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Are Your Products “Eco-Unique?” The Search for Sustainable and Recycled Content Products

From cars to floors, or even handbags, the rubber in tires can have a second life in a variety of ways. It’s true. The tires you have on your vehicle right now could possibly be used in the future for things like mulch, backpacks, belts, wallets and all kinds of other consumer goods. Products made from sustainable and recycled content are becoming increasingly more important to eco-conscious consumers and businesses alike. Did you ever think the denim you are wearing this instant could possibly be reused as insulation in the walls of your home or office? It’s true. Want another example? Okay, sure. Think about the farm down the street. There is a company who has taken a problem – large quantities of animal waste – and developed a fertilizer that is not only a more sustainable product to use, but also provides a closed loop solution for waste that keeps it out of the water and air supply. Stories like this are being told daily. And retailers are listening. Does your company manufacture unique products made from recycled content? Do your products promote the use of materials recovered from solid waste? Are your products made from sustainable materials that might be considered “non-traditional”? Do your products provide sustainable advantages for companies and organizations to utilize as part of their construction or in daily operations? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we want to hear from you! Quest Resource Management Group (an Earth911, Inc. sister company) is on the lookout for the most innovative sustainable products and products made from recycled content. At a rare and exclusive event held on October 2, 2013 – handpicked manufactures/suppliers of sustainable and recycled content products will be given the opportunity to showcase their unique and innovative products to Walmart buyers and sustainability team at the Sam’s Club Headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. We are seeking out innovative solutions that could be used in consumer products or for Walmart’s retail operations, including the company’s stores and clubs, distribution centers and fleet of trucks. If you feel that your products can add value as sustainable or recycled content, please contact Lindsey Rattan at [email protected] by July 19.


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