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Corporate Member Update
Tervis, the 73-year-old Tumbler Manufacturer, is Giving Back to the Community Through its Warranty Program

The drinkware company is taking its returned tumblers and making them into benches and other products, some of which are being donated to their community.

Since they opened their doors, Tervis tumblers have had a lifetime guarantee associated with them as they are serious about the quality of their product as well as helping minimize single-use plastic.

Tervis cups are made to last a lifetime but, in the event that there is a manufacturer’s defect, the intent is that the defective cup is sent back to the factory and never be disposed of in a landfill. The customer then receives a brand new cup and the defective cup is used to manufacture other items that would normally be made of virgin material.

Tervis is currently working on an exiting project: the benches that Sarasota county residents will soon see along Sarasota’s legacy trail. The multi-use recreational trail that is currently 12.5 miles long will be extended another 7.5 miles in the next couple of years and each rest stop along the trail will feature a Tervis bench and recycling cans. The legacy trail has been a great addition to the community as it provides biking and running trails for its residents.

The benches and recycling cans that will be placed along the trail will be made of 100% recycled materials. “There will be a little of Tervis products in each of those benches and cans” says Hosana Fieber, CFO.

There are a few products currently being worked on that will soon make a debut. We can’t reveal them yet but one thing is certain, they will be made of recycled tumblers therefore closing the loop of their product to guarantee it does not end up in the garbage. “Tervis takes responsibility for the products we produce,” President Rogan Donelly said . “We want our products to live on forever and we don’t want them to end up in landfills or our oceans.”

Tervis is a do-good company that has a long heritage of sustainability and amazing one of a kind designs. Find out more about Tervis at


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