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‘2030 Forecast’ Aims to Promote Climate Literacy, Empower Consumers to Shape Their Climate Future

MARKETING AND COMMS - Weekly emissions data from Sweden’s energy, industry, road transportation and domestic aviation — used to track Sweden’s path towards 2030 emissions-reduction goals — are being displayed on digital billboards throughout Stockholm.

Fashion’s Supply Chain Visibility Comes Into Focus

SUPPLY CHAIN - It remains to be seen whether the SEC’s proposed climate-disclosure rules will go into effect; but with the EU bringing in sustainable textile regulations and states passing laws on supply chain due diligence, increased scrutiny over the climate impacts of brands and retailers will continue to grow.

Norwegian Startup Lighting the Way for Sea Change in Renewable Energy Solutions

CLEANTECH - Sunlit Sea’s prefabricated, floating solar panels optimize longevity, power production and safety, whilst taking a fraction of the time and cost to install.

Rise in ‘Balance Sheet Activism’ Swells CNote’s Community Investment Platform to $300M

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Apple, Netflix, Xylem and others are putting corporate cash to work in financially underserved communities by moving money to CDFIs, LID credit unions and MDIs throughout the US.

Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act Mandates Supply Chain Due Diligence

SUPPLY CHAIN - The law is a direct response to the widespread, well-documented reports of crimes against humanity in the Uyghur regions — and the fact that the reactions from most global brands to the issue have been, to put it lightly, disappointing.

Digital Verification Solutions for Carbon Markets Could Fast-Track Climate Action

THE NEXT ECONOMY - A recent Innovate4Climate workshop focused on technology’s role in improving carbon accounting verification processes. SustainCERT and INFRAS explored how digitization will revolutionize emissions-reductions verification in both voluntary and compliance markets.

It’s 2022: Are Companies Walking Their Talk on Racial Equity?

WALKING THE TALK - JUST Capital’s 2022 Corporate Racial Equity Tracker reveals progress in key areas; but companies have a long way to go toward implementing meaningful actions that help fundamentally advance racial equity.

Why Innovative Partnerships Are Crucial to a More Sustainable Food Industry

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - R&D is the engine room of all businesses, not just tech companies — playing an instrumental role in generating the ideas that will transform our food system in a way that can sustain both people and planet.

Appalachian Botanical Is Growing Opportunity in West Virginia

THE NEXT ECONOMY - The company — committed to sustainable agriculture and a truly inclusive approach for creating economic opportunity for the people of Boone County, West Virginia — has been growing lavender and raising bees on reclaimed coal mine soil since 2019.

Groupe Rossignol CEO Offers Measured Hope About the Future of Winter Sports

THE NEXT ECONOMY - The leading ski and snowboard maker is a case study in outdoor economy resilience amid several unknowns — including climate change. CEO Vincent Wauters is committed to working with competitors for the greater good.

Miller Lite, Dr. Eric Cervini Spotlight 10 Iconic Queer Bars in New Guidebook, 'Beers & Queer History'

MARKETING AND COMMS - The book is the latest addition to Miller Lite's Open & Proud program, which works with the Equality Federation to help make the 55K bars across the US that serve Miller Lite more welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community by the end of 2022.

LanzaTech, with Support of Danone, Discovers Breakthrough Method to Produce PET from Captured Carbon

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Proof of concept for direct production of monoethylene glycol (MEG), a key building block in sustainable PET manufacturing, has been completed at lab scale.

Collaboration, Communication Key to Scaling Sustainable Forestry in Supply Chains

SUPPLY CHAIN - In a recent webinar, FSC, Procter & Gamble and Stok discussed how companies can fulfill their role in the responsible sourcing and manufacturing of products derived from forests.

European Retailers Called Out for Cutting Corners on Curtailing Plastic Pollution

WALKING THE TALK - First-ever ranking of leading European supermarkets’ commitments to dial back their use and waste of plastic reveals lack of real action.

Tourism Cares Lays Groundwork for ‘Meaningful Travel’ That Tackles Global Issues with Local Focus

WALKING THE TALK - Tourism must grapple with its place alongside growing and egregious social and environmental concerns. The Meaningful Travel Summit used Lake Tahoe as a case study of challenges and solutions for a specific destination; but everyone must reflect on these “global issues that need to be addressed, no matter where you work, or from what sector.”

Recycle Your Plastics, Not Your Visuals: A Modern Marketer’s Guide to Sustainability

MARKETING AND COMMS - By refreshing these assets, matching consumer sentiment and upleveling authentic storytelling, brands can better reflect the increasingly conscious world around them and create stronger connections to audiences yearning to make a difference.

New Guide to Aid US Food Sector’s Climate Transition Plans as Investors Ramp Up Pressure

WALKING THE TALK - Investors can use the guide to engage companies by emphasizing the importance of disclosing their full-scope GHG emissions and setting 1.5°C emissions-reduction targets — ahead of forthcoming mandates.

Clearing the Air: Nicorette’s Multi-Faceted Approach to Smoking Cessation

OUR HEALTHY LIVES MISSION - Ahead of World No Tobacco Day (May 31), Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health’s Carlton Lawson shares how Nicorette is fulfilling its commitment to free both its internal and external stakeholders from tobacco and nicotine.

A Springboard for Circularity: Investment in NY Recycling Infrastructure to Create Ripple Effect Across the US

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - These investments offer proof-of-concept for scaling more investments in waste infrastructure across North America. Modernizing Sims’ recycling capabilities acts as a circularity laboratory, which can lead to better design for the whole US recycling system.

Mocktail Club Raises the Bar for Sophisticated, Sustainable, Socially Conscious (Non)Spirits

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Founder Pauline Idogho and her diverse team of BIPOC women have created a line of globally inspired, ready-to-drink, organic, non-alcoholic cocktails that support environmental sustainability and social health and inclusion around the world.


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