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The Road to Zero Waste Is Paved with Incremental Changes

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Shifting to new packaging formats can feel daunting for brands because of perceived costs and anticipated operational downtime. But through incremental changes, companies can reduce reliance on less sustainable materials in an efficient, cost-effective and scalable way.

Vertical Supply Group Partners with the Arbor Day Foundation to Further Its Commitment to the Environment

PRESS RELEASE - Vertical Supply Group is entering a multi-year partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation to support reforestation efforts and carbon offset projects

Keurig Dr Pepper Collaborates to Fuel a Recycling Evolution

COLLABORATION - Through ambitious commitments and cross-sector partnerships including the Polypropylene Recycling Coalition, KDP is helping to further the shift to a circular economy.

Doconomy, Parley Partner to Solve Interconnected Climate, Plastic Crises

THE NEXT ECONOMY - The two will work together to quantify the unseen environmental costs of consumption decisions in ways that empower individuals, businesses and governments to align their spending with climate action and solutions — focusing initially on carbon, water and plastic.

Education: The Missing Piece in Holistic CSR Strategies

WALKING THE TALK - These forward-thinking companies' efforts show that committing to education as part of a brand’s CSR strategy is, truly, a commitment — but one that can pay dividends both to society and the company itself.

Nestlé Asks Consumers How They Would Navigate Quest for Sustainable Palm Oil

MARKETING AND COMMS - Nestlé hopes that a new interactive platform, Beneath the Surface, will give viewers better insight into the complexity of palm oil supply chains and insight into how choices they make under different scenarios can lead to a range of outcomes and consequences.

This Spanish Water Utility Is Turning Orange Waste Into Green Power

WASTE NOT - Emasesa saw an opportunity to treat the 5.7M kilos of oranges littering the streets of Seville each year not as food waste, but as a powerful circular solution.

Talking About Purpose Won't Transform a Brand; These 5 Skills Will

WALKING THE TALK - From our work supporting leaders to deliver brand value through purpose, we’ve identified five skills that every brand leader now needs — but as yet, not enough have.

Supply Chains Are the Achilles’ Heel of Food Company Climate Action

SUPPLY CHAIN - Companies cannot credibly address climate risk without disclosing and reducing their supply chain emissions. Through Food Emissions 50, investors are issuing an urgent call to action for companies to raise their ambition to disclose emissions, set targets and implement climate-transition action plans.

Trending: lululemon, Pangaia Push Plant-Based Fabrics Further

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - lululemon’s latest partnership aims to replace conventional nylon in its products with bio-based; while two new blends from Pangaia are the brand’s latest step to delivering sustainable alternatives to overproduced materials such as cotton.

Kids Can Take Over Parents' Devices with Ads Urging Them to Ditch Single-Use Plastics

MARKETING AND COMMS - Gelo’s ‘Parent Track’ aims to build on the recent surge of kids educating their parents and driving more sustainable practices at home.

PepsiCo Announces “Net Water Positive” Commitment

PRESS RELEASE - PepsiCo announces "Net Water Positive" commitment

The Purpose-Action Gap: The Business Imperative of ESG

WALKING THE TALK - In a recent study, we discovered shifts in thinking from both brand and consumer values: The gap between what they believe and how they are acting on such beliefs is narrowing, particularly when brands make sustainability accessible and affordable.

Industry Leaders Co-Creating Groundbreaking Framework to Evolve Packaging Recyclability

CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS & PACKAGING - Designing a package to be recyclable is currently complex and ambiguous, with no transparent national framework or guidelines in place. The Pathway to Circularity Recyclability Framework will be open for comment for 30 days, beginning August 19.

‘Back to Life’ Program Seeds Regenerative Tourism Framework in New Zealand

THE NEXT ECONOMY - Taking advantage of the forced pandemic pause and building off the momentum of a less extractive tourism model already taking shape in the country’s Bay of Plenty, the online program provided a foundation for shaping thriving host communities rooted in local context and culture.

3 Psychological Concepts That Can Propel Your Sustainability Efforts

MARKETING AND COMMS - These three concepts highlight how understanding human thought processes can influence the adoption of sustainable behaviors and promote corporate sustainability. Think about the messages you’re giving as a business, and how these can be tweaked to empower your stakeholders.

AT&T, Connected Nation Provide 35K Hotspots and Free Internet to Help Vulnerable Students

WALKING THE TALK - AT&T committed $10M to respond to the need for increased at-home connectivity for students during the pandemic, and worked with Connected Nation to make it happen. The 124 awardees in the program represent 81 schools and 43 nonprofits spanning 26 states.

PureCycle partners with SK Global Chemical to open ultra-pure recycling plant in South Korea

PRESS RELEASE - PureCycle partners with SK Global Chemical to open ultra-pure recycling plant in South Korea. Innovative maker of recycled polypropylene announces a signed memorandum of understanding.

KDP Expands Commitments to ‘Do Good’ in 2021 and Beyond

SUPPLY CHAIN - After an unprecedented year, Keurig Dr Pepper’s 2020 Corporate Responsibility Report reveals how partnerships, innovation, transparency and investment allowed the company to achieve goals and launch industry-first new commitments.

Airbnb, UNESCO Partner to Promote Cultural Tourism — Starting in Mexico

THE NEXT ECONOMY - The initiative will promote destinations and experiences outside the traditional tourist circuit — engaging local tourist communities, integrating the creative and cultural sector into local tourism value chains, and contributing to the development of responsible tourism.


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