and sustainable world. Companies that take a narrow or compliance-focused approach to ESG are missing the forest for the trees.

Reimagining Canada’s Economy: Putting Purpose Before Profit Will Ultimately Net the Highest Returns

THE NEXT ECONOMY - In Canada’s first-ever Purpose in Business Week, business, government and thought leaders are creating a Roadmap to accelerate the purpose economy and mainstream social purpose in business that will require cross-sector engagement and collaboration across six critical levers.

Meeting Your Corporate Circularity Commitments: Welcome to the Age of Advanced Recycling

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - We believe that the solution to stopping plastic waste is understanding that the material is too valuable to be lost in landfills. We can change what is traditionally considered waste and transform it into a valuable, sustainable resource through advanced recycling.


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