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The Future — It’s Electric! But Are We Ready?

CLEANTECH - Reducing GHGs can’t be maximized by simply building solar arrays or windmills. While we upgrade our existing power grid, we must embrace and scale other clean-energy technologies — including renewable natural gas.

California Climate Disclosure Laws Will Put the Spotlight on Governance

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Let’s use the momentum behind the new mandates to rethink the corporate structures that hold back environmental and social progress.

Coachtopia Turns Waste Into ‘Impeccable Taste’ in New Holiday Campaign

MARKETING AND COMMS - The circular brand’s “Wasty Holiday” campaign highlights the fact that up to 43% more waste is created during the holidays than at any other time of the year.

NextGen Consortium Outlines Path Toward Circular Economy for Paper Cups in US

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Insights include solutions for paper mills, materials-recovery facilities, brands, consumers and communities to increase recovery of paper cups and reduce waste to landfill.

Student Demand for Low-Impact Meals Increases After Climate-Labeled College Menus

MARKETING AND COMMS - Results from first year of Chartwells Higher Education’s exclusive partnership with HowGood show positive correlations between climate labels on menus and sustainable choices.

Molecular Recycling Could Be Crucial to Realizing a Circular Economy

THE NEXT ECONOMY - We caught up with Eastman’s Plastics Division President, Scott Ballard, who explained the potential of molecular recycling as the company prepares to show the world what’s possible.

How the US’s Most Abundant Crop Is Changing the Way Plastic Is Produced

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - In a perfect example of the circular economy in action, corn stover — stalks and leaves left over from harvest — becomes a valuable cash crop for which farmers can get paid.

Supporting Farmers in Landlocked Countries to Enter the Nutraceuticals Market

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Overcoming commodity dependence is a complex challenge. Here are steps that brands, impact investors and governments can take to help smallholder farmers in LLDCs benefit from the nutraceuticals market.

Venerable Japanese Company Goes Circular with Versatile, Upcycled Textile

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Meet NUNOUS — a brand-new, radically versatile material made from fabric waste — developed by fabric-dyeing giant Seishoku Co., Ltd.

Unprecedented Industry Collab Paves Way for Decarbonization of Global Supply Chains

CLEANTECH - With foundational support from Apple, Amazon, Meta, Nike, PepsiCo and REI, the Clean Energy Procurement Academy aims to equip companies with the knowledge required to shift to clean energy.

Summit Provides Ecosystem-wide Look at Groundwork for a Regenerative Food Future

THE NEXT ECONOMY - SB’23 San Diego concluded with the inaugural Regenerative Agriculture Summit, in which players from the field explored the shared opportunities offered by regenerative ag — where sustainable practices intersect with economic growth.

Sustainability in Advertising: How Marketers Can Waste Less and Grow More

MARKETING AND COMMS - It’s all about increasing the efficiency of your assets — rather than just adding more stuff to a stack to feel like you are keeping pace. When it comes to both effectiveness and sustainability, less is more.

New Leadership Paradigms Fuel ‘Great Migration’ to Regenerative Business Future

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - Insights shared throughout the week at SB’23 San Diego highlighted the organizational shifts occurring — and those still needed — to bring a resilient future to life.

For Companies with Authentic Sustainability Pursuits, the Devil’s in the Details

MARKETING AND COMMS - Several discussions at SB’23 San Diego highlighted the importance of achieving total visibility into company operations, relationships, impacts and messaging — to avoid surprises that could hamstring progress.

Redefining the Consumer Experience with SmartLabels

MARKETING AND COMMS - With engagement levels still low, SmartLabels are something of a sleeping giant. So, where’s the tipping point to awaken their full potential? How do we really drive that desire to engage?

New Book Serves Up Case Studies for Cultivating Local Food Economies

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Centered around a rural region of lower Michigan, ‘Shared Abundance’ highlights the power of stakeholder collaboration in building more resilient communities.

Brands Betting the Farm on Decarbonized, Regenerative Supply Chains

SUPPLY CHAIN - At SB’23 San Diego, a variety of brands and innovators discussed on-the-ground improvements cleaning up global and regional supply chains — and how to drive them further.

Regenerating Local: How Brands Can Bring Tangible Benefits to Communities in Need

WALKING THE TALK - At SB’23 San Diego, several discussions and events explored the potential for social impact when we rethink business as usual.

The Secret Sauce of Storytelling: Bringing the Masses Along on the Road to Regeneration

MARKETING AND COMMS - Final-day keynotes at SB’23 San Diego explored various approaches to turning consumers into collaborators in our efforts to create an ethical, equitable, climate-resilient future for all.

Planting Seeds: Changing and Shaping the Minds of Today’s Consumers and Tomorrow's Changemakers

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - At SB’23 San Diego, several rich discussions centered on the growing number of efforts successfully educating and engaging various audiences on more sustainable behaviors, lifestyles and careers.