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Widespread Engagement at Heart of Dow’s Mission to Transform Into a 125-Year-Old Sustainability Leader

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - Today, Dow considers its sustainability strategy and business strategy to be one and the same; employees understand that the two can no longer be separate. But, as Global Sustainability Director Haley Lowry explains, this didn’t happen overnight.

Purpose & the Stakeholder Factor: 10 Trends for 2021 and Beyond

WALKING THE TALK - To capture the top trends of 2021, Porter Novelli reviewed and analyzed a year’s worth of Purpose-driven and stakeholder news, activities, campaigns and announcements to deliver the latest in stakeholder intelligence. Here are our 10 need-to-know trends for today and tomorrow.

Why Material Is Material: Another Definition of Double Materiality

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - What is 'material'? And how can a slight play on words help brands make more sustainable, healthier material choices in the built environment to reduce risk and benefit all stakeholders — from investors to employees and communities, to the planet?

Cotton Laundering Shows Risk of Business as Usual with China

SUPPLY CHAIN - China’s importance to global supply chains as a key source of raw materials and labor puts brands at high risk of inadvertently supporting forced labor. Right now, the focus is on the garment industry; but other industries should pay close attention and ensure they are closely monitoring their entire supply chains.

Shaking Up Boardrooms and Society: The World’s First Purpose Governance Playbook

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - ‘The New Purpose Governance Framework’ is the first comprehensive set of purpose-governance guidelines in the world, which charts the path for boards to up their game in approving and governing their organization’s purpose.

Integration Technology Can Improve Resiliency, Sustainability in Supply Chain Management

SUPPLY CHAIN - The pandemic-induced supply chain hurdles represent a reboot opportunity for companies. Here, we examine how companies can leverage modern integration technology to both improve supply chain performance and address sustainable supply-chain management practices.

Synergizing ESG Data Collection Improves Reporting, Performance

MARKETING AND COMMS - Nasdaq OneReport helps companies position themselves for current and future ESG-related work — whether regulatory or voluntary — to help align overall goals and outcomes across organizational departments and roles.

Circularity Is the Future — But Getting There Means Facing Some Fears

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Building a circular economy to deal with our e-waste challenges means embracing a new level of industry-wide transparency.

Sonos Announces Long-term Sustainability Commitment

PRESS RELEASE - Sonos introduces Climate Action Plan and Product Sustainability Program, commits to being carbon neutral by 2030 and achieving net zero by 2040.

Q&A: How to Foster Enterprise-Wide Engagement in Holistic Sustainability Strategies

OUR HEALTHY LIVES MISSION - In a keynote conversation at SB’21 San Diego, two leading execs in their respective industries — Katie Decker and Nancy Mahon — discussed how their sustainability strategies have been embedded within their businesses, as well as differences and similarities between the companies’ approaches.

Biomimicry Institute Awarded €2.5M to Pilot, Scale Decomposition of Textile Waste

WASTE NOT - The Design for Decomposition initiative is the next step in the Institute’s effort to transform fashion, stopping millions of tonnes of textile waste escaping into the environment each year.

Marketing Industry Launches CMO Sustainability Accelerator Collaborative

PRESS RELEASE - ANA, Sustainable Brands and Adweek form partnership to inspire and accelerate sustainable innovation.

Parsons’ Healthy Materials Lab and Library Offers Resources for Designers, Architects, Students

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Shaw’s Tim Conway recently spoke with the Lab's director, Alison Mears, about how it is raising awareness about building material ingredients and educating the next generation of designers and architects.

Innovation for Good Driving Both Internal and External Impacts for Kohler

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - What happens when a company empowers its associates to think creatively and innovate with a social purpose? You find yourself with a potent strategic framework for solving for some of the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges.

The Fight Against Climate Change and the Role of Recycled Products

PRESS RELEASE - Every business emits CO2 to some extent, but carbon emissions are not exactly neutral. In addition to thinking about how to offset emissions, it’s important to focus on new and innovative ways to red

Conscientious Consumption: The SB 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

WALKING THE TALK - With no end in sight to the pandemic and its many ripple effects, we can all use a little bit of brightness in our lives! So, here are some of the many companies, platforms and products aligned with a more intentional approach to consumption, that we’d be happy to support anytime.

The Fur is Faux (and Bio-Based) on Bravo's Project Runway

PRESS RELEASE - Bio-based Sorona® faux fur adds a soft touch to this fiery competition on Bravo's Project Runway Episode 1907: "Are You Fur Real”

Full-Circle: AZEK Disrupts PVC Recycling by Revolutionizing Takeback

WASTE NOT - AZEK’s FULL-CIRCLE PVC Recycling program helped it collect approximately 400M pounds of recycled product for reuse in 2020 — with the hope that this entire value-chain approach can disrupt the plastic waste paradigm meaningfully, as AZEK continues to scale up collection and processing.

Business ‘First Responders:’ How Can Companies Thrive While Solving for Relentless, Real-Time Crises?

LEADERSHIP - In his new book, “Lead With We,” Simon Mainwaring urges business leaders to adopt a ‘first-responder’ mindset — and provides a blueprint for a proactive, ‘prepare for anything’ approach that enables them to lead with purpose in an increasingly challenged world.

'A Compass for Just and Regenerative Business': 5 Principles of the Leadership We Need

LEADERSHIP - As a fellow leader in this sustainability movement, how might you shift to a more regenerative approach? Here, Forum for the Future’s Samantha Veide explores what the concept means for business and shares five principles for regenerative leadership.


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