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Technology and China’s Green Development - Innovating An Environmentally Sustainable Future

(2 months ago) - SAP has made environmental sustainability an integral part of corporate strategy. We strive to promote sustainability across our entire business and to extend our impact through partners and customers. One area of the world where this is vitally important is China. As the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter and manufacturing powerhouse, China is a focal point for any conversation around global environmental issues. The country’s central government is committed to policies ensuring that its accelerated development takes full consideration of the environment.

Here’s why it makes sense for companies to support climate-related disclosure

(2 months ago) - Mainstream investors are increasingly conscious of the impacts of climate change and they want to know how companies disclose and manage climate-related risks. The TCFD provides recommendations that aim to meet investors’ demand for just such information. By adopting the recommendations, companies signal they are considering, and reacting to, the impacts of climate change on their business. It is an important first step in helping the market to allocate capital in ways that drive the transition towards a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

Geomimicry: Reversing the Great Sequestration

(2 months ago) - This is the third in a four-part series on geomimicry by renowned author and George Mason University professor Dr. Gregory C. Unruh. Read parts one and two.

These 8 Core Values Helped My Business Achieve Long-Term Growth

(2 months ago) - Much has been said about how to grow a company and sustain that growth over time. From building a sales funnel and forming strategic partnerships to implementing the right IT systems and establishing parameters for how employees interact with each other, with management and customers, there is no shortage of advice.

McGill University's Bensadoun School to Shape Sustainable Future of Retail

(2 months ago) - On Friday, Montreal’s McGill University announced the opening of the Bensadoun School of Retail Management (BSRM) — a hub for students, researchers and practitioners to work collaboratively towards bringing retailers into the 21st century. An interdisciplinary, forward-looking school dedicated to all facets of the retail industry, its research and programming will focus on fostering sustainable consumption and healthy societies.

Dow Wins Six Prestigious 2018 R&D 100 Awards from R&D Magazine

(2 months ago) - Six innovative technologies from Dow, the world’s leading materials science company, were recognized with R&D 100 awards on November 16, 2018. The R&D 100 Awards, a signature program of R&D Magazine, is designed to identify and celebrate the top 100 revolutionary technologies introduced during the past year.

UPS Delivers Wishes And Gives Back This Holiday Season

(3 months ago) - November 16, 2018 - UPS® (NYSE: UPS) today announced the launch of its 5th annual

Meet the Plant-Based Protein Poised to Sustainabilize the Food Industry

(3 months ago) - Along with a wave of plant-based meat innovations from startups such as Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods and Right Treat, which are giving the meat industry a run for its resource-intensive money, a new plant protein solution could further revolutionize the food industry.

Trending: Bison Down Jacket, Circular Undies Latest Apparel Nixing Waste

(3 months ago) - The global movement to end textile waste continues, with the release of outer- and undergarments from new and established brands alike.

How Lyft Drives Growth Through Purpose

(3 months ago) - Brands that position themselves as purpose-driven activists dedicated to using profits to further their mission carve out a competitive advantage amongst today’s conscious consumers. Lyft is an excellent example of a company distinguishing itself by building a brand around values, as well as quality. The rideshare company is the second-largest in the sector, controlling over one-third of US market share, with Uber driving the majority. While there is tough competition, Lyft stands out with its purpose, mission and activism, which recently lead the company to celebrate 1 billion rides.

New World Scout Ambassador Bear Grylls Launches the Largest Global Youth Mobilisation for the SDGs

(3 months ago) - Millions of young people around the world know Bear Grylls as a Global adventurer, TV host and best-selling author with a passion for Scouting. Now, as the new Chief Ambassador for the entire global Scout Movement, Bear is getting behind an unprecedented mobilisation of 50 million Scouts to improve the sustainability of our planet.

Nat Geo's Susan Goldberg on Creating a Picture of Diversity

(3 months ago) - National Geographic has kept pace as the country’s demographics rapidly shift and the cultural definition of immigrants, identity and families continues to evolve, having recently launched a year-long series dedicated to exploring “Diversity in America.” With national conversations on race, immigration and diversity front and center, Susan Goldberg, Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Director at National Geographic Magazine and National Geographic Partners, spoke with MediaVillage about why it was time to take stock of these issues and how that might be done.

AT&T and Emerson are Turning Food Waste into Clean Energy and Fertilizer

(3 months ago) -   Next week Americans across the country will sit down with their friends and families to celebrate Thanksgiving. Collectively, those families will also throw away an estimated 200 million pounds of turkey during the holiday, costing us $293 million as a nation. And that’s just one day! But most food waste comes from supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and arenas. Inedible turkey parts such as bones, and skins as well as vegetable stalks and stems, surplus ingredients, and extra pies never make it to a pot or plate.

Wildlife Habitat Council Recognizes General Motors’ Ongoing Commitment to Biodiversity and Conservation

(3 months ago) - General Motors’ CAMI Assembly Plant in Canada has received the Wildlife Habitat Council’s highest recognition for overall excellence in corporate conservation, the Gold Program Award. General Motors continues to lead the industry with the most WHC Conservation Certification sites — 75 — and is at nearly 85 percent of its goal to achieve certification at all its manufacturing sites by 2020.

Colgate-Palmolive Company Accepts ‘All In On Recycling’ Challenge

(3 months ago) - Colgate’s support of The Recycling Partnership is part of the All In On Recycling challenge, which kicked off with a $10 million investment from the PepsiCo Foundation this summer. The goal of this largest industry-wide challenge is to raise $25 million in total donations from leading businesses, companies, and organizations to deliver recycling support to more than 2,800 communities nationwide over the next five years.

P&G Tackles Clean Water, Gender Equality and Plastic Waste in 2018 CSR Report

(3 months ago) - The Procter & Gamble Company extends its long history of doing good in the world by bringing the comforts of home to those impacted by disasters, continuing to spark conversations about diversity, inclusion and gender equality with its advertising and making meaningful impact on the environment with new 2030 goals including a vision to ensure that none of the Company’s packaging ends up in the world’s oceans.

Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN Launches New Partnerships to Help Farmers Scale Sustainably

(3 months ago) - This week, Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN (LOLS) has launched two new partnerships aimed at helping farmers scale their sustainability efforts.

'Purpose Premium' Found to Create Reputational Gains for Companies

(3 months ago) - “Purpose” is one of three critical dimensions of overall reputation, according to the 2018 Porter Novelli/Cone Purpose Premium Index: How Companies Can Unlock Reputational Gains by Leading with Purpose, released today. The study, examining US consumer perceptions of the country’s top 200 companies, also finds that a purpose-driven approach to business is intrinsically linked to a company’s reputation.

The Biggest Threat to Life Below Water? Apathy

(3 months ago) - Our oceans have never been more threatened. The great challenges of overfishing, climate change, pollution and habitat loss have taken a terrible toll, jeopardising vital fish stocks and the lives and livelihoods of the hundreds of millions who depend on them. But there’s another problem that’s seldom mentioned: Apathy. Unlike many of the issues facing the ocean, it’s one that should be easy to put right. And ironically, it’s one that nobody is really talking about.

The Earth's Circular Economy: Not a Practical Solution to Our Waste Issues

(3 months ago) - This is the second in a four-part series on geomimicry by renowned author and George Mason University professor Dr. Gregory C. Unruh. Read part one here.

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