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‘Modern Metropolis’: Newsy Docuseries Examines the Collaborations Creating Sustainable Cities

COLLABORATION - A systems mindset illustrates how we're better together, how we're all connected, how a rising tide lifts all boats. That shift in thinking became evident as we documented the City of Cincinnati’s work to transform itself into a sustainable, "Modern Metropolis."

Strategies for Scaling Ocean Plastic Supply

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Brand commitments are the engine driving recycled plastic’s transition to scale. Making recycled plastic content part of your brand story is hands down the most important way to move the needle.

Incomplete Risk Formulas Are Risky Business

NEW METRICS - Even a broken clock is right twice a day. But standard formulas for calculating risk leave out critical factors — such as vulnerability and submerged risks — that would more holistically and accurately assess risk. A new model addresses this.

Biogen Puts $250M Toward Protecting the Climate, Human Health, Social Justice

WALKING THE TALK - With its commitment to eliminate fossil fuel use by 2040, Biogen aims to accelerate progress on improving air quality and addressing the harm being done to vulnerable communities around the world.

SAP Launches 5 & 5 by ’25 Initiative, Rallying Businesses to Spend More with Social Enterprises and Diverse Suppliers

PRESS RELEASE - SAP SE today announced 5 & 5 by ’25, a corporate initiative targeting five percent of addressable spend* with social enterprises and with diverse businesses by 2025.

How Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health Fosters Healthy Lives

OUR HEALTHY LIVES MISSION - Watch the replay of a presentation by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health to learn how the Company is fostering healthy lives.

How American Family’s DreamBank Is Connecting Community, Fueling Dreams

PRODUCT, SERVICE & DESIGN INNOVATION - Natalie Healy — American Family Insurance DreamBank Manager — provides insight into how the company is fostering community both in a special physical space and online, supporting a community of dreamers pursuing their passions.

The Slow, Steady Climb on the Road to Higher Blends of Biodiesel

CLEANTECH - Advocates for biodiesel notched a big victory in December when President Trump signed into law a new budget deal that included a five-year extension of the $1/gallon tax credit for biodiesel blenders.

Shaw’s Kellie Ballew Promoted to Vice President of Global Sustainability

PRESS RELEASE - Shaw Industries Group, Inc. has promoted Kellie Ballew to vice president of global sustainability.

Shaw Industries Advances sustain[HUMAN]abilityTM Efforts

PRESS RELEASE - Shaw report highlights material health assessment, carbon footprint reduction and other sustainability achievements in 2019

MSC: Progress Has Been Made in Sustainable Fishing, But Change Needs to Happen Faster

SUPPLY CHAIN - According to a new report, over 17% of the world’s wild marine catch is now MSC certified; but consumers, brands and retailers must all help to accelerate the pace of change.

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health Commits $800M to Improve the Health of People, Planet

OUR HEALTHY LIVES MISSION - The Consumer Health division of the world’s largest healthcare company has launched its Healthy Lives Mission — with a commitment to invest $800 million through 2030 to meet ambitious goals of improving people’s health while protecting the health of the planet.

How Fairtrade Protects Company Supply Chains — and Brand Reputations

SUPPLY CHAIN - We caught up with Peg Willingham, newly minted Executive Director of Fairtrade America, to clear up the confusion around the concept of “fair trade”; and hear why Fairtrade is more important than ever.

American Express Publishes its First Environmental, Social And Governance Report

PRESS RELEASE - Report includes enhanced information on diversity and inclusion initiatives, actions to help stakeholders navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and updates on philanthropic and community development initiatives globally.

When Do Carbon Credits Make Sense for Companies?

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Addressing your company’s carbon footprint takes a comprehensive approach. Carbon offsets are a viable component of a larger strategy; and when procured smartly, can also help companies meet their other sustainability needs and goals.

Does Adopting Renewable Energy Feel Complex? 4 Considerations to Get You Started

CLEANTECH - When adopting a renewable energy strategy, here are four considerations all executives should keep in mind that will streamline the process and ensure their end results achieve their sustainability goals.

Trending: 4 Steps Forward for a Circular Economy for Fashion

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Eastman's new Naia Renew portfolio, ASOS’ first circular collection, and the launch of brands Borobabi and Covalent add to the budding landscape of fashion that chips away at the rampant waste created by the industry.

Why Collaboration Is Crucial for Plastics Industry Disruption

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - To date, plastic recycling has nibbled around the edges. Just like with the climate crisis — no single nation or company can fix our plastic pollution problem on its own; success will only be realized via coordinated efforts.

Eastman makes the promise of sustainability a reality with Naia™ Renew

PRESS RELEASE - Conscious fashion fiber producer launches new traceable, transparent circular portfolio

EPA Names Clorox Safer Choice Partner of the Year for Promotion of Safer Chemistry, Products

PRESS RELEASE - EPA Names Clorox Safer Choice Partner of the Year for Promotion of Safer Chemistry, Products


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