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Design for Recycling: High-Tech or Back to Basics?

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Maybe before companies spend millions on futuristic high-tech, they should go back to the drawing board and start sketching from a different perspective. Because there is no technology more powerful than the creative mind.

New Platform to Help Apparel Brands Illuminate Darkest Corners of Supply Chains

SUPPLY CHAIN - Laudes Foundation’s Transparency in Action portal features best practices, expert advice, tools and resources — including information on existing and upcoming legislation — for brands to take informed steps towards transparency and expand their current efforts.

Avient Launches Long Fiber Composites Based on Nylon Reclaimed from End-of-Life Fishing Nets

PRESS RELEASE - Reclaimed end-of-life fishing nets avoid plastic ocean waste, and are the basis of Complēt R nylon 6 long fiber composites.

New Consumer Research Highlights Sustainability Opportunities for Brands in Asia

MARKETING AND COMMS - The first-ever Asian version of the Socio-Cultural Trend Tracker shows the huge opportunity that await brands for meeting conscious consumers’ needs and desires in Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Malaysia.

Focusing on What Matters: How PMI Transparently Identifies ESG Priorities

MARKETING AND COMMS - PMI recently released its 2021 Sustainability Materiality Report, which describes how the company identifies the ESG topics that inform its strategies, goals, and reporting. It’s conducted with full transparency — for stakeholders, and for society.

Medtronic to provide underserved communities with artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted colonoscopy technology through Health Equity Assistance Program for colon cancer screening

PRESS RELEASE - Medtronic to provide underserved communities with AI-assisted colonoscopy technology through Health Equity Assistance Program for colon cancer screening

IPCC to Global Business and Government Leaders: The Jig Is Up

THE NEXT ECONOMY - The latest IPCC report provides further detail about just how far we’re careening off the proverbial rails and our ever-narrowing window for getting back on a habitable track. But it also provides deeper insight into a potential path forward — if we take definitive, collective action immediately.

EU Proposes Plan to Hold Companies Accountable for Human Rights Violations

THE NEXT ECONOMY - The Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence would oblige companies to identify, prevent, and mitigate human rights and environmental violations in their value chain. But there is debate over whether companies can be reasonably expected to control their entire value chain, down to the smallest suppliers.

New UN Global Treaty Seeks to Break the ‘Plastic Wave’

THE NEXT ECONOMY - We can cut annual flow of plastic into the ocean by 80% in the next 20 years. The technology and will is there, but one important piece of the puzzle is missing — and the UN is hopeful they can pull it together.

Rails and print catalogs are a perfectly sustainable fit

PRESS RELEASE - Rails, a Los Angeles-based lifestyle fashion brand, is Sustana’s latest Green Champion. Learn more about their sustainability efforts and partnership with Rolland Paper.

Bumble Bee, Ocean Conservancy Join Forces to Rid the World’s Oceans of Ghost Gear

REDEFINING SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD FOR THE FUTURE - The seafood giant and the global nonprofit have expanded their ongoing partnership to not only clean hazardous fishing nets out of waterways, but to try and stop fishers — large and small — from discarding gear in harmful ways.

Meet Svart: The World’s First Off-Grid, Energy-Positive, Luxury Resort

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - The futuristic hotel is being built using a ‘360-degree, holistic circular approach.’ With a data-driven approach to next-level ecotourism, Svart’s goals include not only its guests’ relaxation, but education on environmental conservation, and changes in ‘attitude and behavior.’

From Shores to Shelves: Codifying Ocean Plastic Supply Chains

SUPPLY CHAIN - Brands committed to increasing sustainability by putting ocean plastic to good use deserve the infrastructure and data they need to verify their products and meet the standards that consumers demand.

Visa Commits $100M to Help Minority Depository Institutions Drive Economic Mobility

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - MDIs are trusted providers for communities of color and include some of the oldest minority-owned US banks; they play a unique role in increasing access to financial services for underserved populations.

After Going Public, On Rightly Has Its Head in the Cloud

THE NEXT ECONOMY - The Swiss company now has the funds to take its sustainability ethos to the next level — with the launch of a potentially game-changing, truly circular shoe and long-awaited subscription service.

Kraft Heinz Not Company Out to Upend Industry with AI-Driven, Plant-Based Food Innovation

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - In partnering with TheNotCompany, Kraft Heinz aims to leverage its manufacturing and commercial capabilities, with the scale of some of its beloved global food brands, to reshape the food landscape and set a new standard for plant-based innovation.

Food Tank Joins the Farm Powered Strategic Alliance

PRESS RELEASE - Food Tank Joins the Farm Powered Strategic Alliance

US Dairy Industry Quietly Leads the Way Toward Sustainability

COLLABORATION - I reached out to some friends in the industry to gather perspectives about dairy’s sustainability journey — and more importantly, the lessons we have collectively learned. The hope is that others can look to dairy’s example and shorten their own sustainability journeys.

Why the Business World Should Use India as a Model for Corporate Social Responsibility

WALKING THE TALK - In India, CSR is approached with a rigor not found anywhere else in the world. Here, we see how businesses around the world can learn from the Indian approach to CSR — to ensure that every dollar spent has the best societal impact, while improving your brand value.

Knorr Gives Our Favorite Comfort Food a Planet-Friendlier Makeover

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Knorr’s ‘Plizza’ is the brand’s updated take on the classic dish that features plant-based, nutrient-rich ingredients from crust to toppings — in honor of World Eat for Good Day.


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