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Social-Impact Investing: 5 Lessons from a Successful First Venture

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - How T. Rowe Price brought capital to under-resourced communities and ensured it had the desired impacts, while inspiring pride and creativity among corporate associates.

$7M: How the Cost of a Super Bowl Ad Could Transform Lives

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - We challenge all of these advertisers to skim the nonprofits below and think about diverting even $1M of their game-time spend to instead address urgent social issues.

This Technology May Tackle 2 Sustainability Challenges in One Fell Swoop

WASTE NOT - Anaerobic digestion offers a solution to two major challenges: food waste and transitioning to clean energy. We spoke with Shawn Kreloff, founder and CEO of Bioenergy Devco, to discuss the technology’s potential.

How USAID Supports the Private Sector’s Sustainability Efforts

COLLABORATION - We spoke with Keith Dokho, USAID’s Private Sector Engagement Secretariat Lead, about how the organization is shifting to support the private sector’s environmental and social progress.

Jones Snowboards Earns Industry-First Fair Trade Certification

SUPPLY CHAIN - The certification signifies attention to worker empowerment, fair wages and more; but whether it will galvanize competitors and partners to make such a commitment remains to be seen.

How SustainCERT and Regrow Ag Are Transforming Cotton Cultivation

SUPPLY CHAIN - SustainCERT, through its Value Change Initiative and partnership with Regrow Ag, is working to promote resilience across the cotton value chain.

Despite Its History, Not All Lobbying Is Bad

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Unlike the majority of lobbyists dedicated to preserving business as usual, a new generation of lobby groups are using their power to fuel sustainable development.

Hellmann's Declares New Holiday to Fight Post-Super Bowl Food Waste

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - The mayo brand is once again aiming to inspire game-day partiers to reimagine mouthwatering dishes out of their leftovers, in honor of #SickofFoodWasteDay.

Coca-Cola Removes Labels from Sprite Bottles to Simplify Recycling

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Labels will be replaced with an embossed logo on Sprite and Sprite Zero 500ml rPET bottles as part of a UK trial designed to reduce use of packaging materials.

Pandora Now Sources 100% Recycled Silver, Gold for Its Jewelry

SUPPLY CHAIN - By using recycled instead of newly mined silver and gold, Pandora avoids 58,000 tons of CO2 per year. The company expects that it will craft all new jewelry with 100% recycled silver and gold from the second half of 2024.

Meet the Startup Guiding Companies Toward Net Zero — Via Circular Design

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - For the hordes of companies still struggling to make good on their net-zero commitments, comply with impending climate-disclosure legislation and figure out what ‘circularity’ even means, Pentatonic is here to help.

Why Your Sustainable Brand’s Name Is More Important Than You Think

MARKETING AND COMMS - The names that resonate with consumers and shop optimism in an industry hoping to fix a host of complicated, global problems will help form a foundation for many years of success.

Silencing Sustainability: Why to Avoid Greenhushing and Who to Trust

MARKETING AND COMMS - As sustainability claims are more widely scrutinized, companies may be tempted to stop talking about their efforts altogether. But the risk of avoiding the topic to protect your brand has much farther-reaching implications than you may think.

Sailing Legends Empowering Youth with Lessons in Climate Action

MARKETING AND COMMS - British Olympians Sir Ben Ainslie and Hannah Mills have created calls to action for young people, with a special focus on marine efforts, as part of a program to educate children ages 8-18 on the complexities of climate change and how to take meaningful action.

Eastern Innovators Showing Feasibility of Circular Social Enterprises

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Southeast Asia and the Middle East are emerging as incubators for plastic-diversion innovations; and beyond putting a dent in plastic pollution, they are helping reduce poverty and making a circular economy the wave of the present.

Apparel Brands Urged to Understand, Disclose Water Risks

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - A new report from Planet Tracker analyzed nearly 4K filings from 29 major apparel brands and found them worryingly dry.

Case Study: Collaborating to Cultivate Regenerative Practices Throughout the Value Chain

COLLABORATION - Bayer and Perdue have joined forces to drive regenerative-ag practices throughout the value chain to cut emissions, reduce environmental impact and improve soil health at scale. We caught up with them to learn more.

Logitech Boosts Product Circularity, Shares Design Principles with Industry

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - To drive industry-wide carbon reduction, Logitech is sharing its design principles and tools with any organizations in the consumer-tech industry looking to boost their sustainability efforts.

Circular, Regenerative Innovations Advance in Big Food Redesign Challenge

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Cactus cookies, banana-peel snacks, wrinkled-pea pasta are contenders in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Challenge for companies to design new products — or redesign existing ones — using circular principles that help address climate change and regenerate nature.

The Window of Vitality: How Great Businesses Balance Efficiency, Resilience

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Mired in short-termism, many investors and company bonus structures incentivize optimizing for cost and efficiency. The lesson from nature: Successful organizations stay within their own window of vitality by understanding and balancing the tension between efficiency and resilience.