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Why ‘Authentic’ Has Been My Word of the Year Since 1983

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - For organizations ready to embrace the word of the year, here are 3 suggestions for how your organization can embed and bring to life a truly authentic, activated purpose.

Cities Now Have Guidance on Setting Science-Based Targets for Nature

THE NEXT ECONOMY - SBTN’s new Cities program will offer a holistic, science-based target indicators framework for understanding the impact of cities on both climate and other natural systems.

Carrot and Stick: European & US Businesses Must Learn From Each Other to Become More Sustainable

THE NEXT ECONOMY - As our North American operations continue to grow rapidly, we have witnessed in microcosm the sustainability benefits of marrying together US innovation and efficiency with European standards.

From Farm to Renewable Energy: The Win-Win Solution Bringing Us Closer to a Circular Economy

WASTE NOT - As the world strives to achieve its sustainability goals, such holistic approaches not only benefit the environment but also enhance the resilience and prosperity of rural communities while taking us one step closer to a more circular future.

COP28: Food-Systems Transformation Finally Becoming Part of the Climate Conversation

WASTE NOT - At COP28, the US Food Waste Pact, ReFED’s ‘Roadmap for Philanthropy’ and $57M from the Bezos Earth Fund are among new initiatives targeting global food-system transformation.

Could AI Hold the Key for Brands Struggling to Unlock the Ambition-Action Conundrum?

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - As Ubuntoo co-founder Peter Schelstraete explains, AI tools allow us to decrease ‘unknowns’ exponentially; but he makes it clear that his technology will not replace human expertise.

A Unique Spin on Traditional Japanese Business Principles to Help Achieve the SDGs

WALKING THE TALK - Taneya Group’s founding principles are grounded in a concept called "sanpo yoshi" (“three-way satisfaction”), considered one of the roots of Japanese sustainability.

First Roadmap for Financiers Implementing a ‘Just Transition’ Launched at COP28

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - The new guidance will support the global financial sector in embedding just-transition practices in their operations to ensure a climate transition that leaves no one behind.

Gifts That Keep on Giving: SB’s 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Here’s this year’s list of some of the many companies, platforms and products aligned with a more intentional approach to production and consumption that we’d be happy to support anytime.

Alaska Airlines Empowers Guests to Reduce Emissions, Support Growth of SAF Market

THE NEXT ECONOMY - This month, Alaska Mileage Plan members can earn Elite-Qualifying Miles when they support sustainable aviation fuel, contributing to their elite qualification for the new year.

New Expedia Fund Supports Nonprofits Removing Barriers to Travel

THE NEXT ECONOMY - In its first year, the Made to Travel™ Fund has awarded more than $1.5M in grants to a diverse set of organizations working with underserved or underrepresented travelers.

Mars ‘Reuses’ Fan-Favorite Ads to Reduce Climate Impacts of Brand Communication

MARKETING AND COMMS - The campaign is aimed at raising consumer awareness by 'reusing' old, iconic adverts and showcasing creative ways to leave a lighter environmental footprint in advertising.

Information Is Power, But Who Decides How Much We (or They) Have a Right to Know?

MARKETING AND COMMS - Among themes addressed on day 3 of this year’s UN Forum on Business and Human Rights: When do tracking of personal data and combating disinformation reach a level which breaches freedom of expression or thought?

Cradle to Cradle Certified: Ever Honing a Leading-Edge Standard for Product Sustainability

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Shaw’s Tara Currier sat down with Elwyn Grainger-Jones, new ED of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, to learn more about how the Institute drives continued improvements in products across industries.

Firms Need Help Navigating Competition Laws in Pursuit of Collaboration for Sustainability

COLLABORATION - Over 80% of sustainability professionals acknowledge the need to work with peers to tackle sustainability issues; but most companies are put off collaboration for fear of breaking competition rules and risking litigation.

From Historic Foundations to Today’s Debates on Artificial Intelligence

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Fears about the uncontrolled growth of artificial intelligence have exploded into public debate this year. Day 2 of the UN Business and Human Rights Forum examined the challenges through a human-rights lens.

New Carbon Accounting Alliance Seeks Industry Standardization, Regulation to Support Net-Zero Transition

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - The launch includes a call to action for organizations worldwide to use the tools of carbon accounting to drive transition plans and direct emission reductions.

There Is No Alternative to Direct Relationships in Company Supply Chains

SUPPLY CHAIN - On day one of this year’s UN Forum on Business and Human Rights, delegates agreed that close engagement with all tiers of company supply chains will be vital going forward.

What Drives Sustainability? People With Passion

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - At Dow, Danielle Chatman-Moore develops recycling programs that capture hard-to-recycle plastics. We spoke with her about what led her to a career in sustainability and what drives her work now.

Roadmap for Europe’s Circular Plastics Transition May Be Full of Potholes

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Industry experts say Plastics Europe’s roadmap for plastics to be ‘circular and net zero by 2050’ is weakened by a focus on doing business as usual, just better.