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How ChatGPT Can Help Propel Brand Sustainability Strategies

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - With applications that go beyond messaging and data analysis, the suddenly ubiquitous technology could give sustainability-driven brands several advantages.

5 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Brand with Purpose

WALKING THE TALK - Research shows that companies that succeed in uncertain times are those attuned to stakeholder needs and that focus on what matters most; those that go into survival mode and pull back from investing in their business flounder in a recession.


PRESS RELEASE - Swarovski jewelry collection created with sustainability in mind, made with certified carbon neutral Swarovski Zirconia and recycled metal.

New Beer Made from Treated Wastewater Highlights Potential of Water Reuse

WASTE NOT - The San Francisco Bay Area-based pilot project reallocated 2,000 gallons of treated water from a residential high-rise to become more than 7,000 cans of beer.

How to Select Sustainable Textiles for the Built Environment

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Acknowledging that many textile manufacturers are vague about their products, with little to no proof of sustainability or misrepresenting their claims, can be disheartening. But there are a few key ways to identify a greenwashed product.

GRI Update Enforces Imperative of Transparency Around Businesses’ Impacts on Human Rights

MARKETING AND COMMS - GRI’s new materiality and impact requirements help businesses realign their priorities to address interlinked issues around shareholder value creation and ESG. Without assessing risks and impact on both ends, businesses have and will continue to fail.

Markets Will Reward Brands That Are De-Risking Their Supply Chains

SUPPLY CHAIN - While the volatility of economic change around us can be distracting, one thing remains clear: A new generation of expectations is shifting business for good.

EU CEOs Recognize Climate Change as Biggest Threat to Business; EU Workers Say, ‘They’d Better’

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - 24% of EU CEOs believe their companies will be highly exposed to the impact of climate change in the next five years — a key insight, since 76% of young Europeans say the climate impact of prospective employers is an important factor when job hunting.

ChemSec Approaches Complex Chemistry Discussions with Collaboration and Humor

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - ChemSec works to eliminate toxic chemicals in products by engaging with companies and policymakers across cultures, industries and governments; ED Anne-Sofie Bäckar says trust, transparency — and sometimes, keeping things light — are key.

Facing Wicked Problems? You Need to Stop Leading Alone

LEADERSHIP - Wicked problems are solved by seeing problems and solutions in new ways, by working with people with very different skills and approaches. As we frequently tell our clients, ‘Uncomfortable does not have to mean unnavigable.’

PepsiCo Invests $216M to Support Regenerative Ag Transformation on Over 3M Acres of US Farmland

SUPPLY CHAIN - Practical Farmers of Iowa, Soil and Water Outcomes Fund, and the Illinois Corn Growers Association partner with PepsiCo to drive large-scale adoption of regenerative agriculture practices.

Allbirds Reveals World’s First Zero-Carbon Shoe

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Made from a number of carbon-negative materials, M0.0NSHOT could be a giant leap for the shoe industry; Allbirds is open-sourcing the toolkit used to create the shoe and inviting others to follow in its footsteps.

The Problem with Recycling, Part 3: Reducing Confusion and Boosting Consumer Confidence

WASTE NOT - This is the third in a three-part series covering key opportunities to turn ‘the plastic-recycling problem’ into a sustainable, circular plastic economy. In parts one and two, we reported how the plastic-recycling system is broken and how to improve it; and how to increase the use of recycled plastic materials in new products.

1% for the Planet Impact Fund Reaches First Anniversary with 6 Initial Investment Partners

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Much like 1%’s regular giving, the Impact Fund is being used to support a variety of initiatives; and that path will continue to evolve as the fund does.

Chipotle Expands 2023 ESG Goals Tied to Executive Compensation

LEADERSHIP - The company aims to increase pounds of local produce purchased, improve diverse employee retention, and increase the number of restaurants with composting programs — goals that can affect executives’ overall bonus payout by up to 15 percent.

Bayer Pledges to Help Tackle Global Water Crisis, End Malnutrition

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - The pharmaceutical and biotech giant is throwing its might behind two of our most pressing challenges by improving access to clean water and reducing water use in agriculture and its operations; and expanding its Nutrient Gap Initiative to include both food and supplements.

New Study Uses Norway as Test Case for Achieving Circularity, Net Zero by 2040

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Norway is the first country to scrutinize such a comprehensive scope of plastic sectors, making this study one of the most holistic views of a national plastic system ever presented.

Evolving Our Infrastructure Means the Wire and Cable Industry Must Prioritize Sustainability

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - To sustainably support the tremendous global demand for connectivity, collaboration is needed across the value chain to create solutions that enable more information to move faster, with greater protection and safety, using less energy.

Dopper publicizes first Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified reusable bottle

PRESS RELEASE - Dopper announces the Dopper Original Collection. The first Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified reusable bottle featuring Eastman Tritan™ Renew.

Net-Zero Targets Are a Bare Minimum for the Private Sector

WALKING THE TALK - In an ideal world, companies would be reaching net-zero emissions sooner than 2050 and actively working to eliminate emissions throughout their value chains and beyond to become climate positive.


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