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GRI Unveils ‘Fast Track’ For Sustainability Reports

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is introducing a new feature called ‘fast track’, which will give reporting organizations the option to accelerate the review of their draft reports.

GRI is fast approaching the busiest time of year, with reporting deadlines drawing closer. During these peak times, GRI says its Report Services Team processes a large volume of draft reports that have been submitted for either the Content Index, Materiality Disclosures, or Application Level Services. The Term and Conditions of these services lay out a specific amount of time within which GRI will review the draft report and issue findings to the reporting organization.

Organizations usually apply for the GRI services at the final stages of their reporting process. In order to help meet organizations’ deadlines and publish reports on time, GRI has introduced ‘fast track’ to give reporting organizations the option to expedite the review of their draft reports. For an additional fee, GRI will provide its feedback in half the amount of time normally reserved for this.

The ‘fast track’ fee will be introduced for the Alignment services only, GRI says. For an additional fee of 850 EUR ($923) for the Content Index Service, 750 EUR ($814) for the Materiality Disclosures Service and Application Level Service, reporting organizations can opt for GRI’s expedited service. GRI will then review the draft report and issue findings to the reporting organization in half the amount of time. The methodology and outcome of the services will remain unchanged.

In 2013, GRI released updated guidelines, which enable companies and organizations to report on their economic, environmental, social and governance performance. The updated guidelines — known as G4 — were significantly revised and enhanced to reflect current and future trends in the sustainability reporting landscape. In addition to enhancing the relevance and quality of standalone sustainability reports, G4 is a powerful tool for generating material sustainability information for inclusion in integrated reports.


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