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ESG Practitioners Both Confident, Confused in Dynamic Reporting Landscape

MARKETING AND COMMS - Workiva’s third annual survey gathered the thoughts of more than 2,000 professionals involved in ESG reporting across the corporate landscape.

Love, Loyalty & Lifestyle: Making Circularity Irresistible

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - To unleash the power of circular design at scale, brands require an understanding of the cultural conditions at play. Here are five design principles that we’ve learned from our work with brands helping lead the way.

Despite Global Commitments, Deforestation Is Surging: 5 Ways Companies Can Right the Ship

SUPPLY CHAIN - October’s commitment by the countries home to our major rainforests — as well as prior agreements from COP, the US and the EU — show serious intent. Here’s how companies can effectively protect critical biodiversity.

Will a Global Plastics Treaty Effectively Curb Plastic Pollution?

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Not at this rate: In one corner, industry bodies and petrochemical companies call for enhanced recycling and the increased use of materials with recycled content. In the other, climate campaigners continue to push for cuts in production — an argument that won’t be resolved anytime soon.

Leading the Change: Takeaways from the B Lab Champions Retreat

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - What if we centered our work and lives around showing up for ourselves, others and the planet? Here are three takeaways from the recent B Lab Champions Retreat on how we can turn talk into action.

Alternative Packaging Alliance Out to Reshape the Conversation Around Boxed Wine

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - The group — comprised of seven higher-end wine producers — is bringing a decidedly hip, modern update to a segment with a big perception issue.

The SBTi Drama Underscores the Urgent Need for Valid Scope 3 Solutions

WALKING THE TALK - Whether carbon credits ought to be used to account for Scope 3 emissions is a debate that must continue — involving many more stakeholders, so that views on both sides of the fence are heard and considered.

15 Startups in Mars’ 1st ‘Unreasonable Food’ Cohort Poised to Future-Proof Food

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Mars Snacking and Unreasonable Group will work with the selected rapid-growth ventures to scale their sustainable solutions in the first year.

Meet 2 Companies Upcycling Food Waste to Make Beauty More Sustainable

WASTE NOT - Biotech startups Kaffe Bueno and The Upcycled Beauty Company are transforming food-manufacturing waste streams into high-quality ingredients for personal-care products.

Polycrises Threatening Planetary Health Cannot Be Addressed in Silos

THE NEXT ECONOMY - As The Lancet warns in a new report, failing to consider interactions between climate, biodiversity and infectious disease will not address the fundamental issues affecting each — and the consequences will be 'exponentially more expensive.'

Amazon Rainforest ‘Tops’ Forbes' Billionaires List

SUPPLY CHAIN - The campaign from Natura, Forbes and Africa Creative highlights the power of the Amazon’s $317B bioeconomy and that the standing forest is worth seven times more than the potential earnings from its destruction.

How Brands Can Help Communities Thrive in a Changing Climate

THE NEXT ECONOMY - While heat is the leading cause of weather-related illnesses and deaths in both Canada and the US, companies can explore nature-based solutions to help reverse this trend and foster spaces where people can thrive.

This Startup Aims to Bring Back the Woolly Mammoth, But at What Cost?

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Colossal Biosciences says its work to revive keystone species such as the mammoth could be a boon for ecological restoration and biodiversity preservation, but conservationists say it could become a moral and ethical quagmire.

New Global Music Initiative Highlights the Creative Value of Nature

MARKETING AND COMMS - Sounds Right aims to finally pay Nature royalties for her contributions to art and everything else on earth by prompting conversation, raising funds for conservation and inspiring millions of fans to take action.

Is Bipartisan Climate Policy Possible in the US?

THE NEXT ECONOMY - The reality of climate change’s existence is not the debate that voters are interested in anymore: They have experienced it firsthand and care about solutions.

Full Circle: Why Place-Making Strategies Are the Next Sustainable Innovation Frontier

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - To unlock a self-sustaining, regenerative local system, an ecosystem of co-beneficiaries invested in the place and bound by a system of co-benefits is required.

Interface Commits to Carbon Negativity, Without Offsets, by 2040

WALKING THE TALK - The sustainability leader sets out to hit its climate goals through direct carbon reduction and carbon storage — and challenges industry peers to do the same.

It’s Time to Stop Fanning the Flames of Climate Anxiety

MARKETING AND COMMS - To all fellow impact professionals, I encourage you to look at the narrative your communications are fueling and consider whether your business, your audience and the planet would benefit from a more nuanced view.

Free Course Aims to Train Advertisers to Combat Climate Change

MARKETING AND COMMS - Good-Loop’s Good-Media Academy outlines how the ad industry impacts climate change and what advertisers can do to mitigate it.

Science-Based Climate Targets Key to Sustainable Tourism

WALKING THE TALK - Regardless of whether a travel-related company has submitted its commitments to SBTi; setting specific, quantifiable, time-bound goals is essential for meaningfully reducing climate-changing emissions.