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Mastercard Recognizes Women’s Small Business Month Expanding Partnership with Impact Investment Platform CNote

PRESS RELEASE - Company reinforces its commitment to supporting the prosperity of 25 million women entrepreneurs and 50 million small businesses in the digital economy

Meet the Punk Beer Brand Ripping Up the Rulebook to Protect Our Planet

THE NEXT ECONOMY - It would be easy to view BrewDog as little more than stunt-based marketing experts. But the company has been busy making sure to leave a more impactful dent on our culture, putting the all-important issue of climate change front and center.

That’s the Spirit! Bacardi’s Biodegradable Bottle Latest Boon to Beverage Packaging

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Set to arrive in 2023, the bottle — which will biodegrade in 18 months — will replace 80M plastic bottles currently produced by Bacardi across its portfolio of brands every year.

Collaboration, Not Competition, Is the Key to Affordable and Sustainable Fashion

SUPPLY CHAIN - The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol is a knowledge-sharing platform and partnership for the entire cotton supply chain. It offers brands and retailers better access to the cotton data that they need to be more sustainable.

Chicago Parks Contribute to Cleaner Air with Renewable Fuel

CLEANTECH - How biodiesel use supports the Chicago Park District's mission to preserve its world-class park system for future generations.

Dentsu International to be Net Zero emissions company by 2030

PRESS RELEASE - Worldwide media, CXM and creative communications company, dentsu international, has committed to become a Net Zero emissions business by 2030.

Did Lack of Transparency Invalidate Asia’s First Corporate Sustainability Bond?

SUPPLY CHAIN - The devil's in the details: Allegations of deforestation in Michelin’s natural rubber supply chain highlight the need for greater transparency in ‘green’ financing.

Embracing Collaboration Is Key to Delivering the Low-Carbon World We Need

CLEANTECH - A recent collaboration between Shell Energy and Wells Fargo shows how the corporate world has responded to the evolving market — and how using renewable energy just makes good business sense.

CVS, Target Working to ‘Skip the Slip’ with Digital, Non-Toxic Receipt Options

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Green America’s new ‘Skip the Slip’ report tracks the progress on receipt practices of 35 major companies. The retailers’ switch reflects growing consumer demand for digital options and non-toxic, recyclable receipt paper.

Interface Achieves Carbon Negativity with Products That Decarbonize the Built Environment

PRESS RELEASE - Global Flooring Leader Takes Definitive Step Toward Becoming Carbon Negative Enterprise

Mastercard Partners to Digitally Empower Small Businesses in Latin America

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Bancolombia, Banco Galicia, Citibanamex and Mercado Libre are part of the Partnership, committed to accelerate business recovery and inclusive growth efforts in the region.

Priceless Planet Coalition Expands, Unites Businesses and Consumers Worldwide to Preserve the Environment

PRESS RELEASE - The Priceless Planet Coalition unites the efforts of consumers, financial institutions, merchants and cities to fight climate change through the restoration of 100 million trees over five years.

ILFI Offers Companies a Measured Approach to Becoming More 'JUST'

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - When it comes to embedding DEI issues into organizations, the first question is often: How do we begin making the change that’s expected of us? ILFI’s JUST program helps companies take concrete steps toward becoming more equitable and inclusive.

Precision Ecosystems: An Improved Model for Better Indoor Crops

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - The progress of humankind is heavily linked to technological changes in how farming is done. Today, farming in the US faces challenges never before seen that require supplementing traditional agriculture with new approaches.

Plantable chocolate wrappers that grow into flowers by Southport student wins ‘Best Campaign’ in The Code

PRESS RELEASE - Layla Assi, 16, has been named winner of “Best Campaign” in advertising and digital skills competition, Rise Up, part of The Code from Dentsu

The Great Indoors: Creating a Nurturing Habitat for People and Planet

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - We spend 90% of our time indoors, and that was before a global pandemic forced many of us to turn our living environments into our offices, schools and gyms. So, what is the key to creating nurturing indoor habitats?

How DEI Issues Have Reshaped the Brand Purpose Landscape

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - A dramatic shift in diversity is only possible if the most exposed, vulnerable and or marginalised groups contribute to decision-making around narratives, ideas and solutions. Can you name any brands that are championing race within their purpose work and doing it well?

Soybean Farmer Takes Active Role in Biodiesel Industry

CLEANTECH - Rob Shaffer — a fourth-generation soybean, corn and Angus cattle farmer — has been active in industry organizations for more than a decade. He was invited to join the National Biodiesel Board in 2012 and hasn’t looked back.

How the Cocoa Industry Can and Must Change to Tackle the Climate Crisis

SUPPLY CHAIN - Ceres’ new Investor Brief on Cocoa identifies three key challenges posed to the cocoa industry by shifting social and environmental conditions, and the actions companies can take today to mitigate the material financial risks embedded in cocoa supply chains.

New Standards, Certification Program Aim to Embed DEI Into Tourism

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - Travel Unity — a nonprofit focused on increasing diversity in travel through individual and community empowerment — has established a set of standards for DEI in travel and tourism, as well as the industry’s first holistic DEI certification program.


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