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Early Adopters Share Insights from Piloting Science-Based Targets for Nature

NEW METRICS - Pilot companies say the newfound understanding of their impacts and dependencies on nature is helping change mindsets internally regarding the urgency of meaningful action.

How Stonyfield Organic and Regrow Are Building a Resilient Dairy Industry

SUPPLY CHAIN - The two have partnered to help Stonyfield build out a program aligned with its science-based climate targets that empowers its farmers with actionable insights to bolster emission-reduction and carbon-sequestration efforts.

New LEGO Initiatives Fostering Empathic Learning, Brick Circularity

WALKING THE TALK - In the US, LEGO’s ‘Community Builders Challenge’ builds on Comic Relief US’s Red Nose Day in School program; while it brings its LEGO Replay brick take-back program to the UK.

Brands People Love on Purpose, feat. Tracksmith

MARKETING AND COMMS - Tracksmith’s brand purpose: To celebrate the competitive spirit that unites runners around the world and support dedicated runners at every stage of their journey.

Driving Sustainable Growth Through Brand-Led Culture Change

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Building a culture of sustainable living can only be achieved when brands and consumers align their efforts and take action together on the most impactful behaviors.

This App Could Be Key to Securing Fisher Livelihoods, Restoring Fish Stocks

SUPPLY CHAIN - Abalobi's easily scalable app enables traceability previously unseen in small-scale fisheries and connects fishers directly with buyers — reducing dependency on middlemen, resulting in fairer prices and ethical produce for consumers.

Parts of Future Fords Could Be Made from Olive Waste

WASTE NOT - Ford engineers are conducting trials on parts made from 40% olive tree fibers and 60% recycled plastic — which is heated and injection-molded into the shape of the selected part.

Ecology Meets Circular Economy at Maryland's Bioenergy Center

CLEANTECH - By recycling organics, producing renewable natural gas, and yielding nutrient-rich soil amendments, it exemplifies a harmonious relationship between environmental responsibility and economic growth.

Latin Americans Are Embracing Plant-Based Foods — a Growing Opportunity for Investment

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Food investors and entrepreneurs would do well to mark the major focus on plant-based protein innovation happening for our neighbors to the South.

Now in Its 20th Year, Global 100 Index Continues to Track Higher Total Returns

BUSINESS CASE - Corporate Knights’ 20th annual ranking of the world’s 100 most sustainable corporations shows them tripling down on sustainability investments and reaping significant returns.

In the Pursuit of Sustainability, Silence Is Not Golden

MARKETING AND COMMS - We caught up with TrusTrace co-founder and CEO Shameek Ghosh to discuss companies’ tendency to ‘greenhush’ to avoid scrutiny around sustainability and his advice for overwhelmed retailers.

Will the Fashion Industry Come Clean on the Data Point That Matters Most for Circularity?

WASTE NOT - With 'Speak Volumes,' we aim to draw awareness to overproduction and create a more just distribution of responsibility for fashion waste clean-up — which builds on our overall goal of promoting a shift towards a justice-led, circular fashion economy.

How Research & Insights Help Brands Meet Consumer Desire for More Sustainable Products

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Assessing how products resonate with consumers and using those insights to refine them is a critical part of product development — and just one way that strategic insights add value for brands.

Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders: 10 Measures to Close the Emissions-Reduction Gap

THE NEXT ECONOMY - New WEF report finds a 600-gigaton gap in national emissions-reduction ambitions and policies that must be closed to keep 1.5°C target alive, and outlines 10 ways for businesses and governments to accelerate decarbonization and close this gap.

Vivobarefoot & Balena Take Next Step Toward Regenerative Barefootwear

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - The footwear manufacturer and material-science company aim to deliver the world’s first 3D-printed, made-to-measure footwear that is fully compostable.

Powering Circular Product Design: The Eastman and Stanley Black & Decker Journey

COLLABORATION - Whatever your product category — including those in which recycled content or recyclable products are rare — circular design can help your brand delight consumers and meet sustainability goals.

Promising Proteins Could Solve Many Food-Related Issues, If We Let Them

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - 2 new studies examine the potential of edible insects and mycelium to boost both human and planetary health, and the barriers and systemic issues that must be overcome to realize that potential.

WEF: Disinformation, Societal Fragmentation Top Global Risks as Environmental Threats Intensify

THE NEXT ECONOMY - 'Global Risks Report 2024' calls for greater cooperation between the public and private sectors to focus global cooperation on rapidly building guardrails for the most disruptive emerging risks.

Coachtopia Docuseries Explores Challenges, Opportunities of Circular Fashion

MARKETING AND COMMS - 'The Road to Circularity' takes a frank look at the problems facing the fashion industry and the mindset shifts required to pioneer circular solutions for the future.

A Vindication of Packaging-Reuse Systems

THE NEXT ECONOMY - How reuse models in Latin America have succeeded, and what the Global North can learn from them.