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CPI Card Group® Builds on CSR Initiatives with Global Charity Donations and Sustainable Brands® Membership

PRESS RELEASE - CPI Card Group Inc. , a payment technology company and leading provider of credit, debit and prepaid solutions, today highlighted recent steps to support and drive its corporate social responsibility, including contributions to local and global charities and coronavirus relief efforts.

Danone North America to Award $90,000 in Grants to Advance Sustainable Food Systems through Non-Profit Institute

PRESS RELEASE - "One Planet. One Health" Initiative Launches Second Year of Support for Community-Based and Academic-Driven Projects

90+ Companies Now Certified Climate Neutral

WALKING THE TALK - Barely a year since its launch, almost 100 brands are now sporting the label, demonstrating full accountability for their carbon footprint.

SB Corporate Members Collaborate to Drive Circular Innovation

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - When BASF and its customer and fellow Sustainable Brands Corporate Member, Stanley Black & Decker, realized they had similar interest in recycling technologies for plastics and battery materials, they decided to launch an innovation challenge.

Environmental Data in the Time of Corona: Preparing for Shocks to the System

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - It has been heartening to see major organisations doing the right thing when it comes to dealing with the coronavirus: Follow the science. Although the COVID and climate crises are profoundly different, the parallels are obvious — and the key to surviving both is to use data-driven strategies to improve resilience to future shocks.

Reinforcing Brand Purpose in a Changing World: Nestlé’s Member Meeting Takeaways

CORPORATE MEMBER UPDATE - Nestlé's key takeaways from the recent Design Innovation Member Meeting, co-hosted by Nestlé and Alaska Airlines.

Sustainability and the Workforce: Generational Differences and How to Prepare for 2020 and Beyond

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - How this pandemic will impact the future of workforce development is yet to be seen, but it truly serves as an opportunity for employers to scale the pace of evolution necessary for a more sustainable future.

The Coronavirus Is Making Public Discourse Sick

MARKETING AND COMMS - When it comes to Coronavirus, the climate emergency or any other disaster, we shouldn’t antagonize; rather, we should empathise. If we learn to see beyond the tips of our noses and adopt a global empathy, we'll be able to tackle this virus — and the even bigger crisis of the climate emergency.

SDGs White Paper: A Compass That Indicates Where Japan Is Today and Should Head in the Future

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - The "SDGs White Paper 2019" aims to help promote fundamental understanding of the SDGs — featuring sections that use concrete case studies and data to clearly explain what is happening in the world, what the issues are, and what Japan is doing on each of the 17 goals.

Sustainability Is Dead. Long Live Sustainability (or, Redefining the Term in a Post-COVID World …)

THE NEXT ECONOMY - We get to choose what the world will look like when we open our doors in three…six…twelve months’ time. Will we choose Human 101 or Human 3.0?

2019 Nobel-Winning Chemistry Professor Shares His Views on Renewable Energy

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Dr. Stanley Whittingham, the pioneer of lithium-ion batteries, spoke with BASF about a fossil-fuel-free future.

Convoy Teams Up with Shippers and Truck Drivers Nationwide to Address Urgent Food Bank Needs

PRESS RELEASE - Convoy pays 100% of trucking costs for full truckload donations to help food shortage

Now Is the Time to Detox the Fashion Industry — Here's How to Do It

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - ZDHC Foundation Executive Director Frank Michel outlines why now is the time for the industry to stick to its sustainability commitments, and offers the industry a free tool to start detoxing.

How Curbing Deforestation Can Help Protect Us Against Future Pandemics

BUSINESS CASE - Deforestation often increases the proximity of bats and other animals to humans, bringing together species that would not otherwise live together and creating a perfect storm for the creation of new zoonotic diseases.

US Consumers Looking to Business, Rather Than Government, for Leadership During Pandemic

WALKING THE TALK - The "Porter Novelli COVID-19 Tracker: Insights for a Time of Crisis" highlights the need for US companies to step up, authentically, to address the public’s needs and expectations.

The KIND Foundation and Project N95 Launch the 'Frontline Impact Project', a Platform to Support the People Risking Their Lives to Keep Us Safe

PRESS RELEASE - Partnership builds on the work of Project N95 and expands response offering to fulfill more types of needs of front-line workers

‘Green Swans’ Will Kill Some Brands, Boost Others

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Green Swans also take the world by surprise — because of their exponential character, and because they produce outcomes previously considered to be not just improbable but impossible. But rather than driving degeneration like their Grey and Black cousins, they help drive resilience and regeneration.

Ibotta Partners with 20+ CPG Brands to Highlight Wasteful Paper Couponing Industry

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Ibotta teams with CLIF, Danone, Nestlé, The Honest Company and more to raise awareness of coupon waste; partners with Trees for the Future to plant 1M trees to offset environmental impact of paper coupons.

BASF donates over 100 million protective masks

PRESS RELEASE - As part of BASF’s “Helping Hands” campaign in the fight against the corona pandemic, BASF is donating 100 million protective masks to the Federal Republic of Germany.

Apple, Google Team Up on Contact-Tracing System for COVID-19

COLLABORATION - If only we had a reliable system for tracking the spread of the coronavirus, and future outbreaks … The two tech giants are collaborating on just that — and they insist it won’t compromise public privacy.

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