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Why, for Bumble Bee, Certification Matters for the Future of Sustainable Seafood

REDEFINING SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD FOR THE FUTURE - As anyone who works on sustainable supply chains knows, getting transparency and/or certification on the final pieces can often be the most difficult. Bumble Bee’s goals will require ensuring better practices around catch reporting and verification of data, and working with and training consultants and vessel operators.

Soli Solutions Launches SUSTAIN by Soli™

PRESS RELEASE - Soli Solutions Launches SUSTAIN by Soli™ to Activate Sustainability and Improve Brand Engagement

Ando Launching World's First 100% Fossil-Free Insurance Program

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Through partnerships with leading providers including Allstate, Nationwide and Travelers, Ando aims to expand the scope of financial independence from fossil fuels available to sustainability-conscious consumers.

To Build Back Better Post-Pandemic, We Must Re-Examine Lessons Learned from the Past

THE NEXT ECONOMY - The pandemic has laid bare not only the many flaws in our global systems but also our capacity for resilience and ingenuity in the face of complex, immediate challenges — if we apply that thinking to those that lay ahead, we may yet save ourselves from ‘business as usual.’

Talk Is Cheap: How Brands Can Move from Table Stakes to Putting a Stake in the Ground for Racial Justice

WALKING THE TALK - Two years after George Floyd’s murder galvanized the nation to address systemic racism, corporate progress on advancing racial equity in the workplace and community remains a mixed picture. Smoketown’s Ryan Pintado-Vertner lays out three approaches brands can take to show they’re walking their anti-racism talk.

Introducing the Modern, ESG-Fluent Boardroom

LEADERSHIP - The fiduciary duty of boards and directors is being redefined in the 21st century. The boardroom and its advisors need to unlearn old mindsets, overcome their biases, and embrace he new governance practices.

Sustainable Food Systems Will Mean Coexistence, Not Competition

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - The meat sector in its current form is unsustainable; yet so is completely replacing the use of animals as a food technology. For the biggest and fastest environmental impact, we must address the way we grow our food. More sustainable models will involve coexistence between traditional and alternative production methods.

Creatives for Climate Launching ‘Greenwash Watch’ to Help Radically Reskill the Communications Industry

MARKETING AND COMMS - Launching at Cannes Lions this week, the course is a response to industry professionals’ need to reskill to drive positive change at work: 40% of marketers report lacking relevant sustainability marketing qualifications, despite 76% having been involved in sustainability projects over the past five years.

4VI Creates New Model for Destination Marketing Organizations by Becoming a Social Enterprise

WALKING THE TALK - Earlier this year, Tourism Vancouver Island evolved into a social enterprise called 4VI that supports communities, businesses, culture and environment. A social enterprise is a revenue-generating business that identifies a social benefit and directs its revenues toward it; in the tourism industry, this is a completely new way to operate.

Study Shows Purpose-Driven Ads Fall Short in Gaining, Holding Attention; New Approaches Needed

MARKETING AND COMMS - Joint research by GfK and the Goodvertising Agency reveals value of 'transformational campaigns that empower consumers, rather than those that tout product attributes.

The Materials in Your Food Packaging are Changing

PRESS RELEASE - Businesses are taking on the challenge of extending the lifecycle of materials. Sustana has seen these changes in real-time and made investments to expand the opportunities to build circular economies

AIA Materials Pledge Enables Architects, Designers to Create Spaces Where People and Natural Systems Thrive

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - The places where we work, play, eat, sleep, learn and heal can have an impact on our wellbeing. And everything from access to daylight and sound levels in a room to material selection and color schemes affects how we experience a space.

New Report Outlines 5 Principles for Regenerative Brand Leadership

LEADERSHIP - BBMG and GlobeScan’s ‘Leading Regenerative Brands: Five Paradigm Shifts to Thrive in a World in Flux’ is part manifesto on the imperative to build a purpose-driven company and part handbook for how to do it.

Unilever and Geno Launch $120M Venture to Scale Alternative to Palm Oil-, Fossil Fuel-Based Cleansers

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - The partnership aims to commercialize and scale more sustainable alternatives to palm oil and fossil-fuel-derived cleansing ingredients — the current industry standard in everyday cleaning and personal care products.

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health Brands Launch Reuse-and-Refill Packaging

OUR HEALTHY LIVES MISSION - Reuse-and-refill is one of a suite of solutions that consumer goods companies are introducing to facilitate more responsible use of packaging. Consumers expect companies to help make more sustainable consumption easier, while companies rely on consumers to embrace improvements to their products.

Mastercard advances social and environmental commitments, outlining progress in annual Sustainability and DEI Reports

PRESS RELEASE - With a goal to bring 1 billion people into the digital economy by 2025, the company reached more than 675 million individuals by the end of 2021, adding 25 million micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) since 2020

Shein Acknowledges Textile Waste with $50M EPR Commitment; But Critics Say It’s Small Change

WASTE NOT - What some are calling 'a significant step toward accountability' for fast fashion brands, others say is lip service and an inadequate approach to supporting waste-management efforts in communities deeply impacted by textile waste.

War in Ukraine Takes Toll on East Asian Economies, Prospects for Achieving SDGs

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - As ever, it is the most vulnerable people around the world who suffer greatest from slow growth, rising inflation, and the energy and food system disruptions stemming from the war in Ukraine. Bridging the finance divide, while ensuring that resources catalyze the necessary transformations, will be key for putting the SDGs back within reach.

Measuring What Matters: PMI’s New Sustainability Index

NEW METRICS - As we continue to transform and discover better ways to develop impactful solutions, we hope our transparency and ambitious targets will spark dialogue with those who can help accelerate the pace of change — to question, challenge and engage with us as we work on making PMI better.


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