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UN Forum on Business and Human Rights, Day 2: A Compass for ‘Big Tech'

UN Forum on Business and Human Rights, Day 2: A Compass for ‘Big Tech'

This is the second of three daily updates from the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights 2022. Day two proposed redefining tech companies as part of infrastructure — similar to railways and supply chains — that govern people’s lives, and a new ‘UNGPs Compass’ aimed at doing that.

Q&A: Why Partnerships Are Essential for Delivering Circular Packaging for the Food Industry

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - While flexible packaging plays an important role in keeping food fresher longer, it has long been difficult to recycle. Designing more recyclable flexible packaging from the start and determining a better end-of-life process for current materials is a vital step in reducing food waste.

New Guide Shows How CMOs Can Mainstream Sustainability by Closing Say-Do Gap for Good

MARKETING AND COMMS - BCG and the CMO Sustainability Accelerator — a coalition that includes Sustainable Brands, ANA and Adweek — have developed a practical guide to help brands “bring green to the mainstream” by developing and marketing sustainable choices for all consumers, not just those moved by sustainability claims.

The UN Forum on Business and Human Rights 2022, Day 1: Holding Business to Account

WALKING THE TALK - This is the first of three daily updates from the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights 2022. Day one started a week that focuses not on holding individual companies to account, but where the systems that will enable this are being framed.

New Program Aims to Expand Plastic Film Recycling Capacity in US

COLLABORATION - The joint effort from WM and Dow aims to provide a solution to make it easier for households to recycle the film while the companies explore new options to reuse it. When fully implemented, the program is expected to prevent 120,000 tons of plastic film from reaching landfills each year.

Harnessing the Power of Social Media for Good Delivers Brand Trust and Loyalty While Driving Meaningful Change

MARKETING AND COMMS - When done thoughtfully, brands can use social media to champion sustainable living and generate positive outcomes that are favorable to people, the planet and their overall business results.

Brand Blind Spots, Empty Promises Hindering Effective Action Against Plastic Pollution

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - As seen in ongoing incidents of greenwashing and a new Greenpeace report, the onus is on consumer product manufacturers to take more comprehensive approaches to stemming their flow of plastic into the world — and turning the tide of public opinion.

New Cookbook Showcases Meals That Benefit Both Human and Planetary Health

MARKETING AND COMMS - "The Cookbook in Support of the United Nations: For People and Planet" features 75 recipes divided into sections on food systems, biodiversity, sustainable consumption, food and climate change, and food waste — and shares each dish’s carbon footprint.

Breaking Through the Logjam to Accelerate Decarbonization in the Energy Sector

WALKING THE TALK - Why have the collective efforts of national governments, NGOs, forward-looking companies and citizens had so little impact on curbing carbon emissions? Here are three reasons why high-level pledges are not translating into concrete actions — and what’s needed to break through.

This Company’s 3D-Printed Terracotta Tiles Are Paving the Way for Coral Restoration

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Archireef has developed the world’s first-ever biomimetic, artificial reef tile — promoting coral survivorship and growth in an environmentally friendly, adaptive and scalable way.

COP27 Yields Landmark Deal to Compensate Developing Nations for Climate Damage, But Backpedals on Phase-Out of Fossil Fuels

WALKING THE TALK - COP27 ended with an agreement to create a funding facility to compensate vulnerable nations for ‘loss and damage’ from climate disasters; but weakened language around the phase-out of fossil fuels opens a dangerous loophole that could threaten decarbonization before it’s too late.

Bridgestone Wins $35M USDA Climate-Smart Grant to Further Advance Guayule Natural Rubber Production

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - The USDA has awarded Bridgestone $35M to grow its investment in desert shrub guayule to advance a climate-smart domestic rubber industry and offer a water-smart solution amid the ongoing drought in the Southwestern US.

Supply Chain Waste, Consumer Demand Highlight Business Case for Transparency

SUPPLY CHAIN - A new study examines the waste challenges companies are facing due to the global supply chain crisis and how they are being tackled, and how consumer priorities impact waste — they now report prioritizing product durability and transparency over sustainability.

Vail Resorts Meets 100% Renewable Energy Goal, on Track to Achieve Net Zero Operating Footprint By 2030

CLEANTECH - The company reports progress in its climate goals, as well as its work to support local communities and increase equitable access to snow sports and recreation.

COP27 Yields More Impressive Forest-Conservation Commitments; But Will Our Efforts Go Up in Smoke?

WALKING THE TALK - From COP27, we see more and more business initiatives focused on not only reaching sustainability, but averting a climate crisis and achieving nature positivity — but have climate-fueled forest fires already nullified our chances at an effective carbon market?

Takeda and Discovery Education Partner on New Initiative Centering on Health Equity

PRESS RELEASE - Suite of No-Cost Digital Resources Designed to Help Foster a Health Equity Mindset for Students and Educators

Update Your Approach to Recycled Fiber and Sustainable Packaging Through Leadership

PRESS RELEASE - Stakeholder expectations around sustainability changed. Expectations for businesses are higher than ever across stakeholder groups, which makes reaching 2025 and 2030 goals even more important.

2022 Ray of Hope Prize Winners Offer Biomimetic Solutions to Fresh Food Waste, Surface Finishing

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - The Biomimicry Institute has chosen India’s GreenPod Labs and Germany’s Fusion Bionic as 2022’s top biomimicry startups, from a pool of over 200 applicants from 54 countries.

Purpose-Driven Brands Continue to Encourage More Conscious Consumption Habits in Antidote to Black Friday

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - As US consumers report more conservative gifting plans due to money worries, alternatives such as Freitag’s S.W.A.P. events and Poshmark’s Secondhand Sunday meet the downshift in enthusiasm for the Black Friday shopping frenzy.

Vanguard Renewables Receives Environmental Leadership Award from NERC

PRESS RELEASE - Vanguard Renewables was awarded the 2022 Northeast Recycling Council (NERC) Environmental Sustainability Leadership Award at NERC’s Fall Conference recently held in Connecticut


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