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Alternative Proteins May Be Best Investment for Slowing Climate Change

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - New report finds that with 25% of global GHG emissions caused by the food value chain, the shift to alternative proteins may be the most capital-efficient and high-impact solution to addressing the climate crisis — and over 30% of consumers are ready to make the switch.

What Is Plastic Neutrality and How Do We Get There?

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Plastic neutrality is achieved when an individual or organization’s plastic footprint is measured and balanced by the removal and recovery of plastic waste from nature, and complemented by reductions in plastic use.

Carbios, On, Patagonia, PUMA, Salomon Team Up to Advance Circularity of Textiles

WASTE NOT - After achieving a milestone in packaging recycling, Carbios’ unique biological recycling technology stands to fundamentally change the circularity of textiles.

Businesses Can Chart a Course Toward Decarbonization, One Step at a Time

CLEANTECH - With a wealth of technologies and competing demands across sites, decarbonization can be a complex challenge for companies of all shapes and sizes. Taking a data-centric approach to building an energy roadmap — and letting the data point to what happens next — is key in supporting companies along the way.

New eCommerce Platform Will Decrease Supply Chain Opacity, One Purchase at a Time

SUPPLY CHAIN - Neuterra enables consumers to make data-driven purchasing decisions and helps brands gain valuable insights on sustainability trends, with the goal of revealing the true cost of consumption and taking an intersectional approach to addressing the climate crisis.

In Conversation with Dow: The Unexpected and Unconventional Partnerships That Launch Circular Solutions

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - Dow Sustainability Director Julie Zaniewski kicks off this conversation series by sharing insights into how the chemical giant is shaking up business as usual to deliver solutions.

GoodSam Foods Out to Scale Regenerative, Farmer-Driven Model for Sustainable Snacks

SUPPLY CHAIN - The three-year-old maker of snacks, coffee and other ethically sourced foods is aiming to show that brands can source from regenerative ag systems; but it will require a real commitment to working with rural communities who, for too long, have been left behind by the modern food system.

What Makes a Resale Company Truly Sustainable?

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - With the resale market for apparel alone estimated to grow to $77B billion by 2026, sustainability is sure to become an increasingly important factor for consumers to consider when debating where to sell and buy their used goods.

Water Risk Is a Financial Risk: Companies Will Soon Have the Tools to Calculate, Disclose and Mitigate It

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - For too long, investors have lacked the data and analytics to make well-informed investment decisions around the financial risks of water impacts. That is about to change.

How Brands Can Help Turn the Tide on Plastic Pollution in the Caribbean

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Our vision is to embed effective recycling across the region’s islands and enable value-added processing of materials where it makes commercial sense — but we’ve been held back by many challenges. For businesses and brands that sell into the Caribbean, it’s an opportunity to be part of our mission and walk their talk around plastic pollution reduction and circularity.

Smart, ‘Living’ Buildings Can Sense, Think and Act to Improve Sustainability

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Our buildings have long been unresponsive, mute structures for housing, work and play. But the ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution’s technological advances — high-speed connectivity, AI, the ability to acquire and analyze vast data streams — have enabled buildings to actively participate in their operations and use resources more efficiently.

Toxnot: A Passport to Healthier Materials, Products, Supply Chains

SUPPLY CHAIN - Toxnot’s cloud-based software helps advance companies’ focus on material health and supply chain engagement. Shaw's Kellie Ballew spoke with Toxnot CEO and co-founder Pete Girard about the greatest challenges to supply chain engagement.

The Role of Brands in Supporting Consumers to Make More Sustainable Choices

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Lowering the washing temperature of a laundry load or dish cycle can greatly reduce carbon emissions. But for people to turn down the temperature or select eco-cycles, they must trust that products will still clean with brilliant results — this is where brands can play a crucial role in decarbonization.

A Sustainable Moo-vement: How the Dairy Industry Is Fighting Climate Change

COLLABORATION - Dairy farming has quickly evolved for sustainability. Here are just a few examples of how innovative dairy organizations and farmers are working to fight climate change by reducing their impacts, improving soil health and using regenerative agriculture.

Climate Impact X Selects Nasdaq Technology to Power New Global Carbon Exchange

PRESS RELEASE - Nasdaq and Climate Impact X announced a strategic technology partnership that will help unlock price transparency and liquidity in the voluntary carbon market.

This Startup Is Determined to Provide ‘Plenty’ of Jobs and Leafy Greens All Year Round

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - By teaming up with retail leader Walmart, San Francisco-based Plenty is set to supply California (for starters) with healthy, sustainable food at an affordable price, using only 1% of the land needed for traditional farming.

The Doomsday Clock Is Ticking on the World’s Biggest Advertising Festival

MARKETING AND COMMS - The heat is on — from Greenpeace protesting Cannes to concerned citizens and legislative pressure — for advertisers to make their work count for more than selling more products to the Western world. Here are six key takeaways from this year’s Cannes Lions, and how your campaigns can be and do better.

Protecting the Collectors: A Case Study in Ensuring Safe, Sustainable Livelihoods for Workers in the ‘First Mile’

SUPPLY CHAIN - Many companies still shy away from responsibility for what’s happening in the first mile of their supply chains; but First Mile, along with its nonprofit and brand partners, is actively engaging with these issues — and creating positive impacts for thousands of waste collectors around the world.

‘Changing Our DNA’: Brands Large and Small Illustrate New Models for Sustainability in Asia

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - On day two of SB’22 Kuala Lumpur, leaders in construction, eco-tourism, artisanal goods, marketing and more highlighted successes and challenges behind next-generation sustainability strategies — and the need for Malaysian brands to embrace collaboration for greater impact.


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