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Hillary Clinton Promises Half a Billion Solar Panels by 2020

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Sunday pledged to construct half a million new solar panels within her first four years of taking office, Reuters reports.

Clinton called for a decisive national shift to renewable energy sources, setting a goal of generating enough renewable energy to power every U.S. home within a decade after she takes office. She called for more solar, advanced biofuels and energy efficiency, among others.

The two goals were the first elements of what Clinton said would be a comprehensive climate-change agenda to be released over the next few months, Reuters reports.

The goals would lead to a 700 percent increase in the nation's installed solar capacity from current levels, Clinton’s campaign claims, and eventually could lead to the generation of at least one third of all electricity from renewable sources.

Notably, Clinton also called for extending federal clean energy tax incentives and making them more cost effective. She also promised to defend against attacks on President Barack Obama's executive actions to curb carbon emissions from power plants.

Clinton said the actions could build a "clean energy economy" that would bolster growth, which would create jobs and new businesses.

The announcement came on the heels of an agreement between President Obama and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff for both countries to obtain up to 20 percent of their electricity from renewable power by 2030.

Modeled loosely on the U.S.-China climate action agreement reached late last year, the new U.S.-Brazil climate partnership is meant to build momentum for a global deal to fight climate change in Paris at the end of the year. It will require the U.S. to triple its production of wind and solar power and other renewable energy technologies.

Regardless of government action, or lack thereof, solar, wind and other renewable energy technologies are set to grow based on cost alone, said the Advanced Energy Economy Institute in a recent report.


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