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Mercari: Brands Would Do Well to Join the ‘Resale Revolution’

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Younger consumers are pushing resale into mainstream retail; and it’s changing how brands, platforms and other services that support commerce support and strategize around it.

More Companies with Large Water Footprints Are Taking Action; But Gaps Remain

WALKING THE TALK - Adequate water-stewardship goals must address the full range of water issues across the value chain — including amount of water used, impacts on water quality, ecosystem health and communities’ access to safe water.

Tourism Shaped by 'Unseen' Communities Surfaces Unheard Stories, Infuses Capital Into Destinations

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Instead of the traditional approach of shielding tourists from places' 'messy' parts, more travel-focused social enterprises are working with marginalized communities to introduce tourists to their destination’s complex fabric.

Aaron Ling Welcomed as Director of Sustainability at Sustana

PRESS RELEASE - Sustana, a manufacturer of premium, sustainable recycled fiber and paper products, announces the appointment of Aaron Ling to Director of Sustainability. In this role Aaron will be responsible for driving the implementation of Sustana’s ESG initiatives and supporting the development of the group’s sustainability strategy.

Sky to Boost 5 More Behavior-Changing Startups with £2M Ad Push

MARKETING AND COMMS - Now in its third consecutive year, the Sky Zero Footprint Fund fosters the power of TV advertising to tackle climate change through campaigns that drive sustainable behavior change.

Waste Is Only Waste If We Waste It: Demystifying Anaerobic Digestion

CLEANTECH - The benefits of anaerobic digestion for recycling various kinds of organic farm waste are far-reaching — including waste management, renewable energy generation, GHG reduction, economic advantages and agricultural sustainability.

Increasing Accessibility and Revitalizing Forgotten Devices: Shouldn’t We Be Able to Upgrade Our Laptops?

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Those who regularly partake in upgrade programs will have access to the best possible devices, while partaking in a sustainable business practice that enhances the wellbeing of people and the planet.

Researchers Upcycling Kale, Plastic Waste Into Personal Care, Pharmaceutical Ingredients

WASTE NOT - Savvy scientists from Scotland and Singapore have developed sustainable ways to breathe new life into vegetable and plastic waste, as well as local manufacturing.

Brands Rally to Bolster Maui in Wildfire-Relief Effort

COLLABORATION - Here are some of the companies and organizations that have stepped up to contribute to relief for the affected community.

Why a Circular Dress Code Will Always Be in Style

WASTE NOT - Technology is the magic thread weaving the circular textile narrative together to ensure that fashion isn’t just a statement — but a sustainable, end-to-end lifecycle that respects our planet.

In Response to Uyghur Forced Labor Scrutiny, Supply Chains Are Becoming More Opaque

SUPPLY CHAIN - Since the passage of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act in 2022, which banned US imports from companies linked to it, solar-industry sourcing is becoming 'less transparent.' Now, the results of inaction are affecting suppliers for car batteries and printers.

Starbucks Expands ‘100% Reusables’ Tests in Bid to Sink Disposable Cup Waste

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Since 2021, Starbucks has been testing the 100% reusables model across more than 25 markets. With most of its beverages enjoyed on the go, the company continues to test and learn how to best encourage customers to embrace reusables.

Free, Open-Source Recycling Ecosystem Is Making Plastic ‘Precious’

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Precious Plastic is all about democratizing circularity. And it’s enabling a new form of craftsmanship: One in which anyone, anywhere, can start a small business recycling and making new products from plastic waste.

Could Coastal Carbon Capture Clean Up Atmospheric Carbon at Gigaton Scale?

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Vesta is accelerating natural processes using carbon-removing olivine sand to promote coastal resilience, advance ocean uptake and storage of carbon dioxide, and reduce ocean acidity.

Landmark Report Sets Out 7 Steps for Embedding Nature, Equity Goals into Global Financial Activity

THE NEXT ECONOMY - The Taskforce on Nature Markets asserts an unprecedented shift towards accurately pricing nature in global markets must occur to deliver on nature, climate and equity goals.

How Food Companies Are Incentivizing Suppliers to Rein in GHGs

SUPPLY CHAIN - A new report from WWF examines the efficacy of rewards for climate-smart on-farm practices in getting suppliers’ help in eliminating Scope 3 emissions.

Beyond Recycling: Report Highlights Need for Circular Approach to Critical Raw Materials

THE NEXT ECONOMY - The report from CISL's Corporate Leaders Group showcases the challenges, opportunities and business best practices of embracing more circular practices in CRM use through case studies from Ball, Volvo Cars and more.

Coho and Arcadia Team Up to Offer End-to-End Support for Corporate Water Sustainability

PRESS RELEASE - Coho, a leading advisory services firm dedicated to helping its clients meet their climate and water goals, and Arcadia, a technology company connecting the clean energy future, announce a groundbreaking partnership designed to empower large organizations with the tools and expertise needed to improve their water use.

At Long Last, There’s a Metric for Quantifying the Monetary Value of Sustainability Investments

NEW METRICS - Astanor Ventures’ Impact Multiple on Investment methodology translates the expected and realized benefits of invested-in products or services into monetary terms — helping investors make more informed, strategic decisions.

‘Big Build’ Brings Mars Closer to Goal of Restoring 1M Corals Worldwide by End of 2023

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - The massive coral-restoration project took place in the Spermonde Archipelago, Indonesia — in the world’s most biologically complex marine ecosystem in the Coral Triangle — alongside Indonesian community partners.