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Eastman molecular recycling technologies to advance Procter & Gamble packaging goals

PRESS RELEASE - Eastman molecular recycling technologies to advance Procter & Gamble packaging goals, reducing reliance on virgin plastic packaging.

PayPal Joins Catalyst Fund to Explore Connections Between Digital Finance, Climate Resilience

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - The global inclusive tech accelerator has also announced its latest cohort of companies bringing inclusive fintech solutions to underserved communities.

CVS Health, Target, Walmart Piloting Alternative Bag Solutions to Combat Plastic Waste

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - The partnership among the leading retailers’ different stores sets an exciting precedent; collaboration will help accelerate pathways to scale and help address the systemic challenge of plastic bag waste.

Circular Solutions Edging Us Closer to a Zero-Waste Future for Convenience Food

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Since day one, we have had a vision of eliminating all single-use packaging from the meal kit experience. We’ve heard time and time again about how individuals need to do more; but the reality is, businesses need to innovate to enable the solutions that consumers are increasingly demanding.

What Does 'Upcycled Certified' Mean for Our Food System?

WASTE NOT - Upcycled Certified is a big step towards a circular economy, and a food system that acts like nature itself — a place where there is no waste — and where shoppers can participate in the best solution to climate, via the products they buy.

PureCycle to build new recycling facility in Augusta, Georgia

PRESS RELEASE - PureCycle to build new recycling facility in Augusta, Georgia. Innovative maker of recycled polypropylene will expand with first cluster facility.

An All-Solutions Approach Is Needed to Meet the Looming Demand for Carbon Offsets

CLEANTECH - As we race to achieve net zero, let’s ensure we aren’t making the same mistakes that got us here. Tech solutions do not deliver the same co-benefits as nature — and clearly cannot substitute for the loss of ecosystems. Nature-based solutions are cost-effective and can make an immediate difference.

Survey: COVID-19 Is Intensifying Sustainability Challenges, But Not Derailing Corporate Action

LEADERSHIP - 2021 Sustainability Leaders Survey examines attitudes of nearly 700 experts from over 70 countries, reflecting on the pandemic’s implications for sustainable social and environmental development agendas — and who is perceived to be leading the charge.

When Purpose Becomes Personal: The Role of the Individual in Organisational Purpose

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - There are many challenges to implementing corporate purpose effectively. One of the biggest is to sufficiently embed it, so it is owned by everyone. This is more challenging than embedding other corporate ideas, because purpose is personal.

How Can We End the Blame Game in Waste Diversion?

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Global recycling rates are at a discouragingly low 13.5%. But who, or what, is to blame? Finger-pointing won’t help: Policy, consumer demand and companies must work in tandem to close the loop in a still-lacking US recycling system.

Trending: Could Food Waste Be the Future of Fashion?

WASTE NOT - A recent study analyzes agricultural waste streams in Asia and charts a roadmap for establishing alternative textile value streams at scale; while Lenzing puts this into practice with a lyocell fiber made from orange pulp and wood fibers.

Pushing Beyond Infinite: How Circular Plastics Can Help Reduce GHGs

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - As issues caused by plastic waste and climate change come to a head, finding new uses for end-of-life plastics and other materials will be vital to achieving a low-carbon future.

Porsche, Tesla Partner with Materials Suppliers to Increase Sustainability of EV Batteries

SUPPLY CHAIN - BHP will now supply some of the world’s lowest-carbon nickel to Tesla, while BASF will supply Porsche with high-energy cathode active materials and recycle battery-production waste to close the loop.

Beyond Burgers: Eating Insects Is Just One Small Part of Their Potential

WASTE NOT - Asking Westerners “Would you eat bugs to save the planet?” makes for great headlines — but it only scratches the surface of how bugs can help solve global challenges. Essentially, insects such as black soldier flies are a quintessential addition to a circular economy.

Dole-Future Food Institute Study Identifies Key Contributors to Global Nutrition Inequality

WALKING THE TALK - ‘Nutrition Unpacked’ combines quantitative data with the input of a broad range of experts and stakeholders to uncover the underlying causes of nutrition inequality and identify actionable outcomes.

New Rulebook Helps Companies Validate Their Sustainability Claims

MARKETING AND COMMS - The Provenance Framework debuts as the UK government cracks down on greenwashing, and competition regulators find that up to 40% of firms’ environmental claims could be misleading.

Chipotle, Chobani, Verizon Among Companies Committing to Financial Health of US Workforce

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Member companies will assess the financial security and health of their employees as part of a new effort to address the economic hardships of workers.

Digital Disruption Paving the Way for More Collaborative, Transparent Waste Collection

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - In Dow's 'Looped In' series, sustainability experts across the company connect with other industry leaders to discuss circular initiatives and partnerships, and what we can learn from the results.

Eastman announces project with USAMP and PADNOS for fully circular recycling study in automotive market

PRESS RELEASE - Eastman announces project with USAMP and PADNOS for a fully circular recycling study in the automotive market

Just Salad Poised to Take Zero-Waste Dining Nationwide

WASTE NOT - The fast-casual chain plans to scale both its geographic footprint and its pioneering reusable bowl program, thanks to a cash infusion from circular-economy drivers Closed Loop Partners.


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