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Unilever Redefining ‘Normal’ with New ‘Positive Beauty’ Strategy

MARKETING AND COMMS - Unilever is eliminating the word “normal” from all of its beauty and personal care brands’ packaging and advertising, championing a new era of beauty that is equitable and inclusive, as well as sustainable.

Palm Oil — Redeeming an ‘Evil Crop’

SUPPLY CHAIN - In this excerpt from his new book, Honor Thy Label, Dr. Bronner's Gero Leson shares the company's years-long journey to establishing a stable supply chain for fair trade, organic palm oil.

4 Key Reasons to Embed Renewables Throughout Your Supply Chain

CLEANTECH - It can be challenging to drive sustainable change in a supply chain, but the impact of action far outweighs the risks of inaction. Here's why adopting renewables through your supply chain is the pathway to climate leadership.

Cities Can Have Something for Everyone When Created by Everyone

THE NEXT ECONOMY - At Cabify, our team’s female representation more than doubles the technology sector’s average. Safe and inclusive transport plays a crucial role in socially sustainable development — so, if we want truly inclusive cities, we must also listen to women.

Johnson’s Baby Overhauls Pumps in Packaging to Aid Recycling

OUR HEALTHY LIVES MISSION - By removing this small part of the packaging of Johnson's® Baby products, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health predicts it will keep 24M difficult-to-recycle pumps out of landfills each year – and that’s just the beginning. The company aims to strike a balance between consumers’ and the planet’s needs.

Erb Institute-Ford Social Impact Project: An Academic-Industry Collaboration

COMMUNITY UPDATE - With the geometric growth of socially responsible investment dollars entering the market, corporations are increasingly expected to assess and publicly disclose their sustainability, based on their economic, environmental and social performance.

From Coal Mine to Clean Energy: How One Company Can Make a Difference

CLEANTECH - Talking about climate change didn’t resonate with the Koch team. But when we talked about capturing and monetizing wasted resources, their ears perked up. We’ve been transparent with the economics of this project, so that others may imitate it — which would give us all a chance to help avert climate disaster.

Seneca Women, Mastercard and Deserve Launch Credit Card to Advance Women in the Economy

PRESS RELEASE - The Card by Seneca Women is the first-ever credit card that rewards cardholders when they shop from women-owned businesses and drives donations to women-focused nonprofits

How Sustainability at Eastman Has Evolved to Tackle Global Challenges

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Here, Cathy Combs, Eastman’s Director of Sustainability, details the materials giant’s ongoing journey to embedding sustainability into its core strategy — to enhance quality of life in a material way.

New WeSpire Research Finds Significant Drop in Corporate DEI Programs in 2020

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - The 10th annual study reveals that HR departments apparently underestimated employee concerns about racial equity and social unrest. Was the pandemic, or lack of company buy-in, to blame?

Snips chooses Tritan™ Renew for a new sustainable line of housewares

PRESS RELEASE - New food storage containers and hydration bottles will contain 50% certified recycled content.

Transparency, Security and Green Sciences, L'Oréal share its vision of the beauty of the future

PRESS RELEASE - As part of its permanent quest to offer consumers products that are ever more effective, safe and respectful to the environment, L’Oréal commits to an important transformation of its Research & Innovation through adopting a ‘Green Sciences’ approach.

LanzaTech’s Carbon-Negative Ethanol to Help Coty Pioneer Sustainable Fragrance Production

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - A new partnership will see fragrance giant Coty incorporating LanzaTech’s upcycled, CarbonSmart ethanol, sourced from carbon capture, into its manufacturing process — with the goal of using it in the majority of its fragrance portfolio by 2023.

‘Net-Zero Emissions by 2050’ and ‘2°C’ Climate Targets: The Devil’s in the Details

WALKING THE TALK - If you are truly looking for ways to maintain or establish your company as a leader in sustainability, and to minimize backlash from critical stakeholder groups, get thee to a 1.5°C science-based target as soon as you can.

Visa Deepens Global Commitment to Sustainability by Securing a New Regional Renewable Energy Agreement

PRESS RELEASE - MP2 Energy to supply renewable power to Visa’s facilities in the commonwealth of Virginia from new solar generation facilities

Mastercard issues $600 million Sustainability Bond

PRESS RELEASE - Mastercard issues $600 million Sustainability Bond, building on pledge to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and commitment to bring 1 billion people into the digital economy by 2025.

SB’21 Asia-Pacific: In Asia, the Time for a Sustainable Recovery Is Now

THE NEXT ECONOMY - In many parts of Asia, COVID-19 is relatively under control; and the focus is on recovery. How the region responds, and how much companies push for a sustainable post-pandemic economy could influence the entire world, due to Asia’s place as the global driver of innovation and change.

Milwaukee Startup Helping Small African Farms Turn Waste into Livelihoods

WASTE NOT - Agricycle wants to address poverty and put a dent in global food waste. So far, it has created nearly 7,000 livelihoods in Africa and diverted 177 tons of food waste — and counting.

Crowdsourced Impact Investing Mobilizes Regeneration Effort in Portugal

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - GoParity — an innovative investment platform that finances sustainable projects through crowdlending — has enabled the villagers of fire-ravaged Belver, Portugal to expedite access to much-needed recovery funds and quickly begin reforesting.

Trending: AB InBev, Carlyle Ante Up on ESG Commitments

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Two first-of-their-kind revolving credit facilities support Carlyle’s goal of 30% diverse board directors across its portfolio companies and progress toward four of AB InBev’s 2025 sustainability goals, respectively.


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