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Q&A: Dole ‘Promise’ Sees Shift to New, Shared Value Principles by 2025

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - Dole Packaged Foods’ new sustainability commitment is based on a Japanese philosophy called 'sampo yochi' — in which business operates for the good of the seller, the buyer and society.

Sustainable Brands Joins #StopHateForProfit Campaign

COMMUNITY UPDATE - As part of the “StopHateForProfit” campaign, Sustainable Brands is stopping all organic and paid content submissions to Facebook, Inc. for the month of July.

PMI Reports 2019 ESG Performance in Its First Integrated Report

PRESS RELEASE - Demonstrates Strong Progress Toward Delivering a Smoke-Free Future; Reaffirms and Broadens 2025 Aspirational Targets

Regenerative Agriculture the Linchpin for a Sustainable Fashion Future

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - New report reveals how emulating nature’s lessons in the fashion industry can enhance ecosystems to boost biodiversity, build soil, support communities, and clean up existing pollution.

UPS Publishes 18th Annual Sustainability Report Highlighting Progress

PRESS RELEASE - UPS announces achievement of obtaining four 2020 goals, one year early, showcases leadership in comprehensive reporting & disclosure, and issues company’s first ever Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Report

Kohler Co. Issues 2019 Global Social Impact Report

PRESS RELEASE - Report Demonstrates Notable Accomplishments Across Environment and Social Initiatives

Private Sector Can (and Must) Clean Up the Oceans

WASTE NOT - The private sector must collaborate with the public sector to clean up plastic pollution in our waterways. Entities such as the TerraCycle Global Foundation have an opportunity to increase conservation and create value for all stakeholders in the work towards healthier oceans.

Impact Investing Grows, But There’s Still a Long Road to Financial Inclusion

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - More funds and firms are targeting financially underserved communities, but the impact investing movement and government funding need to be more accessible and intentional to address systemic inequalities and racial disparities in investing.

UNESCO Spotlights What Our ‘Next Normal’ Should Look Like

MARKETING AND COMMS - UNESCO’s new campaign asks us to question our ideas about what is normal, suggesting that we have accepted the unacceptable when it comes to our environment, economies, public health and societies for far too long.

Caremongering: The Future of Sustainable Enterprise

THE NEXT ECONOMY - COVID-19 accelerated a shift from “me” to “we”; and a new trend called "caremongering" not only characterizes people's behavior towards each other, but what they look for in the companies they support. At Fjord, we believe those companies designing with the benefit of all life in mind will thrive now and in the decade ahead.

HP Sets Ambitious Plastic Goals, Doubles Down on Diversity Commitments

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Along with the release of its 2019 Sustainable Impact Report, the tech giant has set bold goals around reduction of single-use plastics and increasing recycled materials; and committed to doubling its number of Black executives by 2025.

A Brief History of Food Declarations; and the Path to Better Ones

MARKETING AND COMMS - Food is not about boxed brands on a shelf, but about people and the environment — hence, our need for food declarations. We’re working on one that not only certifies the ingredients, but shows consumers the impact they make with the purchase of each product.

Research Shows Business Imperative for Authentic Action to Address Social Injustices

WALKING THE TALK - The latest Porter Novelli Purpose Tracker reveals a new mandate for US companies to authentically and substantively address racial inequality and myriad social justice issues.

Meet the Food-Delivery Service That’s Actually Helping Restaurants ‘Fare’ During the Pandemic

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Fare, a new food-delivery app, is building a more equitable model — one that fosters enhanced community cohesion and shared benefits, and doesn’t include restaurant-crippling fees.

Recycling Is an Essential Component to Our Nation's Supply Chain, but Most Consumers Aren't Making That Connection

PRESS RELEASE - Research reveals consumers do not relate recycling to providing needed feedstock for new products

Visa to Digitally Enable 50M Small Businesses, to Power Equitable Global Recovery

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - A new range of initiatives from Visa aims to further support small business recovery from COVID, and equip them to keep up with increasing demand for e-commerce and digital payments; with $100k in grants earmarked for US-based, Black women-owned small businesses.

Eastman introduces Tritan™ Renew for sustainability without compromise

PRESS RELEASE - Sustainable materials provider previews new-generation Tritan copolyester.

How to Redesign Our Food System for Resilience

THE NEXT ECONOMY - At the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s recent Big Food Workshop, a variety of experts from throughout the food space spoke on the need to radically redesign for circularity and regionalism, to help us heal our broken global food system.

Kolster to Brands: Avoid the ’Hero Trap’ and Close the Intention-Action Gap

WALKING THE TALK - Internationally recognised speaker and author Thomas Kolster, also known as Mr. Goodvertising, takes a hatchet to his earlier beliefs around purpose-driven brands in a new book, “The Hero Trap.” He says the one question brands need to be asking and acting on to change behaviors at scale and unlock sustainable growth that benefits all is ‘Who can you help people become?’

Trending: Heritage Brands Rush to Distance Themselves from Racially Stereotyped Images

MARKETING AND COMMS - Amidst the social unrest that has flooded the US since the murder of George Floyd, four household-name food brands, whose brand identities have long centered around racial stereotypes, are updating their images and logos to reflect the changing societal consciousness.


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