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Member Spotlight

Al Iannuzzi shares how sustainability drives value for The Estée Lauder Companies and how he almost became a forest ranger

Al Iannuzzi shares how sustainability drives value for The Estée Lauder Companies and how he almost became a forest ranger

We recently caught up with Al Iannuzzi, Vice President, Sustainability at The Estée Lauder Companies, at last month's Member Meeting and CMO Summit in New York City.

Bank of the West’s CMO, Ben Stuart, wants everyone to ask what their bank is financing

We recently caught up with Ben Stuart, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Bank of the West, to discuss the work he’s most excited about right now, including a new Instagram photo challenge that showcases positive change in the world. Ben also shares how Bank of the West’s environmental policies have led to new business, what inspires him to prioritize sustainability in his work, and why companies and consumers should care about where their money goes and who they bank with.

Theresa Millard from Kohler on the need to “fall in love” with materials and capitalize on them for innovation

We recently spoke with Theresa Millard, sustainability and stewardship project manager at Kohler and founder of Biomimicry Granada, about re-thinking manufacturing waste and helping people reconnect with the material world.

Mike Masserman Shares how Lyft’s Mission is to Improve Lives by Making Cities More Livable

We recently spoke with Mike Masserman, head of social impact at Lyft, about how the transportation network company creates value by leading with values.

Valérie Martin shares how ALDO seeks to flourish by creating a world of love, confidence and belonging

We recently spoke with Valérie Martin, Vice President of Communications, Culture and CSR at ALDO Group, about how ALDO’s values and purpose are at the heart of its sustainability commitment. Keep reading to learn what inspires and drives Valérie’s work on sustainability.

Dan Fitzgerald discusses Stanley Black & Decker’s ambition to improve 500 million lives through innovation with purpose

We recently caught up with Dan Fitzgerald, product sustainability lead at Stanley Black & Decker, to discuss what drives his work in sustainability and his desire to collaborate with fellow members.

Member Spotlight: Virginie Helias from Procter & Gamble on the power of brands as change agents and making sustainability irresistible

We recently spoke with Virginie Helias, Chief Sustainability Officer at Procter & Gamble (P&G), about why she’s optimistic about the future of sustainability and what drives her passion for her work.

Member Spotlight: Why Susan Farris from Shaw always asks “what’s next?” and is keen to collaborate on material health

We recently spoke with Susan Farris, vice president, sustainability and corporate communications at Shaw Industries, about why she entered the sustainability space and what she’s excited about now.

Member Spotlight: Want to increase happiness among teens? Mike Pepperman from LGE is ready to collaborate.

We recently spoke with Mike Pepperman, corporate social responsibility and community relations manager at LG Electronics, about why he’s so inspired by LGE’s work supporting sustainable happiness for youth. Keep reading to understand the impact of this work and how it also supports LGE’s business value. Does your work relate to the science of happiness? If so, get in touch with Mike to drive even greater impact.

Member Spotlight: Ann Starodaj of Optoro connects the dots on transforming retail waste, attracting top talent and achieving professional fulfillment

Ann Starodaj (@AnnStarodaj), director of sustainability at Optoro, spoke with us recently to discuss her passion for promoting sustainable consumption, how Optoro’s software solutions enable this for clients, and how leveraging a strong appetite within the business to measure product impact is helping her expand the sustainability team. Keep reading to learn more about the inspiring army of changemakers Ann is seeing in the marketplace, her desire to collaborate with members on reverse logistics, and the insights she gained as a pastry chef before diving head long into sustainability.

Member Spotlight: Meet new SB Member, Jay Hunsberger from Sustana, as he discusses the value of engineering, closed-loop systems and facing our fear of the unknown

We recently spoke with Jay Hunsberger, vice president of marketing and sales at new SB Corporate Member company, Sustana. He shared why sustainability is critical to their work as a producer of premium recycled fibers for packaging, printing and more. Read below to learn how Jay’s previous experience as an engineer has informed his view of sustainability, how a strongly customer-centric perspective guides Sustana’s work, and why he advocates for new solutions, rather than stalling for fear of imperfection or the unknown.

