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The 5 Biggest Packaging Trends Impacting Sustainability in 2024

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Improved automation is a major driver behind several of the biggest trends that will impact packaging sustainability in 2024.

Meet the Company Helping Brands Give Nature a Place on the Board

THE NEXT ECONOMY - We caught up with Ephi Banaynal dela Cruz, co-founder and CEO of Context Nature, to learn how they are supporting companies to integrate nature into business and investment decision-making to build a nature-positive future.

Cultivating Relationships, Understanding Around Food’s Place in Nature

COLLABORATION - A unique partnership between a Japanese pizza chef and a CEO dedicated to regional revitalization created a ‘cook’s sanctuary,’ where cooks and the public can connect and learn about the importance of food sustainability.

Collaborative Sustainability Initiatives Driving Innovation in Manufacturing Clusters

COLLABORATION - Examples such as the Net-Zero Basque Industrial Super Cluster show how targeted, collaborative sustainability efforts can set new standards for environmental responsibility in manufacturing — leading the way in industrial innovation and global competition.

WWF Report Reveals Progress on Some of the World’s Biggest Brands' Plastic Footprints

WASTE NOT - While ReSource: Plastic members are demonstrating that plastic reporting is possible, voluntary corporate action is not sufficient to address the scale and urgency of the plastic waste crisis.

An Early Adopter’s Guide to Sustainability: 5 Lessons Learned

WALKING THE TALK - Companies that challenge the idea of business-as-usual can set the pace of innovation for their peers despite the risk of failure. And you might just unlock a new way of doing business and see ripple effects for years to come.

The Evolution of Insurers’ Climate-Related Reporting in the US

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Though these disclosures are meant to provide an overview of an insurer’s climate-management practices and are not judged by length, the limited content analysis in some findings highlights the need for more substance on the part of insurers.

Virtual Travel Offers New Perspectives, Accessibility to Hard-to-Reach Natural Wonders

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - While tourism has returned to pre-pandemic levels and the industry re-embraces physical travel, virtual travel operators see a different future on the horizon.

Under Armour’s Breakthrough Fiber-Shed Test Method Now Available to Industry

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - The brand is sharing its solution with the apparel industry and suppliers, and developing a reduced-shed version of its largest fleece offering.

2024 Outlook: Sustainable Businesses Must Partner and Help Sustain Others

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Through Citizen Verizon, we have the opportunity and obligation to leverage our technology to drive positive societal impact across key areas: Digital Inclusion, Climate Protection and Human Prosperity.

As COP28 Goes Into Overtime, Hope Dwindles for Meaningful Climate Agreement

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Climate groups and world leaders decry draft agreement as falling fatally short of the clarity and ambition the climate and economy demand — including a phase-out of fossil fuels.

Brands People Love on Purpose, feat. Tony's Chocolonely

WALKING THE TALK - We spoke with Aidaly Sosa — Tony’s Head of Marketing, USA — about the culture that drives the brand’s purpose to make chocolate 100% exploitation free.

Can a Systems Approach Unlock the Value of Waste? Yes, Here’s How

FROM PURPOSE TO ACTION: BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER - Alongside collaborators such as BanQu and New Energy Blue, we’re redefining what we think of as waste — designing for more sustainable materials and recyclability; and valuing people such as waste pickers and farmers, right from the start.

Holiday Demon ‘Crampus’ Takes Bold Stand Against Period Poverty

MARKETING AND COMMS - New campaign from Public Inc. and PERIOD. is here to #DeckTheStalls across the US and Canada this holiday season.

Building Trust Through Your Sustainability Narrative

MARKETING AND COMMS - We ranked 1K companies on transparency, leadership and connectivity in conveying their sustainability narrative. Here are 4 insights into how global companies are successfully communicating their ESG efforts.

The Game within a Game: Eastman, UTenn, UMich Compete for a Common Good

BEHAVIOR CHANGE - Together, Eastman and the two teams helped turn the spirit of competition into a unique approach to diverting waste, keeping recycling top of mind and driving behavior change with football fans.

Why ‘Authentic’ Has Been My Word of the Year Since 1983

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE - For organizations ready to embrace the word of the year, here are 3 suggestions for how your organization can embed and bring to life a truly authentic, activated purpose.

Cities Now Have Guidance on Setting Science-Based Targets for Nature

THE NEXT ECONOMY - SBTN’s new Cities program will offer a holistic, science-based target indicators framework for understanding the impact of cities on both climate and other natural systems.

Carrot and Stick: European & US Businesses Must Learn From Each Other to Become More Sustainable

THE NEXT ECONOMY - As our North American operations continue to grow rapidly, we have witnessed in microcosm the sustainability benefits of marrying together US innovation and efficiency with European standards.

From Farm to Renewable Energy: The Win-Win Solution Bringing Us Closer to a Circular Economy

WASTE NOT - As the world strives to achieve its sustainability goals, such holistic approaches not only benefit the environment but also enhance the resilience and prosperity of rural communities while taking us one step closer to a more circular future.