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Avery Dennison Plastic Bank Printed Fabric Labels are Helping Reduce Oceans Plastic

Avery Dennison's partnership with Plastic Bank is closing the loop on social plastic.

The ultimate aim of Avery Dennison's industry-transforming Printed Fabric Labels (PFL) is to eliminate single-use plastics from labeling, and lessen plastic pollution, especially in the world's oceans. Our oceans are awash with an estimated 150 million tons of plastic, and 80% is dumped by countries in extreme poverty. To combat this, Avery Dennison is working with the Plastic Bank to set up plastic recycling centers in some of the world's poorest areas. Plastic collection by individuals is monetized and the collected plastic is recycled back into our supply chain. This decreases the amount of plastic entering the ocean, and helps lift communities out of poverty.

Made from recycled polyester, and recyclable themselves, Avery Dennison's low- cost PFL perform just as well as conventional products. Available in various finishes, they are suitable for thermal, rotary and screen printing - so they look as good as conventional labels.

Making a further 30% of PFL products recyclable would use 15% less energy and 72% less water. Reusing existing materials, cutting energy use, keeping costs down and supporting the oceans, all at the same time, makes for a winning labeling strategy. Avery Dennison's PFL are a key component of our recycled range and complement our wider product offering.

Discover more about our collaboration with Plastic Bank here.


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