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Going Green for St. Patrick’s Day - Brewing Up Sustainability: How Two Vermont Craft Beverage Makers are Leading the Sustainability Charge in Vermont

PRESS RELEASE - Vermont has always been at the forefront of sustainability initiatives, and the craft beverage movement is no exception.

Effective Storytelling Can Inspire Positive Action for People and Planet

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Marketers are the co-creators of our societal narrative, and a brand’s messaging has the ability to drive culture change. Never before has the power of the stories we tell held such importance or latent opportunity.

Jaguar Land Rover Charges Ahead with Circular Model for I-PACE Batteries

CLEANTECH - JLR has partnered to create a zero-emissions charging unit using second-life Jaguar I-PACE batteries. Reusing its EV batteries will create new, circular business models for JLR in energy storage and beyond.

680+ Investors Call on Over 10K Companies to Share Environmental Data

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - While more companies are reporting through CDP every year, many still do not disclose enough data on their environmental impact. Non-disclosure will not be an option for many companies for much longer, with a series of mandatory environmental disclosure requirements coming this year around the world.

Sustainability or Spin? Why Straight Facts Matter Most

MARKETING AND COMMS - As demand for better brands continues to increase, we can expect an exponential increase in two things: ‘green’ brand claims and the level of public scrutiny. Before your brand team loses time, money and precious brand equity, check out this summary of resources to help you stay the course.

CPI Card Group® Crosses 50 Million Mark for Eco-Focused Payment Cards Sold

PRESS RELEASE - CPI®’s Suite of Upcycled Plastic and Recovered Ocean-Bound Plastic Cards Helps Support the Sustainability Goals of Financial Institutions and FinTechs

Conquering the Grass Ceiling: Female Farmers Feeding America and the World

SUPPLY CHAIN - As we celebrate Women’s History Month, it seems only fitting to focus on the women working to feed our country. From raising dairy and beef cows to vegetables and other crops — women are slowly becoming the face of the next generation of US farmers.

The Sustainable Brands Network, Ukraine & the Power of Community

WALKING THE TALK - SB amplifies the actions of its global community and governments in support of Ukraine and reflects on the conflict’s potential impacts on long-term sustainability efforts.

Now More Than Ever, Food Companies Need to Show Their Work on Climate Commitments

MARKETING AND COMMS - Detailed disclosure is critical in climate action plans. An emissions-reduction target is insufficient without baseline emissions data to compare it to; because investors and stakeholders have no way of knowing if major sources of emissions are going unmeasured, undisclosed and unaddressed.

Transparency and Traceability Must Drive Sustainable Fashion

SUPPLY CHAIN - Traceability is the foundation upon which we can truly revolutionize the fashion industry, revealing the actual costs of products and ensuring that the wealth generated from production gets redistributed more fairly.

New Bank of the West Report Highlights Major Consumer Knowledge Gaps in Sustainable Finance

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Fossil fuels and other climate-risky endeavors are still big money for banks; and even if consumers find their bank continues to fund them, it’s something they often feel powerless to change.

New Target Collection Answers Increased Consumer Demand for Products That Reduce Waste

MARKETING AND COMMS - The ‘Target Zero’ collection features products and packaging designed to be refillable, reusable or compostable; made from recycled content; or made from materials that reduce the use of plastic.

Advertising: A Missing Link in Successful Corporate Climate Action Plans

MARKETING AND COMMS - Advertising is a $700B industry that has been overlooked as a source of significant carbon emissions. To achieve sustainable advertising, we must make it easier for companies to calculate their Scope 3 emissions. Here's how some of the world's largest brands, agencies and ad-tech companies will benefit from new innovations.

Asian Companies Can Now Find Their Way to Sustainability with the Brand Transformation Roadmap

WALKING THE TALK - Sustainable Brands’ proprietary tool was launched in Asia at the 2022 edition of the Sustainable Brands Asia-Pacific conference.

How Can Apparel Brands Solve a Problem Like Deadstock?

WASTE NOT - A growing number of niche brands are finding success with apparel repurposing; but many larger apparel companies have no best practices in place for managing their enormous volumes of unsellable merchandise. Fortunately, a new sub-industry of upcycling partners is stepping in to ‘reimagine’ increasingly large volumes of deadstock.

‘Greenwashing Is Dangerous’: Lessons for Purpose-Driven Brands from Innocent’s Recent Lashing

MARKETING AND COMMS - Brands now understand the immense benefits of touting their sustainability and purpose credentials; but those with sustainability ‘halos’ aren’t immune to scrutiny over their claims. As Innocent drinks was recently reminded, the stakes have never been higher for getting it wrong.

Airline Industry Chips Away at Climate Impacts with Long-Term Sustainability Initiatives

CLEANTECH - Alaska, Delta share progress on meantime-measures, lofty goals ahead of industry net-zero targets.

Paleblue Is Betting Big on a Switch to Rechargeable

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - The startup estimates that wide-scale adoption of long-life, rechargeable batteries could save 126,350 metric tons of batteries from filling US landfills each year, with an immeasurable reduction in chemical leakage. But the industry has been slow to innovate to address its environmental impacts.

Green Science Policy Institute: Engaging Across Sectors to Drive Meaningful Change

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - The Institute’s work includes education and cross-sector partnerships to reduce harmful chemicals in products. We spoke with Senior Scientist Tom Bruton, PhD to learn more about the organization’s history, cross-sector collaborative efforts and focus in the midst of a global pandemic.

Racing to Zero, Part 3: Reimagining Construction for Circularity

THE NEXT ECONOMY - The latent circular revolution is slow in getting off the ground in construction — but it’s time to reimagine and transform the industry. Here we explore eight key shifts to help construction actors rise to the circular challenge.


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