Member Spotlight: Stephanie Valdez Streaty of Cox Automotive wants to talk with you about recycling car floor mats and other ways to achieve zero waste

Stephanie Valdez Streaty, senior director of corporate social responsibility at Cox Automotive, shares how they plan to achieve an ambitious Zero Waste to Landfill goal by 2024 and speaks about future projects she’d like to tackle with help from other SB Corporate Members, including water replenishment projects. Read on to see how her love for sustainability and the outdoors has positively impacted her family, her community and her workplace.

Member Spotlight: Jennifer Silberman from Target shares how she leverages the power of markets and systems to drive change

We recently caught up with Jennifer Silberman (@jsilberman1), vice president of corporate responsibility at Target. In this member spotlight, she shares how Target is embedding social and environmental purpose into their company strategy to drive change throughout the retail industry. Jennifer also shares how employee passion and creativity led to the most successful brand launch in Target history, notes what can happen when corporate leaders combine forces and reveals the novel she’s penning in her spare time – one that might make a great addition to your future beach reads. Read on to learn more.

Member Spotlight: Kelley Bell discusses how Driscoll’s engages farm-working communities

Kelley Bell, vice president of social and environmental impact at Driscoll’s, discusses how the company works closely with local farming communities and how she’d like to collaborate with other Members on the issue of a living wage. Keep reading to understand how Driscoll’s social work supports the longevity and success of the business, which skill makes Kelley uniquely qualified for her role, and how her team finds value in attending SB conferences.

Member Spotlight: Danielle Azoulay at L’Oréal, shares what motivates her to keep driving positive change at the largest beauty company in the world

Danielle Azoulay (@ecodanielle), head of CSR and sustainability at L'Oréal, spoke with us recently about the projects she’s most excited about right now and how she stays inspired to drive positive change for the business, including the ability to measure environmental and social impacts for all L'Oréal products. Keep reading to learn how writing a letter to the President and other experiences at young age inspired Danielle’s work in sustainability and how she wants to work with other members to lift the entire consumer packaged goods industry together.

Member Spotlight: Paulette Frank from Johnson & Johnson shares why healthy people need a healthy planet and what that means for businesses

Paulette Frank, vice president, EHS and sustainability at Johnson & Johnson, sat down with us recently to discuss her inspiration for tackling issues related to human and environmental health. Keep reading to discover why Paulette enjoys palm reading (for fun), what compels her to run toward the next big challenge, how she’d like to pool resources with other members, and more.

Member Spotlight: Cathy Combs discusses Eastman’s collaborative spirit, her love of nature, and finding her tribe at SB

Cathy Combs, director of sustainability at Eastman, shares why Eastman invests in social initiatives to drive business value. Cathy also explains how FOMO (fear of missing out) influenced her 30-year career at Eastman and how she eventually found herself driving sustainability initiatives throughout the business. Keep reading to learn more!

Member Spotlight: Eileen Boone from CVS shares how her family inspires her dedication to sustainability and what she’s learned from SB Members

Eileen Boone (@EileenBooneCSR), senior vice president of corporate social responsibility and philanthropy for CVS Health, and president of the CVS Health Foundation, spoke with us recently about how her personal life drives her dedication to creating a thriving, sustainable business. Read on to find out how Eileen takes advantage of her participation in the SB Corporate Member Network, what she likes to do in her free time and the work she’s most excited about.

Member Spotlight: Jim Turner, director, corporate affairs at Humana, discusses healthy communities, new metrics, and his family's love of national parks

We recently spoke with Jim Turner (@JimTurner24), director, corporate affairs at Humana, about their exciting work to improve the health of their communities and how they’re measuring their progress. Read on to learn how Humana applies the CDC’s “Healthy Days” metric, how Jim would like to collaborate with fellow members, and which national park his family will be visiting next.

Member Spotlight: Dave Stangis, CSO at Campbell, on his work ethic and why he’s grateful for the Sustainable Brands community

We recently spoke with Dave Stangis (@DaveStangis), vice president corporate responsibility and chief sustainability officer at Campbell Soup Company, about his unexpected entrée into a successful sustainability career and how he stays passionate about his work. Keep reading to learn how his interest in science and technology is a continuous source of inspiration and what he does when he’s not working on a Campbell project (which is rare).