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Community Update
Erb Institute-Ford Social Impact Project:
An Academic-Industry Collaboration

With the geometric growth of socially responsible investment dollars entering the market, corporations are increasingly expected to assess and publicly disclose their sustainability, based on their economic, environmental and social performance.

Although we have a clear idea of what “doing good” looks like from an economic and environmental perspective, social sustainability is a much more challenging metric. Research shows that companies lack a clear, consistent definition of social impact. They also lack a universal suite of quantitative metrics to assess social impact in a way that is comparable at the company level and across industries.

Ford Motor Company is experiencing this challenge firsthand. According to Mary Wroten, Ford’s Global Director of Sustainability, “Ford believes that the freedom of movement drives human progress, but we are often asked: What is human progress, and how is it measured? This project is an opportunity to answer these questions in a way that can benefit not just Ford but all companies struggling with this question.”

Learn more about the Social Impact Project here.


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