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The Most Critical Sustainability Metric of the Year, and the Decade

I hope that by now we are more than clear on what we can and need to do about our dwindling carbon budget. If you are not thinking ‘science-based targets’, you really need to catch up — keep reading.

As we mark the hottest month of June in recorded history and disturbingly large Arctic areas are literally burning, last week climate activist and keeping-it-unflinchingly-real teenager Greta Thunberg delivered one of her signature, short-but-overwhelmingly-clear speeches in front of the French parliament.

In her characteristically simple and sober style, she referred politicians and business leaders alike to the contents of page 108, chapter 2 of the latest IPCC report — a section containing guidance on the planet’s remaining carbon budget, or the amount of CO2e we are allowed to emit if we are to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius (here is a quick summary of why we wouldn’t want to go beyond 1.5 degrees, in case you missed the memo). She then proceeded to remind everyone that at current emission levels, the remaining carbon budget will be gone in less than a decade. 

(Heavy gulp.)

I hope that by now we — the Sustainable Brands community and the broader business community — are more than clear on what we can and need to do about this. If you are not thinking ‘science-based targets’ right about now, you really need to catch up — keep reading. And if you are thinking it, but you don’t feel your organization is quite there yet, for whatever reason, then this blog post is for you, too — keep reading.

We are here to train any and all sustainability leaders and professionals on mastering science-based targets not only in theory, but very much in practice, too — from …

  • understanding what it means in the context of your industry and company

  • to finding and analyzing the right data in preparation for doing it

  • to figuring out how to sketch out an initial plan of action

  • to iterating said plan until it aligns and clicks well with strategic business priorities and the rest of the value chain

  • to getting everything checked, verified and supported by the right partners

  • to unveiling it proudly, and,

  • last but not least, executing it in due course.

For a good bit of inspiration and motivation, consider this news, also from this past week: The United Nations Global Compact, the Science-Based Targets initiative and the We Mean Business Coalition just announced that 28 companies, with a combined market capitalization of $1.3 trillion, are stepping up their climate ambition through a new campaign called ‘Business Ambition for 1.5°C — Our Only Future.’ First movers include AccionaAstraZenecaBanka BioLooBTDalmia Cement Ltd.Eco-Steel Africa Ltd.EnelHewlett Packard EnterpriseIberdrolaKLPLevi Strauss & Co.Mahindra GroupNatura &CoNovozymesRoyal DSMSAPSignifySingtelTelefonicaTeliaUnileverVodafone Group PLC and Zurich Insurance, amongst others, collectively representing over one million employees from 17 industries.

(Regular gulp.)