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Amidst Industry Boom, Brands Find More Sustainable Solutions to eCommerce Logistics

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - From rethinking sourcing to shipping, here are some of the key carbon- and waste-reducing strategies brands big and small are using to better balance sustainability and business goals.

Report: US Health Costs from Climate Change, Fossil Fuel Pollution Top $820B a Year

BUSINESS CASE - New NRDC report synthesizes dozens of scientific research papers and is among the first to tally a broad financial toll on public health from climate-change-driven extreme weather, unprecedented heat waves, spikes in air pollution and a rise in vector-borne diseases.

Mastercard Partners with Conservation International to Protect and Restore Wildlife Habitats through New Line of Wildlife Impact Cards

PRESS RELEASE - Program will support the conservation of 40 million hectares of landscape and seascape by 2030

10 Nature-Inspired Innovations Compete for 2021 Ray of Hope Prize

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Sustainable building materials, textiles, cooling systems and water-filtration technologies are among the top 10 nature-inspired solutions participating in the Biomimicry Institute’s 10-week accelerator program and in the running for the annual $100K prize.

Recyclops Raises $3M Seed Round To Bring Recycling Where It Doesn’t Exist

PRESS RELEASE - Recyclops Raises $3M Seed Round To Bring Recycling Where It Doesn’t Exist

Trending: Fashion, Beverage Industries Continue to Advance Solutions to Plastic Waste

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - The $1.2M Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize seeks scalable, alternative solutions for thin-film plastic; while Paboco has eliminated plastic from Absolut’s bio-based beverage bottle, making it fully recyclable.

Second Life: Are Consumers Really Ready for a Circular Shopping Economy?

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - In GlobeScan’s 2020 survey of global consumers, 74% said they agree that they need to consume less to preserve the environment for future generations. But opinions are mixed when it comes to shopping secondhand, renting or leasing items — pointing to the persistence of that pesky intention-action gap.

P&G & GLAAD’s ‘Visibility Project’ to Advance LGBTQ Visibility in Advertising

MARKETING AND COMMS - P&G has committed $1M over three years and partnered with GLAAD to work with brands and agencies to advance LGBTQ inclusion in advertising. New study finds senior marketing and ad execs recognize LGBTQ inclusion as a force for positive social change, yet worry about authentic representation.

Are 3D-Printed Buildings the Sustainable Future of Construction?

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - The construction industry must adopt technologies that increase productivity while mitigating the impact of our growing housing needs on the climate crisis. Mighty Buildings’ technology may be ‘one of the only in existence’ that could unlock the needed productivity alongside reduced emissions.

Philip Morris International Reports Progress Toward Accelerating the End of Smoking

PRESS RELEASE - PMI releases Integrated Report, demonstrating strong ESG performance and progress toward delivering a smoke-free future

US Demand for CSOs Grew 228% in 10 Years, But Diversity Remains a Challenge

LEADERSHIP - The good news: According to a new report from the Weinreb Group, hiring of Chief Sustainability Officers surged in 2020 in the US, and women now account for 54% of CSO positions. The not-so-good news: The field remains overwhelmingly white.

Glad® Teams Up with Recyclops to Bring Recycling to 100,000 New Households

PRESS RELEASE - Glad® Teams Up with Recyclops to Bring Recycling to 100,000 New Households

How to Empower the Next, Diverse Generation of Inventors

THE NEXT ECONOMY - For those who cultivate innovation and invention, it is our responsibility to provide opportunity for those historically marginalized. Our society must take the harsh realizations uncovered by the pandemic and use them to fuel ambition and drive, to ensure access and opportunity for every student.

Atlanta’s Food Forest Pioneering Potential Solution to Urban Food Deserts

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - The Urban Food Forest at Browns Mill caters to one of 35 food-insecure communities in Georgia’s capital — and provides a scalable model for other cities to begin to address this all-too-common systemic inequity in US cities.

Why Community Clean-Up Action Is More Important Than Ever

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - Noticing that litter is a problem is the first step in taking action to create a cleaner, more sustainable planet. The next step is taking action. Partner with community members and local organizations to get involved and create meaningful change.

Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Dispelling Sustainable Forestry Misconceptions

SUPPLY CHAIN - At WestRock, we are helping people better understand the importance of virgin fiber — and the role sustainably managed forests play in ensuring that we continue to protect and reinvest in this valuable, renewable resource.

Sphera Identified as a Chemicals Management Market Leader in Independent Research Report

PRESS RELEASE - Sphera’s comprehensive chemical management software enables safe, compliant and efficient management across the chemical life cycle

How to Streamline Supply Chain Emissions Accounting

SUPPLY CHAIN - Climate change exposure and carbon emissions remain barriers to resilient supply chains. Here, South Pole and SupplyShift discuss new developments in supply chain visibility that can help mitigate these risks once and for all.

Milwaukee Bucks and SC Johnson Partner to Expand Sustainability Efforts at Fiserv Forum

PRESS RELEASE - SC Johnson named Official Sustainability Partner and the Official Disinfectant and Commercial Cleaning Partner of the Bucks

Maximum visibility: Eastman collaborating with SAP on GreenToken to track recycled content with blockchain

PRESS RELEASE - To accelerate the circular economy, Eastman collaborates with SAP on GreenToken to enable traceability of recycled content via blockchain.


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