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Royal Society of Chemistry Task Force Aims to Make Liquid Polymers ‘Benign by Design’

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - The Sustainable Polymers in Liquid Formulation (PLFs) Task Force will collaborate to innovate throughout the value chain and across sectors including cosmetics, water treatments, lubricants and agricultural products.

What Is the Role of Climate Scenarios in the Investment Process?

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - Increased availability of a wide range of plausible climate scenarios can help steer financial institutions away from group think and reduce the long-term financial risks of climate change.

The Materiality Matrix Is Like Grandma’s Ham

NEW METRICS - The key lesson is to question older practices to ensure they remain fit-for-purpose. After all, practices can morph over time to the point they become ends in themselves — so ubiquitous that no one questions them.

Advanced Livestock Genetics Are Making Protein Production More Sustainable

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Historically, corporate carbon-reduction strategies haven't looked to genetic innovations as a viable Scope 3 reduction opportunity; but it is one of the most important considerations for improving the sustainability of livestock production.

Renovate or Rebuild: M&S Oxford St Planning Decision Fuels Debate About ‘Sustainable’ Construction

WALKING THE TALK - The retailer argued that a new store would be 25% more energy efficient; but environmentalists say the Oxford Street demolish-rebuild plan would have sent 40K tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

To Be a Transformational Leader, You Must Be Queer-Minded

LEADERSHIP - In the context of leadership, the importance of seeking ‘self-actualization’ cannot be understated. You must be able to face and lead yourself in order to be a great leader.

Beyond Bioplastics: Agricultural Waste Streams Becoming Next-Gen Packaging Materials

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - By upcycling agricultural waste, these three startups are replacing plastic with a new wave of packaging materials that ‘make no compromises along the supply chain.’

The Problem with Hiding from ‘Anti-Woke’ Crusaders

MARKETING AND COMMS - Anti-ESG agitators are telling a story that’s both inaccurate and bad for business. And silence won’t deter further attacks — though it certainly could compromise long-term brand value.

Connected Construction a Promising Way to Rein in the Built Environment

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Constructing a sustainable built environment requires more than efficient design, equipment and materials — but processes and workflows that say exactly where and how these assets combine to streamline processes as much as possible.

Fashion for Good, adidas, Inditex, Target, Zalando Launch Circular Footwear Pilot

COLLABORATION - Fashion for Good and its four brand partners have joined forces with footwear-recycling innovator FastFeetGrinded to support the scaling of recycled content in footwear.

New API Highlights Properties’ Sustainability Credentials

MARKETING AND COMMS - In partnering with enterprise software startup BeCause, can now automate the managing and updating of information about properties’ sustainability certifications and features.

The Stories We Tell to Tell Other Stories: Remember People in Sustainability Reporting

MARKETING AND COMMS - All this diligent measurement, often seen in hundreds of pages of meticulous reporting, removes sustainability from the realm of common interest. Sustainability is for everyone and should be understood by everyone; shared understanding is the first step for shared action.

Congratulations! We’ve Marked Our First Plastic Overshoot Day

WASTE NOT - July 28, 2023 marks the point when plastic produced surpasses the planet’s capacity to manage it. By tracking this date, we can more clearly understand the problem; and hold governments, businesses and individuals to account for their role in it.

Woodford Reserve Pilot Aimed at Bringing Rye, and Regenerative Practices, Closer to Home

SUPPLY CHAIN - The bourbon producer is partnering with the University of Kentucky and a local trade group to find an economically and environmentally viable strain to support one of its key ingredient needs.

What CFOs Need to Know About Fast-Emerging Biodiversity-Credit Markets

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - When companies invest in biodiversity credits, the ‘unitization’ of biodiversity outcomes in the form of credits takes the guesswork out of designing the investment. But they are not intended to offset an equivalent, negative impact on biodiversity elsewhere.

From Mealworms to Meals: How Ÿnsect Is Cultivating a Food Revolution

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - The French company is poised to meet the nutrition challenges posed by a growing population and a climate- and resource-challenged agricultural future.

Climate Vault Aims to Spur Climate Action by Locking Away Carbon Permits

FINANCE & INVESTMENT - The organization works to purchase and vault CO2 permits from regulated cap-and-trade compliance markets — thus keeping major polluters from using them to emit and, theoretically, stopping pollution before it happens.

Visa's Recommerce Behavioral Insights Lab Aims to Make Circular Shopping Behaviors the Norm

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Visa is partnering with COS, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and more to address the barriers that stop consumers from embracing a circular economy.

GAF's First Urban Heat Project Produces Cool Results

THE NEXT ECONOMY - GAF coatings had been proven to cool surfaces and ambient air on individual applications but had never been applied on a community-wide scale. Preliminary data showed a 25-50% reduction of the urban heat island effect during peak temperatures.

VivoBarefoot Offers Glimpse Into a Truly Waste-Free Footwear Future

WASTE NOT - Vivobarefoot’s new scan-to-print, circular design platform enables rapid prototyping — saving development and lab time, labor, and materials waste. The company is seeking 200 UK participants to test the first generation of VivoBiome footwear.