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PURELL® Hand Sanitizer Producer Hits Sustainability Goals 2 Years Early

Hand hygiene and healthy skin company GOJO Industries, maker of the PURELL® Hand Sanitizer, has exceeded its 2015 sustainability goals two years early, according to the company’s new sustainability report.

The company reduced water usage by 40 percent, solid waste generated by 36 percent and greenhouse gas emissions by 46 percent.

The new report emphasizes the company's view of sustainability as an opportunity to create value and includes examples illustrating its success in creating social, environmental and economic value for its business and its stakeholders.

On the social front, GOJO says it has a goal of bringing well-being to one billion people every day through hand hygiene and skin care. In 2013, GOJO delivered 35 percent more hand hygiene solutions to people in the US and throughout the world than when it started to measure in 2010. The company provides solutions to hospitals to help decrease healthcare-associated infections through hand hygiene products and technology, such as electronic monitoring hand hygiene systems. In rural Nigeria where access to basic hygiene is a challenge, GOJO collaborates with the non-profit organization, SURE-P, to provide Purell to expectant mothers.

GOJO says it achieved an 83 percent increase in sales from sustainably certified products (as a percentage of the sales revenue mix). The company worked with many collaborative partners to create sustainable value through new practices, products and solutions to create economic value for customers, distributors, vendors, suppliers and other stakeholders through streamlined packaging and shipping practices.

In related news, Ecover, the world's largest maker of non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products, recently partnered with packaging producer Sonoco for a series of plant-based plastic bottles for its new North American home care line.

In addition, Replenish Bottling, creator of the Replenish Refill System™, recently launched a new product line that could change the way many water-based consumer products are designed, manufactured and sold. Using Replenish’s patented Refill System, the CleanPath line of products allows consumers to mix concentrates with water at home using a reusable bottle, thereby eliminating carbon emissions and plastic waste by over 80 percent.


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