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How Whirlpool, Washing Machine Project Are Bridging ‘the Global Washing Divide’

How Whirlpool, Washing Machine Project Are Bridging ‘the Global Washing Divide’

The Washing Machine Project and the Whirlpool Foundation are scaling distribution of a hand-cranked washing machine to help women and girls in remote areas reclaim time for education, work and personal growth — ushering in a new era of laundry that eliminates persistent social barriers.

The Many Benefits of This Cacao-Fruit Chocolate Make It Even Sweeter

WASTE NOT - Researchers at ETH Zurich have teamed up with the food industry to produce a whole-fruit variety of chocolate that is not only more nutritious, it’s more beneficial for farmers and the environment.

Report: High Seas Treaty Offers Historic Opportunity for Climate Adaptation

THE NEXT ECONOMY - In a new paper, scientists detail how the soon-to-be-ratified Treaty can help protect marine species as climate change continues to warm the oceans.

Fashion Giants Join Forces to Share Cost of Supply Chain Decarbonization

COLLABORATION - The Future Supplier Initiative’s collective-financing model aims to address the main barriers preventing many textile factories from reducing resource consumption or implementing renewable-energy solutions.

‘Enrich Life-in-Motion for Those We Serve’: How Mazda’s Values Fuel Its Innovations

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Sustainable Brands Tokyo's Shigeki Aoki talks with Mazda President and CEO Masahiro Moro about how the 104-year-old auto manufacturer’s mission and strategies center around 'the joy of driving.'

Meet the Company Infusing Circularity, Inclusivity into PPE

WASTE NOT - AmorSui's new line of higher-quality, inclusive, washable and recyclable garments eliminate waste and better protect medical personnel. We spoke with founder Beau Wangtrakuldee about her vision for a circular commerce model for medical supplies.

Latest Ban on ‘High-Carbon’ Ads Shows Appetite for Clean-Energy Transition

WALKING THE TALK - Edinburgh’s recent ban on ads for fossil fuels and other high-carbon products exemplifies a desire to shift those ad spaces toward cleaner, more viable alternatives and ads that promote low-carbon behaviors.

WA Ballot Initiative Could Stymy National Efforts to Put a Price on Carbon

THE NEXT ECONOMY - I-2117 is already destabilizing the state’s landmark carbon market — confusing businesses and creating uncertainty about the future of climate policy.

US Plastics Pact Unveils Bold New Roadmap to Transform the Use of Plastics

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Update to 2025 Roadmap carries forward unfinished targets from the original plan and outlines new steps toward circular design, based on insights from 130+ US Plastic Pact Activators.

Awareness of Tourism’s Impacts Requires a Rethink of Marketing’s Function

MARKETING AND COMMS - Tourism marketing has largely centered around traveler desires such as pleasant weather and low prices. Now, it must also consider how travelers’ presence impacts locals, the local economy, wildlife and the natural environment.

Efforts to Scale Regenerative Ag Bearing Fruit Around the World

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - This week in regenerative-ag news, Heineken, innocent Drinks and Rainforest Alliance all revealed progress in scaling practices that increase resilience in food and beverage supply chains around the world.

The Purpose of Governance: Bridging the Say-Do Gap

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - If Boards acknowledge their fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interest of a company as defined by its purpose — and work with management to adopt a social purpose as the company’s reason for being and have oversight of the purpose — it can help propel the purpose economy into a formidable force for good.

Consumers, Brewers Taking a Closer Look at Beer’s Environmental Impact

THE NEXT ECONOMY - As Deschutes and Patagonia Provisions partner on beers made from regenerative grain, nearly 50% of beer lovers around the world say they will pay more for a sustainable brew.

Pernod Ricard Partnership Expands Circular Spirits Distribution

WASTE NOT - The spirits giant has expanded its partnership with ecoSPIRITS, whose closed-loop packaging system reduces waste and emissions from the production and transportation of bottled beverages.

Engaging with LGBTQ+ Consumers Offers Brands Both Risk and Reward

MARKETING AND COMMS - As brands grapple with their position on LGBTQIA+ issues and building inclusivity and diversity across their businesses, the latest Outvertising Consumer Report offers plenty of advice for being more effective.

Report: Food & Beverage Sustainability Plans Missing Critical Levers

WALKING THE TALK - A new Quantis report has identified several common gaps in company strategies that will keep businesses sustainability targets out of reach and five key priorities for companies to adopt.

Cross-Industry Collaborations Turning the Tide on Cold-Water Washing

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Tide partnerships with everyone from appliance manufacturers and retailers to NASA and the International Space Station are helping us reduce the impact of cleaning our clothes.

Gen Z Becoming More Skeptical of Influencers, Sustainability Messaging

MARKETING AND COMMS - New survey of Gen Zs in the US and Canada suggest a growing distrust of influencers; and while sustainability is still a consideration when purchasing, budget, price and brand authenticity are paramount.

This Partnership Is Set to Slash Scope 3 Emissions in the Meat Sector

SUPPLY CHAIN - New partnership between the Meat Institute and Supplier LOCT signifies a pivotal moment in the effort to tackle the climate impacts of our food system and offers a template for other industries to follow.

Turning the Tide: A Startup’s Mission to Restore Balance to Coastal Ecosystems

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Thalasso’s technology harvests invasive sargassum seaweed, while its micro-biorefineries turn the ecosystem-disrupting material into a circular-economic revenue generator for affected communities.