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2021 Pulse Point Occupants Survey Reveals Desires for Spaces Fit for Sustainability and Personal Well-Being

PRESS RELEASE - 2021 Pulse Point Occupants Survey Reveals Desires for Spaces Fit for Sustainability and Personal Well-Being

Will Sustainable Consumer Behaviors, Attitudes Persist Post-Pandemic?

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Next month, GlobeScan’s latest annual, global consumer survey will assess whether the uptick in concern around creating a healthier, more sustainable future that occurred during the pandemic will persist in the longer term.

How to Effectively Visualize Sustainability in Our New, More Empathetic World

MARKETING AND COMMS - There is an urgent need to move the visual language of sustainability forward, so being able to represent both technological and societal progress is key.

International Wineries for Climate Action Joins Global ‘Race to Zero’

COLLABORATION - IWCA becomes the first member of Race to Zero — a UN-backed, global campaign to rally all-sector leadership and support for a healthy, resilient, zero-carbon future — representing the wine and ag industries.

How Purpose Drives Emotional Action – And What This Means for Brand Leaders

CORPORATE MEMBER UPDATE - One concept continued to resonate with SB Members during the meeting: What better way to change the world than to make responsible consumption more attractive and attainable at scale?

Independent Study Confirms LNG Reduces Shipping GHG Emissions by up to 23%

PRESS RELEASE - Peer-reviewed well-to-wake study updates definitive figures for GHG emissions from LNG as a marine fuel

Two Good, Marcus Samuelsson, Full Harvest Team Up to Fight Food Waste

WASTE NOT - The partnership between the yogurt brand, the celebrity chef and the food-rescue marketplace aims to inspire restaurants across the US to fight food waste by using rescued produce on their menus.

Businesses Must Understand the Intersections of Mental Health, Sustainability

THE NEXT ECONOMY - As we emerge from COVID-19 and mental health rises up the corporate agenda, how can businesses incorporate the subject into their core sustainability agenda, rather than treat it as a separate issue?

Chipotle Now Offering Employees Free Degrees in Agriculture, Culinary, Hospitality

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - As part of Chipotle’s mission to ‘cultivate a better world,’ it has expanded its debt-free degree program to include nearly 100 degree options in these fields at 10 US universities.

Bridging the Missing Link in Purposeful Business: How Women Are Addressing Sustainability, Equality

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - Dow is committed to supporting women at every level of its business — so that, as doors open to the next generation of female leaders, so do new ideas for delivering sustainable solutions.

Sustainable Brands Pursues Broad-Based Business Transformation

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - SB announces PMI as the first graduate of its Voyager program — established to support the transformation of brands that face significant challenges related to ESG performance and reputation.

New Initiative Sees Professional Sports Teams ‘Sidelining Carbon’

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - Sidelining Carbon is helping professional sports teams and their fans get clarity around how to take definitive climate action, connecting them to resources to drive it forward, and growing the conversation in the sports world.

10 Global Companies Take Action Towards Living Wages

SUPPLY CHAIN - Aldi, Fairphone, L’Oréal, Unilever and more are  taking action towards ensuring living wages for workers throughout their supply chains — and calling on others to do the same.

Sphera Wins $55M Contract to Support Hazardous Materials Management for U.S. Defense Logistics Agency

PRESS RELEASE - Sphera’s Government Services ensure compliance while improving safety and productivity

For Bumble Bee, Circular Packaging Solutions Are Both New, Tried and True

REDEFINING SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD FOR THE FUTURE - The Bumble Bee Seafood Company is diving in headfirst to tackle circular packaging strategies in new ways — and some old ways.

P&G, Dove Push for More Equitable Representation in Media

MARKETING AND COMMS - The two companies are putting their money where their mouths are when it comes to increasing inclusion, both in their messaging and in the media at large.

Microsoft, LinkedIn Expand Initiative to Enable More Inclusive, Skills-Based Tech Economy in US

THE NEXT ECONOMY - The companies have launched a variety of new tools and services aimed at fostering a more inclusive tech workforce in the US, with a specific focus on women and underrepresented minorities.

Breakthrough: 7 Unlocks to Scaling Healthy and Sustainable Living

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - So, what’s still preventing consumers from living more in line with their values? GlobeScan has identified seven critical “unlocks” to help consumers to change their behaviors, and start aligning their lifestyles with their values and aspirations.

Shoppers Play a Huge Role in the Climate Battle

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Two innovative new offerings provide forward-thinking companies an engaging way to not only compensate for their product emissions, but to engage with their customers around climate action in a new way. 

Even COVID Can’t Stop Sustainable Packaging

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - As hopes mount for a new, post-COVID “normal,” many systems are in flux and the state of sustainable packaging is once again in question. How will businesses adapt? Or re-adapt? Or un-adapt? Shelton Group CEO Suzanne Shelton and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s Adam Gendell share their insights.


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