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Many Business Leaders See Sustainability as Costly Obligation Rather Than Investment in the Future

LEADERSHIP - According to new Capgemini research, execs recognize the urgency for climate action; but limited impact is visible on the ground so far as they lack an overarching strategy, clarity on the business case and coordinated implementation.

Tramontina Courts Circularity, First by Addressing Packaging Pain Points

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - The Brazilian cookware giant released its first comprehensive sustainability and environmental impact review, detailing its progress toward and ongoing pursuit of sustainability.

Corporate-University Partnerships Support the Next Generation in Creating a Circular Future

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - Recognizing the value of education both as a strategic initiative for preparing future brand employees and as an opportunity to help shape a more sustainable value chain.

IBM Collaborates to Accelerate Clean Energy Transition for Vulnerable Populations Around the World

CLEANTECH - The second cohort of the IBM Sustainability Accelerator comprises five organizations helping marginalized communities get just and equitable access to sustainable energy resources around the world.

New Menswear Brand Out to Remind Industry That Nature Is the Ultimate Luxury

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Men’s apparel startup HyperNatural is aiming to subvert the industry’s reliance on synthetic materials with its unique fabric made from a blend of recycled and organic waste streams. While it’s still ironing out circularity kinks, the brand is determined to not make perfection the enemy of progress.

New Report Guides Private Sector on How to Simultaneously Tackle Escalating Climate, Health Crises

THE NEXT ECONOMY - New research from Forum for the Future and four healthcare giants calls on businesses, policymakers and the finance community to accelerate progress against the mounting threats to human health from the climate crisis.

We Must Invest in the Missing Middle to Boost Smallholder Farmers’ Climate Resilience

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - By supporting smallholders to access agricultural innovation on their farms and in their communities, it will enable them to both thrive in a changing climate and contribute to tackling its causes.

Climate Change in the Divided States: Why Polarization Should Be Sustainability’s Most Important Issue

MARKETING AND COMMS - If we continue to be distracted by our biennial game of political ping-pong, we are unlikely to avoid the most devastating impacts of climate change — unless we fundamentally address the underlying causes of polarization and disinformation as part of our sustainability agenda.

AT&T, FEMA & Argonne National Laboratory Collaborate to Launch Climate Risk and Resilience Portal for U.S. Communities

PRESS RELEASE - New portal is aligned with the Biden Administration’s efforts to address the climate crisis and make communities across America more resilient to climate change

New Metrics, New Narrative, New Models Reflect New Approaches to Ensuring Targeted Impacts

NEW METRICS - One of many recurring themes at SB’22 San Diego was the need for a new lexicon and new metrics for the regeneration movement, which more accurately reflect the level of work and transformation needed to not only avert climate collapse but to enable a flourishing future for all.

Campaigns from Fridays for Future, Universal Music Group Aim to Usher Young Voters to the Polls

MARKETING AND COMMS - Fridays for Future reminds US voters about the real existential threat to our planetary health, while UMG launches new installments of its ‘Use Your Voice’ and ‘Pull Up to the Polls’ initiatives to support voter education and to help get young people to the polls this week.

Post-Secondary’s Postscript: Universities Becoming a Greater Force for Good

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - Whether it’s finance and administration, physical infrastructure, or strategic and capital plans, universities are unlocking all their assets to play a more ambitious role on the global stage — and other organizations can learn from this innovation.

Recycling Isn’t Enough: Our Goal Should Be ‘Uncycling’

WASTE NOT - On a practical level, we simply cannot recycle our way out of the damage that plastic waste is doing to our world, our environment and ourselves. That’s why it's time to consider uncycling — or reducing our use of single-use plastics down to zero.

2 in 3 People May Be Willing to Halve Their Consumption to Help Save the Planet

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - 68% of people ‘somewhat agree’ they’d reduce their consumption by half to avoid environmental damage and climate change — especially those with worried children at home, according to a new survey. But the gap between aspirations and actions remains wide in all countries.

Outdoor Drinkware Brands Join Forces to Drive Supply Chain Sustainability

COLLABORATION - Klean Kanteen, MiiR, Stanley and YETI have partnered to reduce emissions and establish science-based targets across their manufacturing supply chains.

‘If I Knew, I Would’: Why Brands Must Partner for Change at Scale

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - COVID reshaped our capacity for collaborative change. We saw that, when people had the right information, they would act accordingly. We must help people understand how to participate in the sustainable economy and what their impact can be. Even more, we must change social norms so that people feel compelled to opt in.

WWF, Ørsted Partner to Develop Offshore Wind Farms That Enhance Ocean Biodiversity

CLEANTECH - The unique partnership aims to advance offshore wind deployment that enhances ocean biodiversity, and drive a global shift towards addressing both climate and biodiversity goals.

UN Releases Manual for Companies to Conduct Authentic, Context-Based Sustainability Assessments

NEW METRICS - The Sustainable Development Performance Indicators help close the ‘Sustainability Context Gap’ — in which less than 1% of sustainability reports produced from 2000-2013 measured corporate performance in the context of ecological sustainability thresholds.


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