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Press Release
Braskem's Renewable Resin Used to Make Insoles for Recyclable Sneakers of Brazilian Tnin Shoes

One year after its launch, the biobased EVA gains in first application in children's footwear

As part of its commitment to strengthening the renewable chemicals segment, last year Braskem launched its copolymer ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) made from sugarcane with applications in industries such as footwear, automotive and transportation, effectively expanding its I'm greenTM portfolio, commonly known as green polyethylene , the world's first biopolymer manufactured on an industrial scale.

The material is made from sugarcane, which means that it helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by capturing CO2 during its production process. In the production process of Brazil-based Tnin Shoes , the renewable EVA, which is supplied under a partnership between Braskem and Lamiclas, was used to develop an insole that debuted in the first three sneaker models of the new children's footwear brand, which uses recycled raw materials originating from textile scraps and PET bottles. The footwear also is made using water-based glue, which completes the completely sustainable production process.

The use of biobased EVA gives Tnin many benefits, such as saving natural resources, reducing its carbon footprint, increased safety, higher resistance and longer useful product life, as well as lighter and more comfortable footwear.

"Innovation is a key growth pillar at Braskem, and commemorating the first anniversary of Green EVA by announcing a partnership with a Brazilian brand that promotes the Circular Economy represents a major victory in our continuous search for sustainable solutions alongside our clients," said Gustavo Sergi, renewable chemicals director at Braskem.

The Circular Economy is a new manufacturing concept that involves reducing, reusing, recuperating and recycling materials to create a sustainable cycle from production to reincorporating the materials into a new production process. To promote the concept, companies must adopt criteria for selecting raw materials, greater care with production waste, special product designs and the reuse of post-consumer waste in a new production cycle.

"The partnership with Braskem to complete the development of our fully sustainable footwear is very important for us and has made the product line even more special. We're very pleased to be using Green EVA and supporting the Circular Economy by using materials made from renewable and recyclable resources", said Juliana Lawson, creative director at Tnin Shoes.

The biobased EVA was launched in August 2018 in partnership with a U.S. footwear manufacturer. The company was the first to use the material in a footwear line, effectively combining comfort, design and sustainability. In addition to being recyclable, the material also features flexibility, lightweight and high resistance.


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