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Member Spotlight: Inge Huijbrechts explains how a four-year boat ride influenced her career, leading her to become VP of Responsible Business at Carlson Rezidor

We recently spoke with Inge Huijbrechts (@I_Huijbrechts), Vice President, Responsible Business at Carlson Rezidor, about what inspires her work on sustainability. In addition to being an active Corporate Member, Inge also serves on Sustainable Brands’ Advisory Board. Keep reading to learn more about one of SB’s community leaders, how a four-year boat journey around the world influenced Inge’s career and her message for members as we head into the new year.

Member Spotlight: Helen Sahi from Avery Dennison discusses how the sustainability conversation has evolved over the last 30 years and what keeps her inspired

We recently sat down with Helen Sahi (@HelenSahi), senior director, Global Sustainability, at Avery Dennison and long-time SB Corporate Member whose made many contributions to the SB Advisory Board, to discuss her career and what keeps her excited about sustainability. Many of you already know Helen and that she is a woman of many talents. Read more to get her take on where sustainability has been, where it currently is, where it should be and how we can get there quickly.

Member Spotlight: Atlanta McIlwraith from Timberland on how she supports innovative approaches to natural restoration around the world and in her own hometown

We recently sat down with Atlanta McIlwraith (@timberland_ATL), Senior Manager of Community Engagement at Timberland, to learn about the exciting work Timberland is doing to re-introduce organic crops and support communities with urban greening projects. In addition to supporting sustainable agroforestry models around the world, read on to learn about Atlanta’s personal work with organic agriculture, including her Christmas tree lot and nonprofit farm.

Member Spotlight: John Viera from Ford shares personal insights and how trucks are boosting literacy and health around the world

John Viera, Global Director, Sustainability and Vehicle Environmental Matters at Ford Motor Company, recently shared his experience as one of the first sustainability business professionals in the corporate world. Read on to learn how he applies his engineering background to his sustainability work, his unique “talents” that make him especially equipped to lead a sustainability organization, and why he’s passionate about delivering innovation to communities that need it most.

Member Spotlight: Crystal Lassiter from UPS talks eBikes and helping customers more sustainably address the growth of on-demand e-commerce

We recently sat down with Crystal Lassiter, Senior Director, Global Sustainability and Environmental Affairs at UPS to discuss the challenges she’s excited to tackle in her new role. Read more to discover the innovative solutions UPS is developing to drastically reduce carbon emissions, why community service is so deeply embedded in the company, and which two states Crystal has yet to visit.

Member Spotlight: Not just talk – Michele Bartolini shares how Rolland practices what it preaches

Michele Bartolini, Marketing Director at Rolland, sat down with us recently to share how efficiencies and a new method of operating significantly reduced their product footprint and the need she sees for more tools that can help employees translate sustainability theory into their day-to-day functions. Read on to learn how Michele capitalized on her creative acting skills to tell Rolland’s story and what she’s learned from other SB Corporate Members.

Member Spotlight: Gwen Migita from Caesars discusses what companies need to do to make meaningful impact

Gwen Migita (@gmigita), Vice President Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship at Caesars Entertainment, discusses the evolution of corporate sustainability and what she thinks companies can start doing to make high-impact change. Keep reading to learn about her time as an MVP soccer player and the experiences that led her to dedicate her career to corporate responsibility.

Member Spotlight: Roman Smith from AT&T shares an “aha” moment and how his global citizenship perspective informs his work

Roman Smith (@TexasRoman), Director – Sustainability Integration, Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability at AT&T, shares what he sees as the key to shifting consumer behavior to more sustainable lifestyles. Read on to find out about his life journey from rural Texas to traveling the world and the lessons learned along the way.

Member Spotlight: Cisco’s Unni Nair on how the digital industrial revolution can transform the corporate sustainability field and create more meaningful connections

We sat down recently with Unni Nair (@unni_k_nair), Manager, Supply Chain Sustainability at Cisco Systems, to discuss how his personal experience has shaped his work in sustainability. Read on to learn more about how his unique background and passion for social causes, technology and business has led him to his current role at Cisco.

Member Spotlight: Nestlé’s Nelson Switzer shares what inspires his sustainability work

Photo credit: Michael Cummo / Hearst Connecticut MediaNelson Switzer (@NelsonSwitzer), Chief Sustainability Officer at Nestlé Waters North America, discusses a beta project with environmental and social economists and what keeps the field of sustainability exciting for him. Read on to learn about Nelson’s time as a Karate instructor for inner-city youth, what he wishes people would stop saying about the nature of sustainability and more.

Member Spotlight: Laura Palmeiro from Danone on new metrics, the relationship between drones and yogurt, and more

Laura Palmeiro (@laurapalmeiro), Sustainability Integration Director at Danone, sits down with us to share her thoughts on the importance of numbers to back up a good story, the value in advising a tech startup and sharing high tea with the Prince of Wales. Though fairly new to the SB Corporate Member Network, Laura has dived right in. She also recently joined SB’s Advisory Board. Read more to learn about the value she derives from participating in these communities.

Member Spotlight: John Frey from HPE on the intersection of sustainability and spirituality

Longtime SB Corporate Member, John Frey (@John_Frey), applies his diverse set of degrees in Safety Engineering, Divinity, and Missional Leadership to help customers come up with technological solutions to solve complex challenges while reducing environmental impact.

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