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Paris 2024 Gives First Look at Its Circular Approach to Olympic Games

WALKING THE TALK - Focusing on the material footprint of the upcoming summer Games, Paris 2024 is leaning heavily into recycled materials and plans for reuse of all temporary infrastructure, furniture and equipment.

Could Supercharging Starch Production Secure Our Food Future?

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - ClimateCrop is boosting starch metabolism in plants through non-GMO gene editing — enhancing crop resilience to climate change, increasing yields, and offering a sustainable solution to future farming challenges.

Alternative Accommodation Platforms Prioritize Social Connection, Community Care

THE NEXT ECONOMY - As tourism continues to evolve and travelers become more aware of both their positive and negative impacts, the accommodation industry has an opportunity to respond in a meaningful way.

Uber’s ‘Emissions Savings’ Feature Shows Benefits of Lower-Emission Transport

MARKETING AND COMMS - Uber users will now see two ratings in the app — their 'Emission Savings' score, alongside their rider rating.

This Platform Turns Your Branded Video Content Into Support for Nature Conservation

MARKETING AND COMMS - With Ecoflix — a nonprofit streaming platform on a mission to be the ‘Netflix for nature’ — brands can produce compelling sustainability content that also helps protect nature and wildlife.

Private Investors Want Funds, Pension Plans to Actively Address Climate Change

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - In a new GlobeScan survey of 5K retail investors in 10 countries, all express similarly high levels of support for investment funds becoming more active in the climate space.

Earthshot Prize ‘Launchpad’ to Link Investors with Climate Innovators

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - New matchmaking platform highlights game-changing solutions from the Earthshot Prize nominations process and connects them with like-minded investors and philanthropists.

If Circularity Is Now a Megatrend, Why Does Material Extraction Continue to Rise?

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Deloitte and Circle Economy Foundation identify ongoing gaps in circular policies and approaches and outlines a roadmap to unlock capital, implement policy, and unlock skills and human capital needed for a robust circular economy capable of meeting the material challenges of the Anthropocene.

Report: AI Fueling Climate Change, Energy Usage and Disinformation

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Coalition of over 50 tech accountability and environmental groups sound the alarm on the potential harms of AI to the planet, democracy and information ecosystems.

Brands People Love on Purpose, feat. Tillamook

WALKING THE TALK - We spoke with Executive Vice President of Stewardship Paul Snyder about the holistic system of business that has made Tillamook the darling of the dairy aisle.

Lab-Grown Coffee: Sustainable Brew of the Future?

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - If researchers can bridge the gap in taste between coffee that was cultivated in the field and that cultivated in a lab, it could eventually be a win-win for coffee lovers and biodiversity alike.

Impact Entertainment: Reflecting Climate Issues in the World We Live in

MARKETING AND COMMS - Good Energy helps writers and other entertainment professionals address the climate crisis with confidence and make climate storytelling a mainstream narrative for all audiences.

How US Soy Is Cultivating Sustainability Around the World

SUPPLY CHAIN - Here, Abby Rinne — Director of Sustainability at the U.S. Soybean Export Council — discusses how U.S. Soy is helping customers both here and abroad reach their sustainability goals.

What Does the New SEC Climate-Risk Reporting Rule Mean for Brands?

MARKETING AND COMMS - While the new mandate was scaled back from what was originally proposed, US companies must now prepare to join many markets around the world in the climate-risk disclosure game.

Startup Using Biomimicry to Break Textile Dyeing Down to Its DNA

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Colorifix's technology uses DNA sequencing to replicate nature's hues into sustainable pigments, curbing the industry's overreliance on water- and chemical-intensive dyeing processes.

EY: Boards Must Embolden C Suites to Embed Sustainability

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - The 2024 EY Europe Long-Term Value and Corporate Governance Survey finds just 24% of EU company leaders understand how ESG priorities will create value; Boards must step up and challenge cooling corporate commitment to sustainability.

3 Ways to Tailor Your Programs to Invest in Girls

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Here, Shanna Marzilli — President & CEO of Plan International USA — outlines three key areas that every skills-training program should incorporate to build a better, more equal, future working world.

3 Takeaways from Our Ongoing Journey to ‘Innovate Boldly. Package Sustainably.’

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - We’re constantly exploring ways to achieve the functional benefits of plastic with fiber-based packaging alternatives, so that no one walking down a grocery store aisle must choose between function and sustainability.

Applegate, innocent Double Down on Commitments to Regenerative Agriculture

SUPPLY CHAIN - innocent Drinks adds £1m to its Farmer Innovation Fund to support regenerative fruit & vegetable farming within its supply chain, while Applegate sets to transitioning its entire beef hot dog portfolio to regeneratively grazed beef by 2025.

Greenhushing: World’s Biggest Brands Leaving Billions on the Table

MARKETING AND COMMS - Brand Finance finds the world’s biggest brands are missing out on billions of dollars of potential value by failing to properly communicate their sustainability achievements and progress.