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Cartwright to Brands: Look Inward Before Responding to Social Issues

MARKETING AND COMMS - Keith Cartwright, the creative force behind such powerful statement ads as P&G’s “The Look” and “The Choice,” shares his insights and advice to brands and agencies on how to most authentically respond in times of crisis.

Recycled Plastic Certifications Are Stifling Innovation

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Recycled plastic certification makes sense. Manufacturers need confidence that the raw materials they’re acquiring meet their requirements and are truly recycled. But more certifications likely means higher costs and thus less recycled plastic.

CSR v CSV: The Difference and Why It Matters

BUSINESS CASE - Creating Shared Value (CSV) is the business model that will accelerate the achievement of the SDGs. It's a game-changing shift from Corporate Social Responsibility and the traditional mindset that business can either do good OR make a profit, to a model that can improve the world.

Diageo Announces World’s First 100% Plastic-Free, Paper-Based Spirits Bottle

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Looks like Johnnie Walker scotch could be first to market with a paper-based packaging solution, made from sustainably sourced wood pulp, early next year.

Goin’ surfin’ sustainably

PRESS RELEASE - French startup utilizes high-performing BASF filament to develop 3D-printed, eco-friendly surfboards.

Virtual Customer Innovation: Staying close to your client remotely

PRESS RELEASE - BASF develops a digital platform to help address customer pain points from a distance.

Public Benefit Brewer Aims to Put People Back to Work During Corona

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - While starting any new business is challenging; Works Progress Administration believes it’s always a good time to help people and benefit your community through social impact — especially during this time of chaos and crisis.

From What to How: Enter the Era of Transformation

LEADERSHIP - With a goal of contributing to change and understanding how COVID-19 will influence sustainable development; at Quiero, we have undertaken an ambitious project: #aBetterWay — a search for answers from our global community of leaders based on reflection, learning and action.

Partnership Brings ‘Radical Hospitality’ to Unhoused People Worldwide

COLLABORATION - The case study of German mobile hygiene startup GoBanyo illustrates the social impacts of the collaboration between Unilever’s The Right to Shower initiative with mobile hygiene pioneer LavaMaex.

Social Impact: A Sales Tool for the Post-Pandemic World

WALKING THE TALK - While the majority of companies recognize that social impact is valuable, few have managed to successfully integrate it into one of the most mission-critical activities: their sales strategy.

Keurig Dr Pepper Advances Sustainable Packaging Commitments with New $10 Million Investment to Improve Polypropylene Recycling in the U.S.

PRESS RELEASE - Company's founding sponsorship of The Recycling Partnership's Polypropylene Recycling Coalition represents a significant step forward for recycling infrastructure improvement

Your SDG Strategy Must Consider More Than Your Financials

NEW METRICS - The Sustainable Development Goals serve as an urgent call to action for companies to pay as much attention to their *extra-financial* performance as to their *financial* performance.

Trending: Meet the Innovators Hell-Bent for Plant-Based Leather

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - While companies such as Amadou and MycoWorks are charging ahead with mushroom-based leather, here we see the material made from eggplant, cacti and apples — and taking a bite out of food waste at the same time.

Regenerative Investing Key to Creating an Inclusive Economy

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - The recent spotlight on racial justice in the US has also highlighted the financial industry's role in perpetuating discrimination. Many have responded by donating money to nonprofits, but a regenerative approach to investing that start to undo decades of chronic underinvestment is needed.

The COVID Covenant: Don’t Go Back — Go Big and Go Now!

WALKING THE TALK - We know that we can buy less, use less, work from home, drive less, collaborate more; and have business, society and government move faster — because we just did all of that. How can we respond as powerfully and courageously to other super-critical threats?

Kering Commits to Net-Positive Impact on Biodiversity by 2025

SUPPLY CHAIN - The luxury group’s new biodiversity strategy provides a detailed roadmap aligned with the Science Based Targets Network’s Framework, with four stages: Avoid, Reduce, Restore and Regenerate, and Transform.

Good Start — But Let’s Move from ‘Brand Say’ to ‘Brand Do’

WALKING THE TALK - Much-needed updates to a growing number of brands in response to the Black Lives Matter movement is a great start. But deep, lasting impact requires two main actions — apologies; and adjusting the social paradigm.

‘About the Box’ Thinking: A Brewer's Sustainability Story

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Watch what happens when a sustainable hard kombucha brand teams up with WestRock for packaging that reflects its brand values.

Over 400 Advertisers Show Facebook That They Won’t Tolerate Hate

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - In just over two weeks, the Stop Hate for Profit campaign has rallied the support of over 400 companies — all of which have pulled their advertising dollars from Facebook and Instagram for the month of July.

Q&A: Dole ‘Promise’ Sees Shift to New, Shared Value Principles by 2025

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - Dole Packaged Foods’ new sustainability commitment is based on a Japanese philosophy called 'sampo yochi' — in which business operates for the good of the seller, the buyer and society.


